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15 Romantic Gestures That Are Cute But Annoying AF


15 Romantic Gestures That Are Cute But Annoying AF

Being in a relationship is exciting (most of the time). It offers people an opportunity to experience a love that you can’t experience with friends or family. Usually with a relationship there comes all the cute gestures of love and infatuation. Holding hands, cuddling, making out in public because you just can’t keep your hands off of one another. However, what people fail to realize is how annoying those romantic gestures look from the outside. No one wants to watch a couple making out in public it’s gross and honestly, it’s a bit inappropriate. Well, depending who you do it in front of. What many people fail to realize is that sometimes one half of that couple is feeling the same way the public does. They too sometimes feel awkward being intimate in public. Engaging in all of these public romantic gestures is not only be overwhelming but, it can be weird and distracting. While we all love a romantic gesture or two, sometimes it can get a little bit annoying. Here are 15 of those annoying but sometimes cute romantic gestures.

15. Showing Up Unexpectedly To Your Significant Others House

Surprise! “babe, I brought you flowers”. Aww, how cute right? Your girlfriend or boyfriend showed up to give you flowers and keep you company. Maybe you’re sick or feeling down. That’s great and all but usually when people are in their feelings they want to be alone. While you appreciate your significant other showing up during a time that you would normally need support, it was just not what you wanted. Some people actually value their alone time and when someone pops up on them it’s like an invasion. The act immediately becomes something that is not appreciated. In fact, it may even annoy TF out of your partner.

14. Proposing In A Public Place

In this age of social media, it’s safe to say that most people do things for the gram. Intimate moments are no longer intimate because everyone wants to prove how deep their love is. One of the biggest romantic gestures that happen in life is asking for someone’s hand in marriage. It’s great that you are so in love you just want to shout it from the rooftop but come one, some things should just stay private or amongst family and friends. When people propose in public like the middle of a sporting event, or in front of everyone in Times Square it can come off as sweet and romantic. However, it’s just selfish and cocky not to mention trapping. What if your significant other feels obliged to say yes because you put them on the spot. It goes from being romantic to you being a complete A-hole.

13. Pet Names

Okay, admittingly pet names are not the worst thing ever but they can get obnoxious. What makes pet names annoying is that fact that when someone says the pet name they immediately begin using this baby voice. So maybe it’s better to say that the pet name isn’t annoying it’s the voice associated with the pet name. In the beginning, it can be cute to have a pet name assigned to someone by their partner. However, it gets annoying when that pet name is used to get them out of a crappy situation or used in public in a sappy way. Someone who is talking to their significant other about getting cheated on doesn’t want to be called “sugar plum” or even “baby”. It makes light of the situation and makes them think their partner isn’t taking them seriously.

12. Tattooing Their Name On Your Body

Nothing is more flattering than having someone permanently disfigure their body just to show someone how much they love them. While it’s exciting to see, it can be overwhelming and awkward. Having to explain to someone that your significant other tattooed your name on them is weird. It becomes annoying because a lot of people show resistance to things like this. They also usually feel that their opinion is needed ASAP. Instead of it staying a romantic gesture it becomes something that one has to keep explaining. Like everyone else has put a damper on your good time. Ultimately, it’s cute an all, but is it worth the hassle?

11. Constant Compliments

It’s good to know that your partner is still into you and loves to give compliments. To be honest, compliments should always be appreciated. But at a certain point, it can become overbearing. It’s low key annoying AF when every other sentence is “you look so good”, “you’re so pretty”, “I can’t believe I have a partner that looks like you”. It turns from sincere compliments to braggadocios. No one wants to be in public and have people staring at them because their partner is constantly complimenting them loudly. Or complimenting them so enthusiastically that it is no longer a private, intimate, sincere thing.

10. Telling Them They Are Better Than Your Ex

Obviously, everyone feels that they are better than their significant other’s ex. It’s basically an unspoken truth. But, it becomes awkward and annoying when your partner feels the need to constantly say so. It’s like they keep saying it as if they want to speak it into existence as if it isn’t true already. Maybe they are trying to prove to themselves that their new partner IS better. Regardless, it’s not something that needs to be reiterated. One shouldn’t have to tell their new partner that they are better than their ex-partner. It’s beyond annoying to even bring your ex up on a regular basis once you have moved on and are in another relationship.

9. Being Overly Protective

It’s so sexy when a guy stands up for his girl. If someone comes at her sideways and inappropriate gets in her face at the club, he’s there. If someone is disrespectful for no reason, he’s there. Or even if she has a problem with say a food order, he’s there to get that replaced for her. However, it can get annoying when someone’s partner decides that he or she needs to be constantly shielded. Keep in mind you’re a significant other, not a parent. Your partner doesn’t need to be shielded from the world or constantly have you step in because you feel as though they can’t handle themselves.

8. Giving Them A Love Bite

There is nothing more juvenile that giving someone a love bite. Yet, we as human beings allow it. Maybe because it brings back memories of our youth, a first of something significant. Admittingly, it’s cute in the moment, you are so tuned on everything is great. However, regret sets in the next day when you have to go out in public and everyone can see that love bite on your neck. As a grown AF human being it looks not only ridiculous but shameful that you’ve reverted back to your high school ways. Ultimately, there is nothing more annoying than having to wear a scarf in the dead of summer because you have something to hide.

7. PDA On Social Media

Not only is social media PDA annoying to the significant other is hella annoying to the friends and family that have to see it on their timeline. No, we are not speaking of pictures of the couple kissing it is more of the constant status updates. You know the ones that over-explain their love or differentiate their love from other peoples “regular love”. But, just think how annoying it can be for the significant other in the relationship who doesn’t like their business on blast. It’s cute that one partner wants everyone to know that they are in love and there is no one else in the world for them. But, come on, it’s a bit much.

6. Integrating Them Into Your Kids Lives

Parents need love too right? It’s hard to date as a parent and maybe you have been one of the ones lucky enough to find a great partner. However, don’t make the mistake of forcing them on your children and vice versa. It’s a beautiful gesture that you want them to be involved in every aspect of your life but kids are different. It can be annoying when someone feels as though their significant other’s kids are being forced on them. Especially when they are not ready to take that leap. Some people suggest that you don’t introduce your kids to your partner because no child of divorce or death wants a replacement. So it’s cute that you think they would be a great parent but let that ish happen naturally.

5. Showing Up To Their Job (For Lunch)

Some people love to brag that their partner brought them a lunch one day or came to pick them up for lunch. It was just so romantic and so thoughtful. Okay cool, we get it, it is romantic and thoughtful. However, it can also be inconvenient AF. The day they show up you could be having a crappy workday. Or the day they show up and you are too busy to even explain why you can’t go out for lunch. It turns out to not be cute but inopportune and problematic. How romantic is that gesture now? It would be more convenient to maybe plan something like that as opposed to popping up and trying to surprise them.

4. Being Playful

You know the cute poking or tickling is fun every once in a while. You were caught by surprise and played along. But, when it happens all the time and it is no longer a surprise it turns from cute to annoying to downright stupid. You begin to question why this persons go-to idea for fun is poking the hell out of your side or tickling you to no ends. Once, haha it’s cute and playful and you think “aww they just like me so much they want to touch me”. But then it gets so annoying that you have to pretend that it’s still cute and funny. You have to annoyingly in a nice, fun way say “stop”.

3. Building Up A surprise

Okay, so admittedly, this is a bit petty but it it’s true. When one partner say’s they have a big surprise for later that day or night and you get all excited. You later find out that this surprise is a basic AF home dinner or a Netflix and chill situation. Of course it’s romantic that they want to spend an intimate, fun time with you but on the other hand, why build it up? It’s sweet that you made dinner but if that is always the go-to, obviously the more you do it the less romantic it becomes. What’s annoying is that you have gotten your hopes up but you don’t want to seem like a horrible person by not being THAT impressed.

2. First Comment

After changing your relationship status on any social media account that will allow it what’s next? Oh yeah, being the first person to comment on your partner’s photos and status updates. It’s cute that you’re on the ball and getting things rolling with the “likes” and comments but damn, pump the breaks. It’s annoying getting that notification on your phone as soon as you post a photo and it’s always the same damn person; your significant other. It’s like they are just waiting by their phone for their partner to make a move and them obsessively “like” and comment and comment on other people’s comments. Okay, we get it you love this person, move on now, please.

1. Feeding You

When they lift that fork to your lips and you take that bite, it’s over. You instantly feel weird no matter how romantic they are trying to make the situation, you feel awkward and childish and there is nothing you can do about it. Being a grown adult and having someone feed you can make for some cute moments. If you are cooking together and you want a little taste or if their food looks better than yours and they offer you a bite, great. Okay, check it off your bucket list it happened once, cool. To constantly have a moment where someone is trying to feed you or you are trying to feed someone else is annoying and exhausting. You have to fake how excited you are to be a grown adult and having someone feed you. It’s cringe-worthy.

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