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15 Revelations And Repercussions of Caitlyn Jenner’s Words


15 Revelations And Repercussions of Caitlyn Jenner’s Words

Since Caitlyn Jenner’s transition it seems like people have a love/hate relationship with who she has become. A good many of her friends and family no longer speak to her because the new-found her has rubbed people the wrong way. Caitlyn has said and done a lot since she changed her life; one of those things was writing a tell-all autobiography called The Secrets Of My Life. It talks about her childhood, her experiences and some of the dirtiest secrets about her marriage to Kris Jenner. However scandalous the book is, it has also brought forward a few positive things that may help the world understand her reasoning a bit more. Here are a few of the good, the bad and the ugly that have come from Caitlyn mouth or book.

15. Negative: Her Relationships Suck

No, not the relationships with her friends or potential lovers, more like the relationships with her kids. Caitlyn has tried to maintain a somewhat regular relationship with Kylie and Kendall and all the children from his previous marriages. Her relationships with her step-kids are suffering greatly, especially her relationship with Khloe who was seemingly her favorite stepchild. Khloe has publicly bashed Caitlyn once or twice and has felt in no way bad about it. Caitlyn has been very public with the fact that she no longer talks to her step kids. Truth be told it’s kind of sad.

14. Negative: The Sex Talk

Caitlyn got a little too candid in her new book. Some would even say she crossed several personal lines, but after all, isn’t that why people write books? Jenner went deep into her love life with Kris, her now ex-wife. Stating, that they had “good and frequent sex” in the beginning but then it got “sporadic”. It’s great that you want to share every detail possible and be an open book, but come on, aren’t some things just meant to stay private? Sex is a private thing and to be honest, who cares how much sex you had with Kris. Next time maybe just stick to the juicier topics.

13. Negative: The Stolen Idea

Caitlyn claims that Kris stole the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians right out from under her. In her book, she claims that she built a great relationship with Ryan Seacrest and wanted to pitch a show about the blended family. Apparently, she ran it by Kris first and ever since then Kris has been claiming it as her own idea. Realistically, would it make a difference? Caitlyn would have still probably made the same amount of money to be on the show whether it was her idea or not. If they were fighting over producer and creator credits, why didn’t Caitlyn (Bruce) just ask Kris to try her (his at that time) hand at producing an episode?

12. Negative: The Secret Account

Caitlyn Jenner revealed that in order to hide her women’s clothing purchases from Kris she opened a secret bank account. With the help of Good Morning America anchor and friend Wendy Roth, Jenner wanted to embrace her womanly side.  She opened an account in Roth’s name and they would shop together. Now, the only negative thing about this situation is that she lied to her wife and was withholding money. Lies build up and always lead to some pretty horrible situations hence, the breakdown of their marriage even before she came out as trans-gendered. However, it’s awesome that she was able to express herself in some way.

11. Negative: The Money Issue

Caitlyn has said some pretty interesting things about her former life and marriage to mainly Kris Jenner but one thing that was out of line was claiming that Kris basically stole money from her. Caitlyn stated that Kris kept their money so under wraps from her that even her Keeping Up With The Kardashian cheques went to Kris. She claims she never saw a penny of the TV show money. It’s kind of crazy that only a few years ago Caitlyn was praising Kris for helping her to secure her assets rebuild her wealth, and now… Kris is apparently stealing from her. That’s peculiar.

10. Negative: Three Families

After the book came out and the reaction of almost every family member was revealed, Kim Kardashian made a very astute point. She stated that “She(Caitlyn) just literally started three families with three different people and f—ed everyone over,”. Those are facts. The reason why this is negative is that Caitlyn has known about her transgender nature for decades but perhaps wasn’t ready to accept it. That being said, why have more kids and make more women fall in love with you? Why not try to spend time with yourself and figure out what you truly need? Caitlyn probably has no regrets about having her kids, but it is kind of unfair to hurt so many people in the process of finding yourself.

9. Negative: The Dishonesty Is Real

On In Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kris stated that she was upset with Cait for lying to her for so many years. Who wouldn’t be? One thing she mentioned was the fact that Cait was never honest about why she and second wife Linda Thompson parted ways. Kris stated that she when she asked Cait what happened, she would weave an elaborate and crazy story. A story that was totally different from the story told in Cait’s book about Thompson being angry and becoming a nasty person towards her after she revealed her gender dysphoria. Why not just tell Kris the truth then? Why keep lying if Kris already knew that you liked dressing as a woman? Something doesn’t add up here.

8. Positive: Family Fashion Advice

Before everything hit the fan, when Caitlyn first came out, her kids and step-kids were happy for her including Kris who managed to be happy for her despite her own pain. Caitlyn even admits that she seeks out fashion advice from her step-daughter. Kim helped Caitlyn style that iconic Vanity Fair shoot and was there for her every step of the way. If only things could have stayed that way. No one can pinpoint exactly where everything went wrong, but one has to admit it was nice to see Caitlyn receive all that support and fashion advice from her kids. Who wouldn’t want Kim as a fashion consultant?

7. Positive: Poor Parenting Skills

So, Jenner admits that she was a bad father to her four older children after she met Kris. It’s hard for someone to look past their ego and admit their mistakes; at least Caitlyn can admit that she was a crappy parent. However, the downside to this admission is that Caitlyn still wants to blame Kris for just about everything she can get away with. No one can keep you away from your children, you are either a good parent or you aren’t. Since Caitlyn will to admit that she’s been a bad parent, why not also admit that it wasn’t Kris’ fault?. At least she is halfway there.

6. Positive: Her Secret Collection

Caitlyn always knew to some degree that she is transgender. She admits that even as a child she would dress up in her mother’s clothing and play. So, it was no surprise to her later in life that she would want to continue doing the same thing. In her book, Cait admitted that in the late 80’s she set up a secret closet in her house that had all of her women’s clothing. She said that when her mother came to visit she would hide the truth by allowing her mother to assume that she was in a relationship and just trying to be hush hush about it.

5. Positive: That Transition Rumour

A few months ago a little rumor was swirling around stating that Caitlyn was having a complete meltdown. Apparently she felt immense regret about coming out and transitioning. Jenner cleared up the smack talk in her book stating that it was “100 percent wrong and garbage and swill”. The rumor actually came from an unauthorized book about the Kardashian family called Kardashian Dynasty. People will say anything to sell whatever they need to sell. Unauthorized biography’s come out weekly and many people want to try and make money off of the Kardashian fame. However, the truth will always come out especially when the people you are writing about are still alive.

4. Positive: That 20/20 Interview

Caitlyn admitted to purposely leaving the Kardashian women out of that popular 20/20 Diane Sawyer interview. Jenner revealed so many intimate details during that interview and some assumed it was because she wanted the opportunity to trash Kris and her kids. The real reason Jenner left them out was that she did her homework. She explained that the public tends to think that something is a publicity stunt when the Kardashian women are involved. She is 100% right about that. That Kardashians get trashed a lot for being so open to the public that many assume they do it knowing full well that it will cause a publicity frenzy.

3. Positive: The Vegas Escape

Before coming out, one way that Caitlyn said she maintained her sanity and felt a bit of happiness was when she could escape to Las Vegas. Jenner stated in her book that there you can do whatever you want and no one notices. She would change into women’s clothing in parking lots before checking into hotels, then live as a woman while  she was there. One of the first things that Jenner did dressed as a woman in Vegas was order a drink from Starbucks.

2. Positive: The Surgery

Caitlyn revealed in her book that she ultimately went through with the bottom surgery to complete her transition. Although in the past she has stated that she wasn’t too sure about going that route, she eventually made an executive decision that she felt would make her feel complete. Jenner stated, “I had The Final Surgery in January 2017,”. She writes “the surgery was a success, and I feel not only wonderful, but liberated. I am telling you because I believe in candor. So all of you can stop staring. You want to know, so now you know.” That’s one way to shut down the whispers.

1. Positive: Jenner Is Half Canadian!

Not sure if Caitlyn was trying to hide this fact or maybe just saving it for her book. It turns out that her father, Bill, is Canadian. He was born William Hugh Jenner in St. John’s, Nfld. The father of the Olympian didn’t live in Canada for too long, before he moved to the United States as a child. However, it’s kind of cool to know that a little bit of Canadian blood runs through the veins of yet another Olympian. It also helps that she is kind of a mega-star right now. Maybe for all the wrong reasons but, whatever.

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