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Being A Bartender Rules – Here’s 15 Reasons Why


Being A Bartender Rules – Here’s 15 Reasons Why

A sexy crush, a confidant, a therapist and an entertainer – these are all the jobs bartenders have to do on top of serving drinks. Bartenders are multi-taskers who have to be physically and mentally strong. It takes a lot to deal  with the “wild and crazy” night after night and to do it all with a smile. There are many people who think the job of a bartender is easy breezy. Sure, it has it’s perks like any other job but it can also be very draining;  you always need to be “on” because, God forbid, your customers realize that you are also human. It can be exhausting to have the same type of conversations over and over or to be asked “what do you want to do with your life?” because being a bartender *gasp* isn’t a real job, right? Wrong. Cheers to all the bartenders out there who bust their butts to make our drinks just a little more tasty and our nights a little more fun! Here’s why being a bartender rules.

15. It Makes You Feel H-O-T

It is rare to see a bartender who is unattractive. It is important to look good on the job; keeping yourself in shape and looking your best is essential for the position. There is definitely some relation to the hotter you are, the bigger the tip. But, looks can only go so far. If you are giving crappy service despite being a knockout, your clients will notice. Being a bartender is a definite confidence booster as it is rare to not get hit on at least once a shift. You are the centre of attention and your confidence soars. It’s like a domino effect, the more you get hit on, the more confident you feel which shows in your attitude, work and composure. 

14. You Can Make A lot of Cash Money

It is no secret that bartenders make a ton of cash. Cash tips are the best because they can fall under the radar when it comes to tax declarations. Tip your bartender cash! We love it! Sometimes it can be the greatest joy to see  the piles of 20s 50s and 100 dollars bills that you’ve amassed after a shift. We’ve all played out some form of a hip hop video throwing our dollars up like we just don’t care. The smart thing to do is head straight to the bank and put those dollars away for saving. It is far too easy to spend your money when it is in your purse or wallet.

13. Low Pressure

Unlike some corporate offices, the restaurant and bar industry has a very different vibe when it comes to stress and pressure. Don’t get me wrong, you can easily get overwhelmed with big groups, complicated orders and rush period that just won’t end. Despite stress from the job, the industry still has a somewhat more relaxed and easy going atmosphere compared to a bank or a law firm. Working in a restaurants and/or bars  is less stuffy than office jobs, and there is usually a calm and chill energy at the end of the workday or night.

12. Networking

Because bar tending is such a social job, you get meet a number of people every shift. You build relationships and acquire regulars that you grow close to. You know the ins and outs of their lives and they know yours. Conversing and getting to know your clients allows them to get a sense of your character which in the end can benefit you in the long run immensely. At the end of the day, people want to help others and if there is anything they can do to help their favourite bartender, they will; especially after beer number three, they are definitely more inclined. Sometimes you can even make contacts that can give you discounts products or tickets or even offer you a position in their company. The opportunities are endless and one of the best perks of bar tending.

11. The food and drinks 

If you have ever worked in the industry, you know that the first rule is the become friends with the chef. The kitchen will hook you up if they like you and will destroy you if they don’t. Any mistake you make on an order can result in cheeky comments, sabotage and a long wait if you are in the bad books. The same goes for bartenders, if we like you we will go the extra mile to get your drinks out fast, extra strong and made well. Any extra delicious food and drinks are ours to sample which is a also huge perk. You don`t  usually get this in your everyday office job.

10. The promos 

When you go to a bar, if you open your eyes you will see promotional products everywhere. From beer mugs, to posters,  to t-shirts, contests and everything in between. The great thing about being a bartender is that you get to keep a bunch of the promo products. I possibly have about every beer shirt ever made as my go-to pyjamas at home. You can always tell if someone works in the industry because their cabinets at home include an array of different beer mugs with the logo, about 5-10 Irish flags from St. Patty’s day and maybe a few cardboard coasters on the coffee table.

9. Alcohol tastings

A little pre buzz tasting to get the shift started off right is also a perk for bartenders. When new spirits come out on the menu, we need to know what it tastes like and how to serve it properly. Sometimes we get to try really expensive products that we normally wouldn’t splurge on. We get to try some of the finest wines and scotches and learn all about them. Believe it or not, alcohol is very complex and it is very interesting and helpful to know all about them. Knowing your products makes for good conversation which you can use to educate and up sell your clients. 

8. Sleeping in

If you are not a morning person, this job is 100% for you. Usually the drinking scene doesn’t start until late afternoon unless you’re in Vegas or serving a bottomless mimosa special. Bar tending hours allow you to live a night owl lifestyle, sleep all day, up all night. The longer you have been bar tending, the more you get used to it. You appreciate that you don’t have to wake up to a blaring alarm at 7 am making you want to scream “I hate mornings”. And, you also become friends with people who share the same schedule as you and understand that lifestyle. 

7. Hooks ups 

In this industry, the rule of no romantic relationships in the workplace doesn’t apply. In almost every establishment you will find coworkers either hooking up, in a committed relationship or marking the ex territory. It’s an awesome pool to find new mates and have the time of your life. The only down side is that if it goes array, you are stuck working with them after. If you want to add some excitement, you can keep your relationship a secret and see how long it takes before you get found out. Work just got a little more spicy because of the thrilling ‘je ne sais quoi’ that has commenced. Strictly business as usual? I think not.

6. The turnover 

Unlike many other industries, the restaurant and bar world sees new faces each day. It is often a pit stop for people who are in school or have side projects going on. There are plenty of people who don’t stay long because they can’t handle the industry, are moving or have been offered another opportunity. But, there are also plenty of ‘life-ers’ that see being in the service industry as a lifelong career. Whatever the case may be, you are constantly working with new people. If you don’t get along with someone, chances are it won`t be forever. A high turnover definitely has it`s up side.

5. The friendships 

Some of the most long lasting friendships are formed behind the bar. Whether it`s with your coworkers or your clients, it is definitely real. With coworkers, being able to relate because of the job can bring you closer together. And in this industry, sometimes you have a lot of downtime so there is a lot of time to talk and share stories.  Bartenders will also have each other’s backs when things get busy, creating bonds and friendships that often go beyond the establishments doors. . There is no question that strong friendships are formed when working in the industry. 

4. Ability to travel 

Another great thing about bar tending is that you gain skills that can take you places, literally. There are so many opportunities all around the world that require bar tending skills. You can work on cruise lines and get to visit the Caribbean islands just like the guests do AND get paid for it! You can also work at beautiful resorts all over the world. These can permanent positions or contract jobs. Whatever suits you, the choice is yours. Being able to bar tend allows you to see places and experience cultures that you might not otherwise  have the chance to if you didn’t know how to make that perfect gin martini. Bottoms up and let’s fly away. 

3. Schedule

There is no question that the ability to alter your schedule with short notice is a gift from the heavens. Life happens, sometimes things happen that we don’t see coming and we need to get replaced on short notice. Being blessed with awesome coworkers who will switch shifts with you along with having  an understanding boss is a great perk. If you want to plan a vacation, you can take it almost any time of the year as long as you give enough notice. You are not restricted. The ability to change your hours to suit your needs and wants is not something you find with many other vocations. 

2. Fun

In general, the job is really fun, point blank. It is lively, upbeat and something is always going on. People come to the bar to unwind, be entertained and flat out enjoy themselves. The atmosphere is positive and depending on your mood, you usually are too. If you’re having a bad day, there will always be a client or coworker who will give you a lift  in some way or other. There are often sports playing on the TVs depending on where you work and great debates or conversations happening that keep you intrigued. Bar tending is definitely for sociable, outgoing people who love to have fun.

1. Learning experience 

Overall, bar tending has taught me tons. It has taught me about how people interact with each other. It has taught me what people like and what they don`t like. It has taught me when to cut people off and when to give them a little extra. It has taught me that the world is an amazing place to see and that we can travel while working. It allows us to create and to enjoy working. A bar tending job is a unique, awesome, as is every every bartender you know! Cheers!

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