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15 Reasons Why Watching Pretty Little Liars Drives You Crazy


15 Reasons Why Watching Pretty Little Liars Drives You Crazy

Pretty Little Liars is a show that frustrates me to my absolute core. One minute I’m deeply involved and things are going well, the other minute A is sending some cryptic text and I’m on the edge of my seat. It’s a show that has caused a craze and forced people to hang on till the bitter end whether they want to or not. As soon as you start PLL you won’t be able to give it up. You will always wonder what’s happening: whose dying? whose sleeping with whom? and of course, have they found out who A is yet? Even though we continue to hang on, it doesn’t mean that we can’t be completely annoyed or question our sanity and life decisions as we sit in front of the television for yet another week of finding nothing out. Which begs the questions: what are we thinking? Why are we still hanging on? What are you thinking when you watch PLL?

15. Why Does Going to The Cops Have to Be So Complicated?

Last time I checked, the cops are there to help you, especially in a small town like Rosewood. So who can explain to me why it’s so hard for the girls to call the police. Someone’s stalking you, call the cops. Someone tried to run you down with a car, call the cops. Someone broke into your home, CALL THE COPS. The girls make it seem like the cops of Rosewood are incompetent. If they had just gotten them involved from day one they wouldn’t look as suspicious as they do now. Every time someone dies or is in a serious accident, the first set of suspects are Hannah, Aria, Spencer and Emily. I can’t help but think that this could have been avoided.

14. Isn’t This Just A Case Of Bullying Gone Way Too Far?

Some of the things that happen to the girls are petty AF: Hannah being fat-shamed, the rumours that swirl around the halls of the high school, the little notes stuck in lockers. All so juvenile. It feels more like bullying than anything else, only this particular bully, A, has taken her or his antics too far (like the murdering and burying people alive stuff). Everyone in Rosewood seems oblivious to the fact that four young girls are being bullied well into their early twenties. Instead of trying to help them, they question their motives, their whereabouts and in some cases their sanity (Radley anyone?). Whatever happened to #nobullying?

13. How Did These Girls Even Get Into University?

Asking a question like this may seem stupid, but once you think about it, you will realize that it’s a very valid question to ask. Hannah, Spencer, Emily and Aria are always so caught up in A related problems that they are never prepared for class. Out of the four girls, Spencer is the most likely to get into University because well, at least they show her studying sometimes. However, with the other girls it seems like they have given up on their futures: Emily quit swimming (her key to a tuition free ride), Aria barely acknowledges that she wants or wanted to be a writer and Hannah well, she was never really into school anyway. The worst of all is Allison. How is she a teacher now? Didn’t she miss at least three years of high school? There is no way she caught up enough, to go off to University at the same time as her “friends”.

12. Fat Hannah Isn’t Even Fat

“Hefty Hannah isn’t hefty at all. Like seriously, it’s almost insulting to people who are actually overweight. If you’re going to make a character “fat” just hire a curvier girl or do what This Is Us did and have her slowly lose weight its more realistic. If Hannah is considered fat in those flashbacks then I wonder where that thin line of curvy to fat begins. Regardless, “hefty Hannah” is still gorgeous, has a group of friends that love her and lost all that baby fat by, let’s say, grade nine. She really has nothing to worry about, so let’s get back to finding out who’s killing people and why.

11. For Someone so Smart, Spencer Makes the Stupidest Decisions

Spencer is the brain of the group. She always has a plan, she always makes the decisions, she usually figures things out before the other girls, and to top it off, she can actually keep up with her school work. However, there is also that side of Spencer that makes everyone watching say “what the hell”. When it comes to her own life, she makes the worst decisions. A few prime examples are: having a pill addiction, stealing her sister’s fiancé, and of course, fighting unnecessarily with Toby (always dramatic too). For someone who is so intelligent, why are her decisions always coming back and biting her in the butt? There seems to be no way for Spencer to rectify this, so hopefully she gets used to digging her way out of the messes her decision making gets her in.

10. Why Do The “Reveals” Always Leave Me with More Questions?

Being a fan of Pretty Little Liars is like being in an extremely toxic relationship. We are so caught up that we can’t see how bad it is for us and no matter how many times they screw us over and lie to us, we keep coming back for more. Every premiere episode, mid season finale and season finale promises its viewers some answers; it promises us that we will be one step closer to figuring out who is who and what is what. All we end up with is the painful question of why we have nothing better to do besides let ourselves get jerked around by this show.

9. The Whole CeCe Storyline Was Weak

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! The CeCe storyline, while progressive, was tremendously weak. There is no way that being transgender and locked away for a fake mental health issue caused her to have so much hatred towards the girls. First, they didn’t lock her way. Allison’s crazy mom did, Second, none of the girls were even mean to her, let alone knew anything of her existence before she popped up pretending she was Spencer’s sister and a long-lost friend of Alison’s. Third, the girls actually helped her out of a few jams from time to time. So, you see, her storyline makes no sense and again has left us with even more questions.

8. When Are The Girls Going To Get Caught For All The Crimes They’ve Committed?

Is no one going to acknowledge that Hannah, Spencer, Aria, Emily, Allison and of course Mona are straight up criminals? They have done things that normal people would get arrested for: setting that shed on fire that made Jenna go blind, Aria hitting Shana over the head with a legit 2×4, Emily killing Nate St. Germain, Hannah hitting Elliot with her car, and not to mention the number of cops dying in their presence. These girls are reckless and for some reason we can’t get enough of their crazy lives and passive attitude when it comes to murder. However, I guess when you are exposed to so much death at some point you become immune.

7. Why Don’t They Just Move?

Many times, I have asked myself, why don’t these girls just leave Rosewood? Realistically, when they are being threatened by text message, it usually has something to do with them being exposed in their small town. So why not just leave? They all went away to school and came back believing that life with A was finished. But even if it REALLY was finished, there are so many bad memories, why would you want to come back? Send a post card containing well wishes but never go back. Rosewood has nothing to offer them, especially Aria, whose family is scattered about. Moving at this point should be there only option.

6. There Is No Way To Recap An Episode So Please, Don’t Ask

I always want to talk about what happened in last night’s episode of PLL but when the only friend I have that is still hanging on (like me) hasn’t seen it, my heart sinks. Only because I know she is going to ask for a play-by-play and truthfully, I watched it but I’m always more confused than I was the week before. Asking someone to recap an episode of PLL is begging them to end your friendship. That show is way too confusing to be recapped; in addition to the resident confusion a whole bunch of new stuff happens in each episode, so retelling it usually comes out as me rambling and completely screwing up the timeline.

5. Stop Trusting Mona

What happened to the days when someone was a bad friend and you gave them one last try but they screwed up again so you had to cut them out? No one does this anymore? Point blank, Mona is a crappy friend and these girls keep trusting her. She has tried to kill them on countless occasions, she is always in some kind of jealous rage over Hannah and she is constantly plotting against them even when they go out of their way to help her. What is the lesson here? Stop trusting Mona; she is nothing but bad news and toxic AF.

4. I’m Not Watching This Show Anymore

At least four time during a season one thinks, “I am not going to waste my time with this show anymore”. The false reveals, the episodes where absolutely nothing happens and the unrealistic lifestyle of these teenagers magically turned into young adults is frustrating. It could be a bout of jealousy seeing them excel in careers that takes most people decades to become accomplished in. It is also annoying that all this crazy stuff happens and then the storyline just switches and we never learn how it ends or what becomes of that mysterious character. It’s so frustrating, yet so addictive.

3. I Can’t Wait to See What Happens Next Week

As annoying and frustrating as this show gets, we show up every week to get our fix. On top of making sure we never miss an episode, we tweet like maniacs as if we are the first person to think of something profound about that episode. We know PLL makes us grind our teeth and rip our hair out yet we just can’t get enough. We need to know who will get screwed over next. Who will die? What will Toby and Spencer disagree about next? Will Ezra ever get arrested for being in a relationship with a minor? As much as we crap on the show, we all know how obsessed we are with the mystery that surrounds our girls.

2. It Would Have Made More Sense To Not Skip Forward 4 Years

Skipping forward four years was kind of pointless. The writers would have been able to get away with a lot more storylines if the girls were University students. It’s a bit unrealistic to have girls in their twenties making reckless decisions based on fear and again not going to the police when they were harassed and threatened. At some point, the character must be annoyed with constantly almost dying, being bullied or of course receiving text messages from an unknown source. Their phone bills must be insane with the amount of text’s they get from A. That annoyance alone would be enough for me to bail.

1. Okay, Seriously Who Is “A” Really?

The whole “I’m A”, “No, I’m A” and so on and so on is getting old. The amount of times a character on PLL has claimed to be A is daunting. Not only can we not keep up, we also have a hard time believing anyone because we’ve been lied to time after time. The series is set to end this season and for some reason I’m finding it hard to believe that we will truly find out who is torturing these girls and the town of Rosewood. It almost feels like we are just being screwed around and at the end the screen will go black and the words “ha ha we got you” will pop up along with “we also don’t know who A is”.

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