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15 Pics of Pregnant Khloe Kardashian We’re Drooling Over

Khloe Kardashian is one of the original Kardashian sisters. Well known for being the tallest and most rebellious of them all, Khloe’s sharp wit and confidence only reinforces her position in the limelight. She advocates confidence in one’s self and feeling great in one’s own body, which is why she started her own reality TV show, Revenge Body. She also manages the Kardashian flagship boutique DASH with her older sister, Kourtney.

Truly a media sweetheart, it came as a shock to the rest of the world when she started shying away from the camera and taking on darker, looser clothes. The reason? A pregnancy! She cleverly hid her baby bump with billowy coats and more withdrawn poses for a whopping six months before announcing it to the world. But despite all the strategizing and secret styling, it was not enough to hide her curvy figure and of course, her new baby belly.

Khloe Kardashian is a true bombshell, through and through, pregnant or not. From all-black ensembles, to nude tones and warmer hues, we can’t wait to share Khloe’s most jaw-dropping looks from this pregnancy. Here are 15 pics of a pregnant Khloe Kardashian that we’re drooling over. Read on, and feel the heat!

15. Discreet and Dressed Down

Khloe is known for her form-fitting garments and slinky dresses. Being the tallest of the Kardashian sisters, Khloe has always been conscious of how she dresses. She usually opts for fitted jeans that hug her long legs, or dresses that expose them. In this photo, she is seen wearing a billowy coat, and is covered up more than usual, from her neck to her toes.

For the longest time, Khloe tried her best to hide her baby bump through loose clothes and flowy outerwear, such as this huge coat. It is reported that she went six months into her pregnancy, successfully hiding it from the public while waiting for the time to announce the news. Still, all those clothes are proof that she has mastered what flatters her curves. Baby bump and all!

14. All-Black Ensemble

In this photo, the Kardashian glamazon steps out in a low-cut top, high waisted pants, and, as per usual, an oversized coat. This was taken before the big pregnancy reveal, when hiding her baby bump was done artfully with larger clothes. Looking at the photo, her bump seems invisible here, due to all the black she was wearing. Smart choice, Khloe!

As per a statement she made to the media, Khloe and her fashion team went through great lengths  to hide her bump for as long as they could. Imagine having to hide a growing baby belly months on end! That may seem like an easy feat, but for a mega-celebrity who’s always in the spotlight? It’s easier said than done.

13. One Glittery Bump

Who says moms-to-be can’t sparkle? Khloe proves everyone wrong with this sparkling ensemble. Decked out in Swarovski crystals, sequins, and faux fur, Khloe happily shows off her belly with her supermodel sister Kendall and momager Kris. Quite a change compared to all the muted neutrals she’s been wearing, and all the strategic, “shy away from the camera” poses she relied on for so long.

“It was pretty challenging, having to hide her baby bump,” a stylist commented. “We had to strategize everything she had to wear whenever she went out.” Most of Khloe’s team are now relieved they do not have to go through the stress of having to conceal something that was pretty obvious anyway. It’s a stark contrast now that she’s flaunting her belly loud, glittery, and proud.

12. Silk and Leather

Khloe also proves she’s the queen, or rather, KWEEN of mixing things up with this silk pajama top and leather pants. In this photo, she is seen on the way to host an event, surrounded by a small mob of people. Khloe might have thought this chic look would fool the masses, but the tabloids were quick to point out the small baby bump forming. They don’t miss a trick!

In the early stages of her pregnancy, Khloe chose dark colors to conceal her growing bump. These colors also helped slim down her figure. No official statement has been made as to why she hid her pregnancy, but it was reported that she also hid it from her boyfriend, Cleveland Cavaliers star Tristan Thompson, in the first few weeks. “I wanted it to be a surprise,” the media darling states.

11. Louboutin Booties

Nothing says laid-back and cool more than a pair of jeans and a pullover. Khloe shows that she can pull off all different types of looks as she and her sister Kim try to escape paparazzi. Compared to what Kim is wearing, Khloe may seem low-key, but she still oozes class. And despite being covered up, she still flaunts her curves with her Good American skinnies, even though these jeans sort of fail to hide her growing belly.

In other paparazzi photos, Khloe casually shows off her… err, assets as she walks away from the cameras. Quite a cheeky move, and probably her way of telling the paparazzi to kiss her a$$. Either way, she stays cool despite wearing the simplest of clothes. That’s something we can all try to learn from!

10. Red-Lipped Glam

The reality star embodies old-school glamour in this custom two-piece ensemble. Looking and feeling great in cobalt blue, Khloe flaunts her bump yet again for a social event. Everything is on point: from the hair, to the nails, and even to the minimal jewelry! This could be one of her best looks to date.

Khloe knows how to shine amidst her other equally-famous relatives. Despite largely hiding from the cameras for six months, motherhood totally becomes her in this photo. Her makeup looks immaculate in this picture as well. Who wouldn’t be in awe of how Khloe looks? Tristan Thompson sure is one lucky guy. Kim Kardashian better look out for her throne—her younger sister sure looks like she’s coming for it!

9. Is She FUR Real?

What better way mask a pregnancy than to wear fur! Still in all black, our favorite Kardashian sister mixes in some texture for her airport outfit. On her way from her hometown in California to her boyfriend’s place in Cleveland, Khloe exudes effortless chic. Comfortable and functional, this piece definitely kept her warm in the cold Ohio weather.

Spicing it up with a leather snapback that perfectly matches her jacket. Her early morning flight makes this hat a good excuse for not getting her hair done. She finishes this outfit off with a perfect pair of black Adidas Yeezys that are on everyone’s sneaker lust list. We just wish we could pull off pajamas, snapbacks, and bodysuits this effortlessly on our next flight out without TSA kicking us to the curb.

8. Bustier Realness

In this photo, Khloe still manages to hide her growing baby bump with minimizing black and a textured black trench coat. Using a softer material for her black skinnies, which allows for less constriction on her belly area, is a good move on her part too. Of course, her Good American line of jeans were very beneficial for when she needs her pick of all black jeans. We bet she had hundreds!

We are unsure if this bustier is a bodysuit or just a button-down top, though. Regardless — it is the perfect casual top to tone down that fur coat with leather hardware around the forearm. Showing just enough skin on her upper body to veer away from her midsection. Excellent strategizing with the use of skin! Good job glam team!

7. A Leg Up On The Race

Flash those legs, why dontcha! By showing off more skin on her legs and chest area, the eye is drawn away from the rest of Khloe’s covered body. The visible brassiere creates character for the outfit and plays on the sexy, unkempt style. And please, let’s talk about the floor length duster/coat that seems to be all the rage in fashion nowadays. That cream colored fur bag is the exclamation point to this outfit!

Paparazzi and the gossip columnists were already talking about a growing belly, but without her or her team confirming it — it was nothing but gossip. Photographers already knew she was pregnant and continually wrote about it. But true to Kardashian way, they controlled the release of information until Khloe was ready to share it with the world. Given her previous documented struggles with fertility we can’t blame her for wanting to keep this special news to herself.

6. Sexy Spandex

Again, skinny spandex can mask a pregnancy just as well as baggy clothes. This photo of Khloe and Kim can definitely confirm this fact. Look at that skin-tight bodysuit and those skinny shorts that leave little to the imagination! Adding spice to her all-black ensemble is the fishnet stockings that are not in any way tacky or cheap-looking.

The last thing anyone would think when looking at this photo is that she is pregnant. Good job glam team! The oversized double-breasted tuxedo coat isn’t too shabby either. The small button details, together with the chain strap of her black bag cuts off the monotony of all black ensemble. Her signature suede booties complete the outfit for a put-together classy look. As for sister Kim — well, she’s just being KIM.

5. Va-Va-Voom Velvet

Another sultry look from the rebellious Kardashian sister! In this photo, she seems less shy about her bump and more confident. She sports a tight little dress and an oversized velvet coat. Paired with thigh-high boots, she transforms a simple black outfit into something more. Simple but very classy. The moss green bag spells laid-back and adds a subtle color to her outfit.

Tristan Thompson, her hubby-to-be, is nothing short of thrilled about being a daddy. Once Khloe told him she was with child, he was more than excited and became extra protective of his ladylove. And who wouldn’t be, when she’s as radiant as this! Khloe is in her element and looks every bit the doting mom-to-be. Lucky, lucky guy!

4. Cinched In Satin

With this amazing body and killer wardrobe, it could be impossible to tell that Khloe was pregnant during the earlier stages of her pregnancy. But if one was to squint and look a little closer, you can see that the bump is there. It’s just the way she cleverly hid it under a cinched satin blouse that did the job. Amazing what smart layering can do to trick the eyes, no?

In this photo, she is seen with a retail boutique as a backdrop. She works as the best advertisement for the merchandise she’s modelling, and who wouldn’t want some of what she’s got? She’s got curves for days, and legs for weeks! She is red hot in black, and she knows it. And now everybody else knows it, too!

3. Gothic Chic

Who would have thought a velvet coat in the daytime would look hot? This Kardashian sister tries but fails to hide her bump, and the rest of her curves, in this billowy coat. She walks the sidewalk like a runway, and carries off this gothic-inspired look with pizzazz. That revenge body is not going anywhere anytime soon!

Khloe knows what looks good on her, and she makes sure everybody knows it. Despite having a whole team of stylists behind her, she stays in charge of her style and makes sure that she completes every look with a sexy flair. She’s practically covered up in this photo and she still sizzles! It’s going to be a bit more difficult to keep up with this Kardashian

2. In The Nude

In this photo, Khloe steps out in an edgy layered trench coat and a sexy body-con dress. Both pieces are in the same light nude color, which totally flatters her tanned skin. She’s no longer hiding her belly at this stage of her pregnancy. “I’ve never been more excited,” she gushes in an interview. Which is understandable–who wouldn’t be thrilled to be a new mom?

To add a youthful kick to the entire outfit, Khloe has her hair done up in a high pony. The hairstyle is reminiscent of a 1990’s model, and it only adds to the sizzle of the whole ensemble. Her look is right, the clothes are great, and her confidence level must be through the roof with this one. You go, girl!

1. Cinnamon Dream

Khloe’s glow only gets better with every week that passes. And that glow looks absolutely fabulous in cinnamon! In this photo, the media mogul is seen with older sister Kourtney out and about in public, and posing with fans. In different photos, she is also seen having some ice cream and throwing caution to the wind while laughing with Kourt. She even looks stunning in brighter colors, as well! Is there anything this lady can’t wear?

From black, to lighter clothes, to warmer tones, it only goes to show that Khloe Kardashian’s style shines through no matter what she is wearing. This woman makes pregnancy look like a breeze with the way she dresses. And even with her growing baby bump, she still looks smoking hot. If only it were that easy for everyone else!


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