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15 Times Food Killed Your Appetite Forever


15 Times Food Killed Your Appetite Forever

You eat with your eyes or, so they say. When you look at a photo of food it has so much effect on you; it can make your mouth water, leave a bad taste in your mouth and even make you want to eat when you aren’t hungry.

Anyone on social media knows that food blogs make us all want to be a chef. Normally, everything looks so tasty. However, there is this dark part of the web that is making food fans regret loving food so much.

Whether it’s #foodbae or Gordon Ramsay completely crushing people’s dreams, social media is making us all hate looking at food photos. There has been an outpouring of gross food photos flooding people’s social media pages and we have to say, we aren’t here for it.

Not only is it making food the worst thing on earth, at this point, it’s also making our stomach hurt. Get ready for 15 belly aching food stories. Sorry in advance.

15. Bologna & Cheese

Not only is this a struggle plate, it has us perplexed. First, who knew that people still eat bologna. aAnd second, why does the pita look so slimy? The only hope left for this meal is to roll it up and melt the cheese, which was hopefully the plan.

Let’s be fair though, this photo is the least offensive of the bunch. And truth be told, there is just something about bologna that turns the stomach. It’s passable fried, maybe, but besides that, ugh, its hard to stomach.

Please just hurry up and fold it so we don’t have to look at it any longer. How do you think this tasted? Cheese can only do so much. We are currently praying for whoever ate this.

14. Nasty Beef

The only thing we know is that this is beef and we can only assume that because it’s brownish. However, all the oil and meat juice has pooled in the Pyrex dish and it looks as though this beef has been overcooked.

It looks dry, it’s covered in fat and the most disturbing thing is whoever is cooking this has the audacity to put a meat thermometer in it. Uh, as if they can’t tell if it’s the right temperature or not. What they should be doing is throwing that thing in the trash and starting fresh or, getting take out because clearly, the struggle is real.

At least remove the jiggly fat from the sides of the meat and try to salvage what you can from this struggle dinner.

13. Frosted Flakes With Cheese

No big deal just some soggy cereal with cheese. Right off the bat, this is messed up because milk and cheese come from the same place, so it feels a little immoral. Regardless, imagine this combination sliding down someone’s throat? It doesn’t seem like it would go down well.

Not only is it nasty, it’s unnecessary. We can only assume that this photo is only for “likes” and views on social media because it can’t be a real thing.

Although, the bowl does look pretty dug into so maybe someone was actually enjoying it. It made our tummy turn one time too many so, we are going to give up trying to figure out who would eat this. God bless your bowels because they will need a prayer.

12. Squeeze Bacon

Before we dive into the real problem with this meal follow us as we take a look at this dry AF patty on this burger bun. Is anyone else creeped out by perfectly shaped burger patties? Does it not send red flags to your brain? Okay, now onto the real problem: the squeeze bacon. Good lawd, where do we begin?

It looks like uncooked mincemeat on a questionable patty. And, before you even question the realness of this, believe us, it’s real AF and people are purchasing it. What we would do to get our hands on a bottle and read the ingredients. What do you think they do? Cook the bacon than pulverize it and put it in the bottle? Are we even sure it’s cooked?

11. Supposedly Shepherd’s Pie

Whoever cooked this should stay out of the kitchen forever. They didn’t even get the most basic part of the meal right: the potatoes. They are translucent for Pete’s sake.

What is that yellow stuff? It looks a bit like egg yolks but what would egg yolks be doing in shepherd’s pie? Maybe it’s cheese? Which would be a nice touch, but this meal looks too poorly cooked for cheese to help it out. Also, this is petty but, why isn’t the potato on top of this supposed pie?

We have to be fair and give credit where credits due. At least the meat is cooked properly and chances of this person getting violently sick from eating it are slim. It just doesn’t look very good.

10. It’s Lumpy

WTF is this? Why is it all white and why is it lumpy? It looks like something was fried then covered in whatever wetness this is. The fact that it is being eaten off of a paper plate only makes the food looks worse. If anyone can identify what is going on here please comment because the curiosity is killing us.

Food can never be considered appetizing when you can’t even identify what is on the plate. Is that fried chicken maybe covered in some kind of country gravy? We know country gravy to have a hint of brownness to it so maybe it was just poorly made. But there is still the question of why it is so lumpy. Barf! This photo is making us never want to eat ever again.

9. Keeping A Man?

Let’s start with the positive: we can identify everything on the plate. The eggs look good, you can’t go wrong with corn, even the pasta is passable. Here’s the bad part: this is her effort to “keep a man,” she proudly posted this photo on social media and tagged her boyfriend — who was also impressed with her meal.

I guess we all can’t be professional cooks and make our food look amazing and mouthwatering. One thing we are questioning is why this plate looks like its just a leftover mishmash from the fridge — and not the good leftovers either.

They just don’t go together and the fact that the plate is about 80 per cent corn is concerning. Regardless, we have to admit we would eat this over anything else on this list.

8. Ugly Cake

Like many people on social media this young lady made the mistake of asking Gordon Ramsay what he thought of her cake. We’re sure the reply was cruel because that cake looks like crap. Why do the layers look like they are one more strawberry topper to falling right over? The circumference of the cake looks like she had a hard time getting them out of the pan.

The frosting looks like a ganache gone wrong. It has the shine, but it lacks the flexibility. It couldn’t even drip down the sides properly. The bottom layer of the cake looks like chocolate. Did she run out of vanilla cake mix? What’s on the bottom of the plate? Like a chocolate design of some sort? At least she tried to jazz it up.

7. Pizza?

Either this is a seriously jacked up bread bowl or someone put can soup on a crappy homemade pizza crust. Either way, we need to see them cut into this bad boy because you know 100 per cent that this is spilling everywhere.

If you look close enough you can tell that this is a very sorry attempt at pizza; there are olives, garlic, maybe, we just hope the white pieces aren’t chunks of cheese just floating in there. We can add this to the file of struggle foods that are piling up on social media.

The worst part about this pizza is that it seems to be cooked already which is crazy because nothing has set except the edges of that crust. If you know anything about cooking, you might be able to guess that the bottom of this pizza crust is soggy AF.

6. Jello, We Think

This was probably taken right out of the page of a 1950s cookbook, where every other meal was encased in jelly. This was a popular thing to do in the 50s but come on don’t recreate it.

This can’t taste great, it looks like food that got cold and the fat jellied up. Instead of reheating it, they just decided to cut it up and eat it. Even nastier is the fact that there is just a bunch of nasty stuff in there like pieces of hotdog, egg with the yolk in and green onion or peas we can’t tell yet.

Whoever is eating this knows it’s not okay because they have the smallest piece on their plate, which is a great idea. Sometimes you can just look at food and tell it’s not going to go down smoothly.

5. Shawty Badd?, No

Let’s not toot this chick’s horn this is some plain white rice — she probably didn’t even salt the pot — and some dry AF looking chicken. There looks to be a tablespoon of beans in the corner not sure why maybe for effect. What we ARE assuming is this may not be chicken it has some dark pieces in it they almost look like undercook chocolate chip cookies.

And what is the purpose of the ketchup? Ketchup and rice shouldn’t be a thing. There is just so much rice on this plate, this had to be well over the recommended daily intake. It’s distracting. A sea of white and bland; white rice, grey chicken and a blob of ketchup. Just make a bowl of pasta and call it a day.

4. Too Much Is Happening

Okay, let’s start naming what we see in this photo: eggs, tortillas, something grey spread on the egg, something white drizzled on the flatbread, and what we can only assume is STRAWBERRY JAM. It doesn’t seem like much of these things go together. Why is it spread open like that?

This is ridiculous too much is happening in one meal and this seems like a hurt belly waiting to take flight. Why would there be this sweet jam on a savory meal? It doesn’t always work, and people need to learn what flavors actually taste good  when paired together as opposed to just throwing everything in and hoping it works out.

Then again, they do say if you never try then you never know what can come of it. Let’s just say this person tried and it just didn’t work for them.

3. Are Those Ramen Noodles?

Another food combination that should be illegal. It’s like that game, “one of these things just doesn’t belong.” Why would you put ramen noodles on top a hotdog that is already struggling? And it’s not like the ramen is cooked properly it just looks like they boiled the noodles and forgot to add the seasoning. The noodles also look mushy AF.

One has to assume that the consistency of this in the mouth would be like bread soaked in water. It even looks like there is something spread on the bread, maybe mayonnaise. The hot dogs look boiled. The least they could have done was barbecue them or cooked them in the oven for a little bit.

Another hurt belly in someone’s future. Pepto Bismol will soon be a staple in this person’s home.

2. Beans And Pasta

Why not just buy tomato sauce? You can tell that this was a planned out meal, not a mistake they prepared the hotdogs, they made sure to mix it with the beans, they boiled the multi-colored pasta and they even had a side of what looks like old curry goat but it’s probably just some dried up beef.

The consistency of eating beans and pasta together doesn’t sound like something that would tickle the palate well. In fact, it sounds like it would be slightly dry.

The fact that two types of meat are being eaten in one meal is also slightly disturbing. Although we can’t pinpoint why because it’s a common thing. Maybe we are just being petty because the rest of the meal looks like hot garbage.

1.White Sludge

The triangular shaped “food” looks like one of those Knorr meals that got stuck to the bottom of the pot so they resorted to cutting it out. The other stuff is a mystery and will probably remain so unless the person who posted it decides to speak up and tell the world about their concoction.

There is no color on this plate. Isn’t it healthier to eat the rainbow? The only color we see is some red something bleeding out of the side of whatever that rectangular thing is. We just realized how hard it is to describe a meal when you can’t even identify one morsel on the plate. If it can’t be identified is it even safe to ingest? Food like this should be banned.

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