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15 Photobombs That Are Beyond Embarrassing

Posting pictures on the internet is always a risk. Many people are worried about not looking their best or making a weird face. However, with the invention of photobombing, there is so much more to worry about.

People make complete fools of themselves ruining pictures to garner attention. However, the best photobombs are the one where they don’t even know they are photobombing someone. Both the photobomber and the actual subject of the photo end up looking like complete idiots.

There are thousands of photobombing pictures on the Internet. Here are the 15 worst cases we could find.

15. Kris Jenner

Who doesn’t want to photobomb a Kardashian/Jenner? They are basically some of the most recognized celebrities. They are known around the world and people love them. However, if you do ever get a chance to photobomb them you better look like freaking gold.

Unfortunately, for this young lady, she opted for a little piggy face and her photobomb did the opposite. Instead of making the person being photobombed look stupid for not noticing, she made herself look like a complete fool with a pig face.

Also, sidenote, who knows what else has been pressed up against that glass and she so willingly pressed her entire face against it.

14. What a Creep

This guy looks a straight up murderer. Someone please find these girls and report if they are okay or not. The way he is staring at them is psychotic yet, there is a sense of humor behind it. What a way to ruin these two girls “trying to be super hot” photo. One has to wonder how the conversation went after this photo was taken.

Did they look back in disgust or fear or did they notice days later then talk smack about him ruining their picture? So many questions and zero answers. While these girls seem like the type to not care, it’s still embarrassing for him seeing as this photo and that weird face is all over the internet.

13. Scared Of Animals

This is what happens when you take an animal out of his natural habitat, put him in a fake “natural” habitat and then have selfish people drive around them in an unnatural element to gawk at them. “Sure, wind your window down they’re friendly,” “no, they don’t bite.”

This kid looks so scared that there is no doubt that he crapped his pants and cried after this photo was taken. A photo like this can haunt someone for the rest of their life especially since his parents thought it was the greatest idea ever to put it on the internet. Please take note that his eyes are slowly crossing in fear, that is not a natural reaction.

12. He’s Disgusted

The two girls in this photo should feel beyond embarrassed. They tried to pull that whole we’re so sexy thing that we are going to make out with one another. The guys face in the backgrounds proves that not EVERY straight male is turned on by two desperate women making out in an effort to seek attention.

In fact, he actually looks disgusted and is probably trying to figure out what is actually going on. However, what is more pressing at the moment is trying to figure out what kind of party this is. The girls barely have any clothes on, in fact, the brunette only has a bra on one has to wonder what happened after this photo was taken.

Regardless, if these women are not painfully aware of how this male feels after seeing this photo well, then they are lost causes.

11. The Butt Stays In The Picture

Who isn’t curious to see the face of the man who seems to be nude on a “clothes only” beach? Either his swim trunks fell off or he doesn’t give a damn. Not only that, his butt is forever immortalized in the photo of a couple just trying to enjoy their vacation. To be totally honest he isn’t the only embarrassing part of the photo.

Why is this guys shirt so far up? You’re either going to take your shirt off or keep it on so where is the confusion there? Oh yeah, why couldn’t the person who took the photo for this couple just wait a few seconds for this guy to be out of the frame? There are just so many fails in this photo one has to wonder about the competency of each individual.

10. Spider Wants In

Right off the bat, you have to know that the most embarrassing part of this photo is the fact that a huge spider is just crawling out from under her pillow. How nasty is her house for her to be sleeping with spiders in her bed? What’s even worse is you can tell that her friend is clearly screaming from fear but, she also just may be thinking the same thing.

She is really beginning to question the company she keeps. Can you blame her? If she isn’t terrified to walk bare feet around that house now then one has to question her cleanliness. Even the girl taking the picture has a priceless reaction. She’s going to have to have words with her mom after her friend awkwardly leaves her house, never to return.

9. Adults HATE Selfies

There is no question that the younger generation is obsessed with selfies. If you’re not taking selfies, you’re just not cool. However, it’s about time some of them get knocked down a peg. Not every opportunity is a time to take a selfie and this guy surely let this young girl know.

Can you imagine being flipped off while you’re minding your business and taking an annoying selfie? What’s worse is you don’t even know you’re being flipped off until you go to look at the photo. By then he could have been long gone, then again, he strikes us as someone who would stick around for a confrontation.

She actually looks so into the picture, like she seems pleased with her selfie-taking skills. Surprise boo you got BOMBED!

8. Something Smells

CLOSE YOUR LEGS. The girl getting a whif of whatever is crawling out of this chick has our deepest sincerity. Not only does she look traumatized, she also looks like she is smelling something that she has never experienced before in her entire life.

The most embarrassing part of this photo is that the girl with her leg up is only doing her normal party trick. You know the one she does when she wants to be the center of attention.

It’s like when Kyle on the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills does the splits and is immediately impressed with herself. Maybe next time she shouldn’t skip that shower before she goes out. #partyfoul

7. Butt Crack Baby

This girl is about to be arrested for child endangerment. She has exposed herself to a child. Let this be a lesson learned: belts are an essential accessory. If you choose not to wear a belt, please for the love of everything holy do not sit on anything that doesn’t have a chair back. You need that backing to hide that crack.

This child seems unfazed and why wouldn’t he be? He doesn’t register yet that a butt crack shouldn’t be popping out of a pair of pants. However, his joyful smile makes him look even more like a bad person.

6. Don’t Touch There

Who is the predator in this picture? The inappropriate kid with no parental supervision or the adult male trying to mind his own business? No matter what this guy does he will now always be associated with this groping incident.

Even though he looks genuinely surprised and totally caught off guard, this parentless kid has made him the butt of every joke. If only he had waited for this couple to finish taking their photo he may have been off the hook.

The incident probably would have still happened but it wouldn’t be caught on camera only to end up on a list like this one. Poor man, all he wanted to do was serve those piping hot plates of food. Shame on this child, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

5. Club Night Gone Wrong

The first question is who’s bombing who in this picture? The guy in the black shirt looks like he was ready to take the picture at one point but then he couldn’t keep his eyes open. Then the girls look like they were passing by but couldn’t keep their legs from bucking underneath them.

The guy in the white shirt looks like his song came on and he’s about to go off. Can someone please identify every person in this photo so we can see them out of this element? They all look like a hot mess.

Dare we say trash at it’s finest? This photo proves that there is such a thing as too much partying. Being embarrassed should be the least of these people’s problems. Can we even confirm if they survived that night?

4. Take It To The Bedroom

It’s always cute seeing an older couple still in love or finding new love but no one wants to actually see them getting down and dirty. They are simply doing too much in the background of this lovely couples’ WEDDING photo.

Their photo has been sullied to a whole new low. We don’t want to be rude but the way she is bent over paired with her shoes and the positioning of her legs puts her in hooker status. This couple can’t use this photo.Hhopefully, the photographer was able to get a few more shots like this sans the horny couple.

When you really think about it this photographer is inadequate AF at their job. All they had to do was ask the older couple to step aside or better yet reposition the bride and groom. Or was this meant on purpose?

3. Keeping Her Hands To Herself

There’s nasty and then there’s gross. This chick is gross she isn’t even being discreet, her pants are undone. What is going on down there that it couldn’t wait until she got to a washroom or at the very least a more discreet place? The girl in the forefront is so unaware of what is taking place behind her.

There is no doubt that when it was brought to her attention she probably wanted to vomit. One has to wonder if she washed her hands after this incident or just kept it moving like this whole thing didn’t happen. Ugh, nothing more can be said.

2. Falling Man

This guy seems to be defying gravity or he was just caught midfall. He probably smashed his face so hard and ruined the rest of his night. There is no question he ruined these poor girls’ picture. Couldn’t he have fallen somewhere else? What a jerk, right?

No, for real he actually looks like he needs a lot of help. He is balancing on his wrist how have they not broken? And how is his body so curved? Was he yelling out for help and everyone just ignored him? How do you even fall this way? 

1. Vomiting And Making Out

There is so much wrong with this photo that we don’t even know where to begin. First of all how embarrassing for this chick who is throwing up. Her friend is pretty much hooking up when she should be holding her hair back.

Then the guy has the audacity to use her back as resting place or leverage so he can reach over and make out with her soon to be ex-best friend. To top it off, this guy photobombs with a thumbs up like it’s the best night of his life.

This looks like a prom story gone horribly wrong and she can’t even lift her head. Imagine the shame walking into school on that Monday and having that picture circulating. On the bright side, her legs look great, what is that? A tan?

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