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15 Petty AF Co-Workers Who Need To Go Away Now


15 Petty AF Co-Workers Who Need To Go Away Now

Work life can actually be so annoying. Not only do most people have confrontations with at least one co-worker a year, there is also that aspect of having to force fake conversations and friendships.

Now, we will admit work isn’t all bad. Some people actually enjoy their jobs and can’t wait to get up in the morning and greet the day with a big smile. However, some people enjoy going to work because it is their only opportunity to get away with some petty AF behavior.

It’s hard to be petty around friends and family because they aren’t afraid to call you out. At work, you can leave notes, walk around and whisper shady stuff and just to avoid confrontation — some people won’t say anything.

But, you can always count on that one person to show no remorse when they are and gleefully bask in the pettiness they exude. Here are 15 of those people.

15. Mmmm Donuts

There is nothing worse than coming in to work seeing a sugary donut box, opening it up and being completely annoyed. This may have been an April Fools joke but it isn’t funny. One has to wonder which co-worker did this crap and lived to tell about it.

It’s never okay to joke around about food. Some people live for it and we have fools out here being passive aggressive about sugar. This is actually one of the oldest tricks in the book so — ha — you haven’t surprised anybody. You just pissed a bunch of people off that were hoping to get away with eating junk food at work.

14. Plants Are Oxygen

Another prank gone wrong. Whoever had the time and effort to put into this is so petty. Like come on think of the amount of time that had to go into this. They probably had to put in unpaid overtime, get permission from the box, find all the supplies — which by the looks of things is a lot of crap.

One may even be safe to assume that whoever did this had to put their own personal funds into it. Needless to say, this co-worker looks both baffled and relieved. Relieved that he might not have to stay and work that day seeing as he has no work space.

13. Personal Petty

Brent is clearly mad at his co-workers and hates his job. He took to social media to express his petty hatred which is actually kind of funny. If he has an introduction like this for every co-worker that walks in the door he may have enough material for a funny AF book. The best part is that he is mad at the six dollars that he clearly so painfully needs.

Who doesn’t love a petty co-worker that has a little sass? He is clearly a funny person and truthfully, he probably cracks the entire office up. However, there is no doubt that he is petty at its finest.

12. Poking Holes

Oh. My. Gosh. That they even have to put a sign up like this is sheer embarrassment. There must be a bunch of horny co-workers at that place. The sign is so blunt and DETAILED, besides this being petty it’s beyond funny. All the different ways that someone can “poke a hole” in the plastic is displayed. Hopefully, no one there takes offence easily.

If there is, it seems like this may not be the place for them to settle into. Realistically, this topic could have been covered in a more well thought out flyer or even in a memo in the lunch room. But, a graphic flyer is… different

11. Coffee Problems

Okay, okay we get it coffee is a serious subject; some people can’t start their day without one or two, maybe three cups. However, this situation is beyond petty. They started a coffee club, put a coffee machine in the kitchen, then toldl co-workers who didn’t want to join that they cant have any coffee?

Not only can they not drink the coffee you brewed — fair enough, it’s your money — but they can’t even brew their own coffee in the machine? Well damn, that may be at the top of the petty food chain.

The fact that this cliquey high school-like crew had the time to put a monetary value on the scoops of coffee used is going a little too far. That’s an easy way to become the most hated co-worker ever.

10. Passive Aggressive Much?

Things break people, this doesn’t give you a license to be passive aggressive. Right off the bat, one has to assume that this is a workplace that has a lot of problems. For someone to have the gall to post a note like this after management or office maintenance had the decency to warn them of a malfunction is crazy.

To be this mad that you went out of your way to make your own note on the office computer, no doubt means that you probably aren’t busy enough. To their defence though, this looks like a lunch room sink. Not being able to run a little water on your dishes after lunch or even wash your hands after eating is all kinds of messed up.

9. Just Spit In It, Why Not?

Is it wrong to say that we side with this person? It’s hard enough having to bring your own specialized food to work but then having someone steal it is annoying AF. You know what’s even more annoying? When the jerk that is clearly using your stuff has the audacity to make a note on your note.

If you’re going to do that at least have the balls to sign your name to it and not hide behind a note. If you need salad dressing that bad, why not just bring your own?

What’s the big deal? Maybe they just get kicks out of eating other peoples stuff? Bottom line, if you’re eating other people’s stuff, don’t be ridiculous and comment when they call you out. Humble yourself.

8. No Thanks I Only Want Half

This is a move done out of spite. No one just eats, first of all, a half a piece of pizza SLICE. And second, eating it from the back forward. Then they just leave it there as if the person it was originally intended for is still going to want it.

Thankfully, this person stuck up for themselves and left a well-deserved note. Which makes you wonder: why didn’t they just eat the whole slice? Can we please acknowledge that whoever did this actually left the germ-filled slice in an entire box of pizza. Like come on, just put it in a plate to the side.

7. There ARE Stupid Questions

According to the staff at this office there is such a thing as a stupid question. Apparently, this is what happens at this office when someone asks a question that is deemed stupid or makes a bad joke. But can we all acknowledge the first negative thing about this photo? This is clearly work abuse.

Besides the petty aspect that is involved, the people who work here must be afraid to speak up in meetings. No one wants to have to wear a box on their head with a pitiful sad face on it. Nor do they want to be called out for asking one of those “stupid questions” or telling one of those “bad jokes.”

6. Mmmm Appetizing, Right?

Who doesn’t feel bad for the person who carried this to work? This lunch is sad enough so the fact that someone actually took a photo and shared it on the Internet is all kinds of messed up. What kind of co-worker does this? Either they are really bored or just complete A-holes.

The macaroni pasta is burnt beyond belief. It doesn’t even look edible at this point. You can count how many pieces of pasta there are. Does it even count as a lunch? And four slivers of a hot dog? This is clearly a case of someone running late and grabbing whatever they had on hand. They should consider taking a cooking class though.

5. Bye Felicia

Ahem, we have to admit this is clever. A basic AF parting gift but clever nonetheless. Coke making bottles with names on it is probably one of the best inventions ever. If only for little jokes like this. Hopefully, this person got more than a petty bottle of coke. Is it even a two litre?

Couldn’t they have at least gotten a fun little glittery sticker or made a cute sign using the now retired Word Paint application? Instead, she got a sharpie and a post it note. What a great parting gift. She will surely be missed. One can assume this is a joke but what if it was really just an extremely petty co-worker?

4. Nasty AF Cupcakes

Just looking at these is making us nauseous. Mustard on a sweet cupcake? Come on, that’s such a waste of food. Think how many people out there would kill for a plain cupcake.

Because someone is in a petty, pranky mood they are ruining fresh baked goods. Okay, maybe we are getting too personal but come on! CUPCAKES! At least they are using French’s brand. Can you imagine how nasty those are going to look once the mustard settles into them and soaks into the very top of the cupcake?

And you know there is about to be that one co-worker who eats the cupcakes and acts like it’s not that nasty.

3. If I’m Thirsty, We All Thirsty

Whoops, it looks like someone done pissed off the wrong co-worker. This person wasn’t having it at all, their drink is gone so everybody has to suffer. Truthfully, its funny AF who wouldn’t be mad going to the break room to grab their drink and seeing it in the garbage bin?

However, it’s low key crazy that they would spend all that time just sifting through the contents of the fridge and throwing out every co-worker’s drink. Truthfully, it looks like they just lined it up on the counter and swept everything off with their hand. You can tell how pissed they were by all the swearing in the caption.

2. We Hate You For Leaving

Nothing like giving a co-worker a cake to tell them just how you feel. Especially at their retirement party. A passive-aggressive cake may actually be one of the most endearing gifts you can give someone. Knowing that you can joke around with them and they won’t take offence is one of the best feelings ever.

However, going out of your way to say goodbye to someone who got a better job with a rude AF cake that wishes them failure is, well the icing on the cake. It’s hilarious that they went out of there way to get a cake made with fondant and special writing on it.

1. Hoe At Work

Don’t you just love catching your co-workers in the act of social media posting? People do anything for the gram that includes inappropriately shoving an entire banana down their throat in a workplace setting. The first question we need to know the answer to is why couldn’t she have waited till she got home from work to do this? What was the rush?

Does she not have any more bananas at home? Can she not afford another bunch? This is the problem with people who work in cubicles they refuse to believe that they don’t have four walls. They just end up making themselves look ridiculous.

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