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Top 15 Scariest Places On Earth


Top 15 Scariest Places On Earth

Nowadays, it seems like we see and hear it all. When it comes to being scared out of your mind, this world doesn’t fail to provide us with plenty of places that are just too spooky. Accounts from all over the world show that paranormal activity is happening on a regular basis. It seems almost normal that bizarre and petrifying occurrences would happen around cemeteries, but there are plenty of abandoned prisons, homes and churches that are home to some very scary tales. If you’re ready to have the hair on the back on your neck stand up, then these 15 of the scariest places on Earth are just for you…


This town of roughly twenty people living in Stull, Kansas will send shivers down your spine. The fact that it is so underpopulated is freaky as F to start off with, but there is so much more. Rumors have been floating around that the Stull cemetery is actually one of the seven gateways to hell. There is an old demolished church that still resides there, with no shortage of people trying to sneak in to experience all of the freaky activity. The cemetery is apparently so above-and-beyond haunted that even Pope John II refused to have his plane fly over the area on his way to an appearance. The town was shaken by many a tragedy, such as a man accidentally killing his son when he burned his field as well as a man going missing who later be found hanging from a tree.


Athens Lunatic Asylum was the original name of The Ridges, a building now owned by the State of Ohio. The old hospital housed many patients who were declared mentally ill. Epilepsy and masturbation were apparently the cause of insanity in patients and several lobotomies were performed behind these walls. Declared as the 13th most haunted place in the world by The British Society for Physical Research, this old asylum clearly lands as a no-go zone for the easily scared. One 54 year old patient apparently went missing for 6 weeks and was later found dead. She stripped naked and perfectly folded all of her clothes. She then layed down nude on a cement floor and over time decomposed leaving the imprint of her body on the floor, still visible to this day. Her spirit now haunts the abandoned ward.


It is a long stretch of road within New Jersey that goes on for 7 miles in the countryside. The stretch is known for several murders in the past that are still very much haunting to this today. There are several factors that attest to why this area is so scary. Whether it is decapitated victims, lynched bodies or malaria epidemics, this area has experienced it all. In the 1990’s, some people found dozens of Polaroid pictures scattered in the woods, some of the images included women lying on metal objects awake and not smiling. Some of the photos were so disturbing, an investigation was actually launched but it ended prematurely.


Cambodia is home to the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, a building that once was a high school that was converted into a security prison. Former government members and soldiers were gruesomely tortured and murdered inside the prison walls. Not only was there so much physical abuse, there was mental torment as the prisoners were manipulated into naming family members who were later imprisoned as well. An apparent 17,000 victims haunt the walls today. The most horrible thing about this genocide is that many victims were innocent and were tricked into confessing to things they never did. The prison was essentially a torture chamber, and the spirit of its victims are still imprisoned to haunt the place.


It is illegal to trespass into mines, but many mines are not maintained and unsecured making it easy for some to enter into the dark and scary underground. This Parisian underground stretches roughly 600 km (roughly 373 miles) and most of the area has not been mapped out nor documented. Once you get lost — which is very easy to do inside this underground maze! — it is nearly impossible for anyone to hear you scream and come to your aid. If you are brave enough to enter these tunnels, you will find old and strange paintings along the walls and human bones from overcrowded cemeteries. It is extremely dark and overwhelming, a terrible place for a claustrophobic and people afraid of the unknown.


It seems as though there is a pattern when it comes to old asylums and their present day hauntings. The way the institutions were run was absolutely horrific causing for the disturbances of today. This particular one was founded in 1907 and quickly became overcrowded. By 1990 the hospital was closed due to the extreme maltreatment of its patients. The asylum was known for a patient having her tooth pulled without anesthetic while another female patient was being dismembered. The teeth were later found being played with by yet another patient. The hallways were lined with feces and were often slept-in by patients. It is no wonder that with so much horrendous treatment that spirit activity would come back with a vengeance in the present day.


This is a cave located on a farm in Adams, Tennessee that once belonged to the Bell family. The family reported feeling haunted and tortured by a type of evil witch like entity. The family claimed they would always hear scratching on doors and chains being dragged across the floor while they slept. Today, the witch is believed to be the spirit of the Bell’s neighbor Kate Batts. The location is now a tourist attraction, but there is no doubt that strange activity once occurred on the location. The family even reported seeing strange animals all around their farm and always heard very eerie and inexplicable noises.


Located in Turkmenistan, this location physically looks like an open door to hell. It is a naturally-occurring phenomenon caused by gas and it is an ongoing burning hole in the ground since 1971. Engineers were drilling for oil one day when they accidentally hit an area of natural gas. Fearing the poisonous gas would trickle out of the opening, the engineers decided to light it on fire thinking it would burn out in a few weeks. It is 70 meters wide and the creepiest looking portal we have seen. Thankfully, it is something that is easily explained, but still spooky as F!


This abandoned amusement park in Ukraine looks right out of an horror movie. When the Chernobyl disaster occurred, it completely destroyed the park. Everyone had to be evacuated in order to survive, but the damage still remains. There is still active radiation all over the park making it completely non rebuildable able nor usable. It is sadder than scarier when you see the remains of this once fun place. An amusement park is a place to let loose, laugh, smile and enjoy life, the irony of it being completely destroyed and lifeless is unsettling.


In Japan, a forest known as Aokigahara is a sea of trees that is a popular attraction of the area. Over the years, the area has become a popular destination for people wanting to commit suicide. So much so that signs have even been placed around the forest with suicide hotline numbers and urging people to think of all the good in their life, such as their families. The amount of suicides got so high that authorities stopped publishing the actual numbers in the hopes of decreasing the rate. Although it is an extremely popular place to commit suicide today, this fashion trend is in no way new, with suicides dating back as long ago as the nineteenth century.


In Mexico, the island of dolls is known as isla de las munecas. The island is dedicated to a girl who had died there accidentally. The island is literally covered with decapitated and dismembered dolls hanging from trees. The legend is that the girl drowned and that her spirit lives on within these dolls. When a man named Julian  found the drowned girl, he saw her doll floating next to her. As a sign of respect he hung the doll in order to appease her spirit. Apparently he began to be extremely haunted by the girl which caused him to continually hang these dolls in order to appease her. Julian was later found dead, having drowned in the same spot as the girl, even after hanging all of these dolls.  Who wants to chance hanging the next doll at isla de la munecas?!


A large bridge located in Milton, Scotland has been experiencing a strange phenomenon over the last few decades. Although this place does not affect humans directly, it has taken some power over dogs that has yet to be explained. At a rate of 1 dog per month, the animals have decided to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge. Since the 1960’s, an estimated 600 dogs have committed suicide there. It does not seem like a mere coincidence with this large a number of deaths. Witnesses have even observed some dogs jump, not die then run back up to jump again and complete the act. To this day, there is still no explanation for what exactly is going on here.


In New Orleans, there are many reasons as to why spirits can be present. Witchcraft, voodoo-like activities and violent crimes have plagued the area, and there is no question that it is haunted. This particular house belonged to slave owner Delphine LaLaurie who was apparently extremely cruel and terrible to her slaves. She kept her cook chained to the stove when one day he had enough: he set the house on fire, hoping someone or something would come to his rescue. Unfortunately no one did and LaLaurie ran off and fled the scene. She left all her 7 slaves inside to suffer extreme injury. It is no wonder that the house does not have a calm & peaceful presence to this day.


In 1829, Philadelphia built one of the first official penitentiaries in the USA. The institution prided itself on the concept of isolation. Tales of dark and shadowy figures have been seen as well as sounds of laughter and voices within the hallways. The prison tortured inmates with the hole that confined them to no air nor food nor even a toilet. Guards also used an iron mask on inmates that locked the tongue down in order to stop swallowing or any struggle. The device had chains that tied the inmate’s hands behind his back. If the inmate struggled, the chains would rip the tongue. If that isn’t disturbing enough, a chair was also used that tightly strapped the inmates stopping their blood flow which often led to amputations. The environment was just horrendous and is infested with spirits to this day.


A house that was constructed in 1885 is known as Australia’s most haunted house today. The house has unfortunately been the area of many terrible deaths. Apparently a boy was thrown from the stairs, murders have occurred, imprisonment of mentally challenged people as well as a maid falling from a balcony. Anyone who has visited the home has reported feeling unseen presences, strange lights and animal mutations. Today it is a museum and is mentioned in the entertainment industry and best known for being one of the most haunted places on earth.


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