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15 Of The Most Annoying Little Things In Life


15 Of The Most Annoying Little Things In Life

15. The middle seat on a plane

If you are lucky enough to travel and fly, it seems as though we should be grateful we even have that opportunity. As optimistic and starry eyed as we all want to be, travelling can be a big pain the butt sometimes. The middle seat has got to be the worst seat, especially if you are right up next to the bathrooms to boot! It is claustrophobic, you can not really sleep because you have strangers next to you, if it is not your family. Chances are they will not really appreciate you leaning on them with a pile of drool. If you can avoid this seat in pre-booking, do it! 

14. Long Ads

It is not uncommon to spend a lot of your time browsing through videos on YouTube or reading articles on the web. Unfortunately with everything you want to catch up on, the ads come along too. Do you really have time to watch a 30 second clip on the newest kind of bread or how great the next online shoe deal is? No, you want to get to your material and skip the ad ASAP. Let`s just thank heavens for the skip your ad button after the five second mark! 

13. Insane packaging

This never really made sense to anyone, maybe the people down at the packaging factory can inform us about this mind boggling annoyance. When you buy scissors, why do they come in this plastic packaging that you need a blow torch, a chainsaw and laser light to get it open??? It makes no sense, people are buying scissors to get these awful types of things open in the first place, cut us a break! 

12. Stubbing your toe

We all know what type of sound is made when we stub our toe. It`s the sucking your teeth tsssss sound à la Peter Griffin from Family Guy. Stubbing your toe freaking hurts and there is a good five seconds after where you still feel the lingering pain. It always happens when you least expect it. The usual culprits are the corners of a bed and table legs and anything else that wants to take you by surprise and suck the living life out of you for ten seconds of sheer pain. 

11. Hangnails

Not only do these suckers look gross as heck, they are painful to the max. The worst is when the little bit of skin has been bugging you, so you decide to do a quick fix rip off hoping to save the day. Unfortunately, you underestimated the devil power of a hangnail and it takes a huge chunk of fresh skin along for the ride. The aftermath leaves you with blood and stinging and it getting hit on everything causing that painful sensation until it eventually dies and falls off. That was graphic… yes we know… 

10. Storage full on your phone

For everyone who owns an iPhone, you have definitely seen this message pop up a few hundred times by now. Like most, you ignore it until the next time it pops up and pretty much keep ignoring it. You search through all of your phone as to where the hell all this full storage is being taken up. You start deleting mass amounts of pictures and videos, hoping that that will solve it all. There is no winning with this, because storage reminders are here to haunt your dreams. 

9. Forgetting items for a recipe

This has happened to us all one too many times. We go to the store specifically for certain ingredients, pile up our cart and pay your bill. Once you are home, you are thinking about how great your dish is going to be when you arrive at the point when you need your missing ingredient. Oops! It totally slipped your mind and now you are already home and without the key ingredient you needed. The big question is… do you go all the way back to the store or can you wing it without the magic ingredient?

8. (Not) Charging your phone

The fact that we still have to charge our phones on a regular basis is annoying to start with. Another step up on the annoying ladder is when we THINK we have plugged our phones in to charge, but we have not. We obviously only realize this when we go to get it thinking it will be at 100% but those pesky bright red bars are still screaming low battery at you. Whether your charging wire`s life span gave up or you did not push it all the way in, you`re still not recharged and phone-less because chances are you probably have somewhere to go and have no more time to charge up properly! Double Whammy! 

7. Slow drivers

Just because life likes to be extra annoying for you sometimes, you will encounter slow drivers when you are running late. On top of driving really slow, the slow drivers always seem lost and looking around for something as the train of cars are honking behind them. Whether the winter weather slows them down or not, these pesky drivers sure know how to put the rage in road rage. 

6. Loud chewing

Whether you are in a restaurant or eating with your coworker at lunch, loud chewing is no doubt the most annoying sound in the world. The sound of them smacking their lips and morsels of food crunching on their teeth just makes your ears burn. Not only is it disgusting, it is just poor manners. Knowing how to chew and eat properly is a must when you grow out of diapers. 

5. Telemarketers

It is clockwork for these guys, they always know when to call at the most annoying time too. It is usually during dinner time or once you press play on your favorite movie. They are always trying to scam you or sell you something. They are persistent and the worst part is they do not stop calling back. The worst is when you lose your cool and have to tell them to stop calling and bang the phone down. 

4. Parking tickets

Where should we even start with this one?! Okay, there needs to be regulations with things in order for a city to run smoothly day to day. When parking is extremely limited due to overcrowding, parking anywhere feels like the only solution. Circling around for hours trying to find a space can make you blow some steam out of your ears. When you get a ticket for being 2 minutes past your allotted time, that can really make your blood boil. These tickets are not cheap too and double up if you do not pay them on time! 

3. No hot water

When you want to take a relaxing bath or steaming hot shower, you anticipate the moment you turn on the water. One of the most annoying things in realizing half way through running your bath, your water has turn freezing. Your dreams of splish splashing in the tub have been squashed. Sometimes you have lathered a thick layer of shampoo into your hair too. Now you are stuck quickly sticking your head under and freezing faucet trying to get the goo off ASAP while the freezing water trickles down your shoulders. *shivers* 

2. Power tripping cops

In this day and age, nobody has time for these abusers of power. Respect to cops who do their job and risk their lives everyday. The problem is with the badges who think they can get away with everything simply because “they are the law”. The worst part is that a lot of dirty cops get away with a lot of really dishonest behavior, which is totally not okay. Do not be afraid to film and report any abuse of power, it is time to speak up. 

1. Bad employees

In any line of work you will have exceptional employees and the ones that make you wonder how they have no been fired yet. Rude customer service agents who clearly do not care about their job or their clients are the worst. The veins in your neck start to pulsate when they choose to blatantly finish their sidebar conversation with their coworker about the latest episode of Game of Thrones over servicing you, the client, first. 

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