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15 NYE Party Confessions That You Will Never Forget


15 NYE Party Confessions That You Will Never Forget

Since 2018 is now here, the anticipation of waiting for midnight may be over – but let’s review. People frantically making their last minute plans and starting to freak out if they do not have any. New Year`s Eve puts such an enormous amount of pressure on people, to attend the best party and have the best time. Newsflash, it is not that big of a deal. Treat this day like any other day of the year and have no expectations. If you end up having a great time, that is awesome, and if you do not, is it really that big of a deal? 

New Year’s would not be New Year’s, if some craziness did not arise. There is no question that alcohol is flowing and it is the one night of the year where people really let loose. We all know that stories involving wasted people are always shocking, funny, insane and never to forget. Whether the holidays gave these following people way too many of the feels, their stories no doubt live on forever. That is, whether they would like them to disappear into another galaxy or not, they are here to stay. Let’s brace ourselves and try to not to cringe so much at the following 15 New Year’s Eve party confessions you will never forget…

15. Trapped

This one girl was at a raging fun New Year’s party and half an hour towards midnight, she realized that she had forgot her camera in her car. They were in a high rise hotel, so she dashed downstairs solo to retrieve it quickly. As she is riding back up, eager to start snapping and doing the count down, the elevator she was in starts shaking and completely stops. If that is not petrifying enough, being alone when it happens takes the cake. The loud speaker comes on, reassuring her that help is on the way. While the clock is ticking, she can hear all the fun that is happening just behind her closed doors. ‘10,9,8,7 and so on’ she hears as the ball finally drops. She had missed everything and was stuck in the elevator until 1 AM.”

14. A sight to see

Like many families, the holidays are best spent under the warm sun at an all inclusive instead of the blistering winter wonderland cold. This one reader was vacationing in Dominican Republic when the clock was to strike twelve. This young lad quickly developed a vacation fling with a girl and began to spend a lot of time together. For the big night, they decided to meet up at 11pm in order to be together when the ball drops. As the young in love fellow set out to meet his girl, things did not end up going as they had planned. In his quest to find her, he found her alright. Only she was giving the bartender a blowjob on a beach chair and had no idea that he had caught them. After all, it is a vacation, so maybe the rules went out the window. 

13. Freshmen faux pas

Like most college party stories, this one ends up over the top and involves being absurdly drunk. This one horror story involves a college freshman who had no idea how to pace her drinks or know that mixing alcohols does not usually end well. She got completely wasted and began making out with this random guy at the party. Mid make out, she started to feel that upchuck feeling and ran for the bathroom. She barfed all over the sink, which she also tried to clean with her hands. *Ew* She then decided that she needed a little nap and inserted herself into the bathtub. She ended up there passed out until 4 AM with all of the party goers going to the bathroom next to her the entire night. Wow!

12.  Uber

Unfortunately, some people learn things the hard way and that goes for Uber rides on New Year’s. The price skyrockets dramatically during that night and pretty much obliterates everyone’s pockets for their rides. A multitude of people always need a ride on New Year’s because they are drinking and cabs are impossible to find. It is the busiest night of the year. Countless people have paid literally $80 and up for a five minute ride. If you are really stuck and need to go a long way and all of the public transportation is closed, consider yourself screwed. Either stay home, or plan your travel arrangements in advance, because you do not want to be caught in the middle of an Uber surge.

11. Air BNB guests from hell

New Year’s Eve fell on the same day as this couple’s wedding night. As they would not be in their apartment for most of the night, they decided to rent it out the spare rooms for the night, but would return home around 3AM. Using the instant booking option on the Air BNB application, the house guests automatically were booked for the evening. When they arrived back home, all of the guests were out partying and the space looked a mess. The couple went to sleep and were woken up by the sound of sex in the next room and cocaine snorting. In the morning, the renters found three extra people who were invited back to their space and two of the renters all naked on the couch surrounded by cocaine baggies. They immediately left, gave them a five star review and apologized for their horrible behaviour. This sounds like a night from hell and an obvious reason why not to rent your home to strangers. 

10. Friends with benefits

This girl had been with her boyfriend for a long period of time and they were clearly an item. They were at a New Year’s party and so was the girl friend of her boyfriend. She always had a bad feeling about this specific friend and was positive that she had feelings for her boyfriend. At midnight when her boyfriend was going to kiss her, his friend slid in between them and tried to steal his kiss away. Her boyfriend immediately pushed the girl off and had to restrain his girlfriend from killing this ballsy girl. This crazy friend later went on to tell the party what nice lips we had. She sounds crazy as hell and we hope that that friendship was cut for his relationship’s sake. 

9. Black out leg break

As the booze flows, things can happen that not only miss being a blur in the morning, but are down right forgotten. This one bartender recounts the story of a regular couple he always serves who partied at his bar on New Years. The gentlemen, on his way out collapsed and started hollering and yelping that he had hurt his leg. He was insistent that it was broken and making a huge scene with spectators worried for him. His worried wife eventually was able to get him home safely. The bartender met up with the couple the following morning for recovering bloody Mary’s and asked the gentlemen how his leg was doing. His response shocked the room as he replied: “Fine, why? What happened to my leg?”

8. Boozy fights

When alcohol takes it’s peak, there is no denying that the macho in some men come out. One girl unfortunately had to suffer the male ego while waiting in line for a cab. Some drunk guy thought that she was cutting the line and began to call her rude names. This naturally set her boyfriend into a tizzy and then things got physical. The two fighters ended up spending the night in jail and the girl was left very unhappy. 

7. Terrible Exes

One girlfriend headed to a New Year`s party with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, his ex girlfriend showed up and she had cheated on him in the past. She attended the party with the guy that she had cheated with. This girl`s boyfriend was so distraught that he decided to get hammered while his current girlfriend stayed in a state of shocked and sober. The couple went to their hotel room after the party was over, only to hear moaning sounds all night from the cheating ex. Nice night for the new couple, huh?

6. Hangover from Hell

Not everyone starts to drink when they are really young. For this 19 year old girl, her first time getting drunk happened on New Years. Her friend and her drank a bottle of vodka in her room and they both were loving life. Unfortunately, the reality of over drinking hit her like a ton of bricks the following morning. She had to attend her family lunch the following day and wanted to throw up all over the food. A lot of people have had the horrible experience of realizing the effects of too much vodka.

5. Expectations NOT met

The hype of New Year`s messes a lot of people up, when their night does not go as planned and ends up being more of a flop than an amazing time. New York City is especially associated with NYE because of all the festivities broadcast on television. One girl went there, thinking she would have the time of her life. Her night ended up involving her getting way to wasted, losing her credit card, injuring her knee and getting refused from clubs and glare eye from bouncers because of her over inebriated state. 

4. The ultimate dumping

One reader throws a party everywhere and was really eager to see her new man at it, or so she thought. Between Thanksgiving and and NYE, the duo had not talked much, but this girl was convinced that they were an item. The guy ended up showing up really late to her party. They sat around, talking with friends and the girl said that she looked forward to spending the new year making amazing memories with her new boyfriend (him). He immediately got up and left the party, pretty much giving her the answer that he was not as interested in a relationship as she was. The girl spent the rest of the night in her room crying. She had no idea and getting dumped by a guy who she thought she was an item with was not her way of ringing in the new year. 

3. Rookie moves

One reader always took the role of designated driver until he decided that this year he was going to really join the party and drink with his friends. Once he arrived at the party that was in full swing, he needed to catch up to all of his friends and not be so sober. He immediately started pounding back vodka red bulls. When the clock hit midnight, he grabbed the closest girl to him and began making out. Naturally, he was not the only was who was too wasted at the time. The kissers separated and both raced to the bathroom, because they both needed to yak ASAP. The girl was not grossed out at all after the vomiting and persisted to try and make out with the not so designated driver. He was not so into it after that, you can imagine why. 

2. Daddy to the rescue

This type of story sometimes make you grow up really fast and try to forget all of the stupid things you did while young. These two young girls drank way too much at a club and one of them ended up throwing up fifteen minutes past midnight. She lost the keys to her house, so the friends could not go by themselves and were way too messed up to get it together. The girls had to wait for one of the friend`s fathers to show up at the club and pick her up in her pile of vomit. 

1. The cost of style

Like many sisters, borrowing clothes is inevitable. Unfortunately, the answer is not always yes and that is when sisters typically pull the stealing move. One sister wanted a silver and really expensive dress to wear for one night on New Years from her sister’s closet. She was able to snag it and rocked it to the party that night. Murphy`s Law set in and at midnight, a super hot guy ended up tripping on the carpet and spilling cranberry juice all down the front of the dress. The girl immediately started to freak out as it would not wash off and had to confess to her sister. She spent the rest of the night feeling really guilty and getting blasted by her really upset older sister. 

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