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15 Most Exciting And Profitable Sports To Bet On!


15 Most Exciting And Profitable Sports To Bet On!

Did you know that the highest known form of intelligence is intuition? The ability to predict an outcome by instinctively organizing random events in your brain is considered to be far superior than any other existing form of thought process. So if you are an adrenaline junkie looking for some quick cash and have complete faith in your gut feelings, you are in the right place! Here is a list of the 15 most profitable sports that you can bet on for an interesting return!

15. Motor racing

Motor racing is perhaps one of the most profitable and yet the most unpredictable sport to bet on. If you are thinking of chaining small wins and capitalizing on those wins to take away a moderate amount of money, this is your sport! In Formula 1, the stakes can vary from 1.50 for the top player to even 800+ for the racers towards the bottom and so on. So, it would be really smart to place your bets on racers in the top 6 positions. Unless you are placing your bet on the bottom end racers, you can expect to maintain a good recovery. Events like Motocross and extreme racing offer a much smaller stake variation and a constant influx of money. Outright betting is the most common and profitable format of gambling in this sporting arena. Expect to win, but win low and slow while placing your bets!

14. Horse Racing

The sport of kings, is one of the most popular and highly addictive forms of gambling. The stakes are always quite high in these races. You might not even realize that you have lost it all, way before earning a single penny! The bigger the stakes, the greater the risks! Also, there has been significant news coverage on how organized crime is connected to fixing these races and how the money is invested in drugs, real estate and weapons. Nevertheless, you never know if it’s your lucky day! Try horse racing only for the fun of it and seriously, never get hooked!

13. Swimming

One of the most popular Olympic sports is perfect for a seasonal bettor. The stakes are moderate and fixed betting strategies can be implemented for each lap, to ensure a constant rate of winning. Unlike motor racing or horse racing, swimming offers a much steadier winning probability. You can place your bets on dependable players in top form and expect them to do well. Remember Michael Phelps?! If you don’t feel you have faith in a single swimmer, you can also place your bets on a team effort! You can place bets on the group events where you would bet on the whole  team or on the performance of each of the members of the team.

12. Track and Field Athletics

Placing bets cannot get any simpler than this! Betting on the seasonal sport of Track and Field is very similar to that of swimming and it only involves predicting the winner of the match and the time he/she could take to get to the finish line. If you see Usain Bolt running, it makes your betting much easier! However, the only problem with sports like athletics or swimming is that, they are seasonal and if you want to invest on a 100 mrelay race event, you would have to know the contenders well in terms of statistics. Also, the favorites have very low stakes assigned to their name. However, since there are many races and events involved in track and field, you can always invest smaller amounts in many different events and possibly win an decent amount slowly but surely.

11. Ice Hockey

The national winter sport of Canada is an ideal choice to bet on! Have a sip of beer and watch the game unfold as you place your bets on the finest players while they settle it out in the rink and fight for your money, without even knowing about it! Though field hockey can become a bit boring at times; Ice hockey definitely makes up it. There are plenty of categories that you can place your bets on. They range from whether there will be a Buzzer Beater or not, to whether the Zebra(!) gets beat up during the game and so on!! Many of the online betting sites offer only straight forward betting options such as goals, goal differences, fouls etc. But, if you are at a sports bar at the right time and place, you can certainly win some big bucks! All you need is an observant pair of eyes and a good sense of humor to know when to place your bet!

10. Volleyball

Volleyball is an excellent choice to place your bets on. The reason being, there is always a game of volleyball underway at any given time! The games are usually big games,either an inter-state or an inter-country championship, and the betting stakes are also at a moderate level. Like Soccer, volleyball thus becomes an ideal choice to gamble on. The only problem is the lack of categories to bet on and also the fact that people generally don’t follow volleyball on the sports channels. So, the only way to make money in volleyball betting is via the online betting sites or a sports bar! You could try out proportional betting! That way, statistically, it could improve your chances at winning.

9. Basketball

Perhaps one of the most popular American sports ever! If you are not familiar with names like Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Shaquille O’ Neil, Lebron James, Andrew Wiggins and Steve Nash, you are probably living under a rock! The high-octane thrill and fast paced nature of the sport make it an enthralling experience to place your bets on. Many online sites offer good variation in bets and provide a wide variety of categories to bet on during basketball matches. If you love the game and are extremely passionate about it, you know exactly what to do next! Yes, just bet on your favorite team and player already! Be it the point spread or the money line, if you know the game, you might win the bet as well! Reverse teasers and Parlay wagers can at time seem to take the points away but always remember, they always come with bigger payoffs! So yeah, basketball is obviously a great choice to place your bets on.

8. Boxing

There is no substitute to the thrill of watching two human beings beat it out for pride and glory! If you remember the Pacquaio and the Mayweather fight or even the Ronda Rousey knockout, you will understand why boxing is at number 8 in the list. The nature of the sport itself makes it an interesting offering to bid on. You never know who will win but the gut feeling will definitely guide you in this gambling experience! There are various categories that you can place your bets on. Don’t just rush into predicting who will win but rather place your bets on punches, knockouts etc. If you are into something much more extreme, you can bid on the MMA or wrestling matches. Wrestling doesn’t offer much variation for betting but overall makes up for it with a great viewing experience. Boxing on the other hand, definitely provides an exquisite betting experience.

7. Badminton / Table Tennis

Badminton and Table tennis make it to the No. 7  on the list because of their widespread popularity and the betting opportunities they provide. These two sports are equally popular all around the world. Quite surprisingly, there are also many important matches held at regular intervals. You might just turn on any sports channel to discover some Asian guys fighting it out over a table tennis ball or a shuttlecock! The online betting sites also offer reasonable stakes. If you are not interested in placing your bets in motor racing or horse racing, this is your ideal choice! The games allow you to ponder over the athleticism of the players and soon you will find yourself predicting winners and scores over an online betting site!

6. Baseball

Originating in England, baseball is currently the second most popular sport in America and Canada. While betting on baseball, there are actually plenty of options. In the United States and Canada, professional Major League Baseball teams are divided into two leagues: the National League and the American League. These two leagues are further divided into East, West and Central zones. Thus there is always a game going on, on any given day during baseball season. If you want to bet on a baseball game, you can bet for Over/Under, Parlay , Run lines, Point spreads, Grand salamis, Proposition, First five innings, Home run counter, etc. However, the stakes vary depending on team control and quality, hence baseball is also a very unpredictable game to bet on. Nonetheless, you could always try your luck !

5. Golf

Before knowing how much to bet, one must always understand the stakes they are about to face. Golf is one of the most predicable sports to bet on. The money line odds are always easy to comprehend and reliable for investing purposes. There is a catch, though; you must be familiar with the player stats. For instance, if the money line odd for Steve Stricker for a tournament title is +800 and for Tiger Woods it is +200, and you still choose to bet on Mr. Woods, there is a very good probability of you winning! Place consecutive bets on the ” Field ” category and the small amounts could sum up to be really huge, altogether.

4. Tennis

Primarily a racket sport that can be played as singles or doubles, tennis is not only played by millions of people as a mode of recreation but it also enjoys an enormous viewership worldwide. If you want to relax and place your bets based on simple statistical calculations, tennis is your game! Besides the Grand Slam and Wimbledon, there are plenty of tennis matches that you can enjoy every day. In addition to popular Set wins, Proposition, First set winner, Total games betting, etc., you can also check out the latest format of betting that’s on trend; it’s called Handicap betting. Handicap betting is used in almost all competitive team games and relies on the fact that a team or player is given a deficit or the opposing selection is given a surplus, based on the points or score. After betting on a few games, you will definitely get the hang of it! Overall, betting on tennis games can indeed be a very profitable venture.

3. Rugby

If you had no idea before, this may be for you! American Football and Rugby are not the same sport!! Because of the extreme nature of the sport and ease of betting, it has made number 3 on our list. Rugby games provide tension, drama, high octane thrills, and even legendary fights that you could go on and on. Moreover, bets placed on these games can also be easily won by following appropriate betting strategies. There are five strategies that you can use. Any of these five is appropriate under the right conditions. The first being: Bet it All. You win big; you also lose big. Just remember to leave some money in the bank, that’s all! Next comes Martingale where you double your bet after each loss. This will allow you to recover you money and make a profit, at any given point of the game. These other two are actually very common. Just like in other sports, you can also enforce Fixed or Proportional betting; whichever you see fitting the opportunities at hand. Last but not the least, the most interesting way to bet would be the Fibonacci. With this strategy, you increase your bets in a Fibonacci sequence to your losses with the next bet’s winnings. For example, 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13 times and so on. This strategy not only allows you to recover your money, but can also make you a millionaire overnight! So think about, and invest smartly! Football is one of the best games to invest your bet money on.

2. Cricket

Originating in England in the early 18th century, Cricket is the second most popular sport worldwide. Not only does it offer a statistical goldmine for betting but it is also one of the most intense sports on the face of this planet. Cricket relies heavily on technique and finesse. On any given day, there is always a professional cricket match going on somewhere on the planet. Though popular in the commonwealth countries, cricket is currently getting viewership in the US and Canada as well. There are various formats of matches associated with cricket. A test match takes place for 5 days. Each day consists of 90 overs or 540 balls/deliveries. Then, there is the One Day International, that takes place for 50 overs per side. The 50 overs game lasts for a day and the T20 lasts for 20 overs or 120 deliveries per side. There are tons of betting opportunities in cricket and that’s why, it makes the number 2 position on our list. Starting from deliveries to catches, to shots and wickets and boundaries and sixers; cricket is definitely a sport for extremely experienced bettors. You can bet on each of these criteria and that’s why it increases your probability of winning. The stakes vary as the game progresses which makes it interesting for bettors! It is also a very unpredictable game which can make betting more fun! If you haven’t tried it yet, try watching and betting on cricket today! It truly is the perfect sport for anyone who wishes to get involved in sports betting.

1. Soccer

Perhaps the most popular and authentic form of ” Football “, played on the face of this planet!! Soccer, like the NFL, offers an extremely diverse array of betting categories. You can place a bet on the player scoring a goal, taking a penalty, picking up a free kick or a card, the total number of goals, etc., and in the end enjoy the most thrilling experience that a sport can ever provide. Soccer is the ultimate game of technique and finesse. The best part about soccer is that there are quite a number of league or club based games played every day. Placing a bet of the tiniest amount on each of these games could increase your winnings to a huge amount. There is absolutely no better sport than soccer to place your bets on!

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