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15 Most Attractive UFC Fighters Of The Year

Over the past few years, the UFC has exploded in popularity. Major fights have headlined sports news and eager fans tuned in to see blood. Major key players in this industry are able to draw crowds in the millions and make tons of money off of a single fight.

The latest big fight to take place includes Georges St-Pierre, the French Canadian powerhouse. This fight will no doubt have spectators on their feet, placing their bets on the big winner. 

Both male and female athletes in the UFC attract many admirers for different reasons. Aside from their abilities inside the ring, their personalities are what makes or breaks them with fan love or hate. Both sexes are highly respected and there is no doubt about their professionalism when it comes to training. 

Let’s get ready to rumble and count down 15 of the most attractive UFC fighters of 2017…

15. Ronda Rousey

She was able to snag a bronze Olympic medal in Judo in 2008 in Beijing. She was able to win 12 fights in a row, six of were in the UFC. She is on fire and this girl is all about the competition.

She has welcomed fame and fans have been able to see her face outside of the ring. A face that is not all beat up and bloody, rather full glam and feminine. She appeared movies like The Entourage as Turtle’s love interest, and as a villain in Furious 7. She is proudly ranking as the #4 female bantamweight fighter in the world. 

14. Donald Cerrone

This cowboy competes in the welterweight and lightweight divisions of the UFC. He is known for being a bust fighter. He has fought no less than four fighters a year since 2013.

He currently holds the most fight bonuses in the UFC. His feats include Fight of the Night, Performance of the Night and Knockout and Submission of the Night. 

13. Cub Swanson

This American competes in the featherweight division of the UFC. He has climbed his way to the top, ranking #4 since August 2017.

He is best liked for his style of fighting which proves to be very entertaining. Swanson’s ducking roundhouse kick and cartwheel kick to the head are his most distinct moves, sources say. His fights have always been extremely unpredictable and full of excitement. 

12. Frankie Edgar

This American competes in the featherweight division of the UFC. He has made it into the top rankings and is currently #2 in the featherweight fighters.

He has won the UFC lightweight championships, and fight of the night seven times. He has also appeared on TV shows and has been included in the UFC Undisputed video games.

11. Amanda Nunes

This 29-year-old Brazilian currently is the women’s bantamweight champion. She began her love of fighting early on in her life. She started karate at 4 years old and boxing at 16.

She is known best for her knockouts. She has won five consecutive fights by knockout. She is currently dating fellow UFC fighter Nina Ansaroff and credits their relationship for her successful fighting career.  

10. Holly Holm

Holm is definitely a fan favourite; she is pretty, a champ and an amazing fighter. A lot of people like her because she has remained so family-oriented despite the fame.

Her father has rarely missed any of her fights. She has also partnered up with him doing business in real estate. Her mother chooses not to attend so many of her fights. The family is quite religious and she has recently married. 

9. Vitor Belfort

This Brazilian is currently residing in Florida. At fourty years old, he has a long and extensive career. He began boxing at 12 and was discovered by Carlson Gracie who helped launch his career into the UFC. He speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese and is a devout Christian. He had an autobiography published in 2012.

One of his most admirable quotes is: “I just thank God every day. I’m happy. I’m healthy. Bottom line is it’s just the way you treat life and life will treat you back. Make sure you’re happy with whatever is going on in your life. I think the key of life is just be happy with what’s in front of you and the decision of my life is under God and God knows what’s best for me.”

8. Brock Lesnar

This massive muscle man is a the whole package. He is an American football player, a wrestler and a former MMA fighter. He claimed the title of ultimate fighter in the heavyweight division in November of 2008.

He remained with the UFC from 2008-2012, then later returned shortly from 2016-2017. February 2017, he officially announced his retirement from the UFC for the second time. He is admired for participating in so many sports, proving he is a powerhouse and tremendous athlete. 

7. Sara McMann

This powerhouse is not just an MMA fighter but an Olympic wrestler as well. She made history when she scooped up a silver medal in Olympic wrestling as the first American woman to do so.

Aside from being an amazing athlete, she is known for doing a lot of good charity work like working with habitat for humanity. In May 2011, she made her first professional debut as an MMA fighter in the UFC and won against Christina Marks the first round. 

6. Raquel Pennington

At 29 years old, she currently competes in the bantamweight division of the UFC. She started training really late in life, compared to her fellow athletes.

At 19 years old, she continued to press on a fight in amateur MMA fights. In March 2012, she won crowds over by debuting her professional career and achieving a victory of a TKO knockout against her competitor. Her latest fight was UFC 191 where she won again by submission in the second round.

5. Jose Aldo

He currently is ranking as #1 in the featherweight divison. This 5’7 Brazilian has captured audiences and is one of the most popular UFC athletes. He is known for having very high stamina and total knockout power.

His favourite technique is the arm lock and he has said that he admires Mike Tyson. His takedown defense is above 90 per cent, which makes it a major struggle for many opponents to overtake him. 

4. Julianna Pena

She is currently #3 in the women’s bantamweight division. She is very skilled in jiu-jitsu and wrestling. Pena is better known as The Venezuelan Vixen and can definitely hold her own.

She is very proud of herself to have made it to the UFC, she believes it is as high as you can go and feels like she has officially “made it.” Her favourite striking technique is the jab. She has been professional since 2009. 

3. Conor McGregor

Ahh, definitely a fan favourite. Anyone who has heard of the UFC has heard of this Irishman. He is loud, proud and packs a whole lot of punch.

He has been pro since 2008 and has 18 wins by knockout. His most famous fight was actually against boxer Floyd Mayweather; it drew in millions of views and dollars. Although he may seem to be cocky sometimes, he does humble himself saying he does take inspiration from everyone and everything. 

2. Georges St. Pierre

Mr. Nice Guy, GSP! He is very well rounded and extremely disciplined. He is best known for being a genuinely nice and classy guy within the UFC world.

He has been classified as one of the most popular Canadian athletes according to several magazines and on line polls. He definitely made the right choice in choosing to pursue his fighting career and put a pause on administration. Good luck on your upcoming fight GSP!

1. Cris Cyborg

Cyborg is extremely skilled in Muay Thai, wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. She has a total of 16 wins due to knockout and has won eight fights straight. Before becoming professional, she used to work for an animal grooming store.

She says that when her MMA career is done she would like to go back to school to get a degree and work with animals. She also claims that her favourite strike is whichever one finishes with a knockout.

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