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15 most adorable film remakes

Throughout the years, many films have told different realities. Many of them were produced back in the day and are still famous for the stories they tell. The truth of it all is that they’ve sold millions of dollars and have been screened in almost all countries around the world. Several movies have been taken to Broadway, like the Lion King; others have simply been remade for 21st-century people. It’s only normal that 1980s and 1990s hits are boring to Millennials, which is why famous movie producers have decided to take the leap and do justice to those movies right now.

The importance of remaking old films is to promote their legacy and remember the impact they once made in society. Movie directors like Kenneth Branagh, Tim Burton, and Kimberly Pierce have recreated stories your parents and even grandparents are familiar with. Many Disney classics have been spruced up to public acclaim. Imagine watching a new version of your favorite childhood film? Knowing the customers’ demand, the film industry has once more given us what we hoped for. These are 15 movies that have been recreated in the present.

15. Nightmare On Elm Street

The original version of this film was directed by Wes Craven in 1984 and was remade in 2010 by Samuel Bayer. The horror film told the same story but adapted certain details like names and parts of the storyline.  In the original, the main character was called Nancy Thompson. However, in the remake, she’s called Nancy Holbrook, and her friends Rod, Glen, Marge, and Tina, are called Jesse, Quentin, Gwen and Kris. That’s not a big deal. Nonetheless, the storyline also altered details that made the public cringe.

The original Freddy Krueger was a child murderer. Yet in the 2010 version, he’s a child molester whose sexual attraction to Nancy, costs him his life. Another slight change is visible in the bathtub scene. In the 1984 film, Freddy  Kruger uses his infamous clawwed glove to pull the heroine through a water hole; in the remake, the glove appears but then disappears when Nancy’s mother calls her over. That might have excluded a very scary scene… in a horror film… Yikes! It might be why movie fans preferred the original. And these are just a few of many alterations Samuel Bayer made. Which one did you like best?

14. Cheaper By The Dozen

This 1950’s hit was directed by Walter Lang and was remade in 2003 by Shawn Levy. Sadly, they are not related in any way, story-wise. One of the changes in the storyline regards the father. In the original movie, the father is in control of everything. The kids all look up to him and follow his lead. In the 2003 version, however, the father can’t seem to keep them in place.

Another difference between both films is that the 50’s movie sends a beautiful message and portrays how families should work and respect each other. The remake, on the other hand, shows a genuine version of a 21st century family and isn’t as extravagant as the original. Still, even though both movies were so different in the message they displayed, both were major successes at the box office. Many critics judged the 2003 version because of how different it is, but others claimed it was an excellent remake considering the different time periods. 

13. Freaky Friday

Who hasn’t seen this film? At least the 2003 version… right? Freaky Friday was first produced in 1976 by Gary Nelson and was later remade by Mark Waters in 2003. Disney decided to remake this movie and if we’re honest here, there’s no such thing as a bad Disney remake. The amazing thing about these films is that they’re pretty much the same; it’s the same story with the same ending. And considering it’s a remake, little details and other aspects of the movie in general change in the 2003 version. Of course, you’re going to see changes in the clothes, hairstyles, and makeup because we’re talking about a different century here. Lots of things change.

Another difference you can see in the film is the different family portrait. In the 1976 version, the family is conventional and made up of a mom, dad, and kids. Meanwhile, in the 2003 version, Jaime Lee Curtis — who’s about to get married — has a daughter, Anna  — played by Lindsay Lohan — who hates her soon-to-be stepdad. Both Lindsay Lohan and Jodi Foster did an amazing job at starring in both films, but they played slightly different characters. Lohan played a stereotypical 21st century teenager. Foster, on the other hand, played a young girl who was kind of a tomboy. Even though these little changes make the movies different, the  had similar outcomes at the time of their releases — complete success!!!!

12. Friday The 13th

Made by famous movie director Sean S. Cunningham, this horror film was first released in 1980. It was remade by Marcus Nispel 29 years later. We can’t really compare these two films because they do not tell the same story, but one thing’s for sure: it’s going to creep you out BIG TIME. In the original 80’s film, a mother — spoiler alert — avenges the death of her son. The 2009 version though Jason is  the killer. The second version is a different story loaded with details from the original.

For instance, the curse of Camp Crystal lake is in both movies. Jason is also in both movies, wearing the same infamous creepy mask, and hacking limbs away with a similar machete. The scary background music is very much the same and the style honors that of the original. Try to watch them alone on a Friday night!

11. Alice In Wonderland

In a951, Disney made Lewis Caroll’s book into an animated film. Luckily enough, movie god Tim Burton decided to bring it to life again in his 2010 version of the film. Is there anything Tim Burton does wrong? The remake is almost the same as the original. What does change though is the hidden message and purpose of the movie. The 1951 film is more for little kids; it’s happy and hopeful and doesn’t have as much detail. The 2010 one, however, targets a much bigger, older crowd, and has a stronger, more mysterious background. Burton also lends it his unique imprint.

Neveretheless, the two films honor the source material. Alice is a day dreamer in both and the characters remain the same. In both films, you’ll see the Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat, the only difference is the graphics — duh. The remake movie is in 3D, meaning you get to enter Alice’s world. The original film has cuter, friendlier characters, but the remake has more action scenes and new, scary dragons and other creatures.

10. Baywatch

In this particular case, the remake is a rendition of a TV series. Baywatch was a show that went on from 1989 to 2001 and starred Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff. Starring Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron, the updated version saw Seth Gordon at the helm and opened in theatres in May 2017. And what a way to top it off! The story, both in the series and the TV show, is the same; hot lifeguards look out for the people of California. We also get to experience their personal lives. It was a matter of time before they made the soap opera into a movie.

Taking into account that the show was a hit back in the 90’s because of how easy it was to make a hit back then, it’s relevant to mention that the movie has received lukewarm feedback;  some say the film is really funny but also really bad. The storyline is sort of empty, according to users… what do you think?

9. Aladdin

The original animated movie was produced by Disney and released in 1992. This is a classic we’ve all watched and tells the story of princess Jasmine and Aladdin, and their strong love for each other. This movie is a part of our childhood and there’s nothing we want more than to see a remake of it. The release year hasn’t been announced yet, and they’re still casting the actors. Will Smith will reportedly play the genie, while virtual unknowns Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott will play Alladin and Jasmine respectively. But what about Jafar? Only time will tell.

As to whether the movie will resemble the animated film or not, we can only say that Disney has been remaking old animated movies into real people movies (um, hello? Beauty & The Beast). Disney does no wrong though. It’s only a matter of time before we get more insights and dates for the release of this film.

8. 101 Dalmatians

Who doesn’t love dogs and Disney movies? This movie gives us both and simply makes us cry every single time we see it; whether it’s the animated one or the remake. There’s no telling which is cuter. The original version of the 101 Dalmatians was released in 1961 and consisted of an animated film. The remake, which was released in 1996, is a live action film that sort of tells the same tale — and we LOVE it. The plot is pretty much the same. Cruella De Vil’s minions kidnap dalmatian puppies and other dog breeds to turn them into fashion, and the puppies’ owners must find them before this happens.

Again, and considering that the original version is animated, we must say the target crowd is little kids. The remake tells the same story, and of course, it includes real puppies! Who doesn’t LOVE to see puppies in films— you’re lying if you say you don’t? Roger and Anita play the same roles — and fall in love. However, critics prefer their relationship in the remake because their chemistry is so outstanding. You get to experience a real version of Cruella De Vil, which is even cooler than just seeing a cartoon of it. Seeing a live version of the movie was a perfect idea for older audiences, even though the storyline is the same.

7. Carrie

This horrific film, based on Stephen King’s story, was directed by Brian de Palma and later released in 1976. It tells the story of a bullied girl who has telekinetic abilities. Carrie is considered one of the best films in the genre because of the acting and storyline. This is why it was remade in 2013. Directed by Kimberly Peirce, the remake version is bound to creep you out just as the first one did. The strongest difference between the two is the visual part, considering both movies were made in different centuries.

Chloe Grace Moretz did an amazing job at portraying Carrie. Both films tell exactly the same story but with some changes movie fans will notice straight away. For instance, the ending is different. No matter which one you watch, both received excellent reviews and were successful at the box office. Both are creepy and thrilling, and that’s what makes it so special: they kept the essence intact. 

6. Beauty & The Beast

This 1991 Disney movie has been one of the company’s greatest hits. The whole story of Belle and the Beast had us captivated from the first moment. The original was so popular and well loved by the public that it was turned into a live action film called Beastly in 2011. A handsome teen cursed and forced to find true love in order to become beautiful once again. Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer sure made us fall hard in love with this film, but somehow, we were expecting to see a real Beauty & The Beast movie. 

The newest live action version smashed the box office this year. Starring Emma Watson, this remake was what you would call perfection. The movie is everything we would’ve imagined in our wildest dreams.The songs, the dresses, and even the different backgrounds look just like the animated version. There are slight changes, but it made this movie even more special. Belle’s mother dying in Paris, and her living that moment thanks to the magic atlas is something that did not happen in the original version of the film. This film is one of the best things that have happened in 2017, there’s no fighting that.

5. Annie

Directed by John Huston, this film was first released in 1982 and was remade in 2014 by Will Gluck. These movies are heart-wrenching and fun to watch. Many people agree that the 2014 version of the film is better, and argue that the remake fixed many of the original film’s loose ends. The 2014 film shows a more realistic Annie. She’s a more mature orphan and less optimistic than her 1982 counterpart. This version knows what goes on and is smart enough to take advantage of what happens around her.

In the original film, Annie is adopted by a man for no reason or at least one that’s not explained to the audience. The 2014 version shows Jamie Foxx as a politician who adopts her to get a career boost. Thank you, Mr. Gluck, for clearing the air on this one. 

One other difference is that there’s no Mr. Punjab in the remake. That was a good call, considering this Punjab character did magic for no apparent reason and his role simply made no sense. Don’t believe us? Watch the original film and see for yourself how outrageous it looks.

4. Wonder Woman

Who doesn’t love Cathy Lee Crosby in the red and blue suit? This film was first introduced to the world in 1974 and was directed by Vincent McEveety. In the 2017 version, directed by Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot reminded us of this incredible superhero. Many things changed… of course (starting with the length of the suit). As you should all know, Wonder Woman was also made into a TV series starring Lynda Carter and all of the stories you see are based on the original comic book. 

The movie keeps many things in place. Diana is supposedly sculpted out of clay by Hippolyta and the gods of the Olympus provide her with a gift, and then she comes to life. However, we then discover she’s actually the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta, which makes her a demigod. The island where she lives is called Themyscira. DC comics originally dubbed it Paradise Island. In the movie, Chris Pine drops and Easter egg when he calls it “Paradise Island.” There really aren’t many things in the movie that aren’t related to the comic book and the previous movie, and that’s what made this film so amazing.

3. Cinderella

This movie will always bring tears to our eyes and have us wishing upon a star. Don’t lie to yourself. The animated film was first released in February 1950. Disney then decided it was about time to relive the amazing Cinderella experience, so they remade this film in 2015. Props to Lily James for the amazing role she played. One good thing the new version gave us is an insight into Ella’s life. In the original film, she’s basically her stepmother’s and sisters’ servant. The remake goes deeper back in time, showing Ella had a mom. It also shows what her the stepmother’s life was like before marrying her dad. We see the prince a lot more. Since Ella meets him before the ball, we get more onscreen time with this handsome guy who goes by the name Kit. 

Even though the two movies have almost same storyline, the newer movie keeps hammering at a “have courage and be kind” message. What sucked, is that they had to mention it throughout the plot, instead of just making it evident, like in the original film. There also aren’t any musical-related scenes, which is sad, but Cinderella’s dress will make up for that. We need that dress… ASAP.

2. Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

This 1971 film was directed by Mel Stuart and tells the story of a kid named Charlie who wins a golden ticket to visit Mr. Wonka’s factory. The film was remade in 2005 starring Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka… and as you should know, no one plays Willy Wonka like Mr. Depp. The remake tells exactly the same story, but there are several small changes. For instance, 1971 Charlie is raised by his single mom, and 2005 Charlie is raised by both parents. In the original, Charlie wins the ticket and shares the news with his family eagerly. In the remake, the boy tells his family but offers to sell it to help his strapped-for-cash family. Even Mr. Wonka gets some extra scenes. 

In the 1971 version, Willy Wonka never explains or relives his past, whereas, in the 2005 version, we learn he was raised by a dentist and had an awful relationship with him. He later fixes it with Charlie’s help. Also, in the original, Charlie inherits the factory and there’s nothing more to that. In the 2005 remake, Charlie rejects it because inheriting it would mean leaving his family behind. However, he manages to convince Mr. Wonka to let his family move in with him.

1. Peter Pan

This Disney film was first released in 1953 and was remade in 2015 with the name of  Pan. It tells the story of a boy who won’t grow up and fights pirates. There’s even one other Peter Pan biopic starring Johnny Depp — again. Finding Neverland, portrays Depp as the writer who created Peter. None of these movies have done justice to the original animated film according to fans and critics. 

There’s another Peter Pan movie on the way — it is probably coming out in 2018 — and we couldn’t be more excited to see Tinker Bell and Wendy once again. Let’s just hope this one works out and Disney makes us bawl our eyes out once more. Pretty please.

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