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15 Mind Blowing Alone Time Activities To Do By Yourself


15 Mind Blowing Alone Time Activities To Do By Yourself

What are some good alone time activities? Many times, we are so focused on spending time with other people, and we don’t consider taking the time to spend by ourselves. Spending time alone gives you a chance to relax and refocus yourself mentally. At a time when you find yourself alone, you might not know what to do. Spending time alone can seem boring, but if you look at these suggestions, it will give you some activity ideas. According to a recent study, the more time you spend with alone time activities, you have a higher rate of intelligence. When you find yourself all alone, you can do things at your own pace, think for yourself, and discover new things about your personality which can, in turn, improve your self-esteem. Below you will find a list of my alone time activities that I do while I’m all by myself.

15. Do a Photoshop makeover 

The first thing you want to do is to grab some digital photos of yourself or your friends.  The best place to get pictures of your friends is to go to Facebook. Another place you can go is to and do a “women, girls or models” search.  Now that you have a few photos you have one or two options. Do a “free Photoshop trial,” and use it for a limited time or search and go to Creative Cloud on Adobe and purchase a year of Photoshop.  Buying a year of using the Photoshop software cost around $9.99 a month.  If you get good at this, you can try doing glamour retouching and charge $24.90 for it.  To get a clever idea of what you can do with this new skill, look up the eBay user name “yiing8”.

14. Take gourmet cooking lessons 

Go to Amazon and do a search for “cookbook” and select Kindle Store.  In the top right-hand corner where it says Sort by Price. Select low to high. When you cook your own food:

  • You know what is in your food. Tons of things, not good for us are in our food. Cooking puts your mind at ease because you know what is going into your body.
  • Instead of ordering a pizza, why not make one.
  • For birthdays make a sugar-free cake. You can substitute stevia in the place of sugar. Stevia is a natural sweetener that comes from the stevia plant.
  • You’re eating healthier food.
  • Cooking can impress your family and dinner guests.
  • When you make something, you will find new friends with your freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.
  • Doing gourmet cooking saves you money.
  • When you crave something, you can make it instead of buying it.

13. Make a video and upload it to YouTube 

YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the internet. Ever wonder how many unique visitors find YouTube every month? YouTube gets over 1 billion new people who browse their site each month. Why should you start your own YouTube channel?

  • If you have a website, the search engines will give you an upper hand on your SEO efforts. When you have better SEO, this means more traffic to your site with little to no effort.
  • YouTube gives you the opportunity to find new friends and followers for yourself personally or for your business.
  • You can start earning money from your YouTube
  • Do you have something to promote? Find others that want your products by making a video.
  • Posting your videos on YouTube makes it easier to share videos with friends, family or business clients.

12. Go for a walk and take pictures 

Walking is good exercise, and you can bring your camera and take some awesome shots of nature. I found these websites that will pay you $100 or more just for one picture.

  • 500px Prime – If you sell one photo, at a standard license, they sell for around $250. You would get 70% of that $250.
  • Shutterstock – You can earn up to $120 for a picture.

11. Write a Book and sell it on Amazon 

Everyone should write a book.  You could make some extra cash selling it on Amazon, but check out these other benefits.

  • You should show yourself that you can do this. If you write 500 words a day, in 100 days you will have 50,000 words which can be a book.
  • Writing a book is a goal you can accomplish. When you do this, it is easier for you to achieve other goals.
  • You become an instant expert. Being an instant expert at something helps if you are trying to sell something.
  • If you’re an author, it is more likely that you will get other job offers.
  • Doing research on a certain topic broadens your horizons.
  • If you are trying to grab someone’s attention, being a book author will do just that.
  • If you know how to market and promote your book, you can make serious money.

10. Make a board game 

Making a board game is an excellent way to impress your friends. The first thing you want to do is to jot down some ideas.  You can do this on your computer by using a Word document. Figure out who will play the game and what the age ranges will be.  Will this be for kids, teens or adults? How many players will there be? In what way will you determine how long it will take to play the game? Think about the end of the game now.  At the end, what will make a player a winner? Write down a bunch of rules for the players to follow. Now you are ready to make a test game. Draw a rough draft of the game on a large sheet of paper or cardboard and make the game pieces.  Try playing it with some friends. After testing it out, why not print it up by taking it to a printer.  Making your own game will give you a sense of accomplishment.  If it is perfect, try selling it and putting it into stores.

9. Learn a new language 

You don’t have to spend any money on learning a new language because all you have to do is do a simple keyword search on Google to find some great resources.  Type “learn a new language free” in Google. Why should you learn another language?  The reasons are as follows:

  • If you are looking for better and newer career opportunities, learning another language opens many doors.
  • Learning another language improves your memory. You have a longer attention span and it decreases the chance of age related illnesses.
  • It will open the door to becoming friends with someone from a different country.
  • You can get another person’s opinion about your culture.
  • You can travel to more places and not have problems communicating with other people.
  • It opens your mind to learning more things.
  • You can have fun watching movies in another language.
  • You have more bargaining power when you buy goods and services in another country.

8. Have a movie or TV show marathon 

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to spend all day watching your favorite movies, old and new TV shows. Instead of doing your TV watching all day or all night only once, invest in Tiger Stream. If you search for this phrase, “Tiger Stream coupon code,” you can find a coupon code for $70. This means you can take $70 off $429. Most people have cable, and it costs close to $200 a month. Watching the new upcoming movies will cost you anywhere from $4.99 to $6.99 per movie. Tiger Stream will give you access to every TV show and the latest movies. You get channels from all over the world. Once you have your system set up, search the movies and TV shows, preview the trailers and make a choice about what to watch. Another thing you could do is to invest around $100 in a Roku device. Get a subscription to Amazon Prime for $49 a year, Netflix for $9.99 a month and Hulu for $7.99 a month. I have everything, Tiger Stream, Roku, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu. Sometimes the television quality isn’t the best on Tiger Stream, but it’s still good. So if you have a Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu account, you can watch a better-quality movie or television show on your TV.

7. Take yourself out to dinner 

Treating yourself to a restaurant dinner is a fantastic way to entertain yourself. If you want to spice it up a little bit, you could venture off into making money writing restaurant reviews. Two ways to do this are to:

  • Start your own blog, post the reviews on YouTube for your traffic and secure advertisers that you can put on your website. Advertisers that do this are Review Me, Link From Blog, Pay Per Post, Sponsored Reviews and Blogsvertise.
  • If you have experience writing, you could approach a local magazine or newspaper and pitch a weekly column. You might have to offer a few unpaid restaurant reviews to get a paid job.

If you succeed in either of these two options, it can make you money and have your meals reimbursed all at the same time. Don’t forget to bring your camera and take lots of photos.

6. Go to a museum 

If you think about it, visiting a local museum is the same thing as going to the movies or eating out on your own. Instead of watching or eating something, you have all kinds of visual things to stimulate your mind. Visiting a museum by yourself wakes up your mind.

  • When you go to a museum on your own, you can set the pace and plan just how long you want to view something. It’s better than going with someone who wants to see something different from what you want to see.
  • You don’t need to rush through an exhibit. You can take your time.
  • Seeing visual pieces on your own gives you a sense of enjoyment that you can spend all by yourself.
  • It’s a fantastic way to meet new friends.
  • Going out and doing things like this will boost your self-confidence. You no longer have to depend on someone else to make you happy.

5. Go to garage sales 

There’s nothing like getting a cheap thrill of finding a treasure and getting it for a bargain. When you go garage selling, it’s a fantastic way to spend time in the great outdoors. People put out some of the best stuff for pennies or a few dollars. If you know what to look for, you could find a pair of $120 jeans selling for a dollar. Shopping at garage sales on a continuous basis, you will never pay full price for anything ever again. If you purchase something that doesn’t work out, it is no big deal because you didn’t spend much money. You’re only spending a few dollars. Going to these sales saves your money and you can use it towards other things you want to purchase. Post your garage sale finds on eBay and make money.

4. Read books 

Reading is one of the best things that you can do for your mind. Can you remember when you took the time to read a book or a good magazine article? If you don’t read daily, you’re missing out on many benefits. Here are just some:

  • Reading stimulates the mind. If you read on a regular basis, this can prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia because your brain is constantly working.
  • Reading reduces stress. When you read a good novel, you can travel to realms where you don’t think about any stress in your life. Reading helps you relax.
  • You can learn a lot. In the computer age, everything is changing, and knowledge can come in handy, especially when you’re trying to find a job. The more things you know, you deal better with your problems.
  • You learn innovative words. When you read, you learn what unfamiliar words mean. If you look the words up in the dictionary, this helps improve your vocabulary.
  • Reading improves your memory and forces you to concentrate on what’s going on in a story or on a topic. Concentrating and remembering what you read builds up your brain muscles. If you exercise it, it will get stronger.
  • You can solve puzzles better. When you read mysteries, your brain is working on how to solve the crime.
  • You can focus and concentrate better. When you read all your attention and concentration focuses on what is going on in the book you are reading. Depending on how long you read, will determine how good your focus and concentration can improve.
  • You become a better writer. If you make a living as a writer, reading causes you to get familiar with distinct types of writing styles. Becoming a better writer can make you more money.
  • Reading entertains your mind at no cost. If you do an Internet research on free e-books, you can find a bunch of websites where you can read e-books at no cost. Kindle Unlimited only costs $9.99 a month, and it gives you the ability to read many books that you would otherwise have to buy.

3. Start a blog 

Blogging is a great hobby or business opportunity to start for many distinct reasons. You don’t have to blog as a business; you can blog for personal reasons. Here are some of the reasons you should take up this activity:

  • You can attract people to read what you have to write and attract customers, partners or friends.
  • Blogging means you become an authority figure. When you write about something in a particular area, you establish authority, and people take you seriously.
  • Blogging is an excellent way to warm up to people when you’re trying to promote something.
  • It opens the doors for many other opportunities.
  • It is an excellent way to organize what you’re thinking about, and you can learn about a certain specific topic.
  • It’s a wonderful way to meet new people.
  • You can make money. Depending on what you write about determines the advertisers you put on your website.

2. Unsubscribe to your unwanted emails 

Many businesses offer enticing things to get you to sign up for their newsletters. When you sign up for a newsletter, you want interesting information without someone selling to you. If you go to, you can unsubscribe to all your unwanted emails in one clean swoop. Further subscriptions you want to keep, you can get them all every day in one email called The Rollup. Now you have them all in one place, and you can sit down with a cup of coffee and read it like you would a newspaper.

1. Start a podcast

If you have an innovative idea for a podcast, you can potentially make money hosting your own talk show. Go to Blog Talk Radio and for $12 a month you can upload an unlimited number of episodes each month. You can only host 500 hours with this plan. Blog Talk Radio has a network of advertisers that you can put into your podcast. They have a point and click system that puts the ad into your podcast. 

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