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15 McDonald’s Fries You NEED To Eat!

McDonald’s is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Those famous Golden Arches stand tall in every corner of the globe. While most McDonald’s fans like to treat themselves to a Big Mac or Quarter Pounder, its the French fries that we secretly all crave. The crunchy sticks of potatoes can be eaten as a part of a meal or even as a meal on their own, that’s how good they are. With that in mind lets look at 15 McDonald’s Fries You Need To Try. 

15. Poutine – Canada 

There are many things that you can do with the simple French fry, but one dish that the US has wanted on their menus for a while is the classic Canadian dish Poutine. Mixing together French Fries, Brown gravy and cheese curds sounds like it may be too much, but it seems to hit the spot for all those north of the border. Poutine has been a staple in Canada for years so it’s no surprise that McDonald’s has seized the opportunity to make money from this dish and sell it in their Canada restaurants. The word is that a lot of Canadians think that McDonald’s has done a great job with their version of Poutine and has produced an authentic and great tasting side dish. The food itself is easy enough to replicate at home, but hopefully, McDonald’s will see the potential for this Canadian treat in their stores outside of Canada. 

14. Cheesy Bacon Fries – Belgium 

When you have that craving for tasty, fast food is there anything more appealing than French fries with cheese and bacon? We don’t think so. The salt of the bacon, the cream of the cheese and that crunch of those golden French fries, all add up to a mouth-watering dish. Over in Europe, Cheesy bacon French Fries are a staple fixture on many McDonald’s menus. Belgium, in particular, is the main country that you can find these fries, but this dish can be found in other countries such as Italy, Spain and even as far as Australia. Loaded fries aren’t a new thing and McDonald’s, in particular, has been testing this product, or a variation of this product for years. In 2019 McDonald’s did bring this popular French fries dish back to the US but it seemed to be for a limited time only and only in certain McDonald’s restaurants. Hopefully, McDonald’s will see sense and make the Cheesy Bacon Fries a permanent fixture on all McDonald’s restaurants. 

13. Honey Butter Fries – South Korea 

If there is one thing that McDonald’s is getting very good at, then it’s changing their menus to fit in with regional specific foods and cultures. While some people in the world may see this as a big corporation trying to make money off of people’s heritage and culture. Other people welcome the fact that a big company such as McDonald’s caters to the needs and likes of the people they are serving. Whichever side of the fence you fall, it’s fair to say that McDonald’s aren’t ashamed of their regional specific menus and they are going out of their way to increase them. One of the best flavors to come out of Asia for a while is Honey Butter. While certain parts of the continent are known for their heavy spices, South Korea has come out with this sweet and sticky sauce that is becoming a big hit around the world.  McDonald’s, not wanting to miss this craze, has introduced French Fries that come with this sweet and sticky sauce that you can drizzle or dip your fries into until your hearts desire. 

12. Mcchoco/ Choco Pumpkin Fries – Japan 

We all have our favorite source to dip French fries in; some like the tradition ketchup while others prefer mustard or BBQ sauce. There are some people out there that love to cover their fries with mayonnaise. You know who you are. Whatever your favorite sauce is, have you ever thought about drizzling chocolate over your crunchy, salty French Fries? If the answer is yes then you’d better start looking for cheap flights to Japan. Japan is home to many food concoctions and experiments and a lot of them become world-renowned dishes. Can anyone remember a world before sushi? McDonald’s has decided to keep this tradition going in Japan and have come out with the McChocco line of French fries. The fries are served with a topping of white and milk chocolate and hope to hit that line between savory and dessert. For an extra kick of spice, at Halloween McDonald’s Japan released this French fries dish with an extra taste of pumpkin. 

11. Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream Fries – Australia 

On our list of 15 McDonald’s French fries you need to eat, there are some combinations that seem strange and experimental and then there are others that just work. When you see them you think ‘ Why hasn’t this been done before?’ and ‘ When are we getting those?’ One such French fries dish is the Sweet Chili and Sour Creem Loaded fries from Australia. As the name suggests, these fries come packed with sweet chili sauce and then a nice dollop of sour cream on top. While these loaded fries don’t come with anything hearty like bacon, the fact that they come drizzled in the spice and heat from the sweet chili and then the cool freshness of the sour cream, makes for a true taste sensation. Out of all the French fries dishes and sauces that McDonald’s does, this is one dish we would love to see in every McDonald’s restaurant. 

10. Nori Fries – Philippines 

The Shake Shake line of French fries has always been a pretty popular product with people around the world. The idea of this dish, for those out there that are unaware, is that you have McDonald’s famous French fries in a bag and sprinkle on a flavored powder. You then shake the bag and your French fries are perfectly seasoned with the flavor of your choice. Many countries have different flavors depending on region and taste. Over in the Philippines McDonald’s has started serving Nori flavor for their Shak Shake fries. With Nori Seaweed’s distinctive salty-sweet taste, this Shake shake flavor adds another level and taste depth to this tried and tested french fries experience. 

9. Chili Cheese Tops – Denmark 

Ok, so technically this entry isn’t French fries but they are a fried dish made with sliced potato and are worthy of their more famous French fry counterpart.  Or, they are a great alternative for anyone who doesn’t like the traditional Frech fry but still wants to fit in. For those reasons, the Chili Cheese Tops deserve a place on our list of McDonald’s fries you need to eat. Similar to jalapeno poppers, only without the actual jalapeno, McDonald’s Chili Cheese Tops are a deep-fried ball filled with smoked cheese and sweet chili. Available in Denmark and Sweeden, the Chili Cheese tops are a big hit in Scandinavia and a must-try if ever you find yourself in that part of the world. 

8. Twister Fries – Malaysia

In the US there are plenty of restaurants and fast-food joints that serve Curly Fries. And why wouldn’t they? Not only are they the tastiest of all the French Fry options, but they are the most fun as well. However, given that everyone enjoys an order of Curly fries, McDonald’s has never really capitalized on this and sold the twisty French fry. At least not in the US. Over in Malaysia, people can enjoy Curly fries, or as they are also known Twister fries, from most McDonald’s restaurants. Singapore also offers this option of French fries but they can, unfortunately, be subject to that terrible fast food phrase ‘For a limited time only,’ and can disappear from the menu. They do seem to come back each year, so if you time your travels right, you can enjoy some McDonalds Curly, we mean Twister, fries. 

7. Farmers Fries – Netherlands 

More in line with a potato wedge than a french fry, the next item on our list of 15 McDonald’s French fries you need to eat, comes from the Netherlands. The Farmer fries, or Boerenfriet in dutch, is a thicker cut of the potato and is more on par with traditional Dutch fries than with the skinnier French fries. This side dish comes with an order of mayonnaise which is a more traditional dipping sauce for fries than ketchup or BBQ. While there are many McDonald’s French fries purists in the world that wouldn’t tamper with any aspect of the basic French fries, these dutch variations may come as a welcome change to others. especially if you want more potato and crunch when you bite into it. 

6. Waffle Fries – Austria 

In a land that brought us culture capital Vienna, skiing and Terminator Arnold Schwarzeneggar, comes our next French fry you need to eat. The Austrian McDonald’s serves up a nice alternative to the classic French fry in the for of Waffle fries. Known locally as Gitter Pommes, which translates to lattice fries, Waffle fries are a crispy fried potato in the shape of, well, a waffle. You can order your waffle fries with ‘Hot Devil’ dipping sauce if you really want some spice and heat with your fries. Incidentally, food is not the only thing that McDonald’s Austria is good for as they recently partnered with the US embassy as a place of contact for US tourists. So, next time you are in Austria and lose your passport, just pop to the nearest McDonald’s and the staff will help you with what you need. You may as well order a side of Waffle fries while you wait. 

5. Sweet Potato Fries – Norway 

Within the fast food community, there is a fierce debate about which chain does the best Frenc fries. Many argue that McDonald’s classic French fry is the best and always has been. Another debate that always comes up in regards to fries is Sweet Potato fries. Some people absolutely love this version of fries even more than traditional potatoes, whereas other people hate it. Sweet potato fries have the world divided into a ‘love it or hate it’ kind of way. If you are a lover of sweet potato fries then the best place to go is Norway and Sweeden as their McDonald’s now serves this tasty dish in every restaurant. The crispy sweet potato fries are proving to be a real winner in Norway and they could soon find themselves spreading around the world and to a McDonald’s near you. But for now, it’s only certain parts of the world that can enjoy them and they can enjoy their sweet potato fries with a dip of Cheddar cheese or garlic sauce. 

4. Potato Wedges – Worldwide, Nearly

While the McDonald’s French fry has been pretty much unchanged since McDonald’s was a simple burger stand back in the 1940s, Mcdonald’s are always looking to add to their potato range. While many think that the simple French fry is enough to accompany any of McDonald’s meals, other people like options and the chance to try something new. The potato wedge is a great alternative and for many years, and in many countries, McDonald’s has tried to get us to love them as much as we love their French fries. In places like Australia, Malta, Hong Kong, and the UK, McDonald’s Potato wedges are a limited item only. Every now and then they appear on the menu and usually with a new range of dipping sources such as sour cream and chive sauce, sweet and sour sauce, mustard and garlic aoli. There are however some countries that have kept the potato wedge as a staple and one such country is Indonesia. Other parts of the world such as South America have a version of potato wedges that they refer to as McPatatas. So, if you are looking for a thicker French fry then a lot of the world can accommodate you. But possibly, for a limited time only!

3. Masala Wedges – India 

As we have already mentioned on our list, the potato wedge is a popular and tasty alternative to the classic French fries. While a lot of countries do offer this side dish, whether as a special limited edition item or as a regular one, all those options will be hard-pressed to beat the Masal Wedges from McDonald’s India. Adding Masala to the potato wedges instantly adds spice and heat to it and gives a real taste of Indian cuisine. More McDonald’s should try infusing Indian spices with their meals. Incidentally, McDonald’s India also offers Mexican Cheesy fries as an option, if India can do Mexican then surely McDonald’s US can do Indian cuisine? We certainly hope they look into the Malas Potato Wedge in the future. 

2. Onion Rings – Azerbaijan

Ok, so we know that this one is an out and out lie. Unlike other entries on our list of McDonald’s French fries that you need to eat, which have pushed the meaning and definition of a French fry to the very limited! We have no illusion that the Onion ring doesn’t just push back the limit, it breaks through it and crushes it. Although the onion ring has no potato in it what so ever, there are people out there that don’t want potato. We know it’s hard to believe, but some people love nothing better than going to McDonald’s to order their favorite burger and not having fries with it. So, for all those people who don’t want fries, this is for you. The crispy, golden onion ring has been a popular dish for many restaurants and fast-food chains over the years but not for McDonald’s. If you are looking for a great alternative to French fries with your Big Mac, or you just want something extra, then you’ll have to travel to Azerbaijan to get them. Turkey and Costa Rica have been known to sell them, but not as a regular item. 

1. Creamy Truffle Shake Shake Fries – Philippines 

The humble French fry has been a staple for most of us for generations. The thinly sliced potato that is then fried till golden brown is a must-have for all fast food lovers. With each restaurant comes a slightly different version as they each try to produce the best French fries on the market and McDonald’s is no different. Over the years, McDonald’s hasn’t tried to change their French fries too much as they’ve long been a popular favorite. So instead, they have tried different kinds of potato dishes as well as an array of different dips and sauces. On our list of 15 McDonald’s fries, a lot have them have been just that; the classic McDonald’s French fries with a different sauce. We have mentioned the Shake Shake range of fries already, but there is one version that is simply a must-try and deserves its own entry and that’s the Creamy truffle Shake Shake fries from the Philippines. Adding creamy truffle flavor to most things instantly improves the taste and adds a flavor like nothing else can. It also happens to be one of the more sought after taste in the world, which makes McDonald’s Creamy Truffle Shake Shake fries one of their more ‘high-end’ food items. 

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