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15 Interesting Facts About Great Men Throughout History


15 Interesting Facts About Great Men Throughout History

Throughout time, our world has been blessed with accomplishments, discoveries and life changing inventions that have impacted our society immensely. Each of these amazing men throughout history have contributed in their own way to making a positive change in the world. Whether it be in the arts, the sciences, politics or religion, there is no doubt that without these men, life would not be the same as it is today.

When learning about some of the amazing things these men have done, it is important to remember that they mostly are everyday people. Normalizing the abnormal is a challenging task, but it helps when we discover quirky facts about these fine fellows. Take a look at 15 interesting facts about great men throughout history…

15. Cai Lun

This Chinese man is recognized as the person responsible for creating paper and the entire paper making process. He helped by adding key materials to the paper making process allowing it to be more efficient. He had attested that he learned how to improve paper making by watching wasps make their nests. 

14. Alexander Graham Bell

This Scottish man who was born in 1847, is responsible for inventing the telephone and telegraph company. Without him where would we be today? Perhaps not with our heads down and eyes glued to our iPhones constantly? Since he was a young child, Bell showed signs of being a great inventor. He invented a machine that helped to de-husk wheat and hurry up the process, he did this at 12 years old. 

13. Muhammed Ali

This boxer is recognized as being one of the best boxers of all time. He was an activist as well as a professional in sports. He was banned from professional boxing for three years because refused to serve in the U.S military for religious reasons. He was jailed and released on bail, later having his conviction overturned in a unanimous decision. 

12. Pablo Picasso

Regarded as one of the best artists of all time, this man ruled the art world and continues to do so. Ironically enough, Picasso`s first spoken word was pencil. His father was actually an artist as well and introduced him seriously to the art world at seven years old. His father saw a natural talent that was continuing to improve. Looks like young Pablo was guided along the right path.

11. Beethoven

He is remembered as one of the most talented and famous musicians and composers of all time. Some people have little tricks that they do before creating something special or performing. Beethoven had a ritual of always dunking his head in cold water before performing. He never gave the reason as to why and nobody ever knew. His last words were: `pity, pity, too late` after receiving a gift of wine from a music publisher, right before he died. 

10. Sigmund Freud 

This man was a neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis. He developed therapeutic techniques to assist in psychological rehabilitation. When you think of therapy sessions, you may create the image of a person lying down on a couch speaking to the therapist. He was given the couch as a gift from one of his patients as a thank you for his services. 

9. Nicolaus Copernicus 

This famous astronomer actually formulated the model of the universe in which the sun was the center of the universe and not the earth. He made a massive contribution to scientific revolution. Surprisingly, he was very nervous that he would be ridiculed for his ideas and work. Right before his death, he was shown a publication of his book which included all of his life`s work. It was accepted and had a huge impact on the world of astronomy today. 

8. Neil Armstrong

On July 20th, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first human to walk on the moon. His most famous words while he was walking on the moon were: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” He actually got his pilot`s license before his driving license at 16 years old and completely fell in love with flying. He was able to fly over 200 different types of aircraft. 

7. Rumi

Rumi was one of the most famous and inspirational poets to live. He was a spiritual master and poetic genius. When he was younger, he reported that he would see angels. He used to feel very agitated by this and did not fully understand it. It is regarded as the early spark that interested him in expressing his devotion to religion and spirituality. 

6. Jesus Christ

Jesus is the central figure in Christianity and is one of the most famous men of all time. He preached since he was a child and started his ministry late in life at age 30. Jesus was not white, as most portraits of him would have us believe. Contrary to what a lot of people believe, Jesus was not actually Caucasian he most likely had light to dark brown skin due to his birth region. 

5. Guru Nanak

He is the founder of Sikhism and is known as one of the greatest religious innovators of all time. He is considered to be like God on earth for Sikhs. He sought out to further respect towards women and promote equal rights for them. ‘‘From woman, man is born; within woman, man is conceived; to woman he is engaged and married.Woman becomes his friend; through woman, the future generations come. When his woman dies,he seeks another woman; to woman he is bound. So why call her bad? From her, kings are born. From woman, woman is born; without woman, there would be no one at all” – Guru Granth Sahib Ji 

4. William Shakespeare

A poet, playwright and actor, Shakespeare is known as one of the greatest writers ever in the English language. Ironically enough, his parents and his own children were illiterate. Nobody is totally sure about the spelling of Shakespeare`s name. To this date, there are over 80 different variations of how to spell it, including: Willm Shaksp.

3. Abraham Lincoln

Best known for being the 16th president of the United States, Lincoln serves as an iconic person in history. He believed in equal rights, especially for women. He wanted them to participate in voting back in 1836 long before it actually became legal. You can thank this president for you holiday turkey, he established Thanksgiving as a national holiday. 

2. Martin Luther King

This Baptist and social activist was a major leader of his time. He lead and pushed for civil rights within his nation and is remembered highly for his life`s work. He was extremely academically gifted and actually entered college at the young age of 15. He was ordained with a degree in Sociology before even graduating. 

1.Thomas Edison

The name Thomas Edison is world famous as he is responsible for the invention of the light bulb. He apparently failed over 1000 times trying to invent it, but eventually succeeded.  He also invented an improved stock ticker for the stock exchange. He was paid a massive sum of $40, 000 for this and he was only 22 at the time. 

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