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15 Insanely Hot Girlfriends Of WWE Wrestlers


15 Insanely Hot Girlfriends Of WWE Wrestlers

People say that love is a magical thing. That it comes unexpectedly to anyone, even to the unbelievers. It is certainly something that cannot be shrugged off as a coincidence. Even the most jaded of people may be pleasantly surprised when love does come their way. Love that can sometimes even lead to the altar.

In the wrestling industry, it is very hard for these dedicated wrestlers to find love. With them always training and being on the road for shows and not to mention the endless days of event promotion and press, it is a wonder they can even find love at all. The wrestling profession in itself is like a very demanding and jealous lover, who wants a wrestler’s time all to herself. Not wanting to share her wrestler with anyone else lest he forget his first love – wrestling.  

But there are those who defy the fates and find everlasting love for themselves. The lucky ones are able to find their soulmates who are willing to make sacrifices and understand the pressures that their significant other is under. There are those who are even luckier to not only have understanding girlfriends or wives, but women who turned out to be hot too! Below is a list, in no particular order, of the smoking hot partners of extremely lucky professional wrestlers.

10. Tyler Breeze and Audrey Marie

Wrestling fans will recognize this beauty even without the link to her wrestler boyfriend, Tyler Breeze. Audrey Marie started out as a wrestler in the WWE’s Florida Championship before moving on to NXT. Her shows were famous for the drama they included, even though she only spent a season with NXT. Her wrestling career has had a lot of ups and downs, with defeats and wins here and there.  She even turned into a villainess when the FCW rebranded to be the NXT.  Tyler had also been on the wrestling scene for quite some time before getting his big break with NXT. Tyler Breeze’s wrestling career was also full of many storylines with intense bouts of drama.

Audrey Marie and Prince Pretty Tyler Breeze met during their time on the professional wrestling circuit. They began dating while they were both under contract and their relationship continued even after Audrey Marie was released from the WWE. Things got pretty serious along the way and Audrey and Prince Pretty got married in 2016. For those who are interested, the couple is still quite happily married and they appear to be getting along nicely despite Audrey Marie’s retirement from the professional wrestling circuit.

9. Drew McIntyre and Kaitlyn Frohnapfel

Though wrestling star Drew McIntyre has been known to say that true love is very hard to come by and maintain with his type of job, he seems to have found love in the very beautiful Kaitlyn Frohnapfel. Drew’s love life is as turbulent as a roller coaster, much like his crazy relationship with the WWE which has also had its ups and downs. Drew worked for the WWE for quite some time and was successful in creating a name for himself.  Then he was let go and had to rebrand himself outside of the WWE, before returning again to work for the brand.  

As mentioned before, Drew’s life is as tumultuous as his wrestling career.  Having been previously married and divorced, it is good to know that he has found happiness with someone again. Kaitlyn Frohnapfel may not be from the same wrestling world as Drew, but that did not stop their relationship from growing. Being with a wrestler takes a lot of guts and hard work since they have a very demanding job. But Ms. Frohnapel, who is now Mrs. Galloway, has taken everything in stride. Even going to such lengths as to travel with Drew to Australia when he has a match there.

8. Rebecca Curci and Shawn Michaels

Although this couple is already way past the boyfriend/girlfriend stage, their relationship is still something worth mentioning. This love story is what some would call straight out of the movies. Shawn first laid eyes on Rebecca while he was watching Nitro one night, and when he did, he was immediately hooked. Being the hot Nitro girl that she was, Rebecca had a lot of engagements, but the fates gave these two crazy kids a chance to be together despite the craziness. It was a good thing that a friend of his decided to be their “bridge” at the time, which paved the way for Rebecca to leave her number to pass on to Shawn.   

Though they did not connect right away, the couple must still be very grateful to this friend because shortly after they started seeing each other, Shawn proposed in true romantic movie fashion. He ran after Rebecca in an airport and professed his undying love for her. Curci, being employed with WCW left the wrestling world to take care of her family and has not made moves to relaunch a career in the industry. Though they had a lot of ups and downs, their common faith held them strong as a family and as a couple.  

7. Amy Polinsky and Corey Graves

The name Amy Polinsky is probably not familiar to most, this is because she is not really associated with the wrestling industry. This sexy lady is a fitness trainer, which explains her buff body that those who follow her on social media are probably all too familiar with. She’s also a business woman! She is involved in an online company devoted to fitness related topics like fitness classes, modeling, training, and even fitness apparel. As we can all see from their picture, this woman is one hell of a package. A wife, a partner, and a devoted mother of three. If we dig deeper through their social media accounts, we can see the happy family that they are.

Let us not forget about her husband Corey Graves. He is a retired wrestler from the WWE and is currently a color commentator for Raw and Smackdown Live. Graves had already been in the wrestling industry for quite some time before he joined the WWE. Following a concussion, he announced that he would be retiring from his in-ring performances and being the hard worker that he is, immediately started his new career as a commentator. His success as a commentator has only grown over the years, making him quite the success story in this business.  

6. Roderick Strong and Marina Shafir

Joining the WWE family was a long time coming for this wrestler. Roderick Strong had been wrestling under different brands for more than a decade before making his debut in the NXT. But let it not be said that he did not excel in the wrestling circuit outside of the WWE, because he did. This move was done after he got engaged to his beautiful mixed martial artist girlfriend, Marina Shafir, in 2015. The shift in his personal life reflected the shift in his professional career and his decision to join the WWE.

The Supernova from Moldova, as Shafir is known on the MMA circuit, has already gotten a few fights in. Trained in the art of Judo, this newbie is showing signs of potential. But with a baby on the way, she had to abstain from fighting. No one can fight a grueling mixed martial arts fight while pregnant. It is not the safest profession for a developing fetus, so it is better to abstain altogether and just fight another day after the baby is born. The couple seems pretty happy with their new family right now and we are all waiting for the wedding bells to ring, which should be any moment now!

5. Lizzie Karcher and Brian Myers

This is one couple that a lot of people would probably want to emulate. Brian Myers, also known as Curt Hawkins to his WWE followers, was a force in the WWE with many great team-ups under his belt. To some people he may be known as Majors, to others he is known as Myers. He eventually left the WWE though, and during this time he did not waste a moment and continued to wrestle in different arenas. He also opened a wrestling school in New York which is a great way to continue a career and help train the next generation.  

Not much is said about the very beautiful Lizzie Karcher. But then, we don’t really need to know much for us to realize how smitten our wrestler is with his beautiful wife. Happily ever after is what everyone wants to have and that is what wrestler Brian Myers has found with Lizzie Karcher. The two got married in 2015 and has been living happily together ever since. This is evident in their many pictures together. Myers has since returned to the WWE still using his Hawkins ring name and the couple now has a pretty daughter to raise together in their home in New York.

4. Reby Sky and Matt Hardy

Reading through this article, one would quickly note that hot girlfriends tend to make for hot wives. This trend continues on with our next hot girlfriend turned wife, Reby Sky. This wrestler of Puerto Rican descent used to appear in magazines like GQ and Esquire and has also appeared in film and television shows and was crowned Miss Howard TV of the Year 2009 by Howard Stern. Her wrestling career has also taken off, appearing in several matches, some alongside her love, Matt Hardy. She may not be as well known in the wrestling world as Matt is, but she is experienced in her own arena as well.

The couple may have had a few problems along the way, but they seem to have patched things up and their bond is even stronger because of it. Forgiveness is something that this couple has learned since they have a family to look after now. They share two boys between them whom they both love very much. When it comes to familial support, they support each other through even the most trying of times, which speaks volumes when we talk about love and strength in a relationship. Everyone is hoping that they remain strong despite any hurdles that come their way.

3. Krissy Vaine and Konnor

Ryan Parmeter, better known as Konnor of The Ascension duo, found love in the most likely of places. At work, of course! Both Konnor and Krissy Vaine are talents who signed to WWE Deep South Wrestling at almost the same time, making it a very likely place to run into each other. A year after they started dating, this wrestling duo announced that they were engaged to be married. Talk about moving fast! Though both of them have left the WWE circuit, this did not deter them from continuing on with their relationship.  

After leaving, Konnor went on to the independent circuit but returned to the WWE a few years after. Meanwhile, Krissy, after working for the independent circuit for a few years, became a blogger, and then moved on to the modeling industry as a model for clothes and beauty products. Just last year, they announced that they would be having their first child. Their son was born in September of last year, and they named him Elijah. It makes one wonder if the little one will have his mother’s good looks or his father’s skill in the wrestling arena. Maybe he’ll get lucky and end up with both!

2. Rochelle Roman and Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin may have taken an unusual turn in his career, but this was a turn for the better! He used to be a football player in college and he went on to play professionally for the Indianapolis Colts and Arizona Cardinals. After football he turned to wrestling where he thrived and continues to thrive in the storylines that he participates in. But this career is not all roses for Baron Corbin. He has had his share of ups and downs fighting in the ring. It is a good thing that after the fights, he has a comforting presence in the form of his lovely girlfriend Rochelle Roman.

This couple has been together for quite some time and it is rumored that the couple tied the knot some time in 2017. Since Rochelle is not in the wrestling business like Corbin is, there is not much information that can be found about her. Though, she may be a registered nurse in Florida, the state where they supposedly got married. They have appeared at a few functions together like the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony which has given them some public exposure. Let us wait and see if the news holds true that this couple did indeed tie the knot and are now happily married. We definitely wish the couple a happy life together!

1. Cathy Kelley and Finn Balor

Demon King Finn Balor is now back in the WWE, basking in the love of his supporters and fans as he rules the squared circle with his indie style of showmanship. The rumor mill has been running overtime on the story behind the supposed relationship of Finn Balor and Cathy Kelley. For the benefit of those who do not know, this intelligent and beautiful lady is a host, correspondent, and a ring announcer for the WWE. Any man would be very lucky to have her for a girlfriend, that’s for sure!

This rumor of their relationship started when they were spotted holding hands on the streets of New York and the tongues have not stopped wagging since. If true, this news would not come as a surprise, since the two seem to make a good looking couple together. If it is true, then the confirmation from one of their peers will definitely seem legit. They remain very private though, as if they do not want to say anything on the matter at all, and any confirmation of the relationship seems pretty unlikely. Even if they do not, we would still be happy for the both of them. They have every right to remain private, after all.


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