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Top 15 Hottest Male Models

Lights, camera, action! It is time to check out these sexy models who are owning the fashion industry. We can’t look away from their chiselled jawlines, rock hard abs or gorgeous eyes. These men know how to handle the attention and the spotlight and they know how to work it. Some of them set out and pursued a modeling career while others were launched into it by accidental surprise. Either way, we are thankful they chose the path they did. Each of these models has a different and unique story of how they rose to fame. So take a good long look at the following top 15 hottest male models…


Starting out in the modeling world at age 17, Sean is considered a late bloomer by industry standards. He was discovered via prom photos that he posted on MySpace. He was thrown into the world of  high fashion and he has worked with the biggest names in the industry, like Chanel, Cavalli and Louis Vuitton. O’Pry has a unique heritage including Irish and Native American ancestry, giving him a very sexy look. Forbes ranked him the #1 most successful male model in 2009.


At 46 years old, this model is still hot, hot, hot. Recognizable not just for his modeling jobs, he has since branched out into acting and reality television. His most famous job was his gig as a Ralph Lauren Polo model. Beckford can thank his mother for his original look; he is part Chinese and part Jamaican. Unfortunately, when he was younger, he was often teased for his unique look. Little did anybody know that Beckford would rise to the level of popularity, admiration and fame that he has today.


Not only is he a sexy model, his name is extremely attractive and unique also. His trademark is his platinum bleach blonde hair, dyed from his original dark blonde. He comes from a family of models including his mother and three sisters. His main passion is music. He plays drums in a band with his three sisters called The Atomics. His star is rising. He has already appeared on the talk show Ellen DeGeneres and Project Runway.


In this day and age, it is not too hard to discover new faces for the fashion industry. With almost everyone on social media, scouts are on the hunt. In this case, Noszka was discovered through his Instagram page.  After posting a photo of a deck he built with his father, he was immediately contacted with interest from an agent. After sending the agent some more photos, he was posing for Nike within a few days. It all happened very fast. He packed his bags and headed from his home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to the Big Apple, New York City.


Some of the finest men come from beautiful Canada and Simon Nessman is a perfect example. This BC native valued his education and chose to finish his degree before pursuing his modeling career. He was featured in Madonna’s 2012 music video Girl Gone Wild and became the face of Armani’s fragrance Aqua Di Gio the same year. He currently divides his time between his homeland in Canada and New York City.


This Spanish model was vacationing with a friend who was attending a fashion show when he was discovered. At 18 years old, John’s career exploded as he became the face of Cavalli’s Just Cavalli campaign in 2004. He has worked with almost everyone from Dolce Gabbana to Galliano. He has noted that his favourite past-times include sunbathing, listening to music and going to the mountains with friends. The media has recently reported that he is in a relationship with an actor named Luke Evans. Sorry ladies.


It is no secret that if you are a celebrity and extremely good looking (and they usually are), you can easily transition into the world of modeling. This is the case for soccer star David Beckham. His primary profession as an athlete playing soccer has allowed this hottie to score points off the field. He has modelled for Calvin Klein and H&M and has appeared in countless fashion magazines. He is married to Victoria Beckham, one of the queens of the fashion industry. With or without his wife’s influence, both rock the world with their stunning looks. Of course, nobody can pull of the tattoos like Beckham.


After this British hunk’s career began when he won a televised modeling competition. Dolce Gabbana liked Gandy because he looked different from the mainstream models in the fashion world at the time. Most models were very thin and frail looking, whereas Gandy had more muscle and looked more meaty than the rest. He then began to catch the eye of some world famous designers. He is not only a  top model but has transitioned into writing articles for British Vogue and Lifestyle Men. This man has a brain and a rock hard bod, a great combination for becoming popular.


Marlon lucked out and he can give all the thanks to his grandmother. She was the one who introduced him to the owner of Way Model Management, who happened to be a friend of the family. In 2015 Marlon won Most Beautiful Male Model in Spanish Glamour magazine. Yahoo even named him one of the top 10 hottest models in 2015. He is a mix of Portuguese, Brazilian and Native American. He enjoys going to the beach, surfing, learning new things and travel. He continues to dominate the industry and can be seen working for some of the biggest names in the business.


At 25, this Brazilian hunk is at the top of his game. His career began when he entered and won Ford’s Men Supermodel of the world competition. Since then, he has walked multiple high fashion runways and has taken on many campaigns. Vogue, FHM and GQ were all admirers and spread him across their pages in editorials. He is presently married to a French-Canadian woman and they have two young boys together. His wife is also a model, so it would be no surprise if their kids took over the family business.


September 2016 was McMillan’s year as he won Model of the year at the Fashion media awards. A California boy true to his passion, he pursued his talent for painting and went to school to obtain a degree in Fine Arts from NYU. If that’s not accomplishment enough, his modeling career is booming. He is currently dating actor Zachary Quinto. Vogue magazine said they are: “a power couple whose domain extends across the film, fashion, and the art scene”


Mariano is an Italian triple threat. He is a model, fashion designer and actor. He has taken part in projects with major names like Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and Maserati. At 18 years old, he decided to leave Italy to pursue his modeling and acting career. He worked in London for a year as a model and then later returned home to Italy to continue with his career and other passions. Along with modeling, he also began blogging which ended up being a huge success. He has over a million followers of social media and is quite popular. He is currently married with one child.


Although he is Russian born, this 33 year old model is an international success. It is noted that he is one of the few Russian models that have gone international and picked up work on a regular basis. He is ranked #8 on The Money Guys List, which highlights the models who make the most money in the industry. He was working for Barneys and Sisley before he even walked a runway, which is extremely rare for a successful model. He is currently branching out into the acting world and is beginning to get a lot more exposure.


This Texan model began modelling at the young age of fifteen years old. He has lived through the ups and downs of the industry his entire life. He began his career with the Ford Modeling Agency and later transferred to IMG. IMG had a huge role in making him so successful over the years. He has graced the pages of Vogue and Valentino Roma. On top of major magazine spreads, he has worked for Dolce Gabbana, BCBG, Hugo Boss and Versace. He is tall, dark and handsome and at 6’2 he is on top of the world.


Neff is a 32 year old model from Delaware. He is mostly known for his work with Calvin Klein. He was the main face of their jeans, fragrance and underwear lines. In 2009, Forbes ranked Neff as #5 on their list of most successful male models. He was discovered at an airport while returning from a trip in Barbados. After the discovery, he quickly began to work with Abercrombie & Fitch and Karl Lagerfeld. In 2015, he created KATAMA which is a luxury swimwear and resort clothing line. His work as a model definitely had an influence, using his business sense to launch a fashion line.

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