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Top 15 Hottest Actors

Sometimes when you just have to see that new Hollywood blockbuster, it’s not always for the amazing acting. Sometimes it’s for the eye candy. Many of Hollywood’s lead male actors are HOT, HOT, HOT and we can’t help but enjoy drooling as we watch them on the big screen. In all fairness, most of these men are trained professional actors and have deservedly earned the awards they have won for their work. These men come from all walks of life but share the love of acting. Take a look at 15 of the hottest actors in Hollywood today…

15. Ryan Reynolds

This triple threat is Ryan (Rodney) Reynolds. With a name like that, he was born to be a star. At 6″2, this hottie is no stranger to dating majorly hot girls who are equally famous. He was married to Scarlett Johansson, was engaged to Alanis Morisette and is now happily married to Blake Lively. His wife is known for being one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood. They are settled in with two children, so far. Reynolds began acting at a young age and dabbled in a few unsuccessful projects until he decided to quit. He then fell into a minor depression because he was not pursuing his passion. He decided to change things around. He got back on the horse and moved to LA where he then landed his breakout role in The Amityville Horror remake. In Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place he established himself as one of the sexiest and funniest actors of the time.  

14. Wentworth Miller

Although this actor was born in Oxfordshire, England, he has always considered himself an American. He and his family moved to Brooklyn, New York when he was just one year old. What makes Miller so hot is his diverse ethnicity. His father is African-Jamaican and his mother Caucasian. Overall he is a mix of Dutch, Swedish, French, Lebanese/Syrian, Austrian and Polish. Before making it big, Miller tried to get his foot in the door by working as a temp in many production studios. He eventually landed his breakout role in The Human Stain alongside Anthony Hopkins and Nicole Kidman. Most famous for his hit TV show Prison Break, viewers couldn’t get enough of Miller. Even songstress Mariah Carey wanted him in her music video “We Belong Together”. This hottie actually doesn’t love the limelight. He is a very private person and enjoys spending time at home reading, writing and swimming.

13. Michael Ealy

It is no wonder the look of this man makes every girl swoon. Those eyes! The beautiful baby blues mixed with his skin tone and great bone structure simply make this man a certifiable hottie. Known for being a deep person, Michael slid easily into the acting game. He starred in the hit movie Babershop and where he showed his funny side. He also appeared in episodes of Law & Order , in the movie Soul Food as well as did many stage productions throughout his career. Ealy can also be seen on HBO’s hit Baseball Wives. Sorry ladies and gentleman! He is off the market. Happily married to Khatira Rafigzada, Ealy is playing the role of daddy now with two beautiful children. Those are some lucky kids to get his genes!

12. Zac Efron

This California native is the typical beach boy. His chiselled abs, golden tan and perfect mane make heads turn on and off screen. His parents noticed he had talent when they heard him sing at age 11. Soon after he started acting and was completely hooked. His breakout performance was in High School Musical, where he played Troy Bolton. With 17.5 million viewers, Efron became instantly famous and his acting career skyrocketed from there. He has gone on to play in many chick flicks stealing the hearts of his fans. He has recently branched out into more comedic roles showing his diversity. He filmed Neighbors with Seth Rogan and Bad Grandpa with the legendary Robert DiNero. When he is not acting, he is definitely playing sports. Efron loves to gold, ski, rock climb and snow board. On top of being an excellent piano player, Efron loves to work on and restore cars. He recently fixed up a ’65 Mustang as well as a Delorean that he got from his grandfather.

11. Tom Hardy

This former bad boy has definite appeal with his luscious lips and sexy tattoos. He broke out onto the scene playing Eames in the movie Inception. After this role, Hardy was kept busy with project after project. This Englishmen comes from an artistic family; his mother an artist and painter and his father a writer. At age 21, he won a modelling competition and signed with Agency One Models, briefly working as model. Life was not always glorious for this actor who struggled with alcohol and drug addiction in his teens and early twenties. He feels his addictions are what ended his five year marriage to Rachael Speed, with whom he shares a child. Life got better after he sought treatment as did his acting career. He is happily engaged to fellow actress Charlotte Riley who he starred alongside in The Take and Wuthering Heights.

10. Rahul Kohli

At 6’4, it is hard to miss the sight of this dashing man. He possesses passion and love for his craft which we can see in his work. This London native’s main focus has been in drama and it shows in his career moves thus far. He applied to drama school after studying film. He later went on to perform in Henry V as well as Sabato Domenica e lunedi. After these performances, he got an agent who helped kick off his career. He now works for British TV acting in EastEnders and Holby City. He branched out and even did an on stage performance at the National Theatre. This guy is such a hot commodity that Heineken and Sony have him starring in his ads.  He is on fire in more ways than one.

9. Alexander Ludwig

This jack of all trades is already accomplishing so much at his young age of 25. Coming from a family of achievers, the Canadian actor was destined for success, not only in acting. His mother and mom-ager, Sharlene Martin was also a former actress. His father, Harald Horst Ludwig, is co-chairman of Lions Gate Entertainment which no doubt helped Alexander get his start in the business. Surrounded by a loving family and a golden retriever named Waverly, whom he adores, Ludwig is loving life. He is currently a sophomore at USC studying film and theatre.  You have seen this handsome face in The Hunger Games and Lone Survivor. He has also enjoying success on the History Channel, starring in the hit show Vikings.  The show recently pulled in an estimated 4.6 million viewers. Ludwig is also an ambassador to Bulgari as well as an independent fashion consultant for the sports line RYU.  And, oh let’s not forget, he will potentially be recording an album in the near future because, yes, he is musically talented as well.

8. Kevin Hart

One of the most popular celebrities of our time, Hart definitely makes the hottie list. Not only is he a charismatic actor, he is a rapper, producer, writer and comedian. Pennsylvania native, Hart’s popularity started to grow after winning several comedy competitions. In 2008 he released his first stand up album ‘I’m a Grown Little Man’ ensuring his status in the Hollywood world. He has starred in hit movies like Grudge Match, Think Like a Man, Get Hard and About Last Night. His work did not go unnoticed. Time magazine named him one of 2015’s most influential people as well as gave him a prominent place on Time’s 100 list. He’s funny, cute and charming, what else can a girl ask for!

7. Ben Affleck

Affleck’s career path is always an amazing story to tell. He discovered his passion for the industry at 8 years old. Before Ben became Hollywood superstar “Ben Affleck”,  he acted in PBS educational programs which is where he met his best friend, Matt Damon.  The two were continually struggling to land roles, so they decided to write their own script. The birth of Good Will Hunting emerged and the film was an instant Hollywood success. The script was sold for $600, 000 and went on to be nominated for 9 Academy Awards. It won two of them. After this massive breakthrough, Affleck had the option to pick any role he wanted. He went on to become a filmmaker and be the name behind major successes like Gone Girl. His dashing smile and power is definitely make him a hottie.

6. David Duchovny

This older gentleman ages like fine wine. The New York native comes from a successful Jewish family. He impressively attended Princeton as well as Yale. Smart and good looking. While successfully standing out at Yale, he also worked in off Broadway productions fuelling his passion for acting. He got his feet wet in a few popular films like Beethoven and Kalifornia, which also starred up and coming Brad Pitt. Finally he landed his big break as Mulder in the smash hit show, The X Files. Fans loved that he could keep a serious demeanour while joking around at the same time; dry humour at its best. He also went on to do two film adaptations of The X Files after the hit show ended.

5. Keanu Reeves

With his first name literally meaning cool breeze over the mountain, it is almost impossible not to fall in love with this unique man. Everything about him screams originality from his name to his looks. This Beirut born actor is an interesting mix of  Native Hawaiian, Portuguese, Chinese and English. Although his family life was not perfect growing up, there is no doubt that Reeves was destined to make it big and have a great life. His break out role was in that classic film that no one can forget, Speed. He surprised Hollywood when he refused to do the sequel but he was definitely unapologetic. He exploded into super stardom when he starred in The Matrix trilogy film series. His most recent role is in the film John Wick where he plays a retired assassin who of course comes out of retirement. The sequel was just released  and is getting rave reviews from critics.

4. Matthew McConaughey

Alright, alright, alright this man is hot, hot, hot. A Texas native with a definite original accent keeps our attention drawn like a Texan duel. Matthew had a yen for something more than Texas. He even travelled to Australia for a year where he washed dishes and shovelled chicken manure just to live something different. He later enrolled in school to become a lawyer, but after reading the inspirational book The Greatest Salesmen, he immediately changed his major to film. He has done every gig from serious drama to romantic comedy. He won his first Academy Award for Dallas Buyer’s Club where he portrayed a man suffering from Aids. He lost a great deal of weight to play this role, which seems to have been well worth it. A man that will push himself to the limit for his craft is attractive indeed. Five stars for McConaughey.

3. Bradley Cooper

With a nickname like Coop, this actor embodies cute, sexy, serious and fun all in one. He is known for playing devious yet charming characters. It is almost impossible to look at him without getting lost in those piercing blue eyes. At the beginning of his career it was difficult for him to land serious roles because people in the industry thought he was too much of pretty boy. He persisted and made a great name for himself because of his professionalism. His accolades have proven everyone wrong as he has had countless Academy Award nominations and was also named People’s Sexiest Man Alive in November 2011. Now that’s serious! He is also fluent in French which only adds to his attractiveness and keeps us wanting more.

2. Daniel Dae Kim

This star has helped mold and shape Hollywood in grandiose ways over the past decade. He has helped expand the typical Asian American stereotype portrayed on screen. He brings down the barriers of race with each diverse character he plays. He is best known for playing Jin Soo Kwon on the hit series Lost. He has been praised for this role as he transform from an overprotective businessman and relearns how to live and love while stranded on a deserted island. TV guide has named him 2006’s Sexiest Man. He has also appeared in many TV shows like CSI, ER, 24, and Hawaii 5.0. He spends some time in L.A and New York but mostly resides in Honolulu. His devotes his time to his charities, his restaurant and his family.

1. Charlie Hunnam

Born in Newcastle, England you would never know this actor is British. His accent is undetectable in the roles he has played. Before his major success, he acted in Queer as Folk as well as Abandon alongside Katie Holmes. People began to take notice. It was his role in the smash hit Sons of Anarchy that made this hottie rise to the top. The series ended up being FX’s most popular and critical success ever. After the series ended, he later went on to play in Pacific Rim. He is often cast as a tough guy which he nails each and every time. He is unbelievably sexy in Sons of Anarchy with his bad ass ways and his sexy face and body. He oozes so much sexuality that it is no wonder that he landed the lead role of Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey. He later dropped out before filming due to scheduling conflict with Sons of Anarchy. Oh well, our loss. 

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