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15 Horrible Habits You Need to Give Up Right Now


15 Horrible Habits You Need to Give Up Right Now

As the new year has been bestowed upon us, everyone strives to become a better version of themselves. Sometimes the resolutions work and sometimes they fizzle as February approaches.

There is a general feeling that everyone shares a bad habit of and everyone can relate. Depending on what your vice is, it`s time to start taking action against your faux pas. Day to day oopsies can add up to negative consequences long term. Think about being late everyday to work, at some point your boss will take notice and reprimand you. 

It`s time to take a gander at what exactly is going on with you and how you can make changes in order to improve your taboos. Nobody is perfect nor will ever be, but self improvement never causes any harm in the overall picture. Straighten up, open your eyes and ears and let`s examine the 15 horrible habits you need to give up right now…

15. Snacking

When we snack, it is rarely because we are actually hungry. We snack when we have nothing to do, or to relieve stress. It throws us off a regimented eating pattern and contributes to a huge amount of weight gain. We usually do not count our calorie intake for our snacking and end up going over the daily limit. A trick to help curb your snacking is to eat a lot slower so it gives your stomach a chance to let you know when it is full before being overfed. 

14. Too much TV

Anything in excess is a negative and the same goes for the time you spend television viewing. A study has shown that people who watched more than three hours of TV per day in comparison to those who do not were more likely to perform worse on cognitive tests within the following twenty five years than those who did not. Not only does watching a lot of TV not stimulate your brain but it provides no physical exercise either. It is a double whammy, bad for your brain and bad for your physical health. 

13. Sunburning

As much as you love going on vacation and soaking up the warm rays as much as you can, it`s time to start realizing how much damage you are doing to your skin. A sunburn is actually your skin`s way of telling you that it is injured and is trying to protect itself from the sun. You can heal the stinging pain of a sunburn with aloe of course, but the damage is done long term. Use the highest SPF sunblock you can and get over the whole tanning thing! 

12. PDA

There is no crime is showing your significant other how much you adore them with hugs and kisses but there is a definitely a limit when it comes to being in public. People do not want to see you both make out intensely or feel each other up, it`s gross! Have respect for those around you and try to keep it G rated when it comes to the public viewing of your affection.

11. Chewing with your mouth open

This can actually make some people want to pull of their ears and scream at the top of their lungs. Hearing the smacking of your mouth opening and closing as you eat is not only disgusting, it is terrible manners. There is an actual psychological disorder called misophonia that induces rage in someone from hearing the sound of chewing. Let`s not trigger them and keep our mouths closed when we eat, nobody wants to hear or see your lunch. 

10. Phone at dinner time

This happens far too often on dates, with families, coworkers, friends and every type of relationship. Now that technology is front row center of our lives, we have not learned to make boundaries when it comes to the use of our mobile devices in social situations. Checking your phone throughout your meal time or leaving it on the table lets the people around you know that that are not your first priority. In a busy day, quality time is limited to spend with other people and grow relationships, do not waste it on your phone. 

9. Engaging in online trolling

As previously stated, this is the century of technology. Social media takes the front place in many people`s lives and Facebook and Instagram are a priority for most. With all of the online chats, over sensitivity and lack of political correctness, people seem to constantly have a problem with something posted online. Removing yourself from conversations with people you know will ignite angering you is best. It is not worth it for all of the frustration and negativity it causes. It is a quick way to burn yourself out and bring you down.

8. Over apologizing 

If you have a bit of Canadian blood in you, chances are you have apologized many times in your life. We are conditioned to apologize for bumping into people, thinking we are interrupting another`s time and pretty much everything in between. It is time to put `sorry` back in it`s place and use it only when it is really deserving. Constantly apologizing to people makes you seem insecure and like a push over. It becomes annoying to others that you are always apologetic and it is just not attractive or appealing to be around.

7. Interrupting people

This is one of the rudest social faux pas there is and people are not having it anymore. Speaking over and interrupting others shows that you do not care or think that what they are saying is important. Sure, if you are really passionate about a conversational topic and happen to jump in with an opinion or argument, that is completely normal. Getting  a reputation for constantly cutting people off makes you look like a jerk and nobody is going to want to speak with you. 

6. Letting laundry pile up

At some point in our lives, we have all been guilty letting our laundry pile up. We are guilty of both the clean pile sitting on a chair, waiting to be folded as well as the increasingly smelly pile on the bedroom floor. Devoting a specific day to completing this annoying task from start to finish helps in keeping on a schedule and not having it amass into a dreaded overwhelming task. Your feet will be happy that they are sporting clean socks once again. 

5. Holding grudges

This is tricky depending on what type of personality you have. For some people, if they feel that they have been wronged, forgiving and forgetting is a difficult task. Others are not so easily affected by others that things seem to just roll of their backs easily. Holding on to any anger or resentment causes more damage to your own self, than to the person in question. Your happiness and peace of mind is more important that the person who wronged you, so do yourself a favor and let it go. 

4. Avoiding the doctor/dentist

Sure, nobody loves getting their teeth pulled or potentially hearing alarming news about your blood pressure. As we age, so do our bodies and yes, our minds. Having a mature mind means taking the initiative to book your doctor`s appointments and stop procrastinating. The longer you wait, the more damage that can be happening to your physical self over time. Catching problems from the start helps to give you a boost in being healthy all around and staying on top of your medical conditions. 

3. Maintaining bad relationships

You may not realize it, but feeling like you are trapped in some sort of situation can really affect your life in a negative way. Not only does it put an immense of stress into your life, it will just continually make you unhappy until a change is made. Your emotional health is just as important as your physical health. Do not stay in friendships or any type of relationship that lacks respect and does more negative than positive, because you will end up suffering long term. 

2. Planning your entire life out

Keeping a calendar for your routine is a great idea, but like everything else in life, moderation is key. Having goals that you take actions toward daily to achieve one day is amazing. You must be realistic about life though. It never goes exactly as planned, otherwise it would not be life, right? You need to be able to handle the curve balls that will be thrown at you that deter you away from a highly scheduled, moment by moment planned out life and just live! 

1. Being constantly late

This is a no-brainer and one of the most annoying habits that a lot of people possess. Being early is being on time, being on time is being late and being late is unacceptable. From job interviews to dates, being punctual is important. It shows that you can organize your time and that you respect the other person`s time also. Being late is old fashioned, tacky and down right a bad habit you need to break right now! 

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