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Top 15 Most Hated Reality TV Stars


Top 15 Most Hated Reality TV Stars

Lights, camera, action! These reality stars have made it easy for us to get up from our couch and turn off the TV. They are a compilation of drama and ego who showed the world their ugly side. Whether it is punching mirrors, getting way too drunk or breaking the law, these stars are unforgettable. If you can stomach it, grab your popcorn and tune into the following 15 most hated reality stars…


As you may know, or are trying to forget, the world was once blessed *ahem* with the unveiling of Miss Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen aka Tila Tequila. Her fame grew as she became one of the most popular people on MySpace. Her popularity on social media got her an offer from producers to star in her own dating reality show. It was called ‘A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila’. The show had huge ratings and did really well. It was all about high drama, drunken idiots and a whole lot of sex. As most reality stars do, Tila then pursued a singing career. Singing must have fizzled out since we never really heard much more about it. Her fifteen minutes of fame is up, thank God, and she kind of just fell off the map since her celebrity debut.


One of New Jersey’s finest has to be this gem right here. Danielle Staub is best known for her stint on the reality series ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’. She was a cast member in early seasons when the show first debuted. We couldn’t keep our eyes off the screen each week as new episodes aired. She fought with pretty much the entire cast and the cattiness between the women was unbearable. The most famous incident was when the other ladies brought up some of the skeletons in her closet. There were questions surrounding her about getting arrested. Questions persisted as there were a lot of holes in her story. After two seasons, Bravo decided to not have Danielle back for a third season. Fellow housewife Caroline Manzo refused to go back to the show if Danielle was there. Bravo made their pick and Staub was out for good.


It is almost impossible to forget this face and body. Famous for being on the hit show ‘The Hills’, Montag quickly shot to stardom. It wasn’t necessarily her oscar worthy acting on the reality show that gained her all the attention. It was what was going on in her personal life that shook the world. After disappearing from the public eye for quite sometime, Heidi re-emerged looking completely different. She transformed herself into a walking barbie doll thanks to a buttload of plastic surgery. She had ten plastic surgery procedures done in just one day. Her enormous breast implants were kind of impossible to miss.  She now looks completely artificial and she put herself in a really dangerous position opting for all that surgery in such a short period. Too bad she didn’t get an operation to make herself look smarter.


This youngster is famous for being on ‘MTV’s Teen Mom’ television show. Showcasing youngsters going through pregnancy and raising their kids, the show has a huge following. Audiences grew to dislike Jenelle because of her terrible behaviour. She was constantly filmed talking back rudely to her mother, which enraged and shocked audiences. She definitely didn’t win any mother of the year honors. Her lifestyle was chaotic and she was in a bad relationship. Her life just always seemed to be in disarray. Evans later went on to marry her boyfriend Courtland Rogers, who is not the father of her child.


This firecracker was such a bang on ‘VH1’s Flavor of Love’ as a contestant that she got her own spin off called ‘I love New York’. Pollard was featured on the dating show with Flavor Flav, as a contestant trying to win his love. He nicknamed her New York and it stuck with her ever since. She was dramatic, loud and great for ratings. Her antics were so intense it opened the door to multiple spin-offs including ‘New York Goes to Work’ and ‘New York Goes to Hollywood’. She made TV ratings sore and everyone wanted a taste of the big apple that New York had to offer. She was very much like a train wreck. You don’t want to watch but you can’t help yourself from looking. If you are not a fan of trashy, over emotional and completely psychotic women, this star is not for you.


If you have it out for whiny, little rich girls, then this is a witch you’d want to deck right in the face. She became famous for her gig on ‘The Hills’ and later, ‘Laguna Beach’. ‘The Hills’ was a reality series that followed the lives of wealthy teens in California. The show was nauseating because it showed how spoiled and rotten these kids were. Yes, we were a little bit jealous of their beautiful mansions and year long sunshine, we admit it! Cavallari was hans down the evil villain of the series. She was just down right rude to everybody. She thought she was queen bee and strutted around like her poop never stank. We are happy that the Cavallari craze of reality tv is over because one more minute of her is just a big no no.


He is the man we love to hate. This world famous chef is known for his aggressive and mean outbursts. He can definitely please your palate but when it comes to his overall likability, this chef is closed for business. Aside from preparing delicious dinners and running extremely successful restaurants around the world, he is mostly hated for the way he portrays himself on his reality series ‘Hell’s Kitchen’. The cooking show aimed at finding the next best chef, has flourished in the ratings because of the outrageous tantrums Ramsey pulls on a weekly basis. He famously put two slices of bread on both sides of a contestant’s head and called it an “idiot sandwich”. He has zero patience, he is cruel and he is downright rude. This chef has managed to lose his five star rating.


It is surely no surprise that at least one member of the Kardashian clan made it on this list. The famous family is one of the most hated groups of people in Hollywood. Khloe is known for her vulgar mouth and for her over the top antics seeking attention. We are unsure if her over sexualized acts are for the cameras or if she is naturally tasteless. Recently, the celeb went through a major weight loss and thinks she is hotter than ever. Her instagram and social media are flooded with vanity pictures of herself. She exudes a huge sense of self-obsessiveness and it’s just not hot. Luckily for the star, she has made millions on her family name and can comfortably dim herself out of the Hollywood limelight. We are guessing that will never happen though.


It seems like only yesterday that our ears were bleeding with the overuse of the word “Situation” and this reality star’s fifteen minutes of fame. It was as a member of the popular show ‘Jersey Shore’, that Michael Sorrentino aka The Situation graced our television sets. The guido tagged this word as his own, after gaining recognition from fellow cast mates that he was always saying there was a “situation” happening. Jersey Shore never failed to deliver on drunken fights, hook ups and of course, gym, tanning and dirty laundry. The tacky style and loser attitude took a toll on his fifteen minutes. It is fair to say tick tock, his time is finally up.


Now more than ever, this teen mom is getting a lot of heat. The Nebraska native vaulted into the public eye when she starred in the hit MTV show ‘ Teen Mom’. The show focuses on the lives of young mothers and their struggles to raise a baby. Over the years, Farrah has transformed her look from natural to completely fake. Her obvious breast implants and piled on makeup give her a look that just screams overkill. The fact that she had a sex tape released is not the only reason we hate this teen mom so much. Abraham didn’t exactly shy away from the camera when it hit the shelves. Any attention is good attention to her, we guess. The sad part about her crazy behaviour is the fact that she is a mother. Videos are forever.


The counterpart to the equally hated Heidi Montag is this gem, Spencer Pratt. The California blonde made the world gasp in awe at his insane antics on screen. Pratt was a star on the show ‘The Hills’ and definitely made a name for himself. To this day, it seems almost everybody associates healing crystals with Spencer Pratt. He would place the crystals around his body and around his home, convinced they were helpful. To each their own. Maybe they were, but at the time of the show, these alternative methods of healing were not widely known, making the whole thing beyond strange. As usual, his antics were probably for the ratings, which he was definitely able to pull in. People love crazy.


Compared to his famous family, this Kardashian laid low on the Hollywood radar. He seemed to never share the same desires, goals or work ethic as his successful sisters. The brief period where Rob created a popular sock line gave us hope that he wasn’t a total loser. Unfortunately, that did not stick too long. Along with gaining a ton of weight, one of the reasons Rob has stayed in the media is due to his constant childish drama. He recently tweeted out his sister Kylie’s cell phone number. All because he thought his sisters did not invite his fiancee to a baby shower. His behavior is constantly petty and immature, and he easily leaves a bad taste in all our mouths.


If you don’t remember this mama, she was the star of the TLC series ‘Jon and Kate plus 8’. It showcased the lives of two parents with 8 children. Having eight kids is not that unique, but when 6 of them are sextuplets, you now have a show. We watched the family grow over the years and then crash a burn. She was constantly neurotic, condescending to her husband and just a total witch. When the couple finally ended their very nasty divorce, Kate went from not to hot. She spent a butt load of money on how she looked and it seemed like her look became her main priority. We are not sure if her skunk looking hairdo or her personality made us hate her more, but there is no doubt that we are not tuning in to watch her each week anymore. When push comes to shove, people’s true colors always come out.


It is truly amazing that a member of the Duggar clan could commit such horrendous acts considering how they present their image to the public. It is true that you cannot consider one family member’s actions as the actions of the rest, but it is fair to say that we were easily creeped out. Josh admitted to molesting young girls when he was younger, including his very own sisters. If that wasn’t bad enough, a short time after that news broke, Josh was caught cheating on his wife using an Ashley Madison account. It seems as though that was the last straw for the Duggar family and they sent him away to a recovery centre for his sex problems. His actions may have upset the general public, but because the family has a huge Christian following who pride themselves on living a Godly life, what he did really shocked the world.


Last but definitely not least is Mr. Scott Disick, an unofficial Kardashian. From day one, this guy has always acted like a grade A loser. The public can’t forget watching the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashian’ episode where he literally shoved money in a waiter’s mouth. Nor can we forget when he was violently drunk around Kourtney and their new baby and ended up punching a mirror and injuring his hand. His antics over the years were scary and out of control. He has sought help for his addiction problems and has then relapsed. Kourtney and Scott have finally called it quits for good, but do stay friendly on account of their children.

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