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15 Gordon Ramsay Guilty Pleasures


15 Gordon Ramsay Guilty Pleasures

The title “celebrity chef” doesn’t do the pugnacious kitchen master Gordon Ramsay justice. The 51-year-old Scottish born restauranteur has used the competitiveness he learned during a short football career with the Glasgow Rangers to scale the heights of the culinary world. Ramsay is known as a gruff, foul-mouthed task master who knows his stuff and isn’t at all shy about letting people know it. Whether on one of his television shows or on social media Ramsay relentlessly pushes his brand. With his entertaining style he has shared himself with his fans including some of the guilty pleasures he likes to indulge in when he has the time.

15. Can You Stomach This?

The boxes in the above photograph might look like they contain props from the movie Alien, but they actually contain piles of raw tripe. Tripe is a traditional delicacy in Britain made from the stomachs of pigs, cows or sheep. This might not sound very appetizing, but it is one of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s guilty pleasures. Concerned that young people have overlooked this treat Ramsay has come up with some recipes to make it more palatable: pan fried with onions, lemon and fresh parsley. I suppose anyone who eats hot dogs should at least give it a try.

14. Karate Chops

Gordon Ramsay is known to be a combative person in and out of the kitchen. He is also combative in dojos where he has earned a black belt in karate. This athletic achievement reminds us that before he was a chef he pursued a football career in Scotland. Becoming a black belt takes years of training, but obviously Ramsay thinks all the hard work was worth it. It’s pretty impressive that he can blow off steam in the dojo and still have the energy to curse out hapless young chefs on television. 

13. Well Done

Beef Wellington is a famous English dish, but it is unclear if it is named after the first Duke of Wellington or not. It is clear that Gordon Ramsay loves it and has revealed it to be his go to order when he tries a new restaurant. There are many recipe  variations, but beef Wellington is essentially beef wrapped in puff pastry. This delicious duo is baked until the pastry is a crispy golden brown.

12. Currying Flavor

Curry is a term that describes Indian cuisine and this kind of food is a favorite of Gordon Ramsay. The chef was introduced to curry cooking as a young boy through his parents’ landlord. As part of his professional education he traveled in India for three months to learn as much as he could about curry and other traditional cooking methods in India. Ramsay’s desire to learn about exotic cuisine fits well with his philosophy that he’ll try any food at least once.

11. Bully for You!

Despite his gruff exterior Gordon Ramsay does have a softer side. He loves dogs and spends a lot of time with his four-legged friends like Rumpole the English Bulldog. Rumpole, like his owner, has a bit of a reputation as a bad boy who gets a little too frisky with party guests. Ramsay’s dogs are a natural fit for his active lifestyle. He can often be seen strolling around West London with his family and a pooch or two in tow. Do you think Rumpole has a taste for tripe?

1o. Weekend Delight

Eggs are pretty simply, but the perfect scrambled eggs are something else entirely. Gordon Ramsay loves to make them on the weekend and he’s willing to share his recipe with you. His secrets include constantly stirring and repeatedly removing the eggs from the stove so they aren’t overcooked. For the finishing touches he adds a dab of creme fraiche, a kind of sour creme and a sprinkle of fresh chives. If you follow his directions you should end up with fluffy scrambled eggs you can brag about. Ramsay prefers his eggs with a thick slab of toasted sourdough bread and panned fried mushrooms and tomatoes on the side.

9. Slippery When Wet

They say there’s no accounting for taste, but jellied eels look like they taste absolutely horrible. Gordon Ramsay wants to make the case to his fellow Brits that eels scooped right out of the River Thames is a delicacy that shouldn’t be overlooked. The key to making jellied eels instead of tough or mushy eels is boiling them just long enough to get the right texture. It takes practice to get it right, but once it’s mastered you’ll have a traditional, tasty dish. Don’t know about you, but I’m not convinced.

8. McRamsay

To the despair of some snobby chefs and food critics Gordon Ramsay has come out of the culinary closet: he loves In-N-Out Burger. This is a refreshing admission from someone who owns and operates critically acclaimed restaurants around the world. Ramsay’s down to earth attitude toward fast food hamburgers marks him as a regular guy willing to stray outside the rarified kitchens of Paris and London. Sometimes you just want a burger.

7. Hungary for Italian

Ferrari is renowned automaker known for its beautiful sports cars. Beauty and performance don’t come cheap, but this doesn’t seem to be a problem for Gordon Ramsay. As of 2016 he owned 9 Ferraris and counting. Two of his favorite are a coupe and a convertible and they are among the most coveted models produced by the iconic brand. Ramsay may have taken his passion for the cars a little too far however, when he slept next to one while he was waiting to take it home. He can often be seen tooling around London showing off his beauty.

6. Less is More

In the world of fine cuisine it is customary to enjoy a few multiple course meals, but more small meals can be a better way to eat. Gordon Ramsay is a big advocate of eating small meals throughout the day or grazing. He likes to star his day with a good breakfast such as porridge or scrambled eggs. But for the rest of the day he likes to eat a little at a time by tasting the food he’s preparing for others. This helps him to try all of the food he’s cooking and still keep his overall calories at a manageable level. As an added bonus this lifestyle also leaves room for the occasional hamburger to fit into his diet.

5. A Disney Dish

Disney’s 2007 animated movie Ratatouille stars Patton Oswald as the voice of a mouse named Remy. The young mouse aspires to be a French chef against the wishes of his family. Is it surprising this is Gordon Ramsay’s favorite movie? The chef is known for his blustery often profane bully and Ratatouille is a sweet children’s movie. On the other hand however, Disney has a lot of fun showcasing an unwelcome rodent who wants to upend French cooking and this rebellious spirit is likely appealing to the unconventional Scotsman.

4. Gordon Loves Singapore

Gordon Ramsay has had something of a love affair with the island city-state Singapore for more than a decade. His positive feelings apparently continued even though he unexpectedly lost a cooking competition to a local contestant. Ramsay is a big fan of Singapore’s famous food markets that offer a dizzying array of choices and encourage a familial atmosphere for food lovers of all stripes. One of the chef’s restaurant chains, Bread Street Kitchen, has a location in Singapore and he has plans to bring more of his signature restaurants to the island nation.

3. #RamsayLovesTweeting

It’s almost as if Gordon Ramsay and Twitter were made for one another. The brash celebrity chef has more than 6.5 million followers and counting on the social media platform and is not shy about sharing his thoughts with the world. He tweets the same kinds of biting comments that helped make him a star on television with shows like Hell’s Kitchen. He considers this guilty pleasure a way to connect with his fans and to get annoying things off his chest. This is a win-win for him and continuously entertaining for his millions of followers.

2. Wake Up You Donkey!

Donkeys are not one of Gordon Ramsay’s guilty pleasures, but he does plead guilty to a love of cocktails. What goes better with great food than great drinks? He offers a cocktail at his restaurants called “Wake Up You Donkey,” in honor of one of his signature television lines. This alcoholic concoction is created with tequila, cider, fresh honey, smoked elder flower (a syrup) and finished with a lime wedge. This sounds like a delicious beverage and by all accounts it is a popular choice for customers. 

1. Iron Chef

Gordon Ramsay’s toned physique is not the body we often associate with successful chefs, but the feisty Scotsman likes to break the rules. Exercise and fitness is a big part of his life and he is passionate about competing in triathlons. These grueling events take a considerable preparation, but put in enough work to compete in Hawaii’s famed IRONMAN World Championship in 2013. At 46 years-of-age he was able to complete the swim, run and bike ride events in a little over 14 hours. Ramsay did receive some criticism for being allowed to enter the IRONMAN without qualifying for it, but he took the controversy in stride.

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