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15 Fun Winter Activities To Chase Away The Blues


15 Fun Winter Activities To Chase Away The Blues

Yes, it is that time of year again, where the snow begins to fall and the air gets a lot colder. It seems like it sometimes happens overnight. Poof! All of sudden it feels and looks like winter. There are definite pros and cons to the season, but in keeping with a positive spirit, let’s focus on all of the awesome things we can do to enjoy this sometimes harsh season.

At first, it seems like a wonderland and it is exciting to see the changes that winter provides. That grateful feeling can easily fade when the wind chill sets in, your cars get buried in the snow and you have fallen one too many times on that slippery ice.

Getting immersed in new activities and adventures is the best way to appreciate this season. Take a look at 15 cool things you can try if you are feeling up for it this winter…

15. Sledding

Sure, it may seem like the most obvious answer when thinking of things to do the winter, but this activity is majorly underrated. Going in a group, this can be one of the funnest times ever. There is a rush and thrill of zooming down a slipper trail on a rubber tube.

You can link all of your tubes together. Remember to dress warm and don’t forget to have fun! It is not too expensive. Besides, it is a great time to get some laughs with friends and some definite exercise climbing up and down snowy hills!

14. Make mulled wine

It is the perfect activity and you get something out of it in the end! Mulled wine is pretty much red wine infused with different spices. It is served warm and it is delicious. You can get creative with it; there are hundreds of recipes out there for you to try.

It is a fun activity to do, your house smells great and you have a delicious drink at the end of it all to enjoy. It is a nice beverage for winter. It is warm and the alcohol can keep you cozy indoors by the fireplace.

13. Find an outdoor hot tub stat

There is no more relaxing feeling that being immersed in hot bubbly water and feeling warm while being outside. Seeing the snow and the steam seep up as you soak in the hot tub is a must this winter.

If you are lucky enough to own one, invite some friends over or enjoy some me time. Otherwise scout out awesome hotels or spas that provide this amazing experience just for winter time. You will not be disappointed!

12. Charity work

The holiday season is upon us and what better way to give back than to get involved in your community. The holidays can be really tough for a lot of people so any way you can help would be appreciated.

Find some drives that you can donate old clothes too (*plus* you are early on your spring cleaning) or volunteer at a soup kitchen. Helping others will make you feel good inside and will make a difference in a big way for others. This is the holiday spirit. 

11. Take photos

Some of the most beautiful photos are taken on the coldest and miserable days. Winter provides us with shiny clear ice that can radiate with glimpses of a sun ray. Images of snowflakes up close show just how intricate and detailed they can be in beauty that may go unnoticed if not captured.

There is a beautiful contrast between the bright white snow and the clear blue skies that can produce such a powerful shot. Look out your cameras and get to snapping because the beautiful shots are endless when it comes to photography in the winter. 

10. Winter bonfires

Who says that campfires are only for the hot days of summer?! Winter is one of the best times to build a huge fire and gather around the warmth. Go the extra mile and bring some smores and marshmallows or even hot dogs to roast while you warm up.

You won’t even remember that it can be a little nippy out because the hypnotizing view of the fire and the feeling of it’s warmth will enrapture you in the moment. 

9.  Road trip

Just because it is winter does not mean you need to be cooped up inside your house all season long. Whether it is a long weekend or you just have got to get up and move, getting out of your comfort zone is the way to go.

Discovery a new territory that you have not ventured yet is a great way to keep yourself intrigued and stimulated throughout the season. Going hiking in a new forest or skating on a lake you have never been to before is a great way travel and discover the world, one season at a time.

8. Polar Bear Swim

If you are brave enough to do it, you can cross this insane activity off of your list because you may not want to do it again! When it gets really, really cold in the winter polar bear club members gather to celebrate in their own crazy way. You literally take the plunge and dive into freezing,icy waters for a few seconds and run out to get warm again.

It definitely wakes up your senses and can actually be really beneficial to your body if done properly, of course. 

7. Make snow carvings

The plain old basic snow man is a thing of the past. Now a days people get really into going the extra mile to make their snow sculptures stand out. Learn how to carve ice and create beautiful sculptures to display. Have fun making snowmen or igloos in the snow and get creative with it.

The possibilities are endless, especially with the amount of snow winter gives us sometimes! 

6. Host a game night

Realistically, some days or nights people just want to stay indoors and feel cozy and comfortable. With all the adventures that can be done outdoors, switching it up is also awesome. The winter time is a great time of year to put all of those board games to use.

The more the merrier, so invite a gang over and get to playing! There are so many game adaptations of TV shows and movies and recent releases that there is something for everyone if they are done with the classic go to’s. 

5. Explore baking

Sometimes when it is kind of yucky outside, home becomes your safe haven. We can easily become bear like and enjoy stuffing our faces and watching TV. Hearty recipes are great go to’s to keep yourself full and warm when the cold hits.

Check out some amazing baking recipes that are infused with spiced apple, pumpkin or cinnamon. These are the season’s most popular items that you will definitely enjoy!

4. Cozy up with a good book

Getting lost in flipping the pages of an amazing story is great for winter. It keeps your mind occupied and involved in what are you consuming yourself with. Go the extra mile and take a trip to your local library to check out all the things you can find.

There is something for everybody, whether it is an autobiography, a graphic novel or a murder mystery. Reading is a great way to escape reality for a while.

3. Go skating

Winter is great because it is physically possible to make outdoor skating rinks with the cold weather turning water into ice. You can skate on frozen over lakes or ponds which can be magical at night with tinkling lights and stars surrounding you.

Skating is like riding a bike, once you learn, it is easy to pick up again after a long time. It is great exercise and a lot of fun. It is an activity that you can enjoy by yourself or get a group of friends together for some good old fashion winter fun. 

2. Shop online

A great thing about this season is that there are constantly a ton of sales and deals. With the holidays all of the stores are eager to sell you anything and everything. The beauty of technology allows you to get anything you want with just one click.

Take some time to browse through online catalogs and shop, shop, shop! You can get some Christmas gifts or find things you did not even know you needed or wanted. The great thing is that you do not need to leave your house and your purchases will come right to your door! 

1. Go to a hockey game

This is a really fun and exciting activity to do! Whether it is a  pro game in the NHL or your local school kids playing, hockey games are the way to go. You can see some of your favorite players and get caught up in the action of a great game!

If you are not playing, you should be watching because hockey matches and sometimes fights can be very entertaining. It is a great date idea and it is easy to follow. Go! Go! Go!

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