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15 Foods & Drinks You Would Only Have On St. Patrick’s Day


15 Foods & Drinks You Would Only Have On St. Patrick’s Day

On St-Patrick’s Day we do all kinds of things that we do not do on an everyday basis; that includes some of the foods that we eat. Here are the top fast foods that you would only eat because it is St. Patrick’s Day!

15. Hickory Tavern’s Corned Beef and Cabbage and Jameson Green Tea Shots

Only on St. Patrick’s Day will you be able to eat a traditional Irish meal (while outside or Ireland) as well as have a special green beverage. The Jameson Green Tea Shots from Hickory Tavern are the perfect pick me up for a day of partying and celebrating. Green tea is packed with caffeine so a Jameson Green Tea Shot is giving you one part party and one part boost to get you through the day. So you know that you can eat Irish and drink Irish and be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day at Hickory Tavern.

14. Baskin-Robbin’s Lucky Mint Ice Cream

Baskin-Robbins celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with chocolate mint ice cream with green candy flakes. They offer this the whole month of March and believe that it not only acts as a Saint Patty special treat but is also the perfect welcome into spring. You can get it in a cone, you can get it in a cup. Yummy yummy yummy. So whether you are feel lucky or just feeling like you want to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring the Baskin-Robbin’s Lucky Mint Ice Cream is for you.

13. Bruegger’s Bagels’ Green Bagels

If you do not know about Bruegger’s Bagels then you may want to for St. Patrick’s Day. Why? Well, because participating locations usually offer green bagels on St. Patrick’s Day and boy will that make you want to click your heels together and travel to the end of the rainbow. The green is perfect. Somehow they made the bagels so perfectly green. Start your Saint Patty Day with a bagel. A green bagel. When else will you get to do this? Never. Who else has green bagels? No one. So it is an easy choice then, you will be getting breakfast for everyone at Bruegger’s Bagels and bringing them back home so that everyone can eat and be festive at home. Right? Isn’t that what you will do? Don’t worry if you are worried that they will be sold out. All you have to do is order your green bagels in advance! Isn’t that good news! You could bring some home. You could even surprise everyone at work! Avoid getting pinched or punched or whatever people will do to you if you have no green by bringing bagels with you. You will be the most loved and most festive person around!

12. Chilis’ Lucky Jameson

Get your drink on at Chili’s on St. Patrick’s Day with the Lucky Jameson. It is said to be kind of like a margarita… But, it is an Irish margarita. This is a great option for those who want a change from the traditionally beer drinking. The Lucky Jameson contains Jameson Irish Whiskey, Lunazul Bianco tequila, and is topped with orange and lime slices. Cheers.

11. TGI Fridays’ Lucky Line Up Bar Specials

What does the Lucky Line Up Bar Special consist of at TGI Fridays? Oh boy… so many things that you would only consume on a day like St. Patrick’s Day. There is the Pot O’ Gold which is also being called the Irish Mule. It actually comes in a pot of gold (not real gold obviously – come on TGI Fridays will not make you that lucky) and it is topped with rainbow gummy bears because why the heck not! Other item in the Lucky Line UP Bar Special include shots. Shots, shots, shots, shots, EVERYBODY! Shots! You’ve got Green Beer and Jameson Irish Whisky Shots and Rainbow Shots. Get your drank on at TGI Friday’s with the Lucky Line Up Bar Specials because you won’t drink anything like any of thing any other time of the year.

10. Aldi’s Green Cheese

Okay, you may be thinking that cheese from a grocer is not fast food. Well, you are correct. However, green cheese for St. Patrick’s Day is just too good and also just too special to gloss over. If you are the type of person to do some of your Saint Patty’s celebrating at home you could always get some of this green cheese to wow your guests. Green cheese is something that you will only be eating on St. Patrick’s Day (right?) and so you should do it while you can. If you are feeling really crazy then you can place some of that green cheese on a green bagel from Bruegger’s Bagels and boom you have a green festive feast right there. You will very likely never have the stomach to eat green cheese any other time of the year and furthermore, green cheese is never really available any other time. So melt some onto your nachos, put some on your cheese boards, pop some on to a burger, and eat green on St. Patrick’s Day.

9. Dunkin’ Donuts’ Green Shamrock Donut

This next item on our list of the Top 15 Fast Foods You Would Only Eat Because It’s St. Patrick’s Day is the Green Shamrock Donut from Dunkin’ Donut’s. The reason you would only eat this on St. Patrick’s Day other than the fact that it is only available then, is because it is rather basic. It is a regular donut with green icing and sprinkles. Yes, it looks cute and okay, it is yummy, but it is not epic. This is the kind of item you eat late in the night when it is almost no longer St. Patrick’s Day and you need something in your belly and this happens to be a special offer and you think, hey, why not. You may prefer the cream filled options at Dunkin’ Donuts but you will go for this one because it is what is available and unique. Even the sprinkles are special! Some of them are shaped like little clovers! Okay, okay, okay, perhaps this donut is more than just a late night snack. Maybe it is more epic then it seems. Maybe the sheer fact that it is a St. Patrick’s Day special makes it wonderful. Right? Like, it is special and therefore it becomes cooler. No?

8. Krispy Kreme’s Original Glazed Doughnut Goes Green

The classic Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnut goes green for St. Patrick’s Day and you don’t want to miss it. The doughnut is so tasty as well as the most beautiful green that you will be instagramming your purchase like crazy! Hashtags and all. Not only does Krispy Kreme participate in St. Patrick’s Day by offering aesthetically pleasing green doughnuts but they also give customers a “golden ticket.” Yes, you did get that right… we said golden ticket. Just like from Willy Wonka. Feel free to freak out now, because it is exciting! The golden tickers that Krispy Kreme give out enter you into a chance to win one dozen free doughnuts per month for a year. How cool is that?! Apparently, they give out thousands of these golden tickets. This may be the closest you get to being like Charlie and running through the streets with a golden ticket. Don’t miss your chance.

7. Tim Hortons’ Clover Doughnut

This is so exciting! If you get a four pack of these doughnuts and you put them together it looks like a clover! This is a boomerang waiting to happen! This is a moment of friendship! Tim Hortons is giving you a chance to celebrate with your friends! Or, you know what, you can do it with strangers! Or, you could actually even just get four doughnuts for yourself to make the clover… But, do you want that? Who wants to be eating four heart shaped doughnuts which make a clover all alone on St. Patrick’s Day? Hmmm? Not the most pleasurable time. What is pleasurable and exciting and joyous is sharing the heart shaped doughnuts which form a clover with friends! Cheers those little sweet suckers and complete that clover next St. Patrick’s Day! Then go cheers some beers! Cheers as much as you can on St. Patrick’s Day! Tim Horton’s knows that “cheers-ing” is so very much a part of the festivities on St. Patrick’s Day and so they have created a doughnut to participate. Well done Tim Horton’s. Cheers to you and your ingenuity!

6. Dairy Queen’s Mint Oreo Blizzard Treat

Now, by mixing the mint flavored ice cream and Oreo cookies Dairy Queen has created something you will want all year round. But it is not offered all year round so you have to eat it when it is available or… or… well, or that’s it, you snooze you lose. That being said, we have to remember that holidays are special because they come with offers that are unique and only available at the time of the holiday. This is okay. This means you can look forward to the Dairy Queen Mint Oreo Blizzard all year and then bask in the deliciousness on the holiday itself!

5. Panera Bread’s Irish Soda Bread

If you are in the mood for something that is the perfect blend of savory and sweet on St. Patrick’s Day then head on over to Panera bread to treat yourself on their Saint Patty specialty: Irish Soda Bread. Apparently, a traditional St. Patrick’s Day celebratory meal consists of corned beef, cabbage, and a thick slice of Irish Soda Bread. So, in order to be festive and to honor the tradition Panera Bread offers customers their very own slice of Irish Soda Bread. They use currants, buttermilk, eggs, and a tiny bit of caraway. The loaves are obviously baked fresh and are super reasonability priced. The Irish Soda Bread is also a great beer sucker upper. So, if you need something to help you keep going this can be a good option for you. If you want something that tastes like home but comes to you quick fast food kind of way then this is for you. If you are Irish and miss home. Then this really is for you. If you want to feel like you are Irish then, you guessed it, this is for you! Panera Bread has done well with this one so check it out if you have not already.

4. Burger King’s Saint Paddy’s Dipping Sauce

With this Saint Patty special you dip the same way you would on a regular day: fry goes in, comes out all dipped and wonderful and then you eat and savor. Easy peasy. But, since this is a St. Patrick’s Day delight the dipping sauce happens to be green. How festive! Green dipping sauce will surely get you in the mood for all things St. Patty. So dip in style. Dip green. Dip with Burger King Saint Paddy Dipping Sauce on St. Patrick’s Day! Potatoes being green! Who said the little ‘tatoe’s can’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day too?! Think about your fry personified. Every time it gets dipped into a green dipping sauce on St. Patrick’s Day it is participating in the festivities! Ha! Good for the fry. Go ahead and celebrate with your fries and dip dip dip into the Burger King Saint Paddy Dipping Sauce!

3. O’Charleys’ Green Beer

Nothing says St. Patrick’s Day like green and beer. When you put them together to get green beer you are obviously in the best possible Saint Patty position. This is a special that you can take advantage of all day long. This is also a special that you only want to be participating in on St. Patrick’s Day because while green beer is so exciting on the day drinking that year round is not at all appetizing. St. Patrick’s Day is probably the only day in the history of days that people will willingly and intentionally seek out the green things that are not vegetables. Like, never have fast food restaurants seen so much green. Right?

2. Hard Rock Café’s Limited Time St. Patrick’s Day Menu

Participating Hard Rock Café’s tend to swap out their menus on St. Patrick’s Day. You will only eat these things on St. Patrick’s Day because the menu only comes along once a year so you better take advantage of it while it is available. There have been some pretty neat things on this menu so there is no telling how dope it will be each year. The Guinness and Bacon Jam Cheeseburger was and is particularly magnificent. The St. Paddy’s Shake is also scrumptious. The shake, like the burger, features a boozy component that makes the menu so very Irish. The shake is made with vanilla ice cream, Oreo cookies, mint, homemade white chocolate, whipped cream, rainbow candy ribbons, golden star shaped sprinkles, and Absolute Vanilla Vodka. Doesn’t that all tickle your boozy fancy?

1. McDonalds’ Shamrock Shake

Whether you are needing a pick me up as you pub crawl or standing to watch the parade the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake is for you. The reason the Shamrock Shake is a fan favorite for St. Patrick’s Day is because it is oh so festive and oh so accessible. The Shamrock Shake is easy to find and is as reliable as any other McDonald’s product is… which, let’s be honest, is pretty darn reliable. It’s McDonalds! They do not often get it wrong! The Shamrock Shake was first introduced in the early seventies and has reappeared ever since. The shake has even been joked about in various TV shows! The Shamrock Shake has been absorbed into pop culture and is a great beverage that you know you want to be drinking on St. Patrick’s Day. You can see some of those Shamrock Shake pop culture references in shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy, and even Star Trek: The New Generation. It is a cult favorite in every sense. Originally, the shake had a lemon/lime flavor. Now, it is a minty flavor. Both of these flavors are yummy and have the green coloring needed to honor the holiday. You know, the other reason the Shamrock Shake is awesome is that it is great for the whole family! Woo hoo! Shamrock Shake for mom! Shamrock Shake for dad! Shamrock Shake for gran and gramps and all the little kiddies! That being said, who says you can’t secretly spike yours… right?

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