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15 Female WWE Stars Who Are Still Single In 2018


15 Female WWE Stars Who Are Still Single In 2018

Wrestlers of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) are known for their strength and agility. With a following of thousands, they are rockstars in their field. Female wrestlers of the WWE are some of the hottest women in entertainment. They are at the top of their game and are stronger than the average Joe on the street. When your career demands you to be thrown around, beat up, and smacked down, you have to be in tip-top shape. These women can kick ass without even breaking a sweat or their perfectly coiffed hair.

Being hot, in control, and strong isn’t always a good thing for a woman. Sometimes men are intimidated by these characteristics and this can be cause for a break-up. No wonder WWE women flit from one relationship to another! But, there are those who have found marital bliss. Wrestlers such as the Bella Twins –Brie and Nikki — who are happily married or engaged. Read on and see fifteen WWE female stars that are still single in beginning of 2018. Men, take note, they are very available. Who wouldn’t want a lovely, smart woman who can also act as your bodyguard. Just make sure you don’t break their hearts lest you be beaten to a pulp. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

15. Kelly Kelly

Blonde bombshell Barbie Blank, more famously known as Kelly Kelly, is a WWE Diva, model, and reality TV star. She had been part of the WWE roster since 2006 when she was 19, and she stayed with the company until 2012. She won the 2011 WWE Divas Title a year prior to leaving the WWE. Soon after leaving the WWE, Kelly Kelly became part of the reality TV series WAGS after marrying hockey star Sheldon Souray.

Boys all over who have been fans of this Diva will be pleased to hear that she has announced her split with her ice hockey hubby. The two apparently had some issues, resulting in the end of their year -long marriage. Kelly Kelly has put herself back on the market by posting sexy selfies and snaps on Instagram. She is clearly ready for another round of love.

14. Charlotte Flair

The next Diva on this list is Charlie Flair, daughter of a two-time wrestling Hall of Famer, Ric Flair. Charlie Flair made her wrestling debut with WWE’s development company NXT in 2014, and was then named Rookie of The Year. Apart from being a wrestling champ, Charlie Flair is also an actress and an author, having penned the book Second Nature: The Legacy of Ric Flair and the Rise of Charlotte. Talk about a multi-talented lady!

Despite all her achievements, Flair seems to be unlucky in love. In 2011, she ended her marriage with first husband Riki Johnson due to physical abuse, which she revealed in her book. And in 2015, she finalized her divorce from wrestling star Bram. There are no current reports of her dating anyone new, but let’s hope this Diva finds love once more!

13. Aliyah

Nooph Al-Areebi, or WWE star Aliyah, is a professional wrestler hailing from Canada. She works under the development company WWE NXT, and won the six-woman tag team on SmackDown Live in January of this year. Aside from wrestling, Aliyah is also a nursing graduate, and has attended a circus training school. How cool is that?

Unlike the other Divas on this list, Aliyah has worked within the independent wrestling circuit. She has stayed single since her career started, startlingly. Why? It’s all because of her upbringing. As a woman of Arab descent, Aliyah doesn’t take too lightly towards the dating scene. As of now, she’s still single and focusing on her wrestling career. Now that’s an independent woman right there!

12. Ruby Riott

Gamine beauty and strength is Ruby Riott’s game. Originally named Dori Elizabeth Prange, Ruby Riott serves as a third of the famed Riott Squad from WWE SmackDown. A Michigan native and a playable character in a licensed WWE video game, Riott has had another alias for when she participated in independent wrestling circuits. She called herself “Heidi Lovelace.”

Ruby Riott has been a part of the wrestling scene since 2010, taking part in the indie Shimmer Women Athlete circuit, and World Wonder Ring Stardom, to name a few. Recently signed to the WWE, Riott has made a name for herself in the biz. She is reportedly single and open to dating, as long as it does not come between her and a title belt!

11. Sarah Logan

Crazy Mary Dobson just recently signed to the WWE and stormed her way into the scene where she fought on SmackDown under the ring name Sarah Logan.  She had been a relative unknown in the wrestling profession in 2011. Rugged and forceful, she trained in Japan with the Kaientai Dojo under former WWE heavyweight champion Taka Michinoku. Before signing her contract at WWE in 2016, she was making waves in Europe and Mexico.

Sarah was almost off the market when she got engaged this year with fellow WWE and War Machine fighter Raymond Rowe. She Instagrammed a beaming Rowe on bended knee, offering her a ring. She did say yes but later called off the engagement without giving a reason. Oh, what a sad end to a WWE love story.

10. Billy Kay

This NXT member and half of the Iconic Duo remembers the life-changing email she received from the WWE early one morning in 2014. She had been offered a WWE contract and could hardly contain her excitement. This tall athlete started her career in sports playing basketball for the Bankstown Bruins, a New South Wales’s semi-professional team. She has always been one sporty girl.

Despite her Iconic Duo partner, Peyton Royce, being in a committed relationship with boyfriend Tye Dillinger, Kay isn’t in any hurry to get busy with a boyfriend. In an interview, Kay explains that her busy schedule and strict work ethic make the hours go really fast. She believes an emotional relationship with the opposite sex will only pull her down… for now. Who knows, she might change her mind in the future

9. Torrie Wilson

Sex symbol Torrie Wilson has graced the covers of many men’s magazines, appeared on Baywatch, and thrown down in the famous WWE ring. Despite being retired from the wrestling world, not many can hold a candle to all that she’s achieved in the WWE company. Aside from being a pro wrestler, she is also a model and fitness competitor, having posed for both Playboy and FHM. Torrie’s also no stranger to love.

In 2003, she married Peter Gruner, her boyfriend of four years. The pair divorced in 2008, unfortunately, but that did not stop her search for love. In 2011, she met New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez. The two hit it off and, and their relationship lasted until 2015. Nowadays she’s happily single and possibly ready to mingle.

8. Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox, real name Victoria Elizabeth Crawford, is a professional wrestler who signed on to the WWE in 2006. She is currently the most tenured female wrestler on the roster, and this fact makes her more of a threat to the others. She is the first African-American to win the Diva Championship title, earning her a spot on the Hall of Fame. She is also an actress and model.

Alicia is currently single. After many failed relationships, she finally found love with wrestler Wade Barrett. But in 2012, the two called it quits on the reality show Total Divas. Later, Alicia was also said to be dating Cedric Alexander, another wrestler on the WWE. But the two eventually ended the relationship, leaving Miss Fox single again.

7. Paige

Saraya Jade-Bevis, more commonly known as Paige, is the youngest champion of the WWE Divas Championship, winning the title at just 21 years old. An actress and performer, Paige is an English professional wrestler from a family with a history in the sport. In fact, her family runs the promotion, the World Association of Wrestling. As a WWE mainstay, she is part of the trio Absolution.

She is also part of the main cast of Total Divas, a reality show about the beauties of the WWE. It was revealed that she had been in a relationship with a woman before dating Emarosa singer, Bradley Walden. On the show, she went public with her relationship with co-wrestler Alberto del Rio. The two went on to be engaged but broke off the engagement in 2017.

6. Nia Jax

Savelina Fanene, or more commonly known by her ring name Nia Jax, is an Australian pro wrestler who started training due to her love for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. It’s said that she decided to pursue wrestling when she saw him for the first time in Wrestlemania XXVIII. Apart from being a pro wrestler, Nia Jax is also a plus-size model who helps advocate for body positivity and loving oneself. You go, girl!

Despite wrestling being her main career, Nia Jax’s self-confessed first love is basketball. Judging from her sports-oriented family, she’s had a lot of experience with different kinds of activities before settling down with wrestling. Surely, Nia Jax is not like other girls. With her wrestling career on the rise, there’s nothing stopping her.

5. Becky Lynch

Get blessed with the Luck of the Irish! Rebecca Quin, or Becky Lynch, is an Irish wrestler on the WWE roster. In training since 2002, Becky Lynch expanded her wrestling career in Europe by entering the independent wrestling circuit under the name of Rebecca Knox. She signed on with the WWE in 2015, and the rest is history.

Lynch is a redheaded powerhouse inside the WWE ring. Her long history of training mixed with her spirit has earned her quite the reputation. When it comes to her love life, Becky Lynch is currently single. She used to be in a relationship with UFC fighter and mixed martial arts practitioner Luke “Cool Hands” Sanders. The two are still friends to this day. Are you brave enough to date this Irish lass?

4. Kanako Urai aka Asuka

Watch out, fellas, because this female wrestler is bringing some Eastern heat to this list! Kanako Urai, or more commonly known as Asuka, is a professional wrestler best known for her traditional, old-school moves and finishers. She also has an extensive background in sports, having trained as a figure skater and badminton player. Asuka also used to be a graphic designer, having worked with Microsoft in her earlier years.

When it comes to love, Asuka is private and doesn’t let anything personal slip from her pursed lips. She is currently focusing on her impressive career as a wrestler on the WWE roster and improving her craft as a wrestler and performer. She is currently single. If anyone’s brave enough to step up to the plate, now’s your chance!

3. Summer Rae

Danielle Louise Moinet, or Summer Rae, is another summery blonde to add to this list! Summer Rae is a model and professional wrestler signed to the WWE roster in 2011. She is also a reality TV star, appearing on the TV show Total Divas. She also got her start performing in the WWE ring as famed wrestler Fandango’s dance and tag team partner.

A few months after their partnership began, she ended up becoming his off-screen lover, but they have since parted ways. She does say that Fandango remains “a very good friend,” and recalls how he gave the best advice. “There’s no weirdness… I learned a lot.” She’s still waiting for love, and she has hopes she’ll find it again.

2. Tenille Averil Dashwood aka Emma

Talk about a mouthful! Tenille Averil Dashwood, or more famously known as Emma, is an Australian pro wrestler who has been training since she was just thirteen years old. Emma is probably the only lady on this list that has received professional training, having been sent to Canada to train at the Storm Wrestling Academy. With many years of experience under her belt, Emma finally got signed onto the WWE roster in 2012.

She is also apparently back on the market! This Aussie sweetheart has broken off her relationship with wrestler and co-WWE star, Zack Ryder. Reports say that he was recently seen with former Tough Enough member Chelsea Green. It could be said that the love fizzled out quick for the both of them.

1. Sonya DeVille

Sonya DeVille is professional wrestler signed under the WWE. She was trained by the Booker T himself! A former judo student and current mixed martial arts practitioner, DeVille is part of the three-woman team Absolution from WWE Raw. She also joins mixed martial arts competitions on the side, with two wins and one loss under her belt.

DeVille also co-presents the YouTube show, UFC Afterbuzz. On the more personal side, Sonya DeVille is also a single lady. But boys, maybe you might want to sit this one out, as this Diva is an out-and-proud lesbian! In fact, she is the first openly lesbian WWE performer. This is a big deal since it shows that the WWE is beginning to be progressive by signing her on to be one of the Divas. Stay loud and proud, DeVille!

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