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15 Feel-Good Viral Videos For The End Of Days

Now that a numerologist has prophesied that the end the world will happen Saturday, it seems like a good time to click on videos that will bring a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Some videos have blown up the internet just like the Nibiru is about to blow up the Earth.

This list compiles inspirational videos that move your soul and make you want to get up and change your life in a positive way — before it’s too late. 

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and remember a few videos that made our hearts melt, our bellies laugh and turned those frowns upside down. Take a look at the following 15 feel-good viral videos fit for the end of days!

15. Double Rainbow 

This video was one of many funny videos to end up going viral. Hungrybear9562 uploaded a video of him seeing not one but two rainbows at the same time and he just loses it. You can hear his voice demonstrating feelings of awe, amazement and total excitement over this phenomenon.

The video was shot in Yosemite National Park and completely moved the man with the beauty of nature. It went viral because famous talk show host Jimmy Kimmel had found it and just had to share it with the world. Watch the magic here.

14. Susan Boyle

This woman changed the face of talent shows forever. She proved that looks mean nothing when you pack one of the most powerful singing voices ever. Never judge a book by it’s cover, because you never know what will surprise you at the end of the day.

As per usual Simon Cowell was scoffing and giving off his air of superiority. Boyle came to the stage with confidence but without the typical pop star look. Once she began to belt out “I dreamed a dream,” jaws dropped, eyes bulged and ears opened.

This video is satisfying because you can’t help but root for her and her wacky personality and amazing voice. She went on to a successful career in the music business. Watch how it all began here.

13. Dawg at the beach

This video cracks up viewers mostly because of the reaction and accent of the dog’s owner. The owner’s funny expressions keep viewers amused as he seems totally shocked by his dog’s normal behavior.

It comes with some unexpected turns when the carefree dog decides to go number two right on the beach. The owner is totally disgusted and in awe of his funny dog. You can tell the owner loves his dog so much, but is definitely not in control. Watch the debacle unfold here.

12. Not-so-pro ninja

This video is too funny! At first viewers take it really seriously as they are expecting an amazing performance by the ninja. He takes himself very seriously and comes across as a professional athlete about to give a great show. Once he gets going, his performance or lack thereof goes downhill quick.

It is unclear if he trips or knocks himself out with his weapons. But one thing is for sure, he goes down! There is something so funny about watching someone take a dive. Keep practicing! HI YA! Watch the epic fail here.

11. Dog Translator

When it comes to owning a dog, you get to know their quirky habits like the back of your hand. Like any dog, this one is completely enthralled with food and not afraid to show it.

He gives his owner the biggest puppy dog eyes in hopes of getting any scrap. The voiceover is gold and goes perfectly with the situation and facial expressions of this pup. This has been a wildly popular and lighthearted, goofy video in viral video history. Watch the funny vid here.

10. Like a pencil stick 

This by far was one of the most hilarious videos of all time on the Internet. The best thing about it is that it’s wasn’t staged at all. This hitchhiker is just so real and honest about the situation and surprisingly very calm considering what he just went through.

The best line is when he lets everyone know that “he snapped her neck like a pencil stick.” His overall body language and attitude is nothing like we are use to in news interviews or reports on such a serious events. Watch the insane interview here.

9. Keenan Cahill 

You may remember seeing this face because not only did the star go viral, he also became a minor celebrity. This video changed Keenan Cahill’s life and got the attention of major stars like 50 Cent and many more. The original video was this cutie singing along to superstar Katy Perry`s  “Teenage Dream.”

He gets so into it, it just puts a smile on your face. He went on to create his own music channel with appearances by Maroon 5, The Wanted and Justin Bieber  among many other famous faces. Cahill even got nominated for Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star. Watch Keenan here.

8. Boo the dog

This is probably one of the cutest dogs you will ever see. It literally looks like a stuffed animal and completely fake, but it’s not! Boo is a Pomeranian who has become famous because of his breakout video. It had over 17.5 million likes on Facebook in 2016 and continues to grow more popular.

In 2010, the video went viral when popular singer Kesha tweeted a link to her page and confessed her undying adoration for the bundle of cuteness. Boo’s popularity exploded since. The world could not handle just how cute this happy-go-lucky dog is. Today, the dog continues to appear in more videos. Watch his highlight video here.

7. David after the dentist

We have all had to face the music at some point: the terrible trip to the dentist’s office. When this poor little guy David had his trip, he ended up having a procedure that required some serious medication to ease the pain. The poor kid was so out of it and confused asking if this feeling was going to last forever.

You can’t help but feel bad for him, but kind of chuckle inside knowing it will all be okay once the anesthesia wears off. Overall, the video was a very positive experience for the family. The money made from the video went to dental charities. Watch the video here: David After Dentist.

6. OMG shoes

This is pure comedy genius in just a few minutes of the clip. Liam Kelly Sullivan is the comedic mastermind behind this video. The character’s name is Kelly and she stars in the music video clip style.

It depicts her birthday party and is all kinds of awkward. Disappointed with her gifts, she goes on a mission to truly get what she wants for her birthday: shoes. The video gained lots of popularity landing a People’s Choice Award. She was also featured in the popular band Weezer’s video “Pork and Beans.” Watch it here.

5. Miss Teen South Carolina 

This is one of the most awkward and cringe worthy videos we have ever seen. We can only imagine how difficult it must be to have millions of eyes on you and not knowing what kind of question is going to be asked.

There is immense pressure to pull your answers off flawlessly all while keeping that perfectly white smile and calm demeanor. Well, it was about time one of these perfect tens messed it up. This video remind us that beauty queens are human and not robots. Take a look at this video if you want to feel just a wee bit better about yourself. Watch it here.

4. Christian the lion 

It is almost impossible to watch this video without shedding a tear. It demonstrates how much loyalty and love animals and humans can share between one another. After bonding and creating such a caring and loving relationship, it goes to show that, that can be instilled in an animal for life.

No matter the distance or time this lion and his human spent apart, the good memories stay forever. When Christian the lion jumps and hugs his human, your heart just melts at the genuine emotion and love they both share for each other. It is something you do not see everyday but emphasizes how important it is to be kind to animals.

They know, they feel just like us humans. Watch the love here.

3. Where the hell is Matt? 

This video features the main character Matt doing a funny dance. He isn’t just dancing, he is dancing all over the world! From 2003 to 2004, Matt decided to travel the world and escape the mundane routine of his everyday life. He began to compile videos of him doing his famous dance in places all over the world. So that is exactly what he did.

The video gained so much popularity and really showed all the different cultures and places in the world that most of us have not experienced. There are different versions of the same type of video that were made in different years and showcased different countries. The videos give us a glimpse at different parts of the world.

There was a lot of talk that the video was a hoax. Still, it showcases how beautiful our huge earth really is. Watch the dance around the world here.

2. Leprechaun sighting 

More and more, we are seeing some absolutely hilarious news interviews. This video is about a town in Alabama, where people claim to have seen a leprechaun. They speak about how they are going to protect themselves as well as what they each personally saw and experienced.

There is something so silly and real about this video. You would think the news stations are always trying to act professional and then a video like this happens. Take a peak and get ready to laugh your head off! Watch it here.

1. Randy’s last lecture 

This video is very moving and inspirational. A professor speaks to his students about achieving their childhood dreams and what really matters to him. Randy had been diagnosed with terminal illness yet he produced his speech in an upbeat and inspiring way to his audience. The speech is so touching it gained a huge amount of fame.

His message is to live life to the fullest and have fun doing anything you do. It brings us all back to what truly is important in life. Get the tissues ready. Watch it here.

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