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15 Fast Food Desserts America Wished They Had


15 Fast Food Desserts America Wished They Had

It’s almost impossible to leave a fast food restaurant without grabbing a little dessert. A sweet treat is the perfect way to end a meal, and no one dishes out delicious desserts like fast food joints. If you’re in the US of A, try not to cry rivers of tears when we reveal to you 15 Fast Food Desserts America Wished They Had.

15. Nutella Burger from McDonald’s Italy

When we think about Italian meals and desserts, the last thing that comes to mind would probably be Nutella. McDonald’s Italy were ahead of the game and jumped on the Nutella bandwagon to create their Nutella Burger. The burger is so simple that it almost makes a person feel lazy when eating it.  You could’ve made a Nutella Burger at home, but who has the time to spread something between two buns? Yes, that’s all this dessert burger really is. It’s Nutella spread on two of McDonald’s famous buns. You don’t need to get fancy when serving something as creamy and delicious as Nutella. It’s all about the chocolatey spread, and McDonald’s knows not to get in the way of a good thing.

14. Rainbow Donut from McDonald’s Germany

McDonald’s has gone out of its way to create a donut that is as fun to look at as it is to eat. The Rainbow Donut from McDonald’s Germany is a dessert that looks like a work of art. The icing alone is well worth plunking down some of your hard-earned money for. Any donut covered with that much icing has to taste great. The real surprise is the raspberry filling inside the donut. The filling is what pushes this donut over the top into ‘must-have’ food territory. If you’re ever in Germany, it would be a sin not to pick up one of these colorful treats alongside a cup of coffee.

13. Choco Banana Bites from Dunkin’ Donuts Korea

The flavors of chocolate and banana go oh so perfect together. That’s why the professionals at Dunkin’ Donuts paired them together. Dunkin’ Donuts is responsible for pouring pot after pot of hot coffee to everyone who needs a pick me up. Pairing your cup of coffee with some of these donut bites is a no brainer. If you walk out of the place without these donut bites in your sack or tummy, then you’ve made a colossal mistake. The question shouldn’t be if you’re going to buy Choco Banana Bites or not, it should be if you put cream or sugar in your coffee.

12. Frosty Coffee Jelly from Wendy’s Philippines

Who can pass by a Wendy’s and not want a Frosty? It’s impossible to see that sign with the pig-tailed redhead and not find yourself in the drive-thru ordering a chocolatey Frosty. Those who live in the Philippines have another great option, and it’s a Coffee Jelly Frosty. By no means is this your grandpa’s Frosty. Get ready for a caffeinated punch if you order up one of these Frosty’s while in the Philippines. You will immediately notice how beautiful the Frosty is. The color of the Frosty is white, and there’s the addition of various colored swirls. Between its delicious flavor and its appearance, it’s easy to get lost in this drink. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself going to Wendy’s every day to pick up a Coffee Jelly Frosty while you’re on vacation in the Philippines.

11. Egg Tart from KFC Asia

Egg tarts aren’t something you see much of these days. Really, when was the last time you ate an egg tart? Some of you may have never eaten an egg tart. That is unless you’ve recently been to a KFC in an Asian country. If you have, then you know how wonderful an egg tart can taste. Sure, the name egg tart sounds kind of weird, but give it a go. You’ll probably end up ordering an egg tart to take out after finishing your first one. The egg tarts at KFC are one of those desserts that you will constantly think about until it’s impossible for you to get them anymore. You will feel so sad once you have to leave, and all be because you won’t be able to get this delicious treat at any KFC location in America.

10. Hot Brownies from Burger King Czech Republic

Brownies are always a great dessert. Hot brownies, on the other hand, they are next level out of this world. Nothing compares to a brownie that is served piping hot. The Hot Brownies from Burger King Czech Republic are something you’d book a whole vacation around. The center of the brownie oozes with liquid chocolate. The brownie is topped with just enough whipped cream to make you realize how great life truly is. How will you ever be able to go on without having access to these every single day? It’s hard knowing that there’s a dessert out there this good that you can’t get your mouth around. Order your plane ticket now, worry about your visa bill later, it’s the only way to get through a moment like this. Once there, make sure to get an extra stack of napkins because that oozy chocolate filling has a way of getting on everything.

9. Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry from McDonald’s 

You’ll have to head to the land down under during Easter for this dessert. You see, it’s only possible to get the Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry around Easter time at McDonald’s in Australia. Yes, the McFlurry contains the Cadbury Creme Eggs that everyone loves so much. Every year you count down the days until Easter so you can stock up on these eggs. Some of you might even put a stash in the freezer to enjoy them all year long. If this describes you, then hop on down to McDonald’s Australia and get yourself one of these McFlurries before the holiday season is over. This McFlurry has also occasionally turned up in Canada, New Zealand and the UK, so you might not have to travel that far after all. All it will take is one bite of a Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry for you to wish that Easter was every day of the year. 

8. Banurrito from Taco Bell Cyprus

Cyprus probably isn’t the first country that comes to mind when you think about Taco Bell. All of that is going to change once you hear about the Banurrito. No matter the franchise, it seems a common theme is that fast food joints love to pair chocolate and bananas. The Banurrito does just that with a banana covered in hazelnut pralines. The burrito is sweet, chocolatey, and has the perfect balance of chocolate and banana. It’s a burrito, so you can enjoy this dessert on the go without having to worry about utensils. That’s great news for those who like to walk down the street with a cup of coffee in one hand and something to eat in the other. Many will agree that this could make the perfect breakfast for those who want to eat while on the go. Who knows if they serve the Banurrito at breakfast, but if you’re on vacation, then you’ve got plenty of time to lounge the day away before heading over to Taco Bell.

7. Taro Pie from McDonald’s Asia

You’ll find Taro Pies at McDonald’s in Asian countries and also Hawaii. The Taro Pie at McDonald’s is similar to an apple pie, but these ones have taro in them. Taro is a starchy root and eaten almost like potatoes in many countries. The addition of taro to McDonald’s already famous pies is an interesting choice, but not too surprising considering how popular it is in Asian countries. You won’t ever think of a McDonald’s pie the same away again after eating one with taro root inside it. Although, in all honesty, you’re probably still wishing Mickey D’s deep fried their pies. Taro is great, but nothing is better than crispy dough that has been deep-fried to perfection. If McDonald’s ever comes back to their senses and sells deep fried pies again, they can fill them with apples, taro, or whatever, and people will jump for joy.

6. Blueberry Patbingsu from KFC Korea

The Blueberry Patbingsu from KFC is an odd mix of blueberries and red beans. Yes, red beans. Oh, there’s shaved ice in it also. It’s a sweet dessert with the addition of beans. Do you ever say to yourself that the one thing that desserts need more of is beans? If so, then you need to head on over to South Korea. Once there, go to the nearest KFC and gorge yourself on all the beans your stomach can handle. The blueberries and blueberry syrup are a nice touch, but still, you’re eating beans in a dessert. You have to wonder what the Colonel might be thinking if he’s looking down at what his restaurants are serving today? Nothing like this ever came out of his kitchen, but he did seem like an adventurous guy who would try almost anything.

5. Custard Pie from Domino’s Japan

Domino’s is an international pizza giant and their reach extends to Japan. The Japanese Domino’s serves up a dessert that some Americans might find suspiciously odd – the Custard Pie. Few people probably know what custard is these days, and even fewer know how to make it. The Custard Pie from Domino’s Japan is more like a stuffed crust pizza than it is a pie. Then again, people do call it pizza pie. Anyway, you get the drift in that it’s both weird and delicious. Anyone who has ever been to Japan or eaten at a Japanese restaurant knows that their food is sometimes a little strange to western palates.

4. Mochi Ring from Dunkin’ Donuts Asia

If your sweet tooth is aching for a treat, the first place you head to is Dunkin’ Donuts. Every day they’re baking fresh donuts and other pastries that put a smile on your face. The Mochi Ring is more than just a fun combination of syllables to say, it’s also a tasty sweet treat served up at Dunkin’ shops in Asia. The look alone of the Mochi Ring makes it something you should try at least once. Mochi Rings come in a variety of flavors that include banana, mango, green tea, and chocolate. How can you choose one flavor out of all those tasty choices?  You don’t. Instead of trying to decide which flavor to try, you accept the fact that you’ll be back at Dunkin’ to try all of the flavors. You’re on vacation; calories don’t count when you’re not at home. Everyone know that. Everything is diet food when you’re away from home. Bacon, donuts, and everything else you can think of is never off-limits. Actually, you might as well just make life easy and order one of each flavor right away.

3. Oreo Cone with Purple Sweet Potato Soft Serve from McDonald’s Hong Kong

You can add Oreos to anything, and it’s going to taste good. Take sweet potato soft serve, for example, that doesn’t sound the most appealing. Put the ice cream into an Oreo cone, and all of a sudden, you’ve got something people can’t live without. Yes, the ice cream is purple, no, it doesn’t come from purple cows. The whole sweet potato ice cream thing sounds weird, and honestly, it kinda is, but wouldn’t you want to try it out? The ice cream itself is a sweet and creamy delight that hits all the right spots when you’re craving dessert. What pushes the ice cream cone over the top is the Oreo base. The cone made out of Oreo chocolate cookie tastes so good that you’ll forget that there’s a creamy root vegetable inside it. McDonald’s proves once and for all that you can slap anything together with the chocolatey flavor of Oreo cookies and it will taste great. If only your mom knew that the trick to getting you to eat those brussel sprouts as a kid was to place them between two Oreo cookies. 

2. Marshmallow Twizzle from Starbucks United Kingdom

Marshmallow and chocolate. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to eat a chocolate-covered marshmallow while sipping a hot cup of coffee? Marshmallow Twizzles are one of the best things ever to eat alongside a cup of coffee. Why isn’t this something that’s being sold all over the world? It’s hard to imagine anyone that has a sweet tooth being able to walk by a chocolate-covered marshmallow and not immediately want to devour it. Starbucks – you need to start selling this at every one of your locations all around the world. If humans ever go to Mars, Starbucks should send a few of these along for the journey. It’s unthinkable that something as outrageously satisfying as this is only available in the United Kingdom. Sometimes you can’t reason with people, and it’s those times when you pack your bags and go where the good stuff is. Head on over to the UK and eat as many Marshmallow Twizzles as you can.

1. Chocodilla from Taco Bell South America

What could be better than a warm gooey cheese-filled quesadilla? The only thing that could come close to all that cheesy goodness is a quesadilla filled with chocolate. Yes, you heard that right. Instead of warm gooey cheese, this quesadilla is filled with melted chocolate. It seems so wrong to talk about something as delicious as the Chocodilla and then be reminded that it’s not available in America. Why are we being punishing in such a cruel manner? The Chocodilla is everything you ever hoped for in a dessert. The simplicity of the Chocodilla is its main selling point. It’s a flour tortilla with chocolate melted in it. The chocolate is already soft, and it flows so smoothly over your tongue. Your entire mouth is engulfed with the sweet, creamy taste of chocolate that does have a little bit of a bite to it. Taco Bell uses a dark variant chocolate, and it has a kick to it. South America isn’t that far, so check the local Taco Bell menu of the country you’re visiting and give the Chocodilla a try.

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