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15 Fashion Trends 0f 2017 You Can’t Ignore


15 Fashion Trends 0f 2017 You Can’t Ignore

Now that Fashion week is behind us, it’s important to state the obvious: this year’s trends are the definition of DIVINE! From metallic fabrics, to fringes, to bold stripe statements, it just keeps on getting better by the minute. If you can’t wait to sort out your closet to free up some space for what’s coming, then we are on the same page!

If you want to dress for success, you can’t ignore fashion advice from Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, Giorgio Armani and Chanel.

This year’s trends have bold and confident written all over them. It’s all about making statements and standing out, which matches perfectly with all the gender empowering campaigns going on since last year. After all, fashion is about expressing yourself and 2017 is the year of playing with fabrics and colors that no one would’ve considered a decade ago.

What’s even more amazing is that you get to do it all yourself! There are no guidelines as to what goes with what; you can mix and match anything and everything! If you like mixing stripes with polka dots but are afraid of looking odd, FEAR NOT! This year you can do that and wear different shoes, all at the same time!

Our favorite boys, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior have also gifted us with bright pinks, head-to-toe gold & silver outfits and subtle black cut-outs that we wish we were wearing right now (if you don’t believe me you will soon). Check out these 15 fashion trends you don’t want to miss in 2017.


Whether it’s raspberry pink, baby pink, or a statement fuchsia, pink looks good in every skin color and is always the right choice for any event. This season is greeting us with the perfect fabrics to look spectacular, as displayed by Marchesa, Elie Saab and others in NYFW. From a minimalistic style, to an embellished one, pink NEVER is and NEVER will be too much.

According to psychologists, pink is the color of compassion and love and what better way to empower yourself than by wearing it? And,even better, the former stereotype of guys not wearing pink is FINALLY over (trust me men, you’re irresistible when you wear that color)! So listen up go get yourselves some pink clothers.

We can all agree on is that we are obsessed with the looks that models wore this past February, no matter the pink hue. So start your spring break shopping ASAP and stock up on all the pinks you can find.


Do you love florals as much as we do? SAME. And Fashion designers like Jenny Packham, Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabbana and Thom Browne seem to agree with us. From head to toe, flowers took have taken over the fashion world in 2017, not only in NYC, but also in Paris, London and Dubai. Just think about it, springtime is when flowers flourish (no kidding!) so what better season to wear flowers than now! The only rule is: TO HAVE FUN mixing and matching. Flowers are cute, vintage and we can never get enough of the variety of fabrics and patterns the market offers us. Floral prints are very easy to wear, and at the same time, can be very sweet and classy. Mix them with the right lipstick color, a single-color tote/messenger bag, and beach waves for a simple look. Or, wear the right stilettos with a statement clutch and necklace and throw in some winged eyeliner for a more elaborate look. Last but not least, remember that fashion portrays your attitude and you decide what you wear and how you mix it. So, do take our advice on how to mix certain fabrics, but definitely go ahead and create your own, GIRL BAWSE.


AND WE THOUGHT THIS COULDN’T GET BETTER. Of course we’re not encouraging you to go out naked and show everything. Leaving something to the imagination is key to keeping it sexy; however, a little teasing here and there is even SEXIER. This season’s see-through shirts and dresses are getting a lot to talk (positive off course!) and we think it’s time to love it as well!

This is when having a small bust finally pays off (don’t believe us?): this trend is amazing! It is the perfect representation of sexy (without being trashy); and we FINALLY get a specific trend to identify with (about time…). Being and A or B cup has its disadvantages when it comes to wearing sexy tops that only voluptuous women can pull off. Well, this is our time to shine! Lace and silk are both elegant and romantic, and when placed on the skin, they work miracles! (Don’t ask us… ask Dior, or Prabal Gurung… they know better!).

Still, ladies, fashion has once again been fair and succeeded at meeting everyone’s needs by providing us with different styles of transparent blouses and dresses to fit more than one body type (talk about an early Christmas!). This year we expect to see all of you shine and expose your beauty to the world, all the while being hot as hell.


Whoever said crop tops are so 2016 didn’t know what they were in for, because if one thing’s for sure, they are her to STAY. However, with some changes of course. The most important being the length. Crop tops are shorter now! (No, they’re not bras yet). Crop tops were the new black this year as Rodarte and Alexander Wang models strut the runway. This piece of clothing is amazing on any body type and you get to choose the level of sexy! Whether you wear them with multi-patterned shorts, or the perfect skirt, they are to die for! This season, you can also pull an Emrata (because she is bae) and wear them with jeans! Wishful thinking isn’t bad for the brain after all… (Or is it? … Sigh) or you can do something even better, pull a YOU.

Like Blair Waldorf once said, “fashion is the most powerful art there is. It’s movement, design, and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be.” Hopefully we know better than to ignore queen B’s wise knowledge.
Shorter crop tops call for happier days, am I right?

And what is even lovelier about these little pieces of adorned clothing (whether they are made out of cotton, polyester, silk, or finer types of fabric), is that they’re suitable for anything. You can wear them to the beach, to a concert, to attend a very elegant gala, to eat takeaway Indian food at home or to crash a friend’s house during the weekend; you’ll look fabulous no matter what you do and everyone around you will know it. So SHOP SHOP SHOP the crop tops like it’s the last thing you’ll do!!!


Have you ever left your friend’s house after a sleepover missing a sock? Or, wearing a shirt that definitely didn’t match your sweatpants? (been there, done that) NOT A PROBLEM ANYMORE. Last year’s NYFW introduced mixing and matching and NYFW2017 proved it was here to stay (thanks a lot Gucci!). Your mother might not agree with us on this, but stripes actually can look divine with plaid and polka dots! That’s because we were so used to being simple and inside our comfort zones. Well, this season we have permission to get out of our boxes… we can be weird without being judged.

There aren’t even any color restrictions. If you want to wear blue… and yellow, and you can’t make up your mind. No problem, wear both. This is your shoulder angel telling you to go for it! As we have reiterated throughout this list, be YOU. Dress the way you want, have fun and never forget that you’re one of the few people fearless enough to do so. If you’re still skeptical about this whole trend, let us especially invite you to hang out with us on the other side!


If there’s one thing we can be grateful for from T Swift, for (actually a billion things, but back to the point), it’s for making us fall in love with Oxford shoes. We first loved them on Chuck Bass, as he constantly wore them. But wearing men’s shoes can sometimes be difficult (talk about a size prob!!). So we are left to admire Taylor Swift rocking them with every outfit she wore.

It’s surprising that they stayed in the shadows for so long. I mean, Taylor even had time to switch from being a country singer to pop star. But one way or another, they managed to make it to the list of fashion trends. This time, with several adjustments that caught our eye before we even knew it.

Say hello to the era of classic with a pop of crazy. Oxfords are hard to hate. They’re traditional, yet open to change as time goes by, which is why you should get some in your closet PRONTO! And may T-Swizzle be your inspiration to wear the prettiest Oxfords around this year (we love you T).


Neon themed parties were THE thing years ago… this year, neon colored clothes are all the talk. Not only does neon light up your body in hue frenzy, but it also makes you look stunning! (Trust us, you do).
But if you’re the kind of girl that’s doubtful about wearing such bold colors, we have only one recommendation for you: DOUBT NO MORE. Leave it to expert (and our personal favorite), Alexander Wang to prove to you that there shouldn’t be any hesitation when it comes to these fluo colors but rather admiration and inclination.

Other designers like DKNY, Delpozo and Jason Wu have successfully designed to die for neon dresses that we thought only Priyanka Chopra could wear. (all the while looking like an Indian goddess.)

But worry not ladies! Take it from us; neon is so spectacular it has enough glow to go around! And what’s better than having the perfect shirt to match your Queen Supreme Jeffree Star liquid lipstick??

So keep in mind that Forever21 always has your season’s favorites. So, run to your nearest store as soon as you read this. If you don’t believe us at all, check it out for yourself at Forever 21. HAPPY SHOPPING LADIES!


If it wasn’t clear before, it is now. Ruffles are EVERYWHERE and on EVERYTHING (we are not talking about the chips). And that’s a good thing. Ruffles can make something simple pop out in such a unique way that it’s become essential to keep these ruffled pieces in our wardrobes. Leave it to the queens of ruffles themselves: Nicky and Simone, owners of Zimmermann, to convince you that this is the hottest trend in 2017. Everything is covered in ruffles; jeans, shorts, skirts, blouses, dresses, even purses!

Wherever they are placed, their sole purpose is the same: to shape you and make you look more dramatic. And there’s something even more special about ruffles that you probably already know: they are self-sufficient. When you wear them there’s no need for jewelry or a flashy purse (however you can go for it if you feel like it… we know we have). Ruffles are amazing for any occasion as long as you understand that bigger statement ruffles are for the evening, whereas smaller ones fit better for morning dates, maybe brunch? (yikes, I’m hungry now) They go PER-FECT-LY with high buns and ponytails, because you free up space in your face to have it framed by ruffles instead of strands of hair.


Talk about hair goals… and also WCW… or everyday! Negin Mirsalehi is simply goals. This year’s NYFW hair was all about balayage, not only brown, but also in pinks, light greys, blondes and so on… (ask Katy Perry about it… she knows). So yes, we do understand this isn’t something you buy at the mall, but fashion isn’t only about the clothes you wear, it’s also about how you carry yourself. So, hair, nails, makeup, shoes, handbags all count.

Balayage is amazing because you don’t have to dye your hair completely: your hair roots remain intact all while getting a fabulous, new look. Sometimes all a girls needs is a little change.So next time you want to try something different, go for this look and we promise you you’ll fall even more in love with yourself.


WHO ELSE IS EXCITED FOR SUMMER? Jumpsuit season means happy girls everywhere (except maybe when we have to go to the bathroom, they are a little inconvenient but small price to pay) Talk about passion for fashion.

Jumpsuits, are amazing because they relieve us from the sometime arduous tax of deciding what to match with our favorite shorts or skirt. Or, which pants go with this top. We all know, that can take HOURS, sometimes days… (We’re not exaggerating boys).

It looks like Cushnie et Ochs have understood this and have listened to our prayers; jumpsuits everywhere. This situation is rather confusing, because we want everything, but we’re also going broke (sigh).

Other famous brands like Hèrmes, Michael Kors and Vanessa Seward created jumpsuits that we now see in our dreams every night… (or is it just us?) Jumpsuits are also versatile! You can find short jumpsuits, long ones, elegant ones, simpler ones, the ones you carry to the beach, or the ones that you simply buy for no particular reason and seem to wear every chance you get because it’s really comfortable and easy to remove. (To go to the bathroom, of course). We’ve found amazing jumpsuits online, if you’re a web nerd like me, let me recommend my favorite one yet from Saboskirt (Aussies rule!).


Let’s talk COACH. Their runway was our absolute favorite because of the variety and implicit simplicity of it all. And their bags are the absolute best as well.Not only should we talk about the bags, but also about the embellished biker jackets that caught our eye and had us drooling the moment we saw them. Coach 1941’s spring collection was all about vintage, leather designs. Biker jackets are our personal goto garment whenever we are going to a concert with friends, or gettin burgers with the fam. These jackets are also incredibly comfortable. Every girl’s closet should have one. They became so popular in NYFW. If you have one, it’s time to dust it off because you will need it for many more seasons.


It’s important to say something in case not everyone knows: leggings are the most COMFORTABLE piece of clothing ever! The way they adjust to your figure is heavenly. It seems that fashion designers at NYFW 2017 agree because this past February, Y/Project and Louis Vuitton’s models strutted down the runway wearing leggings for the world to see and admire, and even envy… Whether they’re made out of leather, spandex or lace, leggings rock. Rodarte showed off his leggings made with a combination of fabrics that everyone was talking about… SPECTACULAR. Leggings are very versatile since they can be worn with pretty much anything, not to mention the fact that they are so comfortable… A girl’s best friend really.Another amazing feature these elastic pants have is that they really do bring out the best in our derrière (and who doesn’t love that, right?).


We are really taking a shine to metallic fabric this season as Marc Jacobs demonstrated with his subtle designs during NYFW. Talk about a statement fabric. No matter where you are heading, gold and silver will not overdress you anymore; instead, they are perfect for your everyday outings. Think about it, a silver shirt with shorts is cool for going out for breakfast, and then that same shirt with some leather pants and pumps look perfect for a night out! It makes our lives easier! Kenzo and Chanel made their runway look so galactic and mesmerizing with their bold blue-ish and purple-ish fabrics that looked not only beautiful but classy. So don’t be afraid to shine.


If you weren’t convinced about this trend before, let Kendall Jenner do the talking… or perhaps we should say the walking. This trend started late last year and has been a craze ever since! Wearing bras as outerwear, so simple, yet beautiful.

Bras are the boss now. They rule and they also make everything look prettier fashion-wise. It’s also cool because it’s vintage, and who doesn’t love vintage? Perks of having this trend going on right now? Victoria’s Secret is releasing many bralettes… simply heaven!

1. FRIN-GES!!!!!

We can’t seem to get enough of fringe season, or Balmain’s catwalk. Fringes are everywhere, even on SHOES! This past February they ruled NYFW with their flawless runway show and sparked our interest in what is now a trend everyone is wearing.

Chinese Laundry has some awesome fringed shoes that are reasonably priced for such great quality! (props to them for always having the right shoe for everything). Fashion is more than just about looks; it’s about making a statement and we are so ready to make one.

Enjoy your fashion season and happy shopping! Xoxo, gossip girl.

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