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15 Fashion Looks Men Should Never Wear


15 Fashion Looks Men Should Never Wear

The fashion industry is about taking risks, coming up with new innovative ideas and of course embarrassing the hell out of many, many men. Over the years a lot of men have fallen fault to misguided fashion advice. They end up wearing some sort of catastrophe that either should have never been invented or is so far out of fashion that there is no reason why they should still own a pair. Unlike women’s fashion where most looks comes back into style, it doesn’t happen as much with men’s fashion. At the end of the day, there are just certain things that men should not be wearing, ever. So here are few things that women should look for in their man’s closet, and take out immediately!

15. Leather

The leather craze should just be over with. Unless you are a biker and wear leather to protect yourself in case of an accident, then leather is not for you. It is not only men who should throw away every leather piece they own, but women should as well. However, men in leather is just more distracting and totally unflattering. When was the last time someone said, “oh man, those tight leather pants look so good on you”? There are so many other options, leather need not be one of them. Besides it doesn’t go with a lot when it comes to a guy’s wardrobe. The last time a guy looked amazing in leather was in the 70s, on a stage, with no shirt on.

14. All Supreme All The Time

Supreme has made a name for itself as cool, versatile streetwear. However, there is one problem:a lot of guys got really into it really fast. Meaning –  Supreme overload. Street wear on top of street wear, Supreme on top of Supreme; it’s insanity. Now, it’s not that men should stop wearing Supreme or streetwear altogether, but they should figure out how to match it with cool, simple, TONE DOWNED pieces. It’s fair to state that if someone knows that they have no control when it comes to streetwear then they should bow out gracefully. That being said, unless you have a stylist or a super keen eye for fashion, then please stick to one or none when it comes to streetwear.

13. Tight Tight Pants

What is it with men and tight pants? It isn’t flattering; why should they look better in women’s jeans than women do? Tight pants have so many points against them: you’re squeezing your little bits to death and lowering your sperm count, and you’re offending people who can see that not so flattering print in the front of your pants. Who said tight pants was okay for men? Guys have gotten so comfortable with them that they have begun to wear them at inappropriate times like job interviews, first dates and when meeting the parents. Come on now, do better and get your act together. There is never a good time to wear tight pants. Never!

12. Socks And Sandals

Socks and sandals have become a trend that doesn’t look like it will be going anywhere any time soon. Athletes started this look out of convenience for them after training; wannabe athletes took the trend too far. It has now become popular amongst nonathletic men who refuse to wear real shoes. The socks are probably the worst thing about this trend, simply because socks are not something you would associate with sandals. It makes people think about hot, sweaty, smelly feet. To all the women out there, please do not condone this behavior. If you are currently dating a man whose go-to footwear is this look, tell them it’s not okay. If women band together on this one, we may be able to get rid of it.

11. Tie-Dye Anything

Tie-dye should have never been something that was in style, but ultimately it came and went. Apparently though, it made a come back and looked just as horrible as it did the first time it appeared. Tie-dye isn’t something that looks flattering on anyone: man, woman or child. It’s something that also looks juvenile and messy. Is it wrong to associate tie-dye with laziness? The look of it just gives off the vibe of someone who has dirty feet bottom wearing those Jesus sandals. Besides that, tie-dye isn’t something that would be appropriate to wear anywhere. So really, you’re wasting your money by buying it, unless you’re looking for some ratty PJs.

10. Deep V-Neck Shirts

V-necks are cute and good looking but deep V-necks, well, that crap looks ridiculous. Really look how low that V goes; it looks inappropriate even though there is no real cleavage. You almost want to look away for two reasons: 1. It’s awkward, and 2. It’s rude to laugh in someone’s face. Guys that wear deep V’s have a newfound confidence; as if they are exuding sexiness. However, all they are really exuding is awkwardness mixed with a dash of douche. Normally this look makes its appearance at a club or basically any night out event that isn’t a restaurant. Although they HAVE made a rare appearance or two in restaurants. It’s not the worst look out there but it’s annoying enough to make the list.

9. Inappropriate Graphic T-Shirts

Oh boy, where to begin. Graphic Tee’s are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. While most of them are humorous or smart aleck-y some of them go way too far. There are a whole set of graphic tee’s that are beyond offensive and should only be worn when going to bed so they can be hidden from the world. They are usually sexual in nature and you will find them on the body of a young man. If you do find them on the body of an older man, one has to wonder what crisis he is going through. No dignified man over the age of 21 should have a bunch of inappropriate graphic tee’s as a staple in their wardrobe. It’s doing nothing for your style game.

8. Square-Toed Shoes

Square-toed shoes are interesting. Not only are they not as popular but they also give males a weird cut off at the tip of their toes. They aren’t a very flattering looking when paired with a suit. And if they can’t be paired with a suit, what’s the point in owning them? It’s hard see why this was even in style at one point in the first place. They look both cheap and uncomfortable; almost as if the toes are squished up against the front of the shoe. Who wouldn’t love to see a man’s foot when they come out of that shoe? Do they have to snap back into shape? Please, men, stick with a rounded toe shoe. Thanks!

7. Muscle Tee With No Muscles

It’s called muscle tee for a reason; it’s meant to be worn by men who have actual muscles to show off. That being said, people have taken their obsession with muscle tee’s too far. Guys shouldn’t wear muscle tee’s if they don’t have muscles hence the name. If you are going out to an event that might require a little bit of dress up, don’t wear a muscle tee. In fact, the only time that it is appropriate to wear a muscle tee is at the gym. When did it become a fashion? Who knows. When will men realize that they look ridiculous with scrawny arms and huge holes as sleeves? Who knows. Hopefully soon, cause this trend is making men look messy.

6. Trucker Hats

Yes, people are still wearing trucker hats. Yes, it’s annoying AF. Trucker hats were a craze in the early 2000s and yes, they can get credit for going with about any outfit. Eventually like every other fashion craze it fizzled out. And, like every other fashion craze men don’t know how to let it go and move on. It’s shocking to still see guys (and some girls) wearing trucker hats. They have absolutely no clue that they are no longer in style. Also, they are just not appropriate to wear out anymore especially when they have the colorful graffiti all over the front. What happened to a nice snap back?

5. Studded Belts

Studded belts just look ridiculous. They come off as harsh and brutish, not to mention they are so showy and obnoxious. A simple leather belt is always the way to go. It can be worn with anything and isn’t cause for concern. A studded belt is seen a lot with night club attire but it should be gone altogether; it’s too flashy. Belts normally get hidden under clothes anyway so why go all out and buy a studded one that actually looks cheap? This accessory isn’t upping your game in any way, so please, let the studded belt go. You will be fine without it.

4. Embroidered Jeans

A man wearing embroidered jeans is always…interesting. One has to wonder what would possess a man to look at a pair of jeans with a sewed on design and say, “Yes, that’s the one”. Why can’t jeans just be jeans? all that extra stuff is not needed. The sewn pattern is usually something that incorporates wings and is normally bold in colour, like a metallic gold or silver or even a shade of red. Its generally printed on the back pocket or on the edge of the front pockets. Regardless, it isn’t flattering and at this point should just be burned.

3. Sandals

Let’s be clear, the sandals being discussed here are the plastic flip flops; the ones that go on sale every summer for a dollar at Old Navy. These flip flops are nice to wear around the house while cleaning up or for lounging. However, when you leave the comfort of your home make sure those flip flops stay there. Not only are they uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, they are also cheap and don’t go with everything. If you’re on the beach, okay whatever, you can get a pass. But besides that, those thong sandals look horrible on men when paired with jeans, jean shorts and anything else that isn’t swimming trunks.

2. “Wife Beater”

The name alone should be an indication that this shouldn’t be worn as anything other than an undershirt. A “wife beater”, also known as a marina or tank top, can make any man look cheap and trashy in seconds. Unfortunately, a lot of men don’t realize that stepping outside the house for a smoke in a shirt like this makes them look…less than attractive. These kinds of undershirts are normally associated with “trashy” people. But honestly, anyone wearing this shirt, no matter what race, age, or social status will look ridiculous walking around in a tank top that should probably only be worn to bed.

1. Man Romper

Oh, the man romper. Not only is it the latest craze for men in fashion, it is probably one of the worst fashion crazes men have even been wrapped up in. Besides the fact that it looks ridiculous, many men have failed to realize that they are SOL when they have to go to the washroom in a rush. Using a urinal means that you will be standing naked in front of other men in a filthy washroom, with your romper possibly falling to the floor. Everything will be exposed. They also failed to realize that they look like grown men who are wearing baby onesies. The look is both embarrassing and a not-worth-it hassle.

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