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15 Famous Insults by Gordon Ramsay

If you do not know who Gordon Ramsay is, then you are missing out on one of the best chefs out there. He always pays attention to quality cooking, churning out recipes that will have you reconsidering everything you ever knew about cooking plain ol’ scrambled eggs. He also doesn’t hold back on teaching aspiring young minds what an artful craft cooking is. Just watch him on MasterChef Junior – he’s a delight and an inspiration!

But in his interactions with other adults, he turns into a completely different beast. Maybe because he knows that while young culinary minds have to be honed, older chefs and trainees need a bit of tough love. If you don’t watch Hell’s Kitchen, or don’t follow him on Twitter, you are definitely missing out on some pretty quality insults, straight from the mouth of the devil of Hell’s Kitchen himself. He slings insults and tirades always hot out of the oven, spicier than Sriracha, stingier than lemon juice on an open wound, and sharper than any herb or spice on a dish. We have rounded up his best, most hilarious, most offensive, and most famous insults ever for your reading pleasure. Here are 15 famous insults by the one and only Gordon Ramsay.

15. The idiot sandwich

This might just be Chef Gordon Ramsay’s most popular insult, with his fans and the rest of the populace that are active in the meme world sharing it across multiple platforms and in different meme variations. This is definitely one of the insults inducted into the meme hall of fame. Even cosplayers and fans have dressed up as this meme! It’s just that hilarious and famous!

Here is a little bit of background on the whole incident that inspired the meme. In a video clip, we see Chef Ramsay holding up two slices of bread to the ears of Julie Chen. He proceeds to shout at her, asking her hypothetically, “What are you?!” while she answers, “An idiot sandwich” with a downcast look full of shame. The clip actually comes from a parody skit of Hell’s Kitchen called Hell’s Cafeteria!

14. When cooking runs in the family

It seems that when Gordon Ramsay wants people to know that he can cook, he really wants them to know that it’s in his blood. That it’s not just skill and dedication, that it runs in the family. That his dear old grandma can cook too. In fact, she can cook way better than a lot of the chefs he has had under his wing on his show. The catch? She’s dead!

This insult went flying after Gordon Ramsay talked to his customers who were served Caesar salads. He apologized to them because the salad was not up to par. He takes the issue back into the kitchen and wonders just why the hell the salad was served with “bits of carrot” and radish. He then shouts “My gran can do better. And she’s dead!”

13. When Gordon flexed his knowledge of cinema

“Don’t stare at me, Mary!” Gordon uttered in a short scene in an episode of Hell’s Kitchen. The kitchen was bustling and a lot of dishes were about to be served. People are quite busy. One person, in particular, Mary, seemed like she didn’t quite know what to do, as she just stood there staring at Ramsay.

He then took a moment to tells her to stop staring at him, to which she answered, “Yes, Chef!” But of course, things are not that simple. She still kept staring! He even told her she was “spooking [him]” and Mary apologized. But the camera continued to focus on the unrelenting stares of Mary. Later, Gordon uttered the now famous phrase “She stares at me like something out of the f***ing Shining.” Let it never be said that the internet didn’t jump on this meme-worthy scene right away.

12. When it’s out of the fire and into the frying pan

Gordon Ramsay is a world-renowned chef. Which means that he has probably had to make some really tough decisions now and again. It means he has to be tough even if he does not want to, for the sake of helping others improve and running a competent kitchen. It means that he has to tell it like it is, even if the truth isn’t particularly nice to hear.

Of course, one of the toughest decisions he had to make was between two contestants. Two very nervous, very hopeful contestants waiting for feedback on their dishes. One of them is going to get axed. One of them will have to be told bad news. Chef Ramsay surprises us all by saying how tough the decision is…because they’re both crap! At least they know they’re on equal footing!

11. “You surprise me”

Gordon Ramsay is a difficult man to impress. He knows his stuff, he’s very experienced, and he can tell when he is being fed a load of bullcrap. But when he is impressed, he doesn’t hold back. He doesn’t skip out on telling the other chefs how good their cooking is, or how tasty the dish is, or how they can help improve their craft.

So for a young contestant, it’s probably a dream come true to be told by Chef Ramsay that he has surprised him. This poor contestant told Ramsay how he gave it all he had and will continue to give him 110%, or something like that. But apparently, Chef Ramsay isn’t quite done with this contestant’s work. It looks like Chef Ramsay is surprised at how shit he is! The poor contestant still said thank you anyway.

10. When he reminded a contestant just where he is

Sometimes the competition in the kitchen can get a little bit intense, and contestants run the risk of forgetting where they are or what they are doing. After all, who wouldn’t be feeling the pressure when surrounded by great chefs? Especially when said the great chef is the world-renowned Gordon Ramsay, who has a reputation for being tougher than tough. For this poor contestant, the pressure got to be too much and he just had to vent a little bit.

His comments, of course, did not go unnoticed by our favorite sassy chef. The poor man said, “It’s hot in here. Or is it just me?” Chef Ramsay didn’t miss the opportunity to use on of his favorite insults: “It’s a kitchen you donut.” The fact that the guy was wearing some sort of suit probably did not help the heat at all.

9. Throw it in the oven

This isn’t like Hansel and Gretel throwing the nasty wicked witch into her own oven, but it may as well have been. With Chef Gordon Ramsay’s too true, highly stinging insults, it’s not a stretch to say that he sometimes chucks his contestants, chefs, and trainees under the bus or into the proverbial oven. In this case, Ramsay was so annoyed that he told his contestant to throw his own self into the oven. Brutal!

“I wish you’d jump in the oven! That would make my life easier,” Ramsay spat at one of the chefs in a particularly fiery episode of Hell’s Kitchen. Maybe the guy didn’t cook or bake something well enough. Or maybe the guy overbaked something. Either way, this is a great insult to use it when someone is getting on your nerves!

8. Panini Head

Pyramid Head may be the stuff of our nightmares, creeping into our dreams and frightening us at every turn as we watch or play Silent Hill. But one cultural icon seems to be paving its own way in pop culture, telling Pyramid Head, hey, your time is up! And this is none other than the famously iconic Panini Head. That’s right, folks. Panini Head is the stuff of nightmares. Kitchen Nightmares, that is.

In one gloriously hilarious scene of his show, Chef Gordon Ramsay called out the chefs at the restaurant who seemed to be taking very bad care of the food preparation. The bacon looked “5 years old” the chicken was raw, and he freely mingled expletives with repeated “oh my God’s.” The chefs could do nothing but look on dumbfoundedly. Thus, “hey panini head, are you listening to me?” was born.

7. For the people who put little effort

Chef Gordon Ramsay seems to be in the running for the world’s most sarcastic person. He asks very tough hypothetical questions, he rubs people’s stupidity in their faces, and he will not put a stopper in his mouth when he sees something going all sorts of wrong in the kitchen. So do not be surprised when he asks “What do you want? A f***ing medal?” He has no time for positive reinforcement.

From his point of view this is a thing to be said to people who put very little effort into their work or expect to be rewarded for the basic tasks associated with their job. We’re sure this is a feeling shared by many managers across all different workplaces. It’s just that not all of us can say it! So next time, just send this meme to them instead.

6. An animal part

One of Gordon Ramsay’s trademark insults comes out when he is looking over at either undercooked, overcooked, or just whatever inexplicably weird food the people at Hell’s Kitchen have come up with. It is in situations like this when Ramsay comes up with things like “what is this?” Or “It looks like *insert very interesting and hilarious comparison here*.” This very thing happened when the cooks were preparing what was supposed to be salmon. Which, of course, didn’t end up looking like salmon at all.

And Chef Ramsay agreed. In fact, he couldn’t even tell what the dish was. Instead he exclaimed that “it looks like a bison’s penis!” Not that any of us know, or would want to know, what that looks like. It’s enough for us to simple hear this phrase from Gordon Ramsay himself.


Sometimes the cooking on Hell’s Kitchen is just so ridiculous, so stupid, or so inept as far as Chef Gordon Ramsay is concerned. He has no other choice but to shout out his frustrations, his voice breaking over how ridiculous everything is to him. No biting insults, no expletives, and no creative puns. Just plain old sarcasm with a lot of raised voices.

Which is exactly what happened to this poor young woman when he noticed how she was cooking her scallops. She used a nonstick pan. Which was going to do nothing to help her achieve the good sear she hoped to get. And Chef Ramsay know this. As he so eloquently put it, “If you saute scallops in a non-stick pan, they won’t stick. That’s why it’s f***ing called non-stick”! This girl got the message quite clearly, it’s safe to say.

4. When he showed his love for Harry Potter

Gordon Ramsay is a British man. He is keen to show that he isn’t only very well-versed in terms of his culinary craft, but he is also very proud to show the world that he is, in fact, quite up to date with British pop culture. And in one particular segment of his show, he blesses the contestant with his knowledge of Harry Potter.In particular, his knowledge of the Weasley’s.

The Weasley’s are a wizard family in Harry Potter who are known for their ginger hair. In this particular incident a contestant put a tad too much ginger in their dish. So of course, Chef Ramsay comes in to – well, not rescue – but insult the inferior cooking. Ramsay said, “You’ve put so much ginger in this… it’s a Weasley!” That ought to remind all of us to be careful with the ginger.

3. The lamb sauce horror

In one of the most hilarious, most meme’d, and most celebrated of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s insults, we have… the situation with the lamb sauce. Except, there is one slight problem. The lamb sauce just can’t be found anywhere! Where is the f***ing lamb sauce?! That’s exactly what Chef Ramsay wants to know.

And the poor fellas at Hell’s Kitchen would be at the receiving end of his wrath, because they couldn’t be bothered to properly produce the sauce needed for the meat. It’s just took them forever. Nothing was coming together properly. So Ramsay shouted at the top of his voice “Where’s the lamb sauuuuce?!” Then proceeds to tell a contestant to “f*** off” after being given the sauce. Ramsay also calls him a “useless yankee danky doodle shite” (expletives in between removed for the sake of conciseness).

2. Dickface

This episode was intense and fast paced! Chef Gordon Ramsay was relying on one of the contestants, Giovanni, to get the first entree of the night out of the kitchens and into the dining room. Except this dish was ultimately not destined for the dining room, because it looks like a “chewed up bit of chicken from the dog.” Ramsay declared how the dinner special became “not very special” by the time Giovanni was done with it.

See that face in the photo there? That’s Giovanni. He made the entree. But he’ll forever be known to the people of the world as “Dickface,” because of Gordon Ramsay. Giovanni tried to argue against it, of course, but Ramsay wasn’t having any of it. He just inched closer to Giovanni’s face, seething, and shouted about his anger!

1. “You f***ing donkey”

If we had a penny for every time Chef Ramsay has said “donkey,” “you f***ng donkey,” or even “you f***ng donut” (as we listed an example of earlier), we would probably be able to fill our precious porcelain piggy banks and have it ready for the smashing. Ramsay calls everyone who gets anything wrong, a donkey. It’s clearly one of his very favorite insults. And it’s easy to see why, it’s so versatile.

This insult is a favorite presumably because of the idiomatic meaning of it meaning something along the lines of idiot, dunce, or stupid. It’s a truly creative way to tell someone how dumb they are. One of the poor fellas we already mentioned, Giovanni, was on the receiving end of this insult after being called a “dickface.” But he’s not the only one. In fact, it’s so well-used that it’s listed on the TV Tropes site under the series-wide insults list.


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