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15 Fake WWE Couples That Actually Became Real

Everyone loves a good story, especially when they’re tales of love. With all its twists and turns, the ups and the downs, all the romance and sometimes betrayal, they make interesting stories. This type of story can be applied anywhere and in everything. So it is little wonder that it is ever present even in the world of wrestling entertainment. When it comes to the drama of love and betrayal, it is safe to say that the men and women of the wrestling entertainment industry are pros at getting their viewers to be swept up by the emotions that they act out with perfect timing. We see couples acting out the drama and their stage is the ring. This is actually one of the more common scenes being acted out inside of the wrestling ring.

Even before, the popularity of wrestling as a form of entertainment has been widespread and has been around for a long time. Dating back to the ancient times, we could see that this particular sport has graced countless events and entertained countless people. Even up to this day, its popularity obviously has not waned, especially with the added incentives of storylines. Oftentimes, the story involves a twist of romance, a dash of betrayal, or both.

Among the numerous love angles played out, it is little wonder that they can become real after they get out of the wrestling ring. And by real, we mean getting together as a couple after the show has ended and some even finding their happily ever after. Here we have a list of the couples portrayed inside the ring of the WWE arena that has found their way of becoming real (if they haven’t already). This collection is composed of couples whose romances started and blossomed inside the ring and those whose relationships revolved around it.

15. Cody Rhodes and Eden

First off on this list are Cody Rhodes and Eden. Though this couple was not part of a storyline together in WWE, their love story nevertheless influenced one. Cody was a wrestler while Eden was a ring announcer in WWE. We do not know exactly how this relationship started, but it ended very well for the both of them, finding themselves encased in a different ring. This time, it’s a wedding ring.

When Cody and Eden got married in 2013, Cody got into a storyline where he was “fired” for speaking against Triple H. But, it was said that the storyline was put in place to manage in another storyline involving his half-brother Goldust and also to give him some time off from WWE to spend time with his new wife.  Isn’t that sweet of them?

14. John Cena and Nikki Bella

John Cena was already a famous name in the world of WWE and appeared in a number of movies before he started dating Nikki Bella. This guy is into acting, fashion, and even music. But the same also holds true for Nikki who was successful in her career as well. Not only was she one part of the Bella Twins, but she also appears in other television shows and has other business interests outside of wrestling.  

They came together and became a couple in 2012. Then in 2017, after Maryse slapped Cena in MizTv, Bella and Cena teamed up for a mixed-tag team match opposite The Miz and Maryse in WrestleMania 33 where they emerged victorious. After which, Cena finally proposed to Nikki. They are now engaged and currently planning out their wedding.

13. Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth

Theirs is a love story considered to be very popular in the 80s. Miss Elizabeth was considered a true darling of the crowd, winning them over with her ways, and gaining their favor. She was introduced at the time when Randy Savage was supposedly looking for a manager and she was the one chosen among all the hopefuls. Her presence factored into many of Randy Savage’s great fights in the WWF.

Although they were already married when they were shown onscreen, the fans still enjoyed their onscreen relationship and went gaga over their television wedding. Unfortunately for them, the sweetness of their time together when they first started on screen did not last forever. They divorced after eight years of marriage.

12. Rusev and Lana

Lana was Rusev’s “social ambassador” shortly after she joined WWE in 2013. At first glance, you would not think that a match would be made between The Bulgarian Brute and The Ravishing Russian, but they actually made it work. Their on-screen pairing developed into reality when after they teamed up together, an announcement of their engagement was made and a beautiful wedding followed.

They have already gone back to working together and is expected to team up in a mixed match challenge soon. They will be tough contenders for this battle as they are a real couple and will have a different understanding of each other, unlike onscreen couples. That will be something that we can all look forward to. Let us all wait and see if their matchup will be as great as their love is.

11. John Morrison and Melina

These two first met during their time at Tough Enough, which Morrison ultimately won. Though Melina did not end up on top at that time, this still paved the way for her to get into the WWE. They have reunited again when Melina joined WWE in 2004 and in 2005 got to manage MNM, composed of Johnny Nitro (Morrison) and Joey Mercury.

They got into an on and off relationship for eleven years. By on and off we mean irregular, due to some reports of Melina being unfaithful to Morrison. Because of this, many of his peers allegedly lost respect for him when he did not do anything about it, especially about the reports of Melina having a relationship with Batista. However, their relationship still held on despite the gossip since Melina only referred to Batista as her friend. Unfortunately for them, their relationship eventually fizzled out.

10. Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella started their team up during the time when the Bella sisters had a storyline with Bryan. This eventually led to them being friends and finding out that they have a lot of things in common. Although the storyline did not work out, their personal storyline blossomed and Brie and Daniel’s story continued even after she left the WWE and all throughout her return. Since then, their real relationship has been acknowledged on screen in their reality tv shows.

Both of them are now retired from professional wrestling but with some news that Brie might not have retired completely just yet. Right now, they are enjoying their time with their baby, especially Brie. It is said that after a few years of motherhood, she might return to the ring for another match. This will need to be waited out and seen when it comes though.

9. Edge and Lita

Edge and Lita were both with different partners when they started their off-screen relationship. Edge was already married at this time and Lita was in a relationship with Matt Hardy. They said that they were on the road doing shows when this affair supposedly started. It was Edge’s wife who supposedly learned of the connection first and informed Hardy.  

When this was publicly known, WWE took advantage of its hype and brought the tumultuous relationship to the ring, having Matt Hardy and Edge fighting it out in the ring until Matt left and Edge got injured. Their relationship did not last long however, and they went their separate ways. But this angle continued to draw in a lot of drama in the ring until Lita’s retirement. Edge is now married again while Lita is happily dating someone else.

8. Lita and Matt Hardy

Lita was already the topic of discussion above. But before that story started let us go back to the first relationship that was in the limelight. Lita was with Matt Hardy (as mentioned) before she got together with Edge. She started working with the Hardy Boyz for WWF, which was composed of Matt Hardy and his brother Jeff, forming Team Xtreme. This was a great time for them as they won several championships in the WWF as a team.

In the ring, their relationship has been that only of a team. But, their on-screen relationship was developed and turned into that of a romantic nature. Their off-screen relationship blossomed as well. But this did not last long, however, because Lita was rumored to have had an affair with Edge while on tour. Because of this, their relationship became rocky and eventually went kaput.

7. Test and Stacy Keibler

After the storyline of a broken engagement with Stephanie McMahon as shown below, you would think that there wouldn’t be another storyline with a woman involved for Test. But then came along Stacy Keibler. These two were already doing good on their own, with Test already on his way up the ladder of WWE fame. Stacy and Test had already been dating even before their onscreen angle took place. And when they came together they became an on-screen fan favorite.

Their story on the screen started when Stacy joined WWE and became Test’s consultant. She made some changes with him and his perspective which gained him popularity when his image changed. She was with him in a few matches, winning and losing along the way. It was great for a while, with the storylines being good angles. But as all good things, the relationship came to an end, and so did this team up.

6. Marc Mero and Sable

This couple was already married when Mero joined the WWF. They became a tandem team onscreen in 1996 when Mero “rescued” Sable from being mistreated by another wrestler who she was escorting. From there she became Mero’s manager until their story took a turn for the worse. Their on-screen tandem took on a lot of drama when Marc started to get jealous of Sable’s popularity and even led to Sable challenging Marc to a fight. That was the time when their onscreen partnership ended.

Sable left the WWF but eventually returned with a vengeance. She got a new storyline but not with her husband Marc. Their careers in the ring were good, but by this time, their personal lives took a cue from their on-screen split and they got a divorce in 2004. They have both moved on to different interests with both now married to different people.

5. Jimmy Uso and Naomi

Jimmy Uso is the second half and twin of the tag team The Usos, while Naomi is a two-time Smackdown Women’s Champion, both in WWE. They met in 2009 and started to date thereafter. They do not have much exposure as a couple on television, unlike the other wrestling couples. But, theirs is still a noteworthy combination. What with the affection that they show each other online.

They got married on the beautiful island of Hawaii in 2014 and brought their relationship on-screen when Naomi managed The Usos in the ring. Although there has been some bad speculation about their marriage ruining opportunities for Naomi, their continued showmanship in the WWE proved that all that talk was just flak and held no real weight. The couple showed everyone how strong their bond is and are still happily married. It would be great to get to see this couple in more shows together so everyone will see how great they are as a team.

4. CM Punk and AJ Lee

Theirs is an emotional rollercoaster guaranteed to make one dizzy. Their onscreen romance started when AJ was positioned in a storyline with Daniel Bryan. She declared her love for him but it was unrequited since Daniel did not reciprocate. Following, thereafter she became the abused in the story. So she turned her affections elsewhere, meaning, she turned her attention to Punk. It was all really complicated, and a bit confusing to some.

This was their short-lived onscreen love triangle. With AJ Lee proposing to Bryan and then to Punk, and getting rejected both times, but accepted Bryan’s offer later on. Good thing this was only for show, as two years later, CM Punk married AJ Lee in a very private ceremony. It was so private that it had to be validated to be believed that the actual wedding happened. They are now happily married and are very supportive of each other’s endeavors after their wrestling years.

3. Natalya and Tyson Kidd

This couple next on our list has a romance that some can only dream about. Natalya and TJ Wilson aka Tyson Kidd, have known each other since they were children. Kidd has always been close to the Hart family and they also come from the same place. He was already considered family before he and Natalya got married. Though they met young, they did not start dating until Tyson was 21 and Natalya 19.

Natalya and Kidd were already living together when she started managing Tyson in 2009. This progressed to them forming the successful Hart Dynasty when they were joined by David Hart Smith, Natalya’s cousin. Onscreen, their storylines were often formed using their real relationship stories, but this only shows the depth and strength of their bond. It was not all roses for this couple, but they pulled through. After twelve long years of being together, they finally tied the knot in 2013.

2. The Miz and Maryse

Both The Miz and Maryse are champions in their own right. But back when they were still both starting out, they already met through the Diva Search in 2006. Though they did not hit it off right away, they eventually morphed into a six-year relationship culminating in marriage.

Maryse left the WWE and got married to The Miz in spectacular fashion in the Bahamas. Theirs was the affair with all the glitz and glamour that is often talked about for its grandness. When she returned to the WWE, she came back as manager to her husband, helping him win his championships. Now, they are living the high life as husband and wife and are set to have their own television series documenting their life as a married couple.

1. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

Theirs is probably the most dramatic among the WWE storylines. Stephanie was initially an executive at WWE, but appeared on-screen to be part of some storylines in the ring. One of these included a plot where she was initially engaged to be married to Test, but was drugged and rushed off to Las Vegas by Triple H to get married. It was later on was revealed that she was in on the plot. It was all so twisted and bizarre really.

This storyline developed into the real thing. While an on-screen relationship was being twisted off, another one was forming backstage. This further progressed with the couple getting married in 2003. The storyline that helped pave the way for these two to come together may be considered as a success as they are still in tandem in real life with three pretty daughters between them and also showing to be a great team with the WWE business.

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