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15 Exercise Supplements To Help You Get A Hot Summer Body


15 Exercise Supplements To Help You Get A Hot Summer Body

Getting out of bed and deciding to exercise is one of the best decisions you can make. Not only to look healthier but also to be healthier. Whether you attend a gym, do exercise at home or jog outside, your body will start to experience many changes. You might start to feel muscle pain, or delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) because your muscles aren’t used to that kind of intensity. It’s okay to feel it, but it is definitely not comfortable. You may also start to feel tired before and during your workout, and that’s completely normal (especially if you workout at 5 a.m.). Another problem is that we sometimes work out for long periods of time but don’t see results fast. That might happen because of eating habits and workout intensity. The former is up to you to change, but the latter is something you can work on with the right help. Wouldn’t it be nice to workout without all these problems? We bet you’d work out even harder if these problems of tiredness and muscle recovery weren’t there. We have the solution for you and it’s called EXERCISE SUPPLEMENTS!! If you want to know more about the various exercise supplements on the market and how they can help you, this is the article for you. Say goodbye to your muscles aching and swelling and say hello to being energetic and more toned. Below, we divide the 15 best supplements into pre, intra and post workout categories.


15. Pre JYM

This product received an award for being the pre-workout supplement of the year from Pre Jym’s ingredients include 13 science-backed and supported ingredients, such as citrulline malate. This ingredient helps increase your muscle’s endurance. Pre Jym is also made with BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acid Supplements), whose job is to blunt the muscle’s fatigue. This supplement is also made up of other ingredients that look out for your strength and stamina. The product comes in a wide variety of flavors, but in our opinion, raspberry lemonade and orange mango are the best. It’s important to mention that this product provides you with lots of caffeine (300mg or 3 coffee cups, to be exact). If you’re caffeine intolerant, pregnant, or underage, you should avoid this product. Even though you may not be caffeine intolerant, start using a ½ scoop of Pre Jym and mix it with 14oz. of water. Drink it 30 to 45 minutes before exercising to see the extent to which the product affects you and whether you get any side effects. Still, if you wish to take full advantage of this product, mix one full scoop with your water. Users who have tried it say that Pre Jym makes them feel like they are getting more out of their workouts.

14. C4 Original

What we love most about this supplement is the variety of flavors it offers the public. Our favorites are fruit punch, strawberry margarita, and cherry limeade. You definitely need to try all them out and choose for yourself! C4 Original has lots of vitamins, like B12, C and folic acid in great amounts. It is the #1 pre-workout supplement sold in America, and it gives you strength, focus, and endurance.  Its key elements are Carnosyn® Beta-Alanine, Creatine Nitrate, Caffeine and Arginine AKG. All these elements help your muscles recover. C4 Original also thrives for less tired, energized muscles. Some of the ingredients in this supplement are amino acids which you already find in your muscles. This means that these ingredients are prone to help your muscles naturally. You can only use these products if you’re 18 or up, keep that in mind. Take one serving of C4 Original and mix it with 6oz. of water. Drink it 20 to 30 minutes before training and drink lots of water during your exercise session. You can also find this product as C4 On The Go, and take it everywhere with you without the shaker to mix the supplement. It has 0 sugar and is only 8 calories, so your weight won’t increase because of it.

13. Pre-Kaged

This supplement is awesome if you exercise a lot and do intense workouts because it helps you increase your intensity without you even realizing it! By increasing performance, you won’t only feel the need to exercise harder, but will still get results faster. Pre-Kaged comes in flavors such as fruit punch and krisp apple, but we definitely recommend the first. It’s priced at around $35 USD for 20 servings. It is easy to make: add 16 to 20oz. of cold water to one scoop and mix it in your shaker. Drink it 30 to 45 minutes before working out and make sure you keep shaking it as you drink. This product contains green tea extract, which can be hard on some empty stomachs so make sure you drink this with a meal to avoid any discomfort. Avoid drinking it with other caffeinated drinks because this may result in some side effects such as irritability, sleeplessness or a rapid heartbeat. Many customers recommend Pre-Kaged because it energizes every single nerve in your body. Every ingredient in this product is patented, studied and proven beneficial for you. To summarize, this product provides your body with endurance, focus, hydration, energy, and strength. Don’t exceed the recommended dosage per day; an excess of caffeine in your body can cause anxiety and affect your body production of nitric oxide. The latter is crucial to your body because these molecules help your cells with everyday body processes including memory, behavior and sleep cycles, as well as blood pressure regulation, and much more.

12. Nitraflex

Nitraflex is a pre-training formula that promotes energy and reduces feelings of fatigue. It also comes in different sizes and flavors. You can buy a 7 or 30 serving pack in flavors such as blue raspberry, piña colada, and watermelon, among others. You can also buy individual packets that come with varied flavors or buy 10-12oz. bottles that are ready to drink. This supplement has been clinically tested, and it additionally enhances testosterone during workouts. Its key ingredients include -again-, caffeine, Citrulline Malate and Beta Alanine, among others. Take one scoop with 10oz. of water 20-30 minutes before you start to exercise. Do not take more than one dose a day or within five hours of your bedtime. Do not buy or use this product if you’re pregnant, have caffeine intolerance, take prescription or non-prescription medication, or if you have any kind of medical condition (consult your doctor first). Nitraflex is highly concentrated (which means that a little amount goes a long way), it provides you with three times more strength, and it also comes in delicious flavors. User reviews have said that it’s the best pre-workout supplement they have used and that there is no nausea associated with it, as opposed to other pre-workout products.

11. ENGN

In 2015, awarded it as the best breakout brand. ENGN’s advantages include intense energy, great focus, amplified pumps and explosive power. This product covers a wide range of aspects. You can buy the original ENGN, or the “shred” version. The former focuses on endurance, lasting power, and explosive energy; the latter, however, focuses on helping you lose weight. ENGN Shred makes you shred fat; it’s thermogenic and it has 500mg of CLA powder which contributes to weight loss and cellulite reduction. Both are gluten free and have zero calories, which is great if you’re on a diet or are working to lose weight faster. ENGN’s best flavor, in our opinion, is Blue Raz but you can find others like Fruit Punch and Furious Grape. Take one scoop with 8oz. of cold water 15-30 minutes before you exercise. Remember these products have caffeine, so avoid taking them before bedtime. Its ingredients target mind-to-muscle substances, strength and endurance elements and vitamin complexes. This product was designed for athletes like yourself!


10. Xtend

This powder is designed to build muscle, burn fat and help muscles recover during exercise. Pink lemonade, strawberry kiwi, and watermelon are our favorite flavors, but there are much more to choose from. Xtend has no carbs and no sugars and has been proven effective in two academic studies. You can purchase it in powder form or in ready-to-drink bottles. This product provides our body with electrolytes and replenishes our muscles with Citrulline and other substances. Xtend is the most widely-used intra-workout BCAA product because it targets many workout aspects. Since this product doesn’t contain caffeine, you can take it while exercising or throughout the day on non-training days. Mix one scoop per 8-10oz. of water, shake well and drink it while exercising. If you buy the ready-to-drink bottle, drink one during your workout. Avoid it if you have any kind of medical condition, if you’re pregnant, or if you experience any side effects. Xtend is delicious and helps ease muscle soreness.

9. In-Kaged

With patented ingredients that enhance your workout, this product is one of the best on the market. Both the cherry lemonade and watermelon flavors are heavenly and they’re only five calories per serving! In-Kaged doesn’t only hydrate your body, it fuels your body with energy. Also, it is made with citrulline, patented elements, and fermented BCAAs. In-Kaged has no artificial coloring, offers natural flavors, and contributes to neuro support. The ingredients in this supplement have been tested for purity and potency, which means this ‘health drink’ is actually natural. In-Kaged contains caffeine, so make sure to avoid this product if you’re caffeine intolerant. Mix one scoop with 16-20oz. of water and drink it while you exercise. You can also take it on no-training days throughout the day. Users online say that ‘once you try In-Kaged, you will never train without it’. Once you start drinking it, your workout will be more intense and you will start to see results faster; not only during your workout but also after. Your muscles will definitely recover faster, so no soreness the next day.

8. SizeOn Maximum Performance

This supplement inhibits muscle protein breakdown. One serving contains so many vitamins, including C, B12, and folate, among so many others. SizeOn accelerates protein synthesis and helps with muscle recovery. It helps increase your muscle volume and increases power and performance. It also helps with is enhancing hydration and increasing muscle fiber size, cell volume, and plasma amino acid levels. SizeOn will prepare your body for more strength and power gains. It helps with lactic acid build up in your muscles to avoid soreness. It is the most tested, tried and proven supplement on the market. wildberry punch, lemon ice, and orange cooler are their most delicious flavors. Take SizeOn only ONCE per day (5 to 6 days per week) WHILE you train. Mix one scoop in 20-30oz. of water and drink it while you exercise. Don’t take this supplement on non-training days and don’t take it more than once a day because your body can react to it.


This product contributes to rapid performance and recovery. Its flavors include lemon ice, orange mango, strawberry kiwi, and even has an unflavored version. This intra-workout, however, has carbs; if you’re trying to avoid carbs, look for other options. However, GLYCOFUSE has no sugars whatsoever. GLYCOFUSE helps accelerate your performance and rehydrates your body during your workout sessions. It fuels your body with electrolytes and is a gluten free powder supplement. One of its key ingredients is Cluster Dextrin©, which was developed by scientists in Japan to provide athletes with improvements while they exercise. Cluster Dextrin© has been clinically tested and it has been proven to boost your endurance during an intense workout. It also balances and maintains good glucose levels in your body. GLYCOFUSE also eliminates negative side effects caused by high-molecular-weight carbohydrates. Another great advantage to taking this product is that it helps reduce cramps and bloating, which is a problem many people deal with. To take full advantage of it, mix one scoop with 12-16oz. of water. You can use this supplement before, during, and even after working out to power athletic performance and improve the body’s hydration.


‘Don’t just exercise… Compete!’ is the company’s motto for this product. COMPETE!TM definitely takes working out to a whole new level. This supplement contains many ingredients, such as electrolytes, L-carnitine and Rhodiola Rosea; these are responsible for increasing your energy levels, reducing muscle recovery and hydrating your body. COMPETE!TM targets mental focus, physical performance, enhanced recovery and proper hydration.  These four training aspects increase your performance while enhancing your mood. It comes in flavors like juicy watermelon, lemon drop, and our favorite, rainbow sherbet. Still, there are plenty more. You can buy this product in different sizes; 30 servings, 50 servings, even in little packets, etc. Take COMPETE!TM to your workout session or use it on your non-workout days. When you are going to exercise, mix one scoop of COMPETE!TM in 10-20oz. of water and drink while you workout. Refill with water once you drink half of your COMPETE!TM, and use two scoops initially if you want extended results during your training. On non-workout days, mix one scoop in your water and drink whenever you want.


5. Gold Standard 100% Whey

This muscle-building whey protein powder is excellent for muscle recovery and growth. Optimum Nutrition’s product has been awarded supplement and protein powder of the year for 10 years in It contains 24 grams of protein (which feed your muscles and help them grow) and 5.5 grams of BCAAs (that will assist them in their recovery). This quality supplement belongs to the world’s most trusted sports nutrition brand. The primary source of this protein is isolates. Gold Standard is a fast-digesting protein with no artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors. It comes in over 20 different flavors to choose from. These flavors include chocolate, cake batter, cookies & cream, and our all time favorites, white chocolate and French vanilla crème. The powder mixes effortlessly with water and its consistency is the same while you drink it. That means that the shake will taste the same when you start drinking it as when you’re almost finished. The product comes with a measuring cup. This is good because it tells you how much you need to use. Take one serving (1 full cup) and mix it with about 6-8oz. of water (if you don’t have a shaker). For a bolder flavor use less water, and for a lighter one, more. The best way to drink this is at the gym after you finish your exercise sessions. Make sure to bring your shaker with you when you’re going to workout. For better results, drink it within the first 30 minutes post-workout; however, drinking it outside of this time period isn’t bad. 

4. Pro JYM

JYM products have always been characterized by one particular thing, which is: their flavors are PER-FECT. said that Pro JYM was the best tasting protein of the year in 2016. This blend targets maximal muscle growth, more intense training and faster recovery. The mixture of elements in this product is simply balanced and perfect. Every athlete’s shopping list includes a whey protein powder. Whey protein is one of the main contributors to muscle growth. Still, to truly maximize your results, you need to find a protein blend that includes more than just whey, and that’s what Pro JYM does. Whey can be easier and faster to digest, however, faster digestion means that your muscle’s protein synthesis lasts for only a little amount of time. That is most certainly a disadvantage to purchasing a 100% whey protein. Pro JYM’s protein contains whey protein isolate, micellar casein, egg albumin,  and milk protein isolate. Pro JYM comes in flavors like chocolate cookie crunch, cookies & cream, s’mores, and many others. To use it correctly, mix one scoop of Pro JYM with 6oz. of water and drink it within 30 minutes after working out. You should also consider having a shake when you wake up to maximize your exercise gains throughout the day. Do not, however, exceed the recommended daily dose. Check with your doctor before using this product if you have any medical conditions, are pregnant or are nursing a baby.


This bomb contains whey isolate and concentrate enhanced with creatine and aminos. NITRO-TECH builds 70% more lean muscle than regular whey proteins, according to studies ran by muscle tech. NITRO-TECH amplifies recovery, performance, and strength. It is also made for different focuses. You can choose from:

  • 100% Whey Gold NITRO-TECH: muscle-building supplement.
  • Power NITRO-TECH: raw power enhancer.
  • Ripped NITRO-TECH: weight-losing protein.
  • Nighttime NITRO-TECH: fuels your muscles while you sleep.

NITRO-TECH targets athletes who want more strength and endurance while they exercise. It is mostly made up of whey protein isolates and whey peptides. These are two of the purest sources of protein available on the market today. This supplement contains a clinically proven dose of creatine monohydrate. This makes NITRO-TECH more effective for building muscle. This product also provides you with all essential amino acids and helps increase strength. Its taste is a whole different story (wow!). Cinnamon swirl, toasted s’mores and decadent brownie cheesecake are only a few of the options you can choose from. Mix one or two scoops of NITRO-TECH in 6oz. or 12oz. of water (respectively) or skim milk and drink after exercise and between meals. Make sure you drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. For faster results, consume 4 scoops of the product daily for 6 weeks minimum. Keep out of the reach of children, as you should with any sports supplements.

2. Post JYM

This product targets effective muscle recovery, refueling, and growth. For better results, drink Pre JYM before exercising and Post JYM afterward. Like every other JYM product we’ve talked about in this article, Post JYM’s ingredients are properly dosed and are balanced correctly. This feature contributes to a great muscle recovery. It’s not a protein, but it still increases the volume of your muscles and is a pro at it. You can find it online in flavors such as watermelon, and fruit punch. Each serving is 10 calories and has 1% carbs. Mix one scoop into 16-32oz. of water and drink within 30 minutes after your workout. Refrain from using this product if you’re pregnant, nursing a baby, or have/suspect of any type of medical condition. If you are taking prescription or non-prescription medicine, consult your doctor beforehand, and definitely do not use if you’re 17 years of age or younger.

1. Muscle Infusion

This outstanding protein is packed with critical vitamins and minerals that will keep you nurtured. Nutrex’s Muscle Infusion contains fast and slow-digesting protein. It is low in fat and high in BCAAs and essential amino acids. It also supplies your body with 25 grams of high-quality protein. Muscle Infusion is actually a mixture of six different proteins, that ensure better results. With only one gram of sugar, this protein tastes absolutely delicious and comes in flavors such as vanilla and chocolate peanut butter crunch (yum!). For a regular dose, mix one full scoop with 6-8oz. of water (which can be taken at any time during the day). It is highly recommended, however, to drink this shake after your workout. For an advanced dose, mix two scoops with 12-16oz. of water and drink three shakes daily. Make sure that one of these shakes is drunk before going to bed so that your muscles can recover overnight.

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