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15 Engaging YouTube Beauty Gurus


15 Engaging YouTube Beauty Gurus

Long before the rise of social media and YouTube, celebrity status was reserved remained for movie and pop stars, professional athletes and few others. These days, beauty gurus are using their YouTube channels as a platform to gain popularity and followers across all social media. As some of them reach one hundred thousand and even millions of followers, these gurus are gaining mini-celebrity status, earning sponsorship deals and huge makeup collaborations with the biggest brand names in beauty products. Some of these stars are even starting their own makeup lines as well as other beauty product lines. The average makeup wearer can gain insight and tips from watching makeup tutorials on these channels, as well as get product first impressions, full product reviews and monthly favorites from these makeup gurus. The latter have question and answer videos to get even more personal with their subscribers and make them feel connected. Here are 15 YouTube beauty gurus who stand out and add their own flavor to the makeup world. Enjoy!

15. MakeupByTiffanyD

Let’s start with Tiffany because she was the first beauty guru I ever watched almost a decade ago, I must say, she still looks the same as she did back then. I remember trying to create the same makeup looks as she did, but always fell a little short because I didn’t quite have the makeup or brush collection that I do now. She has a very calm presence in her videos and we can tell that she originally taught young kids. A 32-year-old Atlanta native and self-proclaimed beauty product junkie, Tiffany now posts home and baby pictures of her adorable red-headed daughter on her Instagram account. Tiffany is a self-taught makeup artist with more than nine hundred and fifty thousand YouTube subscribers. She posts makeup tutorials, mommy vlogs, beauty hauls and favorites videos.

14. Makeup Geek

The talent behind the Makeup Geek channel is 37 year old Marlena Stell. Born in California, Marlena studied music education getting a minor in stage makeup and became a high school teacher before starting on YouTube in 2008. Since she started, she has been making tutorial videos as well as very honest product review videos. After her channel took off, she started a Makeup Geek website and thereafter her own makeup company which has amazing products at a very reasonable price. Her line is definitely giving other huge companies a run for their money; MAC cosmetics even lowered their eyeshadow pan prices, probably to compete with Makeup Geek. Marlena is extremely hands on with all aspects of her brand, from product formulation to packaging and everything in between. She has grown Makeup Geek to a multi-million-dollar business. Enjoying this success all because she started a makeup YouTube channel. Marlena still does honest product reviews of other brands and has no problem praising or critiquing them as necessary all while continuing to empower women.

13. Chrisspy

Chrisspy a.k.a. Christina, showed signs of being artistic from a young age and eventually started working for MAC cosmetics before getting her bachelor’s degree. She eventually started posting pictures online to show off her makeup looks before starting her YouTube channel. Chrisspy will be 30 on May 22nd, 2017 and at this young age has already achieved so much: an artistic collaboration with MAC as well as a sunglasses collaboration with Quay Australia. I would describe her video persona as laid back edgy; she changes her hair color often, usually using wigs, and does not shy away from inspired Halloween makeup looks either. Chrisspy has become great friends with other YouTube gurus like number nine and number eleven on this list.

12. Chloe Morello

With more than 2.1 million subscribers, Chloe Morello, 26, is an Australian beauty and style guru. On her Youtube channel, some of her popular videos include a vacation look book, a video on how to get perfect winged eyeliner, a quick natural and glowing makeup tutorial and much more. Chloe’s uploads tend to be under ten minutes long and her fans just can’t seem to get enough of her. The videos include makeup looks, product hauls, hair tutorials and product reviews as well as styling videos. She has also collaborated with big brands like Revlon and Ciaté London. It would definitely be accurate to describe this guru as a beautiful bombshell who is just as beautiful without makeup as she is fully styled. If you love listening to an Australian accent, then Chloe Morello is your guru to watch.

11. jeffreestar

By far the edgiest beauty guru on this top fifteen list, Jeffreestar is someone to watch in many domains, not only makeup. Although his ever expanding and hugely popular self-titled makeup line will likely be his legacy for many years to come, he is also known for releasing an album titled Beauty Killer in 2009. JS has also been in Good Charlotte music videos and several episodes of the TV show LA Ink. Jeffreestar is an in-your-face, bold character, with his makeup looks and personality; he does not shy away from breaking gender norms. Rather, he prefers to be the undefined beauty lady that he is; and more power to him. He is tattooed up to his neck, wears long nails and is currently sporting pink hair. Everyone who knows Jeffree knows he is just as obsessed with an on-fleek highlight as he is with his boyfriend Nathan. Their chemistry is enviable as Jeffree’s cheekbones. With more than four million international subscribers, Jeffreestar shows the beauty world that makeup really is for everyone. Only 31, and already so accomplished; Jeffreestar cosmetics have been around for over two years. To find out who he has recently collaborated with, check out number twelve.

10. NikkieTutorials

NikkieTutorials is a YouTube legend and their host is only 23 years young. Not only are her makeup skills incredible but so is her numbers with a following of over 6.5 million subscribers. Nikkie was born in the Netherlands and although she refuses to speak “her (native) language” in her videos, it doesn’t really matter because she speaks glam like no one’s business. Nikkie is wildly creative and brings a enjoyable quirky humor to all of her videos. One of my favorites for pure entertainment (not makeup information) is her Contour Like an Instagram Pro video where she uses multiple kitchen tools to mock some of the more unusual makeup techniques such as contouring your nose with a fork. Fork contouring does actually work, by the way. Nikkie loves a very made up face; full glam, full coverage with extra highlight. She is no stranger to brand collaborations, having teamed up with Too Faced, Ofra and others. She also started the trend of using Nivea men after-shave balm as makeup primer. This trend is still going strong in the beauty world.

9. Hannah Renée

Hannah Renée is a British guru who has collaborated on several videos with her close friend (also British), number ten. Each posting them on their respective sites. Hannah is 19 years old and has more than 361 000 subscribers which is not in the least bit shabby for a young lady who only recently moved out of her parent’s house. Han, used to be a MAC girl, but now focuses on her videos since her YouTube channel took off. Some of her popular uploads include beauty hacks, biggest MAC haul, clothing try-on videos and more. She is also known for her signature smoky cat eyes with bold lashes and her love of bushy brows. She and her Mum have a very close relationship, which you see in her mother’s YouTube debut where she shows her full support for her daughter. Han’s brother has also made some appearances on her channel. Being a self-proclaimed bronzed goddess , Hannah often sports a fake tan and isn’t afraid to accentuate her makeup with strong highlighting. I would have to say that Han is definitely up there on my list of faves because she is down to earth and quite easy to watch; I look forward to seeing how her makeup skills develop in the future.

8. Wayne Goss

Wayne Goss is a no-nonsense beauty guru and professional makeup artist. At 39, he is the most seasoned on this list; and we would all be so lucky to look as good when pushing 40. Wayne was born in England and started on YouTube in 2008. He is now nearing 3 million subscribers. He like to keep his videos on the shorter side because he likes them to be clear and concise with no added frills. Wayne does not shy away from telling the truth even if it means admitting he was wrong, as he has done in several videos. This definitely adds to his credibility because information and knowledge change over time and staying up to date is essential in the beauty world. Not only has he revealed certain secrets like how some gurus make their skin look flawless during videos, but he has also put out several how-to videos that will help you master basic and advanced makeup techniques. He also posts reviews and recommendations on his channel so if you are looking for a straight-to-the point guru, Wayne Goss is probably the one for you.

7. Desi Perkins

30-year-old, Desi Perkins is of Spanish and Mexican decent and noticeably a JLo look-alike; it’s no secret that Desi is a fan of ‘Jenny from the block’ and even got to meet her idol. Desi now has close to 2.3 million followers and is definitely one of the most effortlessly cool ladies in the beauty guru world, not to mention incredibly talented and beautiful. Desi is constantly creating new and unique makeup looks as well as giving tutorials on topics ranging from a special effects Halloween melting skull to stunning full glam. She doesn’t shy away from using color in her looks and is always up for a challenge or an event. Her husband, Steven, who taught her how to edit videos and helps her out with filming also makes frequent appearances on her channel. Desi has also become best friends with a fellow YouTube beauty guru. If you would like to find out who she is best friends with, go to number 11. As for watching Desi, just do it and thank me later.

6. Rachel Leary

Another England born guru and close friends with Hannah Renée, Rachel Leary has nearly half a million subscribers on her channel and is only 20 years old. Rachel, like Han, used to work for MAC. She posted her first video in 2014 and has kept it up with tutorials, makeup hauls and reviews. Quite recently she posted a question and answer video where she gets personal. She talks about her single relationship status and what she is looking for in a future boyfriend, although she is quite happy to focus on other things like her booming online presence. Rachel is all about full face glam and you will always find her on Instagram and YouTube with a smoked-out cat eye (dramatic wing optional). Rach’s persona is very down to earth and hip with a bit of silliness mixed in. Despite having a British accent, she sometimes sounds a little American which adds a nice touch to her personality and helps her stand out from the pack. Rachel is here to stay as a YouTube beauty guru so get used to her.

5. LustreLux

28-year-old LustreLux a.k.a. Katy rings in at 1.7 million followers. She is living the dream right now since she left her self-described meaningless job to figure things out; YouTube ended up being her answer. She loves all things makeup and skincare and shares this passion with her fellow guru and best friend Desi Perkins. If you watch her channel, you will likely catch a glimpse of her husband Jon who helps with filming and makes appearances from time to time. Katy, who is not afraid of using color or changing up styles, keeps it real on her channel. I have only recently started watching Lustrelux videos but was quickly won over by her true-to-self style; the face she makes (creating a double chin) to put on foundation is just so quirky and real, how could anyone not love her.

4. Manny Mua

Another former MAC employee, Manny Mua or Manny Gutierrez is 25 years old and an absolute sensation on YouTube and social media in general. It only took Manny eight months to reach over 235 thousand subscribers and now he is holding strong at 2.6 plus million. Known for his bomb makeup looks, crescent moons and his signature giggle, Manny is all about being himself on his channel and defies anyone who wants him to change his persona. He does not shy away from standing up to haters and tells viewers regularly not to watch if they don’t like him. Manny is breaking ground by being Maybelline’s first ever male brand ambassador. He is an unstoppable force altogether. His contagious enthusiasm and luminescent spirit keeps us coming back for more. Manny is definitely someone you want to keep your eye on in the future. And, if we’re lucky, maybe we will catch some more glimpses of his adorable puppy Zaya too.

3. Tati

Tati a.k.a. Tati Westbrook a.k.a. GlamLifeGuru is the epitome of a glamorous, elegant and eloquent woman. (I love that she says she enjoys products instead of saying she likes them, it gets me every time). Tati is 35 and we happen to share the same Valentine birthday; although born in different years. Hollywood makeup artist and stylist and former image consultant, her skills and knowledge shine on her channel. Adding her own flair to YouTube, Tati posts Hot or Not videos, as well as OMG and WTF ones where she gives thorough and honest product reviews along with the usual hauls and tutorials. Tati has more than 2.6 million subscribers and also hosts Amazon’s Style Code Live weekly. Another nice addition to her channel is her husband James, whom she recently married after being engaged for five years. She gets James to try some beauty masks and sometimes asks his opinion of how new products look on her. Her subscribers love seeing him. For a more mature feel, and no, mature does not mean old and stuffy by any means, check out Tati’s channel, you will not be disappointed.

2. Jaclyn Hill

Natural beauty, Jaclyn Hill, is the queen bee of YouTube beauty gurus. She is the guru that got me stuck on watching these videos and inspired my continued love of makeup. Also, a self-taught makeup artist and another former MAC girl, Jaclyn has captured the hearts of more than 4 million subscribers. She is a 26 year old sensation and really makes you feel like one of her besties. Jaclyn is young and trendy. Her third love is fashion, her second is makeup and of course her first love, is her drummer husband, Jon. No stranger to brand collaborations, Jaclyn has worked with big brands such as Morphe Brushes and has created multiple products with Becca Cosmetics, my favorite being her signature highlighter Champagne Pop. The most exciting pending launch is expected sometime in 2017; her very own self-funded Jaclyn Hill makeup line. She has been working on her products for years to get them just right and if they are as perfect as her makeup looks, they will be truly out of this world.

1. KathleenLights

KathleenLights is one of my favorite beauty bloggers. She is down to earth and has posted three videos a week almost every week since she started her channel in 2013. She is 25 and chose to add ‘Lights’ to her account name as an ode to her favorite MAC eyeshadow, Amber Lights. She is a fan of their warm coppery-gold eyeshadow colors. Although Kathleen was not a makeup artist, she started her channel because of her love of all things beauty and because she needed a hobby since her husband was in the military. Her channel has reached over 3.1 million subscribers to date and shows no signs of slowing down. She recently launched a nail polish line named KL Polish and plans to release new colors each season. Every year on her birthday, she will also release a special limited edition sparkly color; they will be called Das Espensive followed by her age. Kathleen has also collaborated with several other brands like Colour Pop, Ofra, Makeup Geek and more recently Morphe Brushes. KL is proud of her Cuban heritage and is someone who is not afraid to be open about her struggles with anxiety and her skin. Keep it up Kathleen, you are an honest force to reckon with.

Enjoy this list of YouTube beauty gurus, they are some of the most fun to watch and learn from.

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