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15 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments


15 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments

Being a celebrity means having one of the most glamorous lives and obviously, that has its perks. But being famous and always in the limelight also has its disadvantages. Being a big celebrity can mean that once you are out of your house, there are cameras on you wherever you go; all your moves and activities being captured and recorded for the public to see. Once you’re in the spotlight, there are two things that change: one is your personal life doesn’t stay personal anymore and whatever you do in the public eye is always under scrutiny.
Celebrities are often caught doing strange, funny and sometimes inappropriate things. Here are some of our favorite bizarre celebrity moments caught on camera.

15. Sabrina Carpenter – Kissing the Floor or No?

Sabrina was in a meeting with the execs from her record label to decide which songs were going to go in her second album and which of her singles were going to release next. It was actually a listening party and many important people were there to make decisions. Everybody was sitting in circles, the music was playing, everything was going well until one guy got up and was about to leave. Sabrina got up and walked over to him to hug him and say goodbye. But somehow she lost her balance and slid right down his entire body till she hit the floor. Poor Sabrina! How terrible did that look?

14. Latisha Grace – Twerking Skills Gone Wrong

Latisha is a T.V star and singer from Whales. She appeared in the U.K. edition of Big Brother. After being evicted from the house, Latisha made an appearance on Big Brother’s bid ‘on the side’, where evicted celebrities talk about their experience inside the house. She was asked by the host to show what real twerking was. Unfortunately for her, things went wrong and her dress split open and made her butt visible for all to see! Hate to say this, but this one was pretty hilarious!

13. Selena Gomez – Slit, Slide, Slip!

Selena hit Paris Fashion Week in a gorgeous black gown but suffered a wardrobe malfunction because of the highly-slit dress. It showed a little too much of her leg. No doubt she looked sensational in the black floor-length, trench coat-style dress which had a plunging neckline and a side slit. Unfortunately, she gave the photographers a little more to see than she planned. When she left her hotel, her side slit was in the middle of her legs because she had her hands in her pocket, which caused her to show a little of her lady part. Well, it happens!

12. Khloe Kardashian – Watch your Back Lady

Khloe wore a sleek, sexy jump suit that fit her to perfection when she appeared on the set of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Her get-up featured an entire lace back. Everything was going well for her as she was promoting her own show ‘Kocktails with Khloe’. But, unfortunately, although she really tries hard not to fall prey to stuff like this, she somehow always ends up being the victim of wardrobe malfunctions. This happened when she sat down to play a game of charades which was supposed to be fun for the audience. It turned out to be more fun for the photographers when her spanx were on display for all to see.

11. Chloe Lukasiak – Taking a Nap on Floor?

On the last day of filming for the movie ‘Cowgirl’s Story’, Chloe was on set along with the entire cast and crew. In the scene they were shooting, she had to walk off looking very upset. As she attempted to leave, her foot got stuck in a floorboard and she fell. It was very slow and dramatic as it took almost 5 seconds for her to fall. Poor Chloe lay there on the ground not moving. Everyone was concerned that she might be hurt but in actuality, she didn’t move because she was really embarrassed.

10. Dominic Sherwood – When Blind Eyes get Teary

This handsome man shared his extremely bizarre and humiliating experience. He said he was out and about with his friend and they were on their way to meet his girlfriend Sarah Hyland who was playing in a musical. He claims that he is often unaware of his surroundings and that was the case that day. He and his friend were chatting as they approached the theatre doors. Poor Dominic didn’t notice that one of the glass doors was closed and he walked right into it. He busted his nose and his eyes started to water from the pain. He opened the door completely embarrassed and went inside. His friend had a hearty laugh. Dominic says that the incident gets brought up many times and he hasn’t yet recovered from the humiliation. Lol, friends can really be mean sometimes!

9. Isabela Moner – Bringing Burp Music Live

This extremely talented youngster is an amazing singer. She used to do a lot of theatre which included singing and dancing, so staying hydrated was important. One day she gulped down a lot of water before a performance. In the middle of her song, she let out a huge burp right into the mic. She hoped no one heard it and continued singing but she noticed people laughing so she realized it didn’t go unnoticed. She later released a statement saying: “I thought I was going to die of embarrassment! I’ve since learned to own moments like these. Our mistakes are what make us human and you only make it worse for yourself when you freak out about them.” Way to go girl!

8. Bella Hadid – When Top Lingerie Brand’s Model Forgot Her Own Lingerie

Bella is an extremely gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model. But she bore it all in Cannes where she wore a slinky red dress with a very low neckline and a very high thigh slit. She made an appearance at the Film Festival screening of La Fille Inconnue (The Unknown Girl). This jaw dropping dress caused her to experience a major wardrobe malfunction walking down the red carpet. The low neckline and open back exposed a hint of her side-breasts and the high slit put her lady bits on full display and it looks like that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Oops!

7. Jennifer Lawrence – On Oscar Stage, Really?

The prettiest and highest paid actress right now is also America’s clumsy angel who can apparently ‘do no wrong’. At the Oscar awards ceremony, she actually showed us how clumsy she really is! When she was announced the winner in the ‘Best Actress’ category, she made her way to the stage but now without tripping and falling flat on the stairs. But, she picked herself up gracefully and received her award. On the bright side, at age 22, Jennifer became the second youngest actress to win ‘Best Actress’. She deserves it without a doubt!

6. Chrissy Teigen – Even Safety Couldn’t Save her

Chrissy Teigen is a good mother, a loving wife, a successful model as well as an author and a twitter addict. What a perfect human being! But when she walked on the red carpet at the 2016 American Music Awards with her husband John Legend, she wore a long black dress with dangerously long slits on both sides. The slits were so high that she faced a massive wardrobe malfunction and the slits had to be held in place by 2 huge safety pins. She showed the audience and photographers a little too much skin while turning and exposed herself. No worries Chrissy, you’re still our favorite!

5. Olivia Holt – Wanted to Face the Ground, Literally!

This pretty girl had an embarrassing moment in Central Park, New York. She grew up in Mississippi and wasn’t used to being around snow. She moved forward while trying to take a picture but instead slipped and had a big bad fall. What makes it so bad is the fact that it wasn’t a butt fall or a stomach fall, but a flat-on-the-face fall. Ouch? Poor Olivia ate snow. She said that she doesn’t embarrass that easily but she was in that moment. There were tons of people around, taking photos of her while she couldn’t stop laughing in the snow. She further added: “My mom and my sister were there too. They wanted to see what all the people were laughing at. And guess what it was? Me!” Got to say I love that confidence.

4. Lindsay Lohan – Exposing her Relation or Assets?

The newly single 30-year-old, Lindsay Lohan replaced her engagement ring given to her by Egor Tarabasov with a brand new Chopard ring. She was seen wearing it here along with an ill-fitting minuscule black cross strap bikini that barely covered her assets. She covered the swim suit with a frilly lace skirt and a silk tribal print kimono with fringed edges. The star of The Parent Trap was giving a statement about the broken engagement despite her assets potentially slipping over the horizon. She sure did give the people of Sardinia a closer look of herself than they got on T.V.

3. Katy Perry – Face went Slack, Icing on the Cake!

Katy Perry was asked to play her hit song on the MTV Latin America Award Show. In her typical Katy style, she decided to perform on stage with an outrageous prop. A giant pink frosted cake! Yes, you heard that right. At the end, she dived into the giant pink cake but she couldn’t get back up. When she tried to get up, she instantly fell down on her face because of the slippery icing on stage. The failed attempt to stand up occurred several times and she was eventually carried back. The good thing though, was that she had a pretty smile on her face during the whole incident. But the prop, a very stupid idea to be honest!

2. Madonna – Just Resting the Butts

The Super Bowl is one of the greatest sporting events of the year and getting to play for the event’s annual half time show is considered a great honor for any artist. Sports fans obviously watch the event because of their love of football, but some watch it for the musical performances. When Madonna played at Super Bowl XXXVIII, she had an unfortunate choreography misstep and took a fall backwards towards on some stairs. She fell onto a giant riser just a few steps down. Whoa! That’s embarrassment on a whole new level there! But who doesn’t love Madonna despite this mishap!

1. Justin Bieber – Who Bought Tickets to See Milk Vomit? Not Us!

This talented young star rocks the hearts of millions. He is the most famous singer of his time. When Bieber is in concert, the tickets sell out in no time. At his sold out concert in Arizona in 2012, Justin was performing on stage, running and jumping everywhere when all of a sudden during a dance number when he threw up. The second time he felt the urge to vomit he ran back stage and did it there. He later tweeted “Having milk before the concert was a bad choice”. He went on to say he was embarrassed. It is okay, we still love you!

These are all pretty embarrassing celebrity moments. Luckily, the gossip and memes don’t last much longer than a week or two, … or until the next mishap!

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