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15 EASY changes that can drastically improve your health


15 EASY changes that can drastically improve your health

We have all been there before, waking up in the morning and feeling kind of blah. Sure, there are many things that can cause this kind of blazé feeling, but amazingly enough, it really doesn’t have to stay that way. The beauty in life and the human mind, body and spirit is that is completely adaptable to change, both positive and negative. It just takes belief, effort and understanding that you can take control of your body and life by what you do. 

Let’s look at some of the things that can take a firm grasp on that can help us put one foot in front of the other and possibly crack you a little smile on your way to a better you. Check out these 15 tips that are easy and can make all the difference if you follow these habits…

15. Weekly preparation

Life always seems to go a bit smoother when there is a plan of action to be executed. Taking 30 minutes out of your week to plan how you want your week to go is highly beneficial. You can factor in all aspects of your life to get things flowing smoothly. No time to hit the gym? Schedule it throughout your week and stay committed to your plan. A visual plan that is coordinated will help you to stay on track and know what and when you have designated your time to and where you can improve. 

14. Spend quality time with loved ones

There is a saying: a Sunday well spent, brings a week of content. What better way than spending it with the people you love. Whether it’s your significant other or your family, spending quality time is so fulfilling for your emotional wellbeing.

Catching up with loved ones and having wholesome time spent can help you block out any weekly stress for the time being. It reestablishes your sense of comfort and stable grounds that you can fall back on in times of struggle. Heart is where the home is and this is a great way to allocate time to, both for your wellbeing and your family’s.

13. Scheduled chores

Chores, yes, they are some of the most annoying tasks that seem to never end. Whether it’s folding the laundry, mopping the floor or taking out the trash, it sometimes can pile up. Having a tidy and organized home leaves us with a sense of order and not utter chaos. How we keep our home translates to a lot of similarities about how we are outside of the home.

Throughout the week you can schedule different tasks so they aren’t all never done and overwhelming. It is normal to have absolutely no desire to want to fold all the clothes you’ve been collecting on the universal laundry chair in your home, but just git ‘er done. You will feel much better about it… that is until the next load is ready to be tackled. 

12. Pursue your passions and goals

There is no doubt that you feel the best when you are accomplishing the most. It is so important to continually work towards whatever goals you have set in your life. If you are unsure about what your passion is, take some time to think about what drives you.

What is it that you would do on your spare time that makes you proud and fulfilled? If you are still uncertain of what it is exactly that drives you in your life, try as many different activities in order to discover what it is that you enjoy or don’t.

Once you find out what your passionate about, live, eat and breathe it daily. Nothing is impossible in this world and with continual work and dedication to any visions you have for your life in the future, you will prevail; you just need to feed your fire. 

11. Go the extra mile

It is very easy to fall into a rut in your life, where you go along doing everything the same each day and nothing really exciting can be felt from it. It is important to be open to trying new experiences, it gives more of a thrill to your life and livens you up. Giving yourself more “me time” is also something that a lot of people just don’t do.

There is always an excuse like the children, work, volunteer. Just a pile up of reasons why we can’t give ourselves our much needed “me time.” It’s time to make time for yourself. Book your spa appointment, organize a fun staycation and explore your hometown or get your tickets to that concert you’ve always wanted to see.

Get up and get moving because this is the only life you have and you don’t want to spend it just getting by.

10. Don’t skimp on your ZZZs

There have been so many proven statistics that show how powerful lack of sleep can affect your body. Getting 8 hours of sleep per night always leaves you feeling a lot more refreshed and less zombie-like the next morning.

Making a consistent sleep habit for yourself that you keep up allows for your body to understand the routine you’ve made and wake itself up usually around the same time each day naturally. So curl up in bed, get a great book going and allow your body and mind to get the rest it needs and wants. 

9. Eating fresh

There is no question that you are what you eat. There is a significant difference in the way you feel when you eat well versus when you like crap. Changes in snack choices can add up and make a world of difference in the long run. Swap the chips for apple slices, the chocolate milk for lemon water or the slice of chocolate cake for a fruit bowl.

Anytime you can meal prep, the better. This makes for easy exits in the morning and not scrambling for what you will have for lunch. It will also save you a ton of money by not eating out five times a week. Keep in mind that all little efforts add up to one big overall positive change. Let’s do this!

8. Drink a lot of H2O

Have you ever got that satisfied feeling when you finish going to the bathroom and know that you are hydrated because you’ve successfully urinated a clear and not yellow color? As gross as it sounds, it means that you are healthy!

Water has so many great benefits, it hydrates your skin leaving you with a glowing complexion. It gives you the energy you need as well. It removes toxins and promotes weight loss. If you ever have a splitting headache, the best thing to drink is water, it will help it immensely. Feeling thirsty yet…?

7. Give yourself a confidence boost

It seems these days, now more than ever, everyone gets down on themselves and forget just how amazing they really are! Naturally it is so easy to see and sense all of the apparent cons we carry and ignore pros. What if another person was constantly belittling you, would you accept it? Hopefully the answer is no, so why would you accept it from yourself?

Long-term, it will damage the way you carry yourself and your overall self-esteem. Make lists that help remind you of all the qualities you have. They can be the littlest things or massive accomplishments, but there are tons of reasons to remind yourself of your positive qualities. 

6. Get moving

When you put in the time and effort to get your body moving, it thanks you! Sometimes the biggest battle is getting to the gym or the track. But once you are there, you are always so grateful that you did it. It’s rare that someone feels bad after getting some exercise. It naturally released endorphins, making you feel spectacular.

You also become proud of yourself for the improvements you’ve been making with your exercise routines. You can feel motivated to get better every time you train. Exercise is a great hobby and is a way to set goals that keep your mind motivated to attain and even surpass. Lace up your runners because you are ready to go!

5. Reflect

Reflection is highly underrated but is an amazing tool to improve your life all around. Contemplating how you feel your life is going and how it is shaping out to be is vitalfor establishing satisfaction. Really think of what you are doing with your time and how it is affecting your life.

Contemplate both positive and negative thoughts and actions and check if anything needs to change in order to get the best of everything you desire. Take this reflection time seriously and ban all distractions for as much or as little time as you need to help realize what is truly going on within you and around you. 

4. Lend a helping hand

Instead of the once a year Christmas time season of giving, why not making helping others a regular habit? Why do we need to wait until disaster strikes for us to reach out our hearts to others? Giving back to others is something that impacts so many lives in so many different ways all the time. Without each other, we would never survive in this world.

By volunteering or starting an organization or donating your time or money, you are not only helping those in needs but helping yourself. It is important to not do things for selfish gain, but good feelings and vibrations do come full circle when assisting others in need. 

3. Keep a morning routine

If you are not a morning person simply getting out the door can commence your day to a terrible start. Always waking up at the same time allows your body to naturally know you are ready to wake up when the clock strikes.

Having your breakfast and coffee prepared for an easy grab avoids the scrambling to start making eggs and bacon leaving a mess of pots and pans. Keep it simple in the morning with the meals, between five and ten minutes is best to make with time, if possible. Have your outfits prepared the night before and try not to panic if something goes array.

Life is not perfect and there will be set backs, know that you are human and handle it to the best of your ability. The world will not be over if you are a few minutes late because of a set back. Having the main check marks in order keeps for an easy routine of getting out of the door on a busy morning. Rise and shine!

2. Leave work at the office

There is no bigger mistake than making your job become your entire life. It is so vital to be able to separate your time from on duty to off duty. One of the worst things you can do for yourself and your family is bringing your work home with you.

That is not only just the physical files and papers, but the entire mindset of still being at the office. Be mindful of being able to shut off and decompress after your work day is done. It is unhealthy when there is too much of one thing. Finding a balance between work, social and family life is vital for a successful and happy life long term. 

1. Practice the art of appreciation

If you have ever heard of The Secret, you may be familiar with the art of appreciation and its effects. Acknowledging your blessings both big and small on a regular basis can impact your life in such a positive way that it is almost unbelievable. Your overall attitude changes when you realize how much you have to be thankful for.

It is a matter of opening up your eyes to just how lucky and blessed you are. Simple things that may not seem like such a big deal to you can easily go overlooked if not acknowledged properly. Appreciate the air in your lungs, the shoes on your feet, your freedom, your family.

Appreciate any and everything that would make you feel differently if it was not a part of your life. We all have so much to be grateful for, so why not acknowledge it and see how our gratitude improves our health in so many ways. 

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