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15 Of The Craziest Laws You Won’t Believe Exist


15 Of The Craziest Laws You Won’t Believe Exist

When it comes to the law, everyone has their two cents to say about them, but at the end of the day, these laws just might cost you far more than two cents. Some of them we can easily agree with, some of them shock us and some of them are just straight up unbelievable. Some laws are so strange or odd that they are hard to take seriously, but nevertheless can get you in big trouble if you don`t abide by them. Here’s a look at some of the most unusual laws. See how many you’ve been breaking without even knowing it!

15. The rule of the plague

In London if you are sick, it is illegal to ride in a taxi without notifying the drivers that you are infected with a contagious disease prior to entering. Some of the diseases include the plague, leprosy, food poisoning and rabies. The rule also bans you from entering buses when infected, which makes sense. It is far too easy to infect others without even knowing it. The law helps to limit disease from spreading. If the taxi driver agrees to transport you, they must disinfect their car after the ride is done. Doctor`s orders at their best.

14. The illegality of ding-dong-ditch

This law is actually kind of funny because it brings back all my childhood memories of knicky-knicky-nine-doors. If you don`t know what this immature, but really fun game is, you are missing out. You knock or ring the doorbell of a home and run away and watch them answer. As silly as it sounds, it tends to make immature and foolish youngsters crack up -understandably so! In London, it is against the law to intentionally disturb people by knocking or ringing at their door. The whistle blows on this fun and it`s officially game over.

13. No New York state of mind

It amazes me that some laws still exist today. In New York, it is officially illegal for anyone throw a ball at someone`s face if it is just for fun. WHAT?! We are just as shocked as you are, there seems to be laws against literally almost everything. How many of us would be in jail right now because we got too involved in a game of dodge ball? You can`t forget how tough you would look in jail comparing stories of why you are in the can with the triple convicted ax murderer with no chance of parole, right? It seems like someone needs to take a gander at the old rule book and give it a little refreshing. 

12. Something smells fishy

Believe it or not, the state of Ohio really cares about the protection of their fish. It is officially illegal to get a fish drunk there. I am not sure who really has a burning desire to share their Dom Perignon with their goldfish but hey, to each their own. More and more, apparently it is a thing where people are trying to get their golden retrievers high from weed or giving their cat some beer just to see how the animal reacts. It`s really actually a good law; as wacky as it sounds, it protect animals from drunken or abusive human behavior. Although the specific regulation pertaining to fish is a bit random, a change to the law to incorporate all animals should be considered. 

11. No sweet dreams for you

When you are about ready to curl up with your hot cup of tea, warm pajamas and a good book before bed, you had better think twice. In North Dakota, it is illegal to lie down and fall asleep if your shoes are on. This law sounds totally crazy to me! First of all, are there special police units that monitor you in your house to enforce this law and make sure you are barefoot when sleeping? If they catch you do you get a thousand lashings and time in isolation because you really are a danger to society? North Dakota needs to pop a Xanax and chill out when it comes to following and making laws that disturb anyone’s beauty sleep.

10. The rule of the land

Just in case you needed a reminder, don`t even think about tieing your giraffe to a pole while you run into the store for milk. Get that idea out of your head! Your giraffe deserves better, right? I know when I take my giraffe for a walk, I bring him into all the stores with me so I don`t break the law in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta makes sure their giraffes are protected and cared for so they remind the citizens to never tie a giraffe to a telephone pole or street light just in case. I am not too sure how many people are walking their giraffes in town but just to be sure, this government makes it totally illegal to tie them up.

9. Caught with your pants down

If you were wearing pants, maybe you could find a twist in this law to save your skin. In Bancroft, Ontario (Canada) there is a law against skinny dipping. Maybe it is considered an insulting disturbance to underwater wildlife to be exposed to your hoo-hah. Maybe it is for their own protection that the sharks, turtles and fish don’t have to endure the grotesque beer bellys and hairy bodies that some of us unfortunately have. Whatever happened to the idea that the naked body is natural and shouldn`t be covered up and hidden away? Perhaps the birkini being mandatory will be the next law for this Ontario town. For the rest of us, no need to be shy but pray the water isn`t too cold.

8. Parents night out

When it comes to regulations in the town of St. Paul, Alberta (Canada), the government is not afraid to meddle in the business of your own home. It is against the law for children under the age of 15 years old to be out loitering without supervision from a guardian between 12:01 AM and 6 AM. It is to keep children safer and out of mischief, so overall it is not a terrible law. Of course the children under 15 probably do not appreciate this one as much as their parents. Kids want their freedom and want to feel grown up and independent. This definitely takes away their sense of power, but seems like a pretty smart law at the end of the day.

7. For richer or for poorer

If there were laws made against anyone who told a lie, we might have a lot more honest people in the world. Ironically enough, the government and law makers should be the first ones to practice honesty, am I right? Well, in Washington it is against the law to pretend that your parents are rich. This law sounds so specific that I bet it was made because of some petty argument over “who’s daddy is richer”. Perhaps lying about the amount of wealth your parents have can alter the behavior of others in business deals, marriages and social relationships. Money is the root of all evil and now banning certain lies in accordance with wealth is a way to stabilize everyone`s efforts in climbing up the ladder. 

6. A hairy situation

The state of Michigan has us scratching our heads trying to figure out why hair is such an important thing over there. For starters, the state allows for a woman`s hair to legally belong to her husband. If it`s the woman`s body part, shouldn`t it belong to her without involvement from a man or her husband? Oh… right, I thought we were in 2017 when females has all the same basic human rights as men have. My bad! Michigan also legally allows husband`s to give permission to their wives to cut their hair, otherwise it can`t be done. These laws are outdated and probably (I hope) not being practiced, but are still definitely a statement of inequality to a certain degree. 

5. Fly away

If you  end up having to pay a fine of $56 it`s because you decided to feed the pigeons in Venice. It is a big no no there and it is made clear to the 30 million annual visitors per year. Venice banned this in order to keep the city clean and controlled. When feeding the birds, it lures them to come… and stay… and soil all over making a big mess. Let animals be animals and survive naturally they have been for years without human interference. 

4. A risky test

Most of us have done it in one way or another; cheated when taking our final exams. Whether you just really needed to pass to get to the next level or would have to face the wrath of your parent`s dissatisfaction with your grades, cheating has always been an option to relieve those stresses. In Bangladesh, it is punishable by jail if you are over 15 years old and to be caught cheating. It seems very harsh and can ruin somebody`s life for simply doing what many have done at some point or another. There are cultures where such things are judged much more severely than others. 

3. The name game

It is important not to play around when it comes to naming your baby. Denmark takes this very seriously and has taken legal action in order to approve or deny your baby`s name. There is an official child naming guideline consisting of 7000 approved baby names. It`s your baby, you should be able to name it whatever you want, right? Then again, there are definitely some crazy parents out there who can make it almost impossible for their kid to eventually get a job or be taken seriously. No joke, a person was once named “dishwasher” and had to legally change their name. It`s safe to say this poor person was not born in Denmark.

2. The higher the heel, the bigger the risk

Now that I know this, I`m thinking about how many times I`ve broken the law without even knowing it, shh don`t tell! In certain areas of Greece, it is prohibited to wear high heels. The fashion police instill this in order for the heels to not damage certain historical monuments. There is so much ancient history that is preserved today that it is just too risky to have the latest Manolo Blahnik pierce holes and literally destroy things we can never get back. 

1. A gassy situation

If you are deciding to take a leisurely cruise or racing to a meeting, you had better be full on gas if you are driving on the autobahn. If you run out of gas, you are guaranteed to get a fine. The law makers look at having an empty tank as negligence that can causes be disruptive and dangerous to fellow drivers. They aren`t wrong. Sometimes it takes the law to actually force some drivers to be mindful and make sure they have enough gas to get where they are going. Thinking `I know my car, we`ve got this` when driving on fumes convinced your car can will make it to your destination just does not fly in Germany. Gas up or pay up!

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