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15 Celebs You Thought Were Gay, But Aren’t


15 Celebs You Thought Were Gay, But Aren’t

While a celebrity’s sexuality – or any person’s sexuality for that matter – is a highly personal and/or private matter in their life, fans and audiences just cannot help but speculate about their favorite celeb’s sexual orientation. Maybe they are hoping their favorite celebrity is straight, or gay, or bi, or something that might give them just a little bit more of a chance. Or maybe just speculating is, in itself, quite fun. After all, we can’t help but snoop around and check if our favorite actor/actress or performer loves the color red, smokes cigarettes, or prefers wine over beer. We just can’t help wanting to know more about them!

And once or twice, in the process of trying to know for certain, we may be guilty of speculating way too much and convincing ourselves that we know a celebrity’s orientation for sure and that…they’re, like, super gay, I can tell! Maybe it’s the way they dress? The way they carry themselves (what is being gay supposed to look like anyway?), or the way they sit just too close to a male friend. Who knows? No one, not until the celebs themselves tell us! So here’s a list of those not-gay celebs we mistakenly took for swinging the other way.

15. Sir Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart is one of the most celebrated and lauded performers in Hollywood. And rightly so! Best known as Professor X of Marvel’s X-Men to the current generation, Stewart is very close friends with another brilliant British actor, Sir Ian McKellen, of Lord of the Rings fame.While McKellen himself is gay, you might be surprised to find out that Stewart is not! Which apparently comes a surprise to many.

Perhaps the surprise is because the two actors share a super adorable bromance, punctuated by that photo of them kissing. And if you google their names together, the word “wedding” gets attached to the end of the search line automatically. But Sir Patrick is in fact married, and has been twice before – and to women too! So no, Sir Patrick Stewart is definitely not gay.

14. Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter himself married and fell in love with a girl named Ginny Weasley. The two characters had kids and lived happily ever after. But can we say the same for Daniel Radcliffe? Actually, we can! Though he is not married as of yet, Dan Rad is in fact very taken, and by a girl too! Signalling that while Dan is very open and progressive with his views on sexuality, he’s not gay.

A lot of people mistake him for gay because of his role in the movie Kill Your Darlings, where he starred opposite Dane DeHaan as a member of the Beat Generation. In the film, the two lead characters (based off real people) Ginsberg and Carr share a rocky and somewhat sexually charged friendship. Dan’s real life beau is someone he met on the movie – but it’s not De Haan! He’s currently dating actress Erin Darke.

13. Jude Law

Jude Law may be one of the most sensual, dapper, and handsome British actors out there. From his roles in A.I. and Sherlock Holmes, to Cold Mountain, he can’t help but melt our poor hearts. Which is why a lot of women (and perhaps men) are interested to know: is Jude Law available? And for whom?

Rumors frequently circulate about Law’s sexual preferences partially because of his “slender figure, perfect coiffure and perceived sassiness.” It turns out that Jude is currently quite taken by his gorgeous girlfriend, and he had been married up until 2003. He also had that whole incident where he cheated on Sienna Miller some years back. So yeah, while Jude may regularly be hounded by rumors, we can safely say they have no factual basis.

12. Ezra Miller

Now hold your horses before you react: yes, we know that Ezra Miller is not straight. But people, there is a difference between gay and queer! The latter of which is how Ezra Miller defines himself. So for all the ladies out there, yes, you still have hope on catching The Flash’s quick eyes! But you’ll have more competition from the men out there!

In an interview in 2012 with Out Magazine, Ezra talked about his sexuality openly for the first time. He was quoted as saying “I’m queer. I have a lot of really wonderful friends who are of very different sexes and genders.” Furthermore, he explained to The Daily Beast: “The way I would choose to identify myself wouldn’t be gay.” Hope this clears things up!

11. James Corden

The bright and comedic James Corden never fails to make us double over with laughter. He’s got a fantastic smile, a great sense of humor, and a bevy of celebrity acquaintances. His kooky personality and high-pitched voice have convinced some people that he’s gay. Surprise, surprise: he’s married and has even recently welcomed his third child!

Corden has been married to TV producer Julia Carrey since 2012, though the two have been together since 2009. Numerous sources have expressed their shock at the news that Corden is, in fact, married to a woman. Apparently, seeing his less-than-platonic interactions with his friends on Carpool Karaoke is enough to convince people that he swings the other way (just watch his very tender kiss with Harry Styles, they will say). But nope, definitely not gay.

10. Louis Tomlinson

While he may have spent an awful lot of time with four specific men over the past several years, Louis Tomlinson is not gay, as many people might have thought him to be. Louis Tomlinson is famous for being just one part of the British boy band sensation, One Direction. Like many of the guys in boy bands gone by, Tomlinson often finds himself the subject of speculation regarding his sexuality. What is it about boy bands that makes people so curious?

Now while one band member or another may have at some point been mistaken as gay, people actually thought that Tomlinson was in a romantic relationship with former One Direction bandmate Harry Styles. These rumors have, in fact, been going around as recently as just a few months ago, even though Tomlinson himself continuously dispels them. Famously, Tomlinson has a two year child with Briana Jungworth. He has recently opened up about his relationship with Eleanor Calder.

9. Simon Cowell

Speaking of One Direction, former American Idol judge and founder of entertainment company Syco (which signed the British boy band), Simon Cowell, has long been a target of rumors regarding his sexuality. Is it perhaps because of his sassy and short demeanor as a judge? Or perhaps it is his posh behavior? Maybe it’s all those v-neck shirts?

Well, the rumors hit tabloids again in 2014 when it was claimed that former X-Factor judge Tulisa’s manager, Gareth Varey, was recorded on tape saying Simon Cowell is gay. Cue the reporters and tabloids desperate to get the scoop on Simon. His lawyers denied the claims and he has been with partner Lauren Silverman since 2013, the couple have a son together. Before Silverman, Cowell was linked to numerous ladies like Mezhgan Hussainy and Carmen Electra.

8. Armie Hammer

Ever since he catapulted into the spotlight with his work on The Social Network, Armie Hammer has appeared in numerous blockbuster and acclaimed films, such as Nocturnal Animals and, more recently, Call Me By Your Name. So it’s no surprise that people would be interested in Armie’s life. What may be a surprise to some people is that, while he has played numerous gay men on film, Armie himself is not gay. He’s been married to Elizabeth Chambers since 2010 and they even have two children together.

Though, as Vanity Fair says, he always looks like “he’s stepped out of a cologne advertisement.” Apparently it needs to be said, a person’s appearance has more to do with personal style than anything else. But Armie is happy to report that he’s glad to be playing LGBT characters on screen. To date he’s played three LGBT characters in J. Edgar, Final Portrait, and Call Me By Your Name.

7. Joey Essex

Joey Essex may be best known for his time on the reality TV show The Only Way Is Essex, where he used to appear with his sister. He’s been on a string of reality television shows over the past few years, including Celebs Go Dating and Educating Joey Essex. So one would think that we would learn a lot about him through these shows. But one thing that not many people know (Americans in particular) is that Joey Essex is not gay.

The misunderstanding stems from when he and friend Arg went to Nevada a couple of years ago, for the tenth season of The Only Way Is Essex. They got all dressed up for a night out in Sin City… wearing short shorts. Which, according to Joey, might’ve been a bit too short for the locals, because they usually dressed in shorts that go to “three quarter length.” In any case, the fact remains that Joey Essex is not gay.

6. John Travolta

John Travolta has been a fixture in Hollywood for longer than we can remember. The Pulp Fiction and Face/Off star married his wife, Kelly Preston, in 1991. The couple have three children together, including son Jett who tragically passed away in 2009. Despite this, rumors about his sexuality have followed Travolta for a long time, though he’s only begun to address them recently.

Perhaps it’s his suave moves in Grease? Or maybe it’s his soft, calming voice? We’re not sure, but for some reason a lot of people think that he’s gay. Additionally, a lot of men have claimed to have carried on sexual relationships with him. One such man, Douglas Gotterba, filed a lawsuit against him alleging sexual battery. Travolta’s camp denies the allegations and other rumors.

5. Elijah Wood

Elijah Woods spends a lot of time being mistaken for actor Daniel Radcliffe of the Harry Potter franchise and Kill Your Darlings. Something about the short stature, pale complexion, and huge blue eyes, seems to really confuse people! Not to mention both being in the biggest fantasy film franchises of all time. This Lord of the Rings hero is also always mistaken as another thing he’s not: gay.

Though he did play a gay character in Celeste and Jesse Forever, he is not gay in real life. But, contrary to other actors who tried to sue because of those rumors, Elijah is apparently amused with the whole thing. He even occasionally googles himself and giggles at the compromising photoshopped images of his gay antics. He claims that one of the websites, called elijahwoodisveryverygay, is one of his personal favorites.

4. Taylor Lautner

Twilight star Taylor Lautner is definitely a hunk who easily catches the attention of a lot of fans – both female and male! He’s recently been linked to his Scream Queens co-star Billie Lourd. The two were practically inseparable as her supported her after the death of her mother, Carrie Fisher. So while the actor is caught up in a heterosexual love triangle in the Twilight series, and Lautner has recently been linked to a female costar, could he be caught up in an entirely different kind of love in real life?

Numerous rumours that Lautner is gay went flying when he was spotted at “gay hotspot” The Abbey sometime in 2014. He was pictured with a gay underwear supermodel named Murray Swanby, no less! It didn’t help that only a couple years before that he was the poster boy of a fake People Magazine cover claiming that he was coming out. Swanby however humorously dispelled the rumors, saying, “If Taylor Lautner wanted to come out of the closet… He would’ve come home with me Thursday night.” Aw.

3. Andy Samberg

If Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Saturday Night Live actor and comedian Andy Samberg is anything, he is definitely smart, funny, and boyishly handsome. Though he may look like a textbook nerd sometimes, many will be surprised to find out that he is in fact married. Andy and his wife, musician Joanna Newsom, were married in 2013.  The couple have one child together, a daughter.

Perhaps his numerous skits and comedic raps have fuelled the unfounded rumors that he’s gay. Not that he minds the rumors. He even plays off them, rapping “I’m not gay, but if I was, I’d want equal rights,” in-character for his rock mockumentary Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. He’s also played a gay character as Paul Rudd’s brother in I Love You, Man. Andy described his character as someone who “likes dudes” and helps Paul Rudd’s character find male friends.

2. Eddie Murphy

Is it because he has a penchant for playing numerous female roles, especially those of the grandmother or sister or mother of his character, very convincingly? Or perhaps because he was caught with a transsexual prostitute named Atisone Seiuli when he was pulled over by police that one time? Remember, though Murphy claimed he was only giving her a lift home, Seiuli told quite a different story. Whatever the reason, there have long been rumors that Eddie Murphy is quite fluid with his sexuality.

Eddie Murphy has had a string of lovers – and apparently, to the surprise of many – all of them have been women. He’s been married at least twice, and has more children than romantic partners. He’s been part of the heterosexual dating scene as far back as the 80’s. Murphy even dated Spice Girl Mel B for a time (the couple share one child). Yet these rumors still follow him around.

1. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Perhaps best known for his role as King Henry VIII in The Tudors, Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers is definitely one of the most captivating and versatile actors out there. But unlike his fictional role as King Henry VIII, the rumors on Rhys Meyers’ end all float around the idea that he may definitely be very gay. The rumors started in part because he took on gay roles. In fact, one of his award nominations, the Best Newcomer of the Year, came from his role in Velvet Goldmine.

Rhys Meyers even apparently proclaimed his desire to take on more gay roles in the future. His co-star Scarlett Johansson once described working with him as like “having a girlfriend on set” because he “likes gossips and shoes.” Not that straight men can’t like gossips and shoes right? Because Meyers is definitely married to actress Mara Lane with whom he has one child!

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