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15 Celebs Who Successfully Went Under The Knife

In Hollywood, physical looks – how pouty or thin the lips are, how shiny and brilliant the hair is, how curvy or athletic the figure – matter a lot. It is not just about celebrities using their looks to their advantage in getting roles, though that is part of it. It is important to be physically fit when jumping off bridges or shooting at moving targets in action scenes, after all! Hollywood is an incredibly competitive place, so every celebrity needs to constantly be their very best self. In order to be at the top of everyone’s list, you have to look smart, you have to look fashionable, and above all, you have to look damn good.

Which is why a lot of celebrities feel increased pressure to look their best, especially as they age. In the land of the stars, those who look fresh and brilliant are favored, while those succumbing to wrinkles and sags are discarded. This is the sad reality that many stars face. Another fact is, some celebs just want to improve their looks, old age or not. Which is why some turn to plastic surgery to remove an unwanted scar, make their eyes pop, or fix a pudgy nose. And many have had surgery to great success, as evidenced by their appearances post-nip and tuck! Here are 15 celebrities who went under the knife and came out looking better than ever.

15. Megan Fox

Megan Fox may just be one of the sexiest, prettiest, and, er, foxiest ladies in Hollywood. From her perfect pouty lips, to her sultry eyes and curvy body, everyone, man or woman, wants her or wants to be her. Of course, Megan had a little bit of help – and quite good help too. There was nothing wrong with the way Megan looked before her surgery, but there’s nothing wrong with getting a little help either.

Many people will notice that a lot of her photos at different times also look kind of different. And not just in a way her hair and makeup is made, though that does help too. We can clearly see that her nose is pointier and more narrow, her lips a little more full, and her chest is larger than it was. In fact, her whole face seems different. Yep, Megan Fox has had quite a bit of work done, and she looks so much better than she did!

14. Ashley Tisdale

Disney star and beloved crew member of the High School Musical franchise, Ashley Tisdale is one of the most memorable actresses and singers of a generation. In The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, she’s the smart and simple Maddie. In High School Musical, she’s the ambitious and fabulous Sharpay Evans. She has it all – the talents, the money, and the looks.

Though of course, no one can really have it all. So with a little bit of help from her amazing doctors, Ashley got her nose done. It was slimmed down and reshaped just a bit, in a way that is noticeable enough to devoted fans and to the discerning eye, but not in a way that was disconcerting or unnatural. Tisdale explained that she had it done for medical reasons, but either way, she looks mighty fine.

13. Jennifer Aniston

The nose is the central feature on the face, so it’s no wonder many celebrities go under the knife to spruce theirs up. Speaking of noses, Jennifer Aniston’s nose is just so elegant looking. It has the perfect shape to complement her oval face and blue eyes. But then again, if we look closely enough (or Google it quickly), we find out that her nose has been slowly evolving over the last twenty years or so.

Everyone seems to rave about Jen’s beauty, because, just look at her! Those eyes, her blonde hair, and her smooth, flawless skin and face, even at her age. Her doctors have worked some sort of magic. From a more bulbous nose in the nineties to a slimmer, more toned one, Jen’s face just keeps getting prettier and prettier. She doesn’t look her age at all!

12. Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson is best known for being a pop singer and songwriter, but also because she has a vivacious, beautiful older sister in Jessica Simpson. Ashlee also dated, and married, Pete Wentz of the band Fall Out Boy. Their relationship and subsequent divorce garnered the pair a lot of attention in the press. But there’s another aspect of Ashlee’s life that has resulted in media coverage, her decision to have plastic surgery.

Ashlee has never shied away from talking about her decision to go under the knife. The surgery is so well done that many people may not even notice it unless they compare pictures! Ashlee had a full nose job, to correct a deviated septum that was making breathing difficult. She talks often about how plastic surgery was a “personal choice” for her and how surgeries like this should only be done for yourself, not for anyone else.

11. Kylie Jenner

For the record, there’s nothing wrong with the way the Kardashian ladies look. It’s in the genes, you know? I mean, have you seen Kris Jenner when she was Kendall’s age? She could out-model her own daughter. But of course, there’s nothing wrong with a little tweaking here and there, especially when you’re as rich and famous as the Kardashian family. And Kylie has definitely had some time under the knife. But look at her – she looks drop dead gorgeous!

If you watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians, you can clearly see the changes Kylie has experienced over the years. From thin lips to full, pouty ones, and a nose that got more pointed and defined. We can see that Kylie put their Kardashian empire money to good use. She probably had some work done on those mighty hips and buttocks too. Going under the knife made her look ten times better.

10. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Aniston is not the only Jennifer to have some work done. After all, while working out, eating a healthy diet, and putting on tailored clothes can help a person look good, these things only go so far. And for a pop star, diva, and cultural icon like Jennifer Lopez, going under the knife was the one step left to get to where she wanted to be. The differences are subtle, but they are there.

If we look really closely at her photos from the 90’s we can see the slightest difference between the JLo of then and the JLo of now. Her nose! From a more bulbous nose to a more defined and slim one,  JLo just looks all the more fierce and powerful. Kudos to her doctors/surgeons as well! The work she had done does nothing but enhance her already an enviable image.

9. Kim Kardashian

Did you guys really think that Kylie was the first and/or only Kardashian to get some work done? Hell no! Just look no further than Kim K herself. While her buttocks and large hips may be natural (though there is some debate about this as well), we can see that something is slightly different about her face. The differences really stand-out when looking at pictures of Kim in her twenties.

And it’s not just because of age and contouring. While those elements certainly do help a lot in changing a person’s look, no amount of contouring can change a person’s bone structure. Kim’s nose looks pointier and a bit more lifted than it did previously. Her lips also look more drawn out and full. One thing’s for sure, she looks amazing.

8. Fergie

Fergie is definitely not the first pop star to get a few things tweaked by a plastic surgeon. A lot of artist’s desire to change looks. Hollywood is an insanely competitive place, and when you have a ton of money, why not? Madonna has work done, so has Britney Spears, and, as mentioned earlier, JLo has also been under the knife. Fergie is just another in a long tradition of songstresses getting plastic surgery.

To look absolutely Fergalicious, she had some nip and tuck done a bit this way and that. First, it seems her cleft chin has gone entirely, leaving only a pointed and smooth chin in its place. Her nose was somewhat reduced in size and length, and like Kim K’s, turned upward a little bit more. The rest, of course, can be attributed to a wide range of products to keep her looking fierce and flawless.

7. Blake Lively

This might come as a shock to many, because Blake Lively may just be one of the most beautiful and charming actresses out there. I mean, just look at her! She looks like a goddess, or a fairy, or a princess. Those pretty eyes, her perfect smile, and blonde locks make her a most beautiful woman. No wonder Ryan Reynolds fell in love with her.

But she did have a little bit of work done. Not that she wasn’t already beautiful before – but she definitely looks better now. Her nose just got a little slimmed down at the end, making it less bulky and more pointed. She probably got some work done on her teeth too, as they are more even and her gums are less prominent. She looks like perfection now.

6. Scarlett Johansson

Here is another one that might shock a lot of people. Curvy and sexy action hero Scarlett Johansson has reportedly had a bit of work done. It’s hard to believe, we know. It seems like this buxom beauty was already a gift from the gods with her full lips, perfect curves, and beautiful eyes. How could she possibly need plastic surgery?

Apparently, the surgeons had a different opinion from the gods. It appears that her nose needed a bit of work to really pull her look together. The sides of her nose got reduced, and the end upturned a bit, so it perfectly complements the rest of her face. Who knew this leading lady could get any more beautiful? Her super skilled doctors and surgeons did, of course!

5. Lisa Kudrow

It seems that Jennifer Aniston isn’t the only Friends star to have some work done. Like many stars, Lisa Kudrow has not kept her plastic surgery success underwraps. Except, unlike Jen, whose nose seems to evolve every few years or so, Kudrow had hers done way, way back. Sometime in high school, in fact!

Lisa Kudrow has been open and quite happy to talk about having a nose job. As we can see in this photo, her nose was larger and less pointed during her teenage years, versus the nose, we know so well after watching her on television over the years. She claims the surgery changed her life and even helped her get the confidence she needed to succeed in the industry. In short, it “changed her life.” Good for her!

4. Kaley Cuoco

Speaking of a happy recipient of plastic surgery, another sitcom star could not help gushing about how going under the knife was one of the best decisions she made. This star is none other than Kaley Cuoco, who plays the beautiful girl next door, Penny, on The Big Bang Theory. We suppose by this time we know that the nose can make or break a look, as it really is the one thing most stars get done. So it should come as no surprise that Kaley got some work done on her nose. It’s slimmer and more pointed at the end, which has changed the way her whole face is perceived.

Also, Kaley appears to have had a breast augmentation. Her chest was quite flat before, and now the very opposite is the case. Just watch The Big Bang Theory, and you’ll surely see the improvements for yourself! We think it’s great that Kaley has been so open about the work she had done!

3. Kate Beckinsale

Where do we even start with Kate Beckinsale? First off, she is incredibly beautiful. And when she was young, she was beautiful too. It’s impossible to choose which Kate is more gorgeous. Though obviously, Kate has a different look now than she did before, which is the whole point of going under the knife. Her plastic surgery was a success and she looks a whole lot better and more defined.

First, her nose looks clearly more defined, with the end having a more pointed shape than the curved shape it was before. Her teeth also look different: they’re more uniform and of course whiter. It is far cry from her larger teeth with an overbite. Her eyes also look more almond shaped as opposed to round.

2. Zac Efron

How could we leave out one of the hottest hunks of Hollywood? He’s the only man on this list, though surely there have been numerous men of different ages that have gone under the knife in Hollywood, perhaps not as successfully. He hit the big time with High School Musical and now stars in The Showman. But it’s not his voice that needed some altering, as some conspiracy theorists suggest.

If you’ve been watching Efron for a while now you will undoubtedly wonder how he manages to look better and better each year. Besides his obvious gym time, he had a little bit of help from the knife. His nose, though not ugly before, definitely looks more pointed and defined at the edges. It doesn’t hurt to have a perfect set of veneers put in too.

1. Halle Berry

We saved one of the best for last! Apparently, Halle Berry’s plastic surgery was so successful that people wanted to know where to go and who to call to get that famous Halle Berry nose. After all, Halle is just so damn radiant and beautiful and talented – and going under the knife only made her look all the more spectacular. So, while Halle Berry was clearly already beautiful, going under the knife has just improved her looks overall.

It is easy to see the difference in her before and after pics. And it’s just as easy to see why her old nose will not be missed. While her nose was larger and more round at the tip before, now it’s more triangular and just perfectly sculpted to her face. No wonder so many adore her!

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