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15 Celebs Who Spend Astonishing Amounts on Their Beauty Routines


15 Celebs Who Spend Astonishing Amounts on Their Beauty Routines

In a world full of beauty, we are still in search of the rules and guidelines in keeping ourselves looking phenomenal. A lot of beauty tips and routines are available on social media to keep us on trend.  We are all guilty of buying beauty products, others might even be product hoarding, especially when an item comes down from its original price. So they say that we must forget gold and diamonds because a beauty routine is really a girl’s best friend. More so, if that person happens to be a major Hollywood star.

The truth is, celebrities are constantly being interviewed and photographed. They will always try their very best to look fabulous and most radiant all the time. After all, this is an important factor of their career and is the best asset they can offer in the industry. They have spent most of their lives in the hair and makeup chair just to be sure of always looking great right before facing the cameras. Of course, maintaining their best face forward always comes with a bulky price as well. Here we let you in on which celebrities spend extraordinary amounts in keeping up their beauty routines.

10. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is popular because of her phenomenal cosmetics line. We know that this brand new mommy loves to spend a lot of her time changing her hairstyle and it’s no surprise that the reality star pays big money to go to hair experts. Routine haircuts and doing hair extensions, especially when done by hair gurus are no joke for its total cost. In 2015, it was reported that she changed her hair 50 times. According to a source, when she’s doing her signature look, it all comes in at a total of $3500. All of this includes skin care, makeup, hair, fitness, and her fillers, especially in the lips. She’s not a fan of perfumes because, for her, fragrances give her a headache. Well, at least that’s one thing she doesn’t have to spend more on.

Her latest makeup tutorial is a buzz winning video to watch for. She explains in her video how to get the everyday glam look, she tells us how to use the products and gives application tips. Here it becomes clear to everyone that it takes a lot of time and more cost to look like the reality star. Another video shows her followers in Snapchat her favorite products to buy at Sephora. She grabbed some blush and highlighters and although they are under $100, the total still reached a whopping amount of $1000. Celebrities have the cash to spend though.

9. Kim Kardashian

Whenever we hear her name, the thing that comes to our mind regarding cosmetics is that she’s the type of person who would try something new and exciting. This beauty mogul really knows a lot about beauty. She has a big name in Hollywood when it comes to beauty regimens. Just like her half-sister, Kylie Jenner, she has posted videos of herself doing daily glam routines. One instance revealed around 40 products and over 50 steps to follow just to complete her daily routine, and that was just for makeup alone. To add more, she hired multiple makeup artists on call for whatever style and mood she’s in.

What about for her skin care? What really bothers the people around her is that she loves to change her skincare up all the time. She says that the reason she does this is that she loves to use new products. She’s very eager to try all the recent products by known brands. According to a source, she is focusing on her favorite products that diminish the aging process and that make her younger looking. Just the start of this year, she shared some new beauty products with her followers, but what really is the big deal with the sharing part was when it was revealed that the cost is a total of $1850 for the beauty products.

8. Beyonce Knowles

First look at her and you would know that beauty routine is an important factor to start her day. Since all makeup artists have been in the business to make celebrities look beautiful, a specific makeup artist revealed that the beauty products she’s using for Beyonce are on the list of expensive ones you can find in the market. Though the Queen B just always loves to look simple, she still looks glowing even when she has less makeup on. When it comes to her hairstyle, all her music videos show a breathtaking style that is a head-turning look. French braids, hat and ponytail, fish-net updo and a lot more. Her fragrance? She has her own perfume brand, which she always uses and that is Beyonce Pulse eau de parfum. Quite expensive, but something worth the penny.

Though it has been revealed that she avoids cosmetic procedures such as Botox injections, she is fond of using her own skincare line. She’s is proud to say that she is using her own anti-aging cream to reduce wrinkles and formation of lines in the face. Expensive as it can be, it was once only available to celebrities like herself and other high profile clients. However, she launched Cosmedique to the public. They say that she really focused herself on creating this brand and that she worked very closely with the best dermatologists so that it’s going to be safe and effective, which consumers will surely look for.

7. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth’s weekly facials and skin treatments have been in the news and her beauty routines in some Hollywood tabloids. Her beauty upkeep is costing $20,000 per month. This ‘natural’ beauty, whose face doesn’t really suggest how old she is, is a fan of easy, just an everyday makeup look for some events she’s attended and even just photo-shoots. Just like the others, she really goes beyond her borders exploring and trying anything new, even if it’s pricey. A list of procedures she’s been doing is as follows: Apple Stem Cell Facial, Oxygen Mist Treatment, Microdermabrasion and Electronic Stimulation of the muscles, which all cost for a total of $2750.

There’s an interview where she told her step-by-step routine of putting on makeup. From moisturizer, serum foundation, beauty blenders, lip and cheek tint and a lot more, one could just imagine the specific price to each item. The total cost would probably blow anyone away, even if she says that it’s the most natural and highest quality at whatever the price. It would really be strange if she were to choose anything cheaper or in an average cost range, but really, it’s not going to happen because people know her intuition when it comes to the beauty routine.

6. Lindsay Lohan

This young actress says it all when it comes to looking red-carpet ready. She has been in the eye of the crowd for decades and that is why it is not a big question of whether or not she is willing to pay big amounts of money to have the ideal, if not the highest level of beauty. There has been speculation over the years, first about the cosmetic surgery she has undergone. Nose jobs and facial implants are the two known examples people are saying that she had done. On her Instagram account, she told her fans that she tried doing Caci, a treatment for maintaining the smoothness of facial muscles that uses electrical currents. The total cost for all these procedures? Not cheap at all, that’s for sure.

A little serum for the skin is not bad at all. But if it costs far more than what we think it’s worth, then shelling out about $770 for this serum is something else. For her, with money that she has, she believes that it is up to her decision to age gracefully with ease. Though very active and hard at work because of her forthcoming makeup line, it is still known to others that there is no reason not to spend your money to look good.

5. Khloe Kardashian

She’s a fan of ultra-luxury products just like her sisters. Khloe Kardashian revealed on her Snapchat account the products she loves to use almost every day. Primer and moisturizer at the same time, facial wash, and revitalizing masks are some of the products she’s using. To make it more exciting, she revealed that she’s fondly using a $170 cream, as well as $100 magic cream and her trial will just be over within weeks. Opposite from what she’s saying that her skin care regimen is very affordable to most, it can leave many scratching their head as to what she sees as affordable.

Now that she is in the exciting last part of her pregnancy, she is aware of the possibilities of having nuisance stretch marks and lines on her body. She is ever ready for these kinds of things. Another addition to her expenses for her beauty regimen for keeping her natural mum-to-be look is incredible. She has informed her followers that all of the things she is using are said to be in the range of budget buys. But comparing to her other sisters, Kim and Kylie, she is by choice, choosing lower price products than the picks by her sisters. There’s a report saying that Kim’s skin care routine is 30 times more expensive than Khloe’s.

4. Jaime King

She is known to give the great tip of always keeping yourself well hydrated. When wearing makeup, she typically uses more than 10 items the normal amount of moisturizer, just for her face, and then there is the firming brush-on mask that costs about $230, which she says doesn’t really cost a lot of money. She calls it a budget-friendly firming mask for everyday use. During her pregnancy, she loved to follow an expensive program from a company called Paleta, where there is a mom-to-be program that includes farm to table organic meals that are pretty expensive compared to a normal budget, eco-friendly diet for pregnant moms out there.

Being in the modeling industry before becoming a movie star, Jaime King knows how to look fab in front of the camera and at photo shoots. She definitely knows what works for her and that is by maintaining the products she’s been using for many years. Even if it’s not quite achievable by other’s budgets. Add to that the hair extensions and spray tans that are considered to be her biggest blunders when it comes to her beauty regimen.

3. January Jones

If someone thinks that this actress looks young for her age, it is of course partly due to good genes. But to be frank, the rest is due to her taste in expensive skin cream. Well, of course, she would say that it is for the prevention of wrinkles and noticeable pores. She spends at least $70 for just a single small tube of concealer, which for a normal individual is too expensive. This sophisticated beauty who can be fierce and edgy at the same time is not afraid to try being playful with her styles, especially on the red carpet. That’s why she goes through an expensive skin care routine that can improve the look of her temperamental skin.

She posted on her Instagram account that people are wondering what her skincare regimen is and she accepted the fact that she is a certified product junkie, forgetting the fact of the cost it takes. The regimen is said to be decked out at a very pricey rate. But, she advised that splurging on the products could be the best move so that one would feel the difference of absolutely youthful skin that glows.

2. Chrissy Teigen

TV personality Chrissy Teigen always looks stunning with her signature glossily tousled hair, but what makes her stunning will make anyone feel stunned because of the price of those looks when you learn how much she spends on her beauty regimen. Her popular serum, which is super special, is about $470. She strongly believes that it has the power of restoration for skin and it soothes visible marks and irritations.

Before getting pregnant, she used to do all the face masks and leave-in conditioners at night, but now her focus is all about getting rid of the stretch marks she got from her pregnancy. She uses branded creams in order for them to disappear show that they don’t show up when she does future photo shoots. She was asked once if ever she would give up one thing if it would be her favorite food or favorite beauty products. Her answer was that she couldn’t bear the possibility of giving up the beauty products. Of course, no doubt about it. Being in the industry she is in, the way she looks can be everything.

1. Jourdan Dunn

She has the benefit of youth in her physical appearance. She is the first-ever black woman to land a solo feature on the cover of Vogue in the UK. She admitted in one of her interviews that she spends hours on her skin. Reaching up to $1000 for her skincare routine could make anyone’s eyebrows raise. That could be the thing when she also said that she spends a lot of bucks on beauty products. Makeup isn’t just for the face, and some A-list celebrities use a trick of making their entire bodies look so fierce and contoured in an almost perfect way. This stunning supermodel uses a purifying serum, not just one, but two kinds. She further explained that it will make the skin looking supple and shinier from within.

A face that fronts campaigns for brands such as Maybelline and Burberry, one might wonder how to maintain good skin tone care with such a busy lifestyle. Imagine what it must be like living as a supermodel with all the free designer brands and that’s her reason that she should take good care of her skin. She keeps the skincare products with her all the time. Even if she says that she is into more organic beauty products, the price still matters above all.

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