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15 Celebs Who Love The Herb

The movement to legalize marijuana has met several roadblocks in recent months. Still, many celebrities are advocating to decriminalize weed. Some aren’t even shy about their own consumption.

From Snoop Dogg to Woody Harrelson, there are many in the entertainment world who profess the benefits of sparking a doobie. Here is a list of the 15 most famous faces who have spoken out in favor of smoking ganja. 

15. Jennifer Aniston

There is something about Jennifer Aniston that people have always loved. She always seems so down to earth despite being mega rich and a huge celebrity. She has been known to chill out and take some tokes solo, with friends and in the past with her ex hubby Brad Pitt.

She lives and extremely healthy lifestyle of clean eating and lots of yoga and occasionally smokes some herb to relax herself. She sees nothing wrong with her and has said that she enjoys smoking cannabis. 

14. Miley Cyrus

This one was never shy about her love of weed. She would blze up at concerts and promote marijuana on her Instagram account on a regular basis. As of late, she has decided to steer clear of the drug.

She states that she wants to be focused and clear at this point in her life, putting her latest album and music first. When she smoked, she states that she just wanted to stay at home and eat and now she is ready to be her busy and passionate self, which does not include weed. 

13. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga credits her weed consumption to when she was healing from hip surgery. She has stated that she was smoking up to 15 joints per day and it was a bit excessive.

She said that it would numb her pain because it hurt so much. She eventually stopped cold turkey and now just smokes a little bit at night from time to time for fun — and not as a painkiller. 

12. Kirsten Dunst

In 2007, Dunst has said, “I do love weed, I have a different outlook on marijuana than America does.” It is funny that she did have this opinion, because in 2017 she accidentally got high while filming her new movie Woodstock.

She was filming a scene where she is suppose to be smoking a joint. The problem was that she accidentally smoked a real blunt and not fake oregano that is usually used for movie sets. She completely tripped out and got sent home!

11. Jon Stewart

The former host of The Daily Show is no stranger to the herb. He is a strong advocate for it and has had some hilarious results of smoking. He wrote most of his movies while high.

If playing a huge stoner in the cult classic Half Baked was not proof enough of the pot lover, he vocalizes that it should be legal. 

10. Lil Wayne

Like most rappers, Lil Wayne is no stranger to puffing up. He was the cause of a private jet landing because he tried to light up on board.

He has performed a cannabis cup concerts which promotes and encourages weed smoking. Many of his song lyrics reference getting high and weed culture. 

9. David Letterman

The former late night host loved to joke about weed on The Tonight Show. Not only did he retire from late night comedy, he also retired from getting stoned.

He claims he made this decision after he had ate two pints of ice cream! He joked openly with many of his celebrity guests about the use of maryjane and it always resulted in laughter. 

8. Whoopi Goldberg 

Whoopi supports weed so much, that she has actually began to make a difference in getting involved in the medicinal industry.

She has immersed herself in the women dominated industry and helped create medicinal marijuana products in order to treat menstrual cramps. It is not about getting users high for her, rather treating their ailments with THC. 

7. Seth Rogan

In most of his movies, his characters resemble him in actuality: a weed loving funny man. He has always been very open about his smoking and does not just take a puff here and there.

He creates these insane types of blunts and gets high with some of the greatest people. He also had a weed-fueled wedding day and claimed he was high the entire time. 

6. Stephen Colbert

Colbert has openly talked about times he has smoked pot. Including when he first tried it and did not have any rolling papers.

He improvised with his friend and used the comic strips from the newspaper and it did the job. He credits this moment to launching his comedic career. He jokes: “Sure, marijuana’s only slightly less awful than heroin, like how burning your tongue on hot cocoa is only slightly less awful than being set on fire.”

5. Rhianna

There is no question that this Barbadian beauty loves her green. Being born and raised in the islands, smoking weed is part of the culture.

She has many fashion items with weed leafs and references smoking in many of her lyrics. There are countless paparazzi photos of her blazing up with a big, fat smile on her face. 

4. Morgan Freeman

Freeman credits weed for helping him with his symptoms of fibromyalgia. He strongly advocates for weed legalization. He expresses the countless medicinal uses of it that can help many people who are suffering.

He always views it as very peaceful in comparison to alcohol and references Woodstock and how there were barely any fights or mishaps even though there was mass weed consumption. 

3. Woody Harrelson

This actor has been known to be a strong advocate for weed and fits the classic stoner personality at times. He has taken breaks on and off from smoking, but always finds his way back to enjoying the buzz marijuana brings.

When asked by Stephen Colbert if he still smoked weed, his hilarious reply was, “I don’t smoke weed any less.” It made us all laugh. He likes edibles and insists that you do not have to smoke a brownie. 

2. Snoop Dogg

When you think of weed, you automatically think of Snoop. It is rare to see him not smoking, he has built his life and career around the drug. He apparently smokes an estimated 81 blunts PER DAY, all day every day!

He has invested in companies involved with weed as well as created his own business called Leafs By Snoop. He knows everything about weed and smokes nothing but the best. He lives by his anthem: “Smoke weed everyday!”

1. Cameron Diaz

Diaz is most famous for being an actress, but her other claim to fame is the fact that she use to buy weed from Snoop Dogg in high school.

She was a year behind him but stated that he hooked her up and became her dealer. Hollywood is a small place is it not — even for stoners.

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