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15 Celebs who Drive Cheap Cars, and Don’t Show off


15 Celebs who Drive Cheap Cars, and Don’t Show off

What would you do if given 100 million dollars? Would you splurge or would you maintain your lifestyle and secretly invest? What would you do if making a million dollars only calls for an hour or two of your time? The term celebrity implies someone who deserves to be celebrated.  With this title comes a lot of expectation not only from within but also from without. Most people change their lifestyle the minute they get their first million and for others, 100K is enough to make them swagger.

There are three categories of people, old money, new money and easy money. The new money brings with it a lot of excitement but for those who have struggled to earn that first dollar, the excitement is a bit tempered. Then there is the easy money. This is akin to what is seen in people who win game shows or who make one record and hit the jackpot. These are the people you see driving Maserati’s while Range Rover Evoque is their shopping bags. These are the over spenders who want to be seen and heard as they drive by. This inherent behavior is mainly seen with middle-class people and those who come from new money. They are the ones who feel the need to shove their good fortune in our faces.

Finally comes the old money, these ones know that fame and fortune are a visitor; He only stays if well treated but the minute you mistreat him he is gone. They save their pennies and are quite frugal.  They are however quite philanthropic as they realize giving back to those who made you will bring back. It is these people who see no need to show off, those who feel comfortable driving a Mini Cooper or Toyota IST either to save the environment or to save their money.

This class of celebrities prefers flip-flops and faded jeans to flashy clothes and designer shoes. They most certainly do not want to show us just how rich they are but would rather blend in and go cruising on the streets without attracting unnecessary attention. People like Mel Gibson who cruise around in a $ 12,000 smart car or Mark Zuckerberg who boasts of billions but still prefers a Honda Fit and has been known to cruise around $30,000. These are the celebrities we are talking about today. The very wealthy laid back millionaires.

10. Mark Zuckerberg

With a documented net worth of over $20 billion, this founder of Facebook can definitely afford a better car.  Having founded one of the world’s most extensive social interaction networks not only makes you a celebrity but also a force to reckon with. Mark Zuckerberg’s passive income alone is equivalent to most small countries GDP.

One would expect his to be a flashy lifestyle but this multibillionaire is undoubtedly the most down to earth celebrity of our time. With a wardrobe that boasts of t-shirts and slacks all in similar dark colors, this social mogul drives a Honda fit.

While this car is certainly most middle-class women’s dream car, the Honda fit which has an engine capacity of 1000cc is certainly not what one would expect to see this billionaire cruising in. However, this celebrity has been known to dish out his cash to charity and is considered one of the most down to earth people.

9. Britney Spears

Britney cruises around in a Mini Cooper.  This Queen of Pop who amassed fame and fortune with songs like oops! I did it again, baby one more time and pretty girls, Britney Spears has an estimated net worth of $220 million dollars.  She is well known for her role in the revival of teen pop and her albums still rake in millions to date. That is not her only hustle; Britney has stared in movies like the long shot, Austin Powers in Gold member and Fahrenheit 9/11.

This pop icon works very hard for her money having earned 99 awards and over 200 nominations to the awards and she certainly has the kind of money that would enable her to cruise in something a little better than this old cranker.   She, however, seems quite comfortable in the tiny car which catches most people by surprise.

8. Mel Gibson

This very famous actor starred in movies like the Lethal weapon, Brave Heart, Hacksaw, Mad Max and the Passion of Christ. Mel Gibson has an estimated net worth of about $425 million.  Famously known for his tendency to drive under the influence, Mel has tempered his desires and can now be seen cruising around in a smart car which is estimated at a measly $12,000 .

This car which has a very slow acceleration rate, low speed and consumes low fuel is a very wise decision for someone who may one day decide to get behind the wheel drunk.   While the actor’s choice of car is commendable for this reason alone, one would expect someone with so much money to at least use one or two of those millions to buy a better ride but for Mel, this ride seems to suit him just fine.

7. Jennifer Lawrence

This gorgeous actress who rose to fame when she stared in the hunger games was crowned one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses in 2015 and 2016. This young woman in her late 20’s has an estimated net worth of over 120 million dollars. She, however, does not find it necessary to broadcast this fact and can be seen cruising around in her trusted Volkswagen Eos that costs a measly $30,000.

It may be because this celebrity does not believe in investing in liabilities or because she has truly earned her money with a lot of sweat with the hunger games having the most grueling shooting sessions of any film.  Either way, we feel that this gorgeous superstar can afford to splurge in something flashier that says ‘here I come’. At the moment though, it appears Jenny is happier with her choice of ride.

6. Tom Hanks

This celebrity is known for his role in films like Sleepless in Seattle, Saving Private Ryan and You Got Mail.   With an estimated net worth of over $350 million amassed through his rich career. This actor/producer is one of the most down to earth actors of our times. This famous celebrity who is all rounded and is comfortable acting in romantic comedies, as well as any action movie, is certainly a staple in any household.

With the kind of money this actor boasts of, he most certainly can afford a fuel guzzler or feel good car that is in synch with his bank account.  But clearly, this superstar has no desire to broadcast his fortunes and can be seen driving a Scion xB, a modest car by any standards.  Being famous does come with some limitations and this could explain his choice of the ride as this simple car allows him to move around without attracting undue attention.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio

Every young girl knows Leonardo DiCaprio who stared in the hit film Titanic while every man knows him as he endeared himself alongside Kate Winslet. The movie which hit our screens with a bang catapulted this actor to real fame and fortune. This well-known celebrity who was a commercial actor before clinching minor roles in films has an estimated net worth of over $250 million dollars, Leonardo can most certainly afford a more expensive car than his trusted Toyota Prius that costs slightly more than $20,000 dollars. This eco-friendly car matches the actor’s personality which is quite laid back.

Most celebs want a laid-back lifestyle that does not expose them to paparazzi while attracting undue attention from passersby but we, however, feel the man earns enough and can afford to splurge a little by getting a car that will at least match his fame.

4. Daniel Radcliffe

We all remember the Harry porter series with a lot of nostalgia. Most of us can also remember the be-spectacled wizard Harry who was always able to defeat evil. He has grown into his own since and has stared in other films after that.  This young actor has a lot of money and can, therefore, afford a better car than his trusted green Fiat Punto which set him back a mere $17,000.

Boasting of a net worth of over $100 million, he has invested heavily in real estate and is probably making himself a nice stash in readiness for his sunset years which we highly applaud. Daniel truly has the potential to become a very wealthy man and if he is able to maintain his frugal lifestyle then he is most likely to hit the billion mark before other actors of his age bracket.

3. David Spade

The 1987 Buick Grand National has always been one of this hilarious actor’s most prized possessions which he cruises around in even though it has a dent on the side door. This car is quite efficient though its efficiency may have reduced now that it is over three decades old.

Having an estimated net worth of over 40 million, this actor can most certainly afford a better car.  David Spade earned his money the hard way even coming out with an eye defect having been diagnosed with light sensitivity probably brought about by flashlights on film sets. This actor’s choice of car is perceived to be a comedy by itself. His flamboyant personality when he stared in the rules of engagement is a huge contrast to his real life. he is a firm believer in keeping his hard earned money close preferring to invest.

2. Ryan Gosling

This well rounded star of Canadian origin started his career as an actor in the Disney channel. He has made a name for himself by mainly appearing in movies that are family oriented. He has also stared in musicals notably La La Land, which earned him a nomination for the best actor Oscar title.  

With an estimated net worth of 60 million dollars, this actor loves to cruise around in a black Toyota Prius. This car is known for its fuel efficiency and has been known to drive solely on electricity when switched to its EV mode. Looking at his age and net worth, one would expect a little flamboyance in this actor’s lifestyle but Ryan Gosling has proven that money and how you spend it is not what makes a man he certainly prefers to spend his days on earth amongst us mere mortals.

1. Warren Buffet

We crown this list with the most frugal of celebrities.  This celebrity has lived in the same house for decades and does not believe in spending more than is necessary.  An investment mogul, he invests in strong startups, hoards the stock for years then sells high. This celebrity who is in sunset years has an estimated value of over $81 billion.  Even with that kind of money, this man does not believe in using more than three dollars for breakfast.

Warren Buffet used to enjoy driving himself at 87 years in his trusted Cadillac DTS which he later disposed of.  He seems to favor Cadillac’s as he now boasts of a $45 000 Cadillac XTS.

His kind of wealth calls for a flashier lifestyle but this old dog seems to be stuck in his ways and clearly believes in investing and holding his money close. The kind of inheritance this man will leave behind for his people is quite unparalleled.

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