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15 Celebrity Scandals

The past two years have been filled with controversy, shock and scandal. It seems like every day there is something new that Hollywood releases to the public and it just makes us squirm. Whether it’s embarrassing sexual situations, nasty breakups, even nastier divorces or getting involved with the law, these celebrities never fail to disappoint when it comes to their oh-so-scandalous lives. Take a seat and get prepared to read all about 15 celebrity scandals…


It’s hard to even know where to start when it comes to this Duggar family outcast. Things began to crash and burn when Josh was outed for molesting his own sisters. It shocked the world because the Duggar family proudly displays a squeaky clean lifestyle in which even showing too much leg is taboo. After the news broke, he was sent to a sex rehab centre. If that is not disturbing enough, even more scandals erupted: it was exposed that Josh had an account with Ashley Madison and was cheating on his wife Anna. This was definitely crossing the line for the family and they have never been the same room since all of this went public. Newsflash Duggar family, practice what you preach!


Nothing is proven concrete fact just yet, but accusations of rape by Masterson towards multiple women are emerging. Danny is being accused of raping his ex-girlfriend, whom he was with for six years. Allegations emerged after the alleged victim had been in contact with Leah Remini. Masterson’s rep hints at the fact that Leah is playing a key role in these allegations in order to boost ratings for her show about Scientology. Danny adamantly denies any wrongdoing and claims the ex-girlfriend continued with the relationship even after this alleged rape. It does not look good for Masterson, but no concrete evidence solidifies this case just yet.


Married in February 2015, it did not take long for things to fall apart for this celebrity couple. News broke that Heard filed a restraining order against Depp three days after the death of his mother, and the announcement of their impending divorce. Heard was photographed with bruises on her face and rumors stirred that this was not the first time abuse has happened between the couple. Allegations swirled as Heard was accused of blackmailing Johnny and slandering his reputation. Depp’s ex-wife and daughter even came to his defence, stating it is completely false and outrageous. The couple eventually settled their divorce, and no solid answer was ever given to whether or not the allegations were true.


This video circulated like wildfire primarily because of whom it featured. The famous Donald Trump was caught chatting a little “locker room talk” with the talk show host Billy Bush. The video was leaked right before voting day, and the sexist and aggressive words Trump used outraged people. It was an old video, but there is no denying the banter was piggish. Billy Bush encouraged Trump’s comments by giggling with him about it until they were set to interview with a fellow host for the entertainment show. Bush’s career was totally ruined because of this old footage and he ended up losing his job and his reputation.


It was only a matter of time for trouble to find its way into paradise. After famously breaking up the marriage between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and her stolen man finally decided to call it quits. As the years passed, Brangelina always portrayed a perfect image of love and lust. They created a huge family and never made headlines about being on the rocks. When news broke that the couple was divorcing, the world just ate it up. Aniston lovers were content and believed that karma did it’s job. We guess a third time really isn’t a charm is it Angelina?


Although this star is pretty much on the front page of headlines almost daily, this scandal was actually very much true and very serious. The mother of two was tied up and robbed in her hotel in Paris. She was duck-taped and in a bathtub with guns pointed at her. It shocked us because with the level of fame she has, she always has countless security guards surrounding her, where were they when she needed them most? She was robbed of millions of dollars worth of expensive jewelry that she continually flashed all over social media. A lesson learned for the star, stay humble with your riches because people are watching and coming for it.


This was a lawsuit that drew a lot of attention, especially because of everything that is going on in this day and age about human, civil and gender rights. In 2014 Kesha sued her producer Dr. Luke for sexual assault, battery, sexual harassment, gender violence and violation of California business practices. This all apparently occurred over their ten years of working together. It is no surprise that she wanted to be released from her label contract. Eventually, all of her claims were rejected and she was ruled against. This case angered many who thought it was unjust.


Drama, drama, drama!  It is no surprise that a joyful event like a baby shower took a nose dive with this high impact family. Rob Kardashian flipped out when he thought that his family did not invite his pregnant fiance to the baby shower they threw. He got so enraged that he tweeted out his sister Kylie’s cell phone number which caused her a lot of trouble. At the time, the relationship between Blac Chyna and Rob was extremely strained that the entire thing was a miscommunication. The baby shower was to be celebrated just for the guys and Blac Chyna even gave her blessing. Rob ended up having to apologize one one of the latest episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.


From day one, Honey boo boo and her mother Mama June captured the world. It was hypnotizing to watch this family in their everyday life as well as competing in beauty pageants. The physical look of the duo was not the average look you would expect to see with beauty and pageant queens, but they rocked it. As the years and many scandals went on, one of the most surprising shocker the world recently was exposed to was the major physical transformation of Mama June. With the help of surgeries, Mama June went from 460 pounds to a whopping size 4! She looks incredible and is gaining confidence with her new frame. Good for her!


The season finale ended with a bang for the Mob Wives as Karen Gravano and Drita D’Avanzo went at it once again. The show ended with the two hashing out a season-long major problem with each other. Recently Karen’s silver Mercedes was spray painted with giant orange letters R-A-T. It was towed away and the paparazzi bulbs started to flash. Karen blames Drita for this vandalism and has a plan of action in place to retaliate against the situation. Drita thinks her accusations are completely ridiculous and just wants to still be in the spotlight as the show has gone off the air. Stay tuned, who knows what is to come.


After a beautiful evening of fine dining and wonderful speeches, the time came for the last award to be given. Sounds like everything was going right with the plan? Wrong! Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were the presenters for the final award for best picture. Beatty announced La La Land as the winner. The cast, ecstatic began to come on stage, claim their award and commence speeches. All of a sudden, mid-speech Jordan Horowicz announces that Moonlight was the real winner and that there was a terrible mistake. The audience and cast was completely dumbfounded and every range of emotion was felt throughout Dolby Theatre. Such a complete mess up in Awards history. Embarrassing!


Being as hot as this latina superstar is, it is no wonder that she has every man crawling at her feet. It just seems bizarre that the 47 year old sensation has been bouncing around Hollywood’s A-list in a very short amount of time. It seems like every week it’s a new guy. Keep in mind, she has been divorced three times with one called-off engagement and two children. She shocked the world when she was rumored to be seeing youngster Drake. That came and went and with no time, J. Lo is already linked with Alex Rodriguez. She is now definitely known to be a serial dater, but she needs to set some standards, the younger guy grabbing is getting tacky.


It relieved the world when superstar Selena Gomez finally entered a normal relationship after all the years of chaos and drama with celebrity Justin Bieber. The latina sensation has been spotted snuggling up with The Weeknd. It is scandalous that the duo is together, because his ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid’s sister Gigi was once good friends with Selena. The drama started as Bella unfollows Selena from Twitter. The couple really didn’t seem to care and they continued their romance. What did JB have to say about all of this? Apparently as always Justin took the high road and said The Weeknd’s music is “wack” and would never listen to his songs.


Our jaws dropped to the floor as we watched “Cash me outside, how dout dah?” AKA Danielle Bregoli in her episode on the famous Dr. Phil show. Her terrible behavior towards her mother is what made her famous. This 13 year old makes heads spin is getting insanely famous for it. She has already appeared in three music videos and is getting paid an estimated $40,000 for an upcoming appearance at a music festival. Her estranged father has even stooped so low to create a gofundme account in order to ‘save’ his daughter from her bad behavior. We think he is just trying to get us to cash him on the outside, dah!


2017 is definitely not this singer’s year. Thicke’s ex-wife Paula Patton accused the 39 year old star of abuse because he used ‘excessive spanking’ on his six year old son Julian. His ex-wife wanted full custody of their child and it seems like using this allegation was her way of trying to get it. Unfortunately for her, Thicke was cleared of any wrong doing. She claims she has been concerned over his drinking and drug use over the past year as well. Thicke believes that his ex-wife’s behavior stems from the fact that he would not permit her to attend his deceased father’s funeral at the end of 2016. This sounds like a whole lot of crazy to us and thankfully everything has been cleared up about his son.

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