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15 Best Beauty & Lifestyle YouTube Channels


15 Best Beauty & Lifestyle YouTube Channels

Arguably one of the most popular genres on YouTube are beauty and lifestyle videos and channels. From reviewing the best (and worst) makeup products, to travel, decoration, fashion, and style, seemingly everyone can’t resist learning beauty tips as well as ways to improve lifestyle from personable hosts.

There are some serious BFF vibes from these channel’s creators in the ways they show honesty and share their life and experiences with viewers. We can’t seem to get enough of the ever-popular makeup challenges, seeing room tours, tutorials, look books, routines, hauls, and more! Here are 15 beauty and lifestyle channels that really stand out on YouTube.

15. Wild Daze

The channel Wild Daze, hosted by the lovely and positive Mika Francis, showcases her very unique fashion style as well as her popular festival outfits and fanciful festival makeup.

We’re also lucky to occasionally see her festival “After Movies,” short, artfully curated videos showcasing highlights and vibes from her most recent music festival or event she attended. Beauty and fashion are balanced with lifestyle videos and discussions on deep topics such as body image, travel, religion, positivity, mental health, veganism, and physical fitness and health.

A budding fashionista, Mika hosts a booming Depop store. Some of her best moments are found when she vlogs in her series, “A Week Wiv Miks” in which she shows us her raw thoughts and feelings as she navigates life. Native Brit Mika is ever the charming host as she awes with her wild looks and makeup, as big, beautiful, and dazzling as her personality.

14. TiffyQuake

Creativity surely doesn’t lack on Tiffy’s beauty and lifestyle channel. Among makeup tutorials, trying new trends and products, themed lookbooks, and the occasional cosplay, Tiffy also regularly features adorable, easy DIY’s and crafts.

Artistic, silky-voiced Tiffy enchants with her bubbly, positive, and colorful personality as she showcases a range of lifestyle topics such as viral challenges with her husband Mario, art, home decor, party essentials, makeup transformations, food and taste tests, fashion, Q&A’s, jewelry, travel and festival vlogs, costumes, as well as covering topics such as creative identity, health, and motivation.

A self-proclaimed lover of all things geeky, this young woman’s style and DIY’s are utterly unique and trendy, such as her watermelon towel, diamond pinata, friendship candles, chokers, donut hat, crystal mobile, and more. Her pastel-themed, adorable designs and personal artworks are a joy to view, and Tiffy serves as an utterly personable host to her channel.

13. Simply_Kenna

Simply_Kenna’s style could be described as, in fact, simple, in the best possible way. Her visually pleasing, rustic videos are filled with earthy colors and natural charm as she talks about fashion, style, hair, favorite things, divine seasonal topics, tattoos, delightful little DIYs, design and decoration, themed lookbooks, and so much more.

An enormous Disney, anime, and Harry Potter fan, McKenna isn’t afriad to tell it as it is, sharing thoughts on authenticity, spirituality, beauty standards, sexual identification, self-care, cruelty-free products, veganism, working as a costumed character at Disney, and religion. She also covers other lifestyle topics in her vlog-style series, “Write Here Write Now” and the chattier “Coffee with Kenna.”

She also of course has an abundance of satisfying makeup tutorials, Q&A’s, as well as sharing monthly favorites. McKenna’s world is filled with calm whimsy and the simple, beautiful, magic moments of life.

12. Promise Phan (Dope2111)

You’ve most likely heard of Promise Phan through one social media avenue or another from her super-viral makeup transformations and trends. Also known as dope2111 on her sister channel, Promise can easily be considered the topmost “chameleon” and queen of makeup transformations.

Her eerily spot-on impressions of celebrities, Movie and TV characters, cartoon characters, and highly creative special effects and themed looks displays her great skill and makeup and are always impressive.

A lot of work, love, and attention to detail go into every one of her videos as she makes special effort to dress the part of the character she’s turning into as well as incorporating backgrounds, props, and typically creating cute skits to go with her looks, oftentimes incorporating her husband Steve and/or other family members.

She even tries out and shares makeup hacks and methods. Promise’s cheery, warm personality and prowess in turning into just about anyone, (seriously, you name it, she can be it!) sets her apart!

11. Krist Soup

Youthful, energetic, and artistic Krist Yu keeps it real in her aesthetically pleasing DIYs and life advice.

Her popular food-based DIY’s and recipes, complete with a “Krist Taste Test,” consists of the most imaginative creations out there. Examples include geode lattes, bathbomb smoothies, rainbow ramen, ice cream spaghetti, candy sushi, and even making the viral trend of slime to look exactly like real food! (You can see all the details, in her freshly published slime recipe book!)

Her style is honest and she shows any mistakes or flaws in her recipes to show us what did (and didn’t) work and that nothing and no one are necessarily perfect on the first try. How To’s and DIYs aren’t the only thing on Krist’s radar, however, as she opens in a chattier, vlog style with her second lifestyle channel, Krist & Yu. Room tours, food hauls, monthly favorites, and trying trends can be found in her channel’s content, as well as tackling such topics as appearance, health, motivation, skincare, work ethic, and identity.

10. The Pinup Companion

Displaying a super-unique, different, and very refreshing kind of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content, the charming and personable, precious cinnamon bun Rachel Maksy hosts this youngest channel on our list.

Addressing all things vintage, (with a special affinity and fondness for the 30’s and 40’s,) the stunning Rachel showcases and talks about how to go vintage, her favorite vintage-inspired products, articles of clothing, shoes, jewelry, hats, makeup tutorials, vintage hairstyles, as well as ultra-satisfying, themed lookbooks to show her put-together and appealing style.

With oldies music setting the mood in the background of her videos, Rachel sprinkles humor and relatability in her content as she brings back vintage inspirations in a big way. She has additionally been incorporating more chatty videos, discussing her thoughts on having a career while running her channel and life in general.

Also highly talented and skilled in incredible makeup transformations, as well as spot-on, elaborate cosplays, The Pinup Companion, a fan of vintage and all things “geeky” in pop culture, is truly something fresh.

9. Nikkie Tutorials

Nikkie’s channel rose to fame due to her most well-known viral video, “The Power of Makeup,” in which she puts makeup on half of her face to show the difference and to spread the message that makeup needn’t be taken so seriously and that it is a fun tool that can change how you feel.

Makeup remains powerful in Nikkie’s life. She constantly explores, tests, and reviews the newest and freshest makeup, trends, and sometimes unusual products and makeup methods, giving in-depth and honest reports on the performance and her experiences.

She also features her monthly “Hits and Oh God No’s” where she shares her most favorite (and most hated) makeup products or tools of the month. Nikkie’s zest and deep passion for makeup even made it to a collaboration with the makeup brand Too Faced for her own makeup collection, of course called “The Power of Makeup.”

Highlighter’s biggest fan, Nikkie’s fun and infectious personality shines through any amount of makeup, making you laugh out loud as you learn tutorials and which new makeup or trends are “yass” or “pass.”

8. Marzia

The delicate-voiced Marzia, (previously known under the name CutiePieMarzia,) an Italian native living in England, is certainly a very well-rounded beauty guru.

In addition to being the author of her horror novel Dream House, she also has her own clothing line, a carefully curated monthly subscription box, and just recently launched a small jewelry design and collection, “Stella and Luna.”

Featuring hauls, lookbooks, vlogs, makeup tutorials, and takes on her quirky interests and style as well as her popular series of travel vlogs, Marzia also delights with simple cooking and baking recipes in her series “Marzia Makes.”

Upbeat music and cutesy fonts overlay her quality videos–but don’t get all the cutesy-ness wrong; Marzia is also a lover of all things scary, paranormal, and weird. As well as being a horror movie buff, she is also obsessed with tattoos and loves self-improvement and meeting goals, as seen in her “Monthly Notes” series, her studying Japanese, and taking classes on her growing interest in interior design.

Marzia’s content is just lovely and to the point as she shares her experiences with with art, discusses personality and identity, and draws adorable and strange creatures as she shares her lifestyle with her “marzipans.”

7. Ladylike

A highly popular spin-off channel from the well-known BuzzFeed, this channel features a solid team of ladies who do indeed explore makeup, challenges, beauty trends, products, and methods, fashion transformations, (even period challenges!) as well as a plethora of other lifestyle challenges, such as getting tattoos, being bartenders for a day, hairstylists for a day, taking DNA tests, running a food truck, not shaving for a month, wearing pregnancy bellies, and giving up their bad spending habits.

The perfect mix of fun and educational, this beauty/lifestyle channel, by women, for women, (and men, and everything in between,) shows the strength of being women and what they can accomplish! This varied channel is certainly “lady-tested, lady-approved!”

6. Kimdao

Kim, a native Australian, takes a distinctive approach to beauty and lifestyle as the majority of her videos are about Japan. She explores sometimes unorthodox skincare, unique makeup products, hottest fashion trends, what it’s like to live in Japan, as well as a plethora of well-executed travel vlogs showcasing Japan’s finest beauty, shopping, and tourism districts.

She reviews and uses products on-screen for us, giving her honest take on the popular and sometimes unusual Japanese beauty products. Her reports on Japan’s hotspots features brightest on this young woman’s channel. She professionally hosts an inside view to destinations, stores, tourist attractions, and things to do in Japan.

Her channel has recently taken a fresh turn as she’s moved back to Australia, but she promises there will certainly be no shortage of reviews, beauty, skincare, lifestyle, and vlog footage of Japan and her other journeys. Complete with trendy and cute overlays, text, labels, and effects in her videos, the bubbly and sweet Kimdao will certainly make you smile.

5. Ingrid Nilsen

You may already know Ingrid from her viral “Coming Out” video from 2015, but this young woman has been, true to her original moniker, Missglamorazzi, glamming it up on YouTube for many years before.

Bright-eyed and earnest Ingrid talks to us on a myriad of health, beauty, and lifestyle topics, as well as monthly favorites, makeup and hair routines, lookbooks, and the occasional recipe or DIY as well. What adds something special to these commonly found and abundant YouTube topics is the sparkling personality and passion that sets this beauty guru apart.

In addition to partnering with Bare Minerals for a limited edition small makeup collection, Ingrid has also partnered with the jewelry brand Mejuri to create unisex pieces with encouraging messages engraved on them.

She also hosts a fun series of interviews with friends and internet celebs called “Sense of Self,” in which she asks each person what their favorite thing is in their home or room that matches the five senses. The other half of the podcast “Ladies Who Lunch,” Ingrid is a champion for LGBT+ rights, open discussions of periods, politics, and mental health.

4. Freddy My Love

Freddy may actually be the closest thing to a real-life princess. Veiled in her favorite color scheme of light, soft pinks, white, cream, and beiges, British native Freddy delights and enchants audiences on her relatively young channel. Success can be evident in her consistent editing style, thumbnails, and high quality of her videos, accompanied by a bright background tune. On Freddy’s channel, you come for the aesthetics, and stay for the personality.

Freddy charms with an enormous breadth of topics, including high fashion, clothes, perfume, makeup, as well as showcasing themed lookbooks, “get ready with me,” favorites, hair and makeup tutorials, viral tags, routines, Q&A’s, hauls, and more. Freddy also occasionally sprinkles in travel vlogs and sometimes deeper videos, talking about advice, lifestyle tips, and even getting your mood ready for the changing seasons.

You could honestly hear Freddy discuss anything; her sweetness and genuine vigor will always shine through.

3. Estée Lalonde

Estée, author of the popular and autobiographical book Bloom, presents a wonderfully unique sense of style on her channel. A native Canadian living in England, Estée isn’t afriad to share her obsessions with plants, her long-time boyfriend Aslan, makeup, fashion, stationary, home design, skincare, and her fur-baby greyhound, Reggie.

Bright-eyed Estée and her infectious smile also consistently vlogs of live and travel adventures on her vlog channel, Everyday Estée. Estée always seems to have the most interesting, quirky, and creative monthly favorites, hauls, makeup favorites, and fashion favorites.

Her style can be described as “a hip grandma in a young body,” as well as someone who’s life experiences have taught her not to give a fudge! Host of the new podcast, “The Heart of It,” Estée also liberally sprinkles discussion topics in her videos such as feminism, identity, politics, relationships, body confidence, and other feminine-based topics in her series, Femtalk. A wonderful, warm personality and clean aesthetic leave viewers always wanting more.

2. Cherry Wallis

Cherry, a self-proclaimed and clearly evident Harry Potter addict, showcases her effervescent personality on her channel, where she can often be found doing hauls and monthly favorites as well as discussing her other love in life, (besides Harry Potter and her boyfriend, Pete,): makeup!

Cherry even graced us with an amazing series in October 2016 with twice-a-week special effect/transformation makeup looks. Cherry also regularly answers viewer’s questions, always has a new haul to share, occasionally shows her baking skills in “Cherry’s Kitchen,” sprinkles in some DIY projects, and sometimes features art and paintings (art is what she attended school for.)

In addition, Gryffindor Cherry also periodically posts travel vlogs, (typically to Harry Potter-related destinations!) She also unboxes Harry Potter-themed subscription boxes, gives makeup tutorials, lookbooks, and in her YouTube infancy even featured sketches and comedy. Cherry’s infectious enthusiasm for life shines. Join her “magical online family” today!

1. Carrie Rad

The beautiful inside-and-out and wonderfully authentic Carrie hosts a channel filled with it all: beauty, makeup, fashion, skincare, lifestyle, cooking, health, vlogs, routines, Q&A’s, hauls, favorites, travel, and more! There seems to be no shortage of themes and material on this young beauty guru’s channel.

Of course, what stands Carrie apart in the sea of YouTube beauty, is her sparkling sincerity and lust for life as well as sometimes leaving funny little goofs in her videos to show how real life is. (One recalls when her fur-baby Hendrix dunked his paw in her freshly-made coffee.)

She adds more serious chats and topics among the fun and beauty, creating insightful dialogues about such topics as relationships, motivation, negativity, mental health, feminism, friendship, politics, career, and more in her ongoing series of “RadTalks.” You can’t help smiling, laughing, and nodding in agreement to Carrie’s content.

An artist at heart as well as an aspiring actress, this well-rounded old soul keeps quality and consistency in how she presents her vlogs and videos as she shares and shows wisdom–all while staying rad.

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