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15 Annoying AF Things About “90 Day Fiance”


15 Annoying AF Things About “90 Day Fiance”

90 Day Fiancé is a show that has millions of viewers and fans glued to their TV screen and with good reason. They offer the masses outrageous storylines and crazy couples that have no control and love the limelight. While the show is very interesting and easy to get sucked into as a fan we must admit it can get annoying AF quick. Watching people make giant mistake after giant mistake is gut-wrenching. There is only so long that fans can sit back and laugh when there is a TV show on at a prime time, that is making marriage look like a sham AND making people question if they want the drama. We understand that it isn’t the typical example of what marriage is like but seeing as the K-1 Visa is a real thing in the United States it’s hard not to wonder how a show like this could possibly be affecting the sanctity of something like the K-1 Visa. That being said, we can’t wait for the next season. Until then, here are 15 reasons why it can get annoying AF.

15. It Ruins Lives

Even though Mohamed is a complete A-hole, there is no denying that his life has been flipped upside down. He is on the list of one of the most hated people in America (if that’s a real list) and he has managed to make a fool of himself. Danielle has managed to make a fool of him and herself. Now, he wants to stay in America but because he is so hated no matter where he goes, he seems to constantly be harassed. His best bet is to go back to Tanzania because it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better for him.

14. They Don’t Make A Lot Of Money

For all the crap these people put themselves through, all the embarrassing moments that they cant un-share, was it worth it? Because apparently, they don’t even make $10,000 for being on the show. If you’re going to air your dirty laundry at least make it worth it. The participants of the show share some real-life moments, ones that other people would do anything to hide. Okay, you’re maybe thinking “yea but they signed up for it” which is 100 percent true, but at least TLC should pay them for all the viewers they get the channel. Let’s be honest, some people deserve a million dollars for all of the entertainment they have supplied viewers with.

13. It’s Addicting

Even though you know this show is a train wreck there is no way that once someone starts watching it they can stop. This is annoying because like most reality shows 90 Day Fiancé is mind-numbing and ridiculous. However, seeing as it isn’t directly affecting the viewers, it’s easy to watch and laugh at. In fact, it’s even easier to binge watch. Why is it so easy for viewers to get caught up in all this stuff? Don’t act like you don’t get annoyed at yourself for being so involved in the lives of these regular folks. Yes, it’s a waste of time but what else would you be doing?

12. It’s Cringeworthy

This show is the ultimate cringeworthy TV show. It’s hard to sit and watch these people make out with people half their age that have nothing to offer them or make poor decision after poor decision. In fact, we feel a slight bit of embarrassment for them. It’s hard to watch them being introduced to the family because it rarely goes well. Even when it does go well, it’s still awkward. It’s cringeworthy to watch them integrate into a new culture that is sometimes VERY different than what they are used to. This was the case with Aleksandra and Josh, he was Mormon and she never really had a religion that she followed devoutly. She was a go-go dancer and enjoyed clubbing and that’s a far cry from being Mormon.

11. A Lot Of Them Live In A Fantasy World

A lot if not all the couples seem to live in some kind of fantasy world. They take things to excess; quitting their jobs, assuming God will carry them in life, it’s kind of insane. Evelyn and David seem to be naive AF about how life works. Evelyn constantly says that God will provide. Okay that’s cool and all but he kind of already did; you have two hands and two legs, and you can actually work. And let’s not start with Nicole, based on her income she couldn’t even apply for the K-1 Visa for Azan. Plus, she only works part-time because she has a daughter to take care of. Does she even know what she’s getting into?

10. Their Kids Suffer

Usually, one-half of the couples have a kid or two and it’s tough to watch what happens. These kids are forced to embrace a step-father or step-mother. This sucks because the track record of these relationships are not that great. It may be safe to say that Danielle and Molly’s kids have suffered the most since the series started. Danielle’s horrible relationship was toxic and abusive, and her teenage daughters were caught in the middle of it. Molly’s daughters were resistant the whole time. They were right to be because that relationship blew up just as quick as it started. What’s worse is these kids have to endure a stranger in their home, needless to say, it’s uncomfortable AF.

9. All The Good Couples Leave

One of the best things about this show is when a couple comes on that has the craziest storyline. One that is so outrageous that you just can’t get enough. The crappy part is that those couples never stick around long enough. Take Danny and Amy for example, Danny’s father is an open racist. Danny talks about it on the show. It’s kind of a big deal since his now wife is a black South African woman. Or how about Narkyia and Lowo, he catfished her for a long time and even when she found out she still got engaged to him. He lied and said he was a Nigerian Prince, she still married him. Both of these couples are no longer on the show. Too bad because their drama was epic.

8. It’s So Predictable

Every time 90 Day Fiance or one of its spin-off’s starts, everyone gets excited. But, they all know that it will be the same kind of couples, an older woman with a young guy who clearly has zero interest in her. An old man with a young woman (usually from an Asian country) that comes off as creepy and awkward. Granted, its probably hard to mix it up seeing as these are usually the kind of people who do something like this to get a K-1 Visa. However, there has to be more out there, the show is so entertaining we just don’t want it to go off the air because it got predictable.

7. They Make The K-1 Visa Look Like A Joke

Let’s not forget people that the K-1 Visa is a real thing. People actually use this process to marry someone that they legitimately love. A show like this only heightens the fear of the government and others about just how many people are trying to get into their country under false pretenses. In addition to the government being iffy about it all, the show gets a lot of hate online. Mostly the hate comes from people who married someone who was from another country and really had a tough time with the K-1 Visa. The show doesn’t make it look easy but there is a stigma behind reality shows. This stigma ultimately makes everything associated with it look bad. 

6. The Tourette’s Debacle

Loren and Alexei are one of the couples easier to like on 90 Day Fiancé. That being said, the show messed up big time with how they handled Loren’s admission of her Tourette’s syndrome. Let’s start from the beginning her parents are liars who said the Tourette syndrome is not hereditary. Then her supposed to be supportive husband Alexei acted sketchy AF when he found out it is hereditary. To make matters worse instead of TLC maybe stepping in or writing about the topic of Tourette Syndrome on their website or putting a disclaimer on an episode or two. They allowed trolls on social media to attack Loren for a disease she can’t control.

5. It’s Offensive

It’s interesting how this show is literally about marrying someone from another country but a majority of these people don’t appreciate culture. Nicole, Evelyn, Paul, Larry, Danielle, and Russ. These are just a few of the people who have made some sly AF, rude comments about the culture of the people they are marrying. Larry’s fiancé is from the Philippines and as a tradition to celebrate marriage they make a very expensive pork dish. Larry thought it was a great idea to not only deny the dish but proceed to talk crap about it. Nicole, on a regular basis, disrespects Azan’s religion and family by throwing herself on him in public and in the presence of his family. Paul only wanted to talk about how disgusting his fiancés country was. None of these people are in any position to judge.

4. The Lies

It seems like almost every individual on this show has a lie they want to protect. It’s crazy how so much stuff comes out either during taping or after the reunion episodes. Jorge lied about being rich to get Anfisa to come to America. Paul had a criminal past and acted like a maniac when he revealed it to his fiancé. Nicole lied about cheating on Azan. Danielle was apparently also a cheater and lost her job and kept it a secret for God knows how long. These people seem to have no problem with withholding information as long as they can actually keep it a secret. Once they are caught their reactions range from gobsmacked to acting like complete fools to divert attention.

3. The Men

Most of the men that are 90 Day Fiancé and any of the spin-off shows come off so desperate. A classic case of desperation was Jorge. He brought Anfisa over from Russia even though she was treating him like hot garbage before she even left her country. He then proceeded to marry her knowing that all she wanted was money and to be a model in America. Yet, Jorge still did anything she wanted no questions asked. Another example comes in the form of the creepy old man Mark. He married a 19-year-old girl and proceeded to try to control her every move all while comparing her to his ex-wife who ran off and left him (probably for good reason). Just the way he looked at his new wife Nikki was creepy AF.

2. Mohamed’s Comments

Mohamed and Danielle from season 2 had a very uncomfortable breakup. It spilled over into the media like nobody’s business. However, things got worse when Mohamed revealed on the reunion exactly why his relationship with Danielle went south. They couldn’t be intimate, and he blamed it on the fact that she smelled, like where no woman should smell or as he put it “down there”. Not only was it cringeworthy, who wouldn’t feel embarrassed for her? During the taping of the show, Mohamed blamed his lack of intimacy on his religion but the truth always comes out. It’s just awkward.

1. Nicole

Nicole from season 4 is one of the most annoying things about this show. She is ignorant and immature and her relationship with Azan is one of the most toxic ones to be featured on the show. Nicole just can’t seem to grasp that Azan’s culture and faith are important to him. So when she asks ignorant things like “can we sleep in the bed” in his aunt’s home or “why don’t you hug and kiss me” in the streets of a Morocco is flat-out offensive. She has her daughter call Azan daddy when she doesn’t even know where their relationship is going. Her drama isn’t even entertaining it’s just offensive, immature and dangerous. 

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