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15 Amazing Things About Africa


15 Amazing Things About Africa

If you have not been to Africa, you should really try to go! It is a world in it`s own and for so many reasons. No matter what you are looking for in terms of a vacation or to reside,  Africa could be just for you. Most parts of it are untouched by industrialization, so you can really experience the true and real beauty of nature. 

Often times, travelers experience a major culture shock when stepping foot on a land so far away and so different from their own. It is a life changing experience and can humble one so drastically when experiencing how some people manage to live on so little in comparison to our North American indulgence and abundant amenities available to us. Let us admire the captivating aspects of Africa and learn just a little bit more about this amazing continent. 

15. A natural wonder

The Victoria Falls is included in the list of the seven natural wonders of the world. It is massive with a width of 1708 meters and 108 meters in height. It is home to the world`s largest body of falling water. Around 500,000 people flock to see this sight per year. This attraction brings in a lot of money for the land and is located at the border in between Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is a world heritage site and is 100% all natural. 

14. Tall animals

Africa is obviously home of some of the most amazing animals on earth. The giraffe and the African elephant are two of the world`s tallest land animals and they both originate in Africa. Unfortunately, the giraffe has already become extinct in 7 nations to date. Poaching and hunting is huge in Africa and it results in the death and extinction of some of the most amazing animals ever to live on earth. 

13. Disease

It is no secret that when you go to Africa, you should be vaccinated heavily. There is a rampant amount of diseases all over Africa that are extremely life threatening. Over 90% of Malaria cases originate from Africa, roughly 3000 children die from this disease every year. In Sub-Saharan Africa, there was an estimated 25.6 million people living with HIV. Africa has about 1,200 000 deaths per year and an estimated 1, 800 000 new HIV infections happen per year there. 

12. Speed

There is a tribe in Kenya called Kalenjin that are responsible for producing the majority of the world`s fastest long distance runners. The reasons for this have been proven to be genetics and their physical bodies attribute to a major part of their dominance. There have been studies about their bodies and they tended to have less mass for their height, had short torsos and long legs and slender limbs. They have dominated many marathons and Olympic trials. 

11. Huge population

Africa is home to approximately one billion people making it the second most populated place in the world. 14,72% of the world`s population come from Africa. Unfortunately this population is extremely poor. Their continental GDP peaks at a measly 2.4% account of the global GDP. Africa is the world`s most poor and under developed continent. With this massive population, roughly 40% of adults are illiterate including 2/3 being women.  

10. Style

Like everywhere else in the world, standard fashion trends come and go with trends. Mursi and Surma tribes in African have made their own identifying fashion trends. They include the women wearing plates in their lips as big as 12 cm in diameter. Most girls between 13 and 18 decide if they are going to put one in. The largest plate that has been recorded has been 59.5 cm in circumference and 19.5 cm wide.  

9. Religion

Islam and Christianity are the main religions of Africa. They make up about 85% of Africa`s population. The other 15% consist of traditional African religions or are non religious. Traditional African religions deal heavily with cosmology, ritualistic practices, symbolism and art to name just a few influences. There is not such an emphasis on doctrines, rather living faith through practices and rituals. 

8. Birthplace of humankind

Africa is known as the birthplace of humanity, where the first gorillas and chimpanzees evolved into humans, over a long period of time. Many ancient fossils have been found, proving existence and evolution over the years. These fossils found all over the world, show that they have spread from Africa onto other continents all over the world. 

7. Art

There is a huge amount of diversity when it comes to African art. There are a lot of common threads running throughout all of Africa that are shared when it comes to art. Art is made for the people and how they can use it daily and not just to display. Examples of this would be pottery and sculptures as opposed to a painting on a wall. They use very bright colors and often portray the human as the subject of their art. 

6. Clothing

Traditional African clothing ranges from country to country and is very diverse. An array ranges from long loose fitting robes to bright, colorful shirts. Most of the clothing is made from the natural resources that surround them like leather and/or fur. The patterns on a lot of the clothing made are used to distinguish which tribe one is from, usually. The most popular color used is gold, which symbolizes wealth and fertility. 

5. Jewelry

Jewelry has been discovered from ancient times that dates as far back as 75, 000 years ago. The craftsmanship that goes in to making jewelry has evolved greatly over time. The most common materials used to make the jewelry include: ivory, bone, animal hair and teeth, glass and wood among many other things. The most popular item of African jewelry happens to be beads. Before beads were actually used as a form of currency used in exchange for goods. 

4. African elephants

These elephants are the largest land mammals alive on our planet. They can weigh over 12, 000 pounds and can grow up to thirteen feet tall. They have an excellent sense of hearing and smell, but their eyesight is not amazing. Their biggest threat sadly, are poachers who are causing an increase in the possible fate of extinction. The elephants are able to communicate with one another through a very, very loud noise singling others of danger. 

3. Animal world records

Africa is home to some of the most amazing animals. Some of these animals are the largest, oldest and fastest in the entire world. The fastest land animals living in Africa include the cheetah, the wildebeest, the lion and Thomson`s gazelle. The cheetah can reach up to an astonishing speed of 70 MPH! Believe it or not, in Cameroon there are also huge creatures. Some frogs grow to be at least one foot long and are named Goliath frogs because of their size. 

2. Famous Africans

Like anywhere in the world, celebrities will emerge from their birth countries and impact the world. Some famous figures to have emerged from Africa include the legendary Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Charlize Theron and Kofi Annan. Some of these figures are Nobel Peace Prize Winners, successful actors or great leaders of their nation. 

1. Dance

Dancing is a huge part of African life and it is so much more than just physically moving the body. Dancing teaches social patterns and help people work and praise or criticize community members. It is very inclusive in terms of including the spectators, but is also done independently and not with one partner in particular. They dance to celebrate and to mourn and acknowledge rights of passage. The most widely used instruments for dancing include the voice and the drums. 

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