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15 Actors who Look More Attractive After Aging

Acting is a job that anyone would love to have.  It requires one to be flexible, talented, and definitely beautiful.  Most actors bank on their looks to up their marketability, because who wouldn’t want to see eye candy on the screen?  Most of us would dutifully shake our heads in the negative, because of course everyone likes to see a pretty face when they turn on the TV or go to the movies.

These actors definitely have their work cut out for them then.  Beauty is something that is not lasting, it fades over time.  Through the years of stress, travel, stunts, and lack of sleep not all actors retain their youthful glow.  Some wrinkle up and lose their charms!  But there are those who not only retain their good looks, but seem to be thriving in their advanced years.  

It is no small feat to look so good despite the troubles and worries they have encountered over time.  They say that age will take its toll on a person, but it definitely hasn’t touched these men.  Instead of looking beat up, they prove that the opposite is true; with a wink and a smile they look up to the heavens and say, “thank you mother nature!”  For this let us list some of the actors who defied time.  In no particular order, here are ten men of the big (and small) screen who look better with age.

10. Bradley Cooper

This 43-year-old actor wasn’t photographed a whole lot when he was younger and just starting out, which is why not a whole lot of pictures can be seen of his younger self on the internet.  But, this does not mean that he was not as camera-worthy as he is now!  Even back to his days as Sydney Bristow’s best friend in the TV series Alias, he already had the charm and good looks we know him for today.  But, he was definitely not as drool-worthy as he is today!   

Years after his debut in the industry, Bradley Cooper has matured in ways that made him even more drool-worthy to his fans and viewers.  He was on a roll and his photos showed that he has aged and matured well enough to continue working in the industry where he thrived.  A lot of his films became box office successes which earned him more future roles where his good looks and acting abilities are apparent.  His good looks have earned him praise, and he was even named People magazine’s sexiest man alive in 2011.  This happened when he was already thirty-six years old.  Not a lot of people can claim this title for themselves, and he has definitely got that covered

9. George Clooney

Just the mere mention of George Clooney makes the ladies swoon.  Everyone knows who this guy is.  From his early days playing supporting and lead roles in film and television, he has held onto his heartthrob status. It is easy to forget, what with all the award-worthy film work he has done, but he first made a name for himself as the sexy Dr. Ross on ER!  Not only has he received acting nominations for his part in the series, but he got a lot of nods of approval from his female viewers as well.

And like a fine wine, Clooney has only gotten better with time.  Marriage has even agreed with him! Which is something we, and George Clooney himself, not thought we’d say. Once a famous bachelor and ladies man, we never thought we’d see the day that this leading man would settle down and start a family. Enter Amal Alamuddin, the classy human rights lawyer who stole his heart. Adding to his good looks is that fact this guy has taken a strong stand on human rights and has been an active supporter of humanitarian work.  In fact, he has taken steps to participate in worthy causes like better gun control, among others.  What’s not to love about this guy

8. Daniel Craig

This Englishman has definitely set the hearts of audience members racing when he plays out his roles on the big screen.  He is a huge name in the movie industry now, but he was not such a hotshot movie star when he first started out.  We daresay, he was not as good looking before as he is now.  Anyone who contests this can strike us down! He definitely looks better now than when he was still a young and struggling actor.  His good looks sure made him popular with the ladies, but this did not translate into a string of short flings like we might expect. Instead, Craig has been in several long, steady relationships and ultimately married fellow thespian Rachel Weisz.

Even close to his fifties already, he still exudes a manly quality that any woman would drool over.  In his portrayal of James Bond back in 2006, he was seen as a man with class who was perfect for the role.  Even the other Bondmen, who were, of course, all good looking in their own right, agreed.  The tradition of hot men portraying the role lives on and this is something that anyone would find appealing.  With his chiseled face and chiseled body, he is one actor we wouldn’t mind watching even after he crosses into his fifties.

7. Luke Evans

Luke Evans is probably best known currently as the character Gaston in Disney’s live action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. Or maybe people are more familiar with his role in Dracula Untold because his face is not something easily forgotten.  Though this hottie is not old enough to be considered “aged,” we can definitely see that age has not stopped him from continuing to look good. And he was not considered bad looking to begin with, but he has definitely improved in that department now with his more mature look!  Working in the west end, he was able to catch the eye of the US film industry and finally got a role as Apollo in Clash of the Titans.  Looking back on that movie,  he looks quite young for being thirty years old, don’t you think?

Though he is openly gay, this has not stopped his fans from openly adoring him.  This fact has not become a detriment to his career, which is in fact flourishing.  With just one look from his piercing eyes, knees will definitely weaken.  Never mind the fact that he is not into girls, we don’t care!  As long as we can feast our eyes on this fine specimen, then no one is complaining.  His good looks have even won him awards; he was named one of GQ’s best dressed British men in 2015.  His gorgeous physique and matching talent in singing and acting has made him into one nice package.  

6. Justin Timberlake

Anyone here who is a 90’s kid will remember Justin Timberlake from his days in the All New Mickey Mouse Club and the wildly popular boy band *NSYNC. His time singing and dancing with the rest of the *NSYNC posse has left an imprint of him in baggy pants and curly hair on all our minds.  Eventually, he grew out of this questionable look and struck out on a solo career.  With his song choices during his solo career came the maturity of his image. This was a good thing since we were able to see the better-looking guy underneath all those curls. I mean, he was already very cute and all when he was younger with all the girls screaming his name, but his more mature style made him look even better.

Seeing him now with his family, one would not think that he was the same person. From his hair to his manner of dress, everything has now evolved and matured.  For the better, of course. The added years on him have not dulled his glow and fatherhood has taken a liking to him, contributing to a happy aura around him.  In fact, he looks better now than ever before!  Definitely a big improvement from his younger years.

5. Robert Downey Jr.

This brilliant actor has definitely come a long way from when he started, professionally and physically. His early years saw him playing parts that a good looking actor such as he would land, and he got plenty. Unfortunately, his frequent bouts with substance abuse and alcoholism got in the way of he career, what with all the time he spent going in and out of rehab. No one could blame him though, since this abuse started in his very early years, and at home to boot! This is not a good start for your skin care regimen.  This abuse will surely show up later!

However, over time we have seen him evolve from a matinee idol type to a man with enough charisma to become the next Iron Man. His frequent trips to the treatment facility had made his public appearances scarce. When he returned to the spotlight, people were immediately drawn to his new look. He’s still got all that bad boy charm of his youth, but now with a bit more sophistication.  Looking at him, no one could see the effects of years of substance abuse on his skin.  Still looking good at his age and people are loving him.  Of course, his natural talent to perfect portray characters is a big factor of his popularity, but who would want to watch an ugly billionaire superhero on screen?  No one, right

4. Ryan Gosling

Who would have ever thought that this Mouseketeer would turn out to be such a hunk? It is said that when he was little, he was bullied by the other kids in school. With reports that due to the bullying he brought knives to school and even threw one at one of his schoolmates! Of course, this promptly got him suspended. This probably resulted in low self-esteem, especially since he did not have any friends in his childhood days. It is a good thing that his confidence got a much-needed power boost when he got involved in the performing arts. He used to sing at weddings with his sister, and on an occasion with his uncle. This gave him a good practicing ground for his singing and dancing abilities, which he will later have a use for in his career.

However, even at the beginning of his career, he was not yet that remarkable. He was involved in a number of television shows, even getting a title role playing young Hercules. But then, we can see that he is still very young, very innocent in these shows. Over time he grew to be a charming young man, and soon became one of the hottest faces on screen. A lot of girls went crazy over him for his performance in The Notebook, and probably wanted to give him a hug through his low points in the movie. Those who bullied him in school certainly regretted it now, with their wives and girlfriends most likely drooling over this fine specimen. He continues to wow us with his good looks even in his older age. We just hope that he’s still this amazing in his sixties!

3. Joseph Gordon – Levitt

Looking down this list and seeing the name Joseph Gordon – Levitt included, one would think “He’s not that old yet.  Why include him here?” Well, the answer to that would be because he started at such a young age! We have seen him in films and on television since he was this really skinny looking boy playing the comedic sidekick. Yes he was cute back then when he was still doing his family-friendly films as a child actor, but he most definitely got better looking after the hormones started kicking in. If someone were to do a movie marathon of all of Joseph Gordon – Levitt’s movies from when he was still a little boy, the difference in his looks would be readily apparent.  

When he came back from an acting hiatus, during which he went back to school, his subtle charm made him an instant success in the movies that he chose to be in. Now a grown man, his gentlemanly looks definitely make the girls think that he is a catch. Someone she can definitely take home to mom and dad during the holidays. This man definitely will make any girl think twice about going for a younger guy, and would surely make dating an older guy a more appealing prospect for many.

2. Paul Rudd

Perhaps people are most familiar with Paul Rudd from his role in the movie Clueless. Or maybe, they are only just hearing about this fine specimen now that he is staring in the Ant Man films. Before, when his name was mentioned, people thought of a cute young face and the shiny smile that goes with it. But does anyone remember that version of him now that he has become such a stud?  Definitely not us! When his name is mentioned nowadays, what comes to mind is his unassuming good looks with crinkly lines around those beautiful dark eyes. With a smile that will make anyone want to smile back even if they are only looking at a picture of him.

He appears to generally keep a low profile but has enjoyed a steady career in film and television, with a number of shows to his name. One may not have realized it, but his steady presence in the business shows that innate charisma that many may have assumed wasn’t there. His most iconic role would probably be his portrayal of the superhero, Ant Man.  In a way, his more mature demeanor is perfect for playing the superhero was has great love to give

1. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is most definitely an icon, a pillar, in the film industry. With his unforgettable roles in movies like Edward Scissorhands and Pirates of the Caribbean, his is a face that we won’t be forgetting anytime soon. When he first started out, he was cast as a pretty boy heartthrob with a following typical of any adolescent actor with good looks.  But lucky enough for him, his good looks developed into something even better. He’s got a perfect look for playing the more eccentric characters that he has become known for in recent decades.

There are some adolescent heartthrobs whose beauty fades away as their age shows up on their faces. Johnny Depp’s youthful beauty also faded away, but was replaced by something more. Similar to when he portrays his characters, Depp managed to change with the times. His look, now definitely more mature, has taken on a depth that would make anyone nod and say, “He did something right along the way.”  His numerous movies are a statement of the way he was able to take aging in stride. And even today, with all the controversy and reports of bad behavior, many of his fans remain committed to the actor. Talk about staying power!

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