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15 90s Fashion Trends That We Will Never Forget


15 90s Fashion Trends That We Will Never Forget

If you were lucky enough the experience the 90’s era, you know some things will forever scream “that’s so 90s!” 

It was a wonderful decade before technology took over our lives. It was a time where we had to scream at a family member to hang up the phone so that we could connect to dial up Internet. How times have changed huh? It was a time when people would actually walk down the street and look at each other instead of their cellphone screens.

The 90s was a time kids would play games outside and not with a controller connected to the TV, lifeless without movement for hours. It was a great time, a wonderful time. From all of the different types of games played and difference in social interactions, there is one thing that will forever make us chuckle about that point in time: the fashion.

It was unique, it was out there. Here are the 15 90s fashion trends that we will never forget…

15. Plaid

Owning those baggy button up plaid shirts was a staple in everyone’s closet during the nineties. It would be thrown over a t shirt and left unbuttoned. Sometimes you would button it all up and tuck it in your acid washed jeans also to change looks up.

Mr. Kurt Cobain is a perfect example of rocking the plaid look. He is pretty much the definition of the 90s look. And so is Jared Leto’s iconic Jordan Catalano.

14. Plastic Chokers

It seems like a pattern has emerged with certain styles from the 90s becoming fashionable again. Only today, chokers are made of lace and leather and many other different materials, rather than cheap plastic like in the 90s.

Chokers became such a trend that candy companies caught on. Do you remember those chokers that were made out of those rock candies that you had to eat your way around to get them off? Oh, what a time it was.

13. Platforms

Platforms hit the scene and really began to emerge when the popular girl group Spice Girls rose to the top of the charts. Every person emulated their style, language and overall mindset. They were known among many things but super high platforms were making a statement on their feet daily.

Designers latched onto this trend and began to make sandals, heels and running shoes with the a chunk at the bottom. 

12. Doctor Martens

These shoes and boots were all the rage back in the 90s. They were worn mostly by those trying to complete their punk look. They could be paired with anything. The classic look was sported by Liv Tyler in Empire Records. She stylishly rocked her plaid skirt and matched them with female Doc Martens.

The boot is made for both guys and girls and transform the whole outfit and look. They are still around today and have been a shining style staple in every decade. None so brightly than in the 90s though.

11. Butterfly Clips

These were worn by pretty much every celebrity and girl-next-door at the time. Less is more was never the motto back then. Girls would clip every strand of hair on their head with these and come up with new styles to wear their hair everyday.

They were these cheap, little clips that you could get literally anywhere— their popularity was undeniable. As fashion trends began to change though, the clip rage slowly died down. There is no doubt that some are still lying around in people’s drawers from decades ago —that will bring back memories if found.

10. Glitter

Whether you were dancing your butt off at the latest rave or trying to look extra fly for your crush, chances are glitter was somehow incorporated into your look. Everything shiny, bright and neon was guaranteed to be stylish. There were even glitter roll-on sticks that you could rub all over your body that would leave you sparkly and shiny for the night.

It was a fun time; a disco ball, lava lamp loving era full of pizzazz! 

9. Seatbelts as belts

This was definitely a unique trend and it has yet to make a reappearance. We have to give 90s fashionistas credit though for coming up with the idea of dismantling your car in order to keep your pants up.

These belts usually came from GM cars and would snap together with two heavy metal buckles. This trend was never really something that you could buy at the store, so home fabrications were the way to stay cool. 

8. Mood rings

Fashion includes jewelry, there is no doubt. Mood rings were an interactive way to be stylish and also flaunt how you feel, literally. The colors of the ring would change depending on your mood, so it was like you were always wearing a new ring.

However, it actually changed according to your temperature. The ring came along with charts indicating which color represented what mood. They were a fun fashion statement and almost everyone had one.

7. Overalls

Overalls have a way of always making a comeback, even today. In the 90s overalls were an essential part of everyone’s closet. The best thing about overalls, is that guys and girls could both rock them. They didn’t just come in the typical blue color, but were extra cool in other solid colors — black velvet especially.

A different version included the cut off ones allowed you to sport the shorts look. If you were really cool, you would roll up the pant legs —sometimes only just one—and rock your overalls with confidence!

6. Chain Wallets

This trend was mostly for guys at the time and it kind of made them look bad ass. A long metal chain that hung from their pants attached to their Velcro wallets usually.

They would let the chain hang from the outside of their pants. This was stylish and practical but definitely did not last forever. The greatest thing about this short but sweet lasting style was that you can bet on never losing your wallet. 

5. Neon windbreakers

First of all, the brighter; the better! When it came to windbreakers, rocking one of these bad boys was pertinent to your cool factor. People would wear these even when it was not raining or a crummy day out. They were flashy and an essential for every day activities.

You either had the zip up kind of the throw it over your head and go style. Either way, a neon windbreaker was in fashion every day of the 90s.

4. Necklaces with a grain of rice in them

This fad was actually pretty cool and required a lot of skill to produce. Most people just bought it at the store, but the process of creating the final product took talent and patience. You could get a rope with a small tube hanging from it and inside was a small grain of rice that could have any writing on it, usually a person’s name.

It was known to bring good luck and everyone wanted one. 

3. A pager

Before our smart phones that we all seem obsessed with, there was something called a pager. This little device could clip onto your pants or be stored in your purse. You were able to call the number it had and leave a phone number or message to be called back at.

They were the coolest of the cool and you seemed way advanced in technology if you were lucky enough to own one of these. Today though, most kids — and young adults!— would not even know what to do with one if they saw it. 

2. Bucket hats

These types of hats look like the type of hats fishermen wear. Also known as a “session hat,” it transitioned into festival wear and then became mainstream and popular making it famous on the catwalk.

This type of hat was mostly popular in the hip hop world in the 90s but other bands like Oasis even sported them. As for today, some brave celebrities still rock the look and make it work, who else better to do this than Rihanna?!

1. Bleached/Spiky hair

Last but not least comes to bleached blonde and spiky hair look. It was cool, in style and done by everyone at some point in their life during the 1990s. Popular boy bands like The Backstreet Boys and NSYNC rocked these looks.

Some people even “frosted their tips” which was just bleaching the ends of the spiky hair, sometimes just the front part of the head and leaving the rest natural. It was a look that defined the 90s and stays there!

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