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10 Youtube Stars Who are now Millionaires


10 Youtube Stars Who are now Millionaires

Once a year the well-known magazine of economy and society, Forbes, publishes its famous list of millionaires. Additionally, they have also created a parallel list with another type of very popular millionaires: the YouTubers. Those curious characters who draw huge masses of people with their videos and who are the new idols of the millennials. Without a doubt, being a successful YouTuber is considered one of the most desired jobs by the new generations. It’s not surprising! It’s fun, it’s a new way to gain fame and to gain money. Specifically, these great creators have generated about 70 million dollars in 2016, which is 23% more than the previous year.

10. DanTDM ($16.5 million)

Four years ago, he was already considered a global YouTube phenomenon. Today, moreover, he is the best paid in the world. The British youtuber Dan Middleton, known as DanTDM, is 26 years old, has 17,289,002 subscribers on the video platform (up by seconds), 1.26 million followers on Twitter, more than 11,000 million views and 2.7 million fans on Instagram. Recently, he was only known by his friends, his family, and customers of the Tesco supermarket where he worked replenishing food. Forbes magazine places its fortune at 16.5 million dollars.

He has published a graphic novel, sold out tickets in his shows and kneaded an empire about a particular interest: video games. The clips in which he appears playing Minecraft have made him a reference for millions of teenagers. Middleton explained to The Times that he sees it as sitting with your best friend every day. He likes to look at what he does as if the audience plays a video game like anyone would in real life, except that you are playing with him instead, his fans see him as their friend, and when he meets them on the street they already know a lot about him. In 2014, they said that his audience consisted mainly of children between 5 and 10 years old, something that has changed a lot today.

9. VanossGaming (€13.1 million)

VanossGaming began his journey on YouTube on September 15, 2011. Since then until today, he has uploaded 716 videos, having a daily average of +5,111 subscribers per day, which also tells us that each month his channel usually increases by +153.318 subscribers and his videos usually have more than 8,380 million views. VanossGaming has a powerful community, he is grateful for his shared videos on YouTube, and it gives him pleasure. That’s how VanossGaming is making his community grow at a frenetic pace.

VanossGaming’s YouTube channel has had incredible activity and traction for quite some time. That powerful increase has made it climb in the world ranking of visits to an enviable 40th position and thanks to its daily growth, he gets closer every time to be placed at the top of the table. His channel also participates in the global ranking of subscribers by placing in the 25th position and rising. The truth is that every day he is more competitive, but with the incredible growth that his channel is having, it’s foreseeable that he will be at the top of the most watched YouTube channels and with more subscribers in a very short time!

8. Dude Perfect ($11.9 million)

They are a group of American athletes who have become famous for doing amazing things with a ball. Some say they are tricks, but others that the guys are geniuses. This is the American collective Dude Perfect, who have become celebrities for doing magic with a ball (basketball or football). The last thing that hung on the web is a demonstration with a football (similar to a “cherry” rugby, but different weight and termination) in which they do incredible tricks. There is even a mobile game with their name, with the application available for several cell phones, and the group of kids is as famous in the United States as a basketball team.

Dude Perfect is confirmed by Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, Coby Cotton, Cory Cotton and Garret Hilbert. They began their journey on YouTube on March 17, 2009. Since then, they have uploaded 166 videos, with a daily average of +21,033 subscribers per day. In addition, each month their channel usually increases by +630,981 subscribers and their videos usually have more than 4.163 million visits in total. They have a powerful community and they appreciate their videos on YouTube by sharing them and liking them. In this way, Dude Perfect is making their community grow.

7. Markiplier ($10.6 million)

Markiplier has overcome, according to Forbes, the famous PewDiePie as the most influential Youtuber of 2017, which in recent months has starred in several controversies. They are just two of the most famous names in the game, who like ‘ElRubius’, exert a massive influence on the public, especially youth. It is interesting to note the prominence that video games have on their different channels and platforms, almost sponsored by their presenters, and how their reach is equally profitable for them as for the developers of the products presented. It is thus one more facet of the importance that the industry has reached in the last decade at a social level, and that can be translated into enormous phenomena like Minecraft.

He began his career on YouTube on May 26, 2012. From then until today, he has uploaded 3915 videos, receiving an average of +4,114 subscribers per day. As well, each month his channel typically increases by +123.414 subscribers and his videos generally have more than 8.395 million visits in total. He has a powerful set of followers and they appreciate his videos on YouTube by sharing them and liking them. In this fashion, Markiplier is making his community grow in a frenetic rhythm.

6. Logan Paul ($10.6 million)

Logan Paul was born in Ohio in 1995 and has become famous among the general public for an unfortunate video in which he showed a man hanged from a tree in the Japanese forest of Aokigahara, known as the “forest of suicides.” The YouTube community was the first to condemn the behavior of the American, who was already well known on the video platform, having more than 15 million subscribers in their channel. Vine was a well-known platform for short videos, of only a few seconds, that were played continuously. This was the means for his big break.

Logan Paul was one of its most well-known faces and, when the application closed in 2016, he definitely migrated to other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. In 2017, he became the fastest content creator to obtain 10 million subscribers in the history of the video platform. He did it in 333 days. His most successful micro video reached 52 million loops and showed, with special effects, Paul rescuing a cat dramatically from being run over. Throughout his career, he has appeared in advertisements for Pepsi and HBO. Forbes magazine included his name among the influencers of 2017 and said he earns $ 150,000 (124,000 euros) for a publication on Facebook and $ 60,000 (50,000 euros) for content sponsored on Instagram.

5. PewDiePie ($10.2 million)

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is not a kid like any other. While only 28 years old, this young Swede can boast of having more subscribers on his YouTube channel than Rihanna and Justin Bieber together. His nickname is PewDiePie, he is dedicated to playing and recording while playing video games. The curious thing is that those more than 25 million subscribers that the PewDiePie channel has, created in April 2009, has generated fewer total views in their videos than the 13 million peak subscribers Rihanna has (her channel was created in May 2009) or the 9 million people subscribed to Justin Bieber’s official channel (created in September 2009). In any case, we are talking about almost four billion views, which is not little.

The number of subscribers is not as important here as the number of times a video has been played, which is where the money is. According to the estimated data we can see in SocialBlade, PewDiePie could be generating between $104,000 and one million dollars a month with his videos. The margin is too wide, that is true, but it is also enough to take a look at the number of reproductions he gets in each of his videos and makes an approximate calculation to realize that, whatever the total amount, PewDiePie is making a lot of money.

4. Jake Paul ($9.7 million)

Jake Paul is 20 years old, he is famous on YouTube and on the Vine platform, he is also an actor and in November of 2017, he bought a mansion valued at $ 6.925 million. The young man who has achieved popularity as YouTuber – with a channel to which more than 11,859,471 users subscribe – bought the gigantic house in the city of Calabasas, CA. Yes, in the same area where many Hollywood celebrities reside, including the odd Kardashians. An interesting fact is that Jake Paul allegedly has the habit of annoying his neighbors. Business Insider explains that Jake Paul rose to fame for his videos on the digital platform Vine, his YouTube channel and his role in the Disney series Bizaardvark.

Business Insider also reports that the residence has a total of 3.5 acres of land and the house measures 15,000 square feet. The main room is very spacious and the closet is large and has several compartments for clothes and shoes. The portal explains that in the bathroom there is a shower and aromatherapy system. It also has a bar area in one of the rooms. The pool has a waterfall and a jacuzzi/spa. In addition, as expected for this young man who loves videos, he has a theater or home theater to watch movies. A note from the Los Angeles Times indicated that before the mansion was obtained by the creator of these curious videos, it was on the sale list for $ 7,395 million. However, the presumed final sale number was $ 6,925 million.

3. Ryan ToysReview ($9.3 million)

Ryan is 6 years old and in 2017 he was already among the 10 YouTube content creators with the most profits in the world. As the child discovers new toys each week, his parents have been receiving millions of dollars worth of business. About US $ 11 million in the last year, to be more precise. All of the royalties generated by the billions of reproductions that have their videos on YouTube. The 6-year-old American child is the star of the channel Ryan ToysReview, a channel on the video portal where he has the task of unpacking toys and playing with them.

According to the report “The best paid YouTube stars in the world in 2017”, produced by the Forbes site, Ryan’s channel is ranked eighth in the world for the channels with the most generated royalties. This is thanks to the fact that, since the channel was opened in March 2015, the videos of the American child have accumulated 16,875 million reproductions. Ryan’s mother said that, until last year, she and her husband had bought almost all the toys that the child unpacks, and many are donated after using them in the videos.

2. Smosh ($9.3 million)

Smosh is a duo of comedians made up of Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, who are friends from the sixth grade. Anthony first began publishing flash movies on Newgrounds in early 2003, under the name Smosh. Later, he joined his friend Ian Hecox. Subsequently, they started posting videos on YouTube in the fall of 2005 and became the most popular channel on the site, with more than 3 million subscribers in August 2011. Until 2008, Smosh was the most subscribed YouTube account. It is one of the most popular Youtube accounts with more than 13,000,000 subscribers on that site.

The duo was characterized by their absurd humor making sarcastic parodies of popular culture. In their first publications, interpreting by lip-synch the main song of Pokémon, and other popular phenomena they gained as much fame as some demands. They live in Sacramento, California. In 2017, Anthony separated from Smosh. Padilla shared that he plans to create content on his own, but has not divulged exactly what he will continue in his solo career. He claims to not have felt creative and motivated to continue the direction that Smosh has had over the past years.

1. Lilly Singh ($8.9 million)

For youtubers who expose their lives to the public and take an economic advantage of it, there is great pressure to stay in the cream of the cream at all times. Lilly Singh, a 28-year-old Canadian girl, is a clear example of this relatively new profession. Her stage name is Superwoman and she has become a star. In 2016, she was declared the best-paid youtuber (woman) of the year and made an estimated 7.5 million dollars. For Singh, her life is her job, since she has turned completely to it. Her philosophy, which has conquered half the world, is that bad days “do not exist, and if they do appear, try to disguise them as best as possible.”

Since launching her SuperWoman channel in 2010, the Indo-Canadian YouTuber has 10 million subscribers and more than 1,500 million visits. She has become known for her comedic and educational videos whose titles range from “Sh*t Punjabi Mothers Say” to “Getting school by Michelle Obama”. She started a career in psychology to devote herself more professionally to her channel on social networks. When she made this decision, her parents were not very sure, since it is a very new and untraditional professional outlet. Nevertheless, they were surprised to see that their daughter was increasingly successful.

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