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10 Yogurt Flavors You Need To Know About


10 Yogurt Flavors You Need To Know About

Yogurt is a huge business. We view yogurt as a healthy snack, and the benefits are well documented. Probiotics and healthy bacteria within live culture yogurt help digestion and of course they are a great source of protein and calcium. Aside from plain yogurt, there is Greek yogurt, yogurt drinks, frozen yogurt, all manner of varieties to choose from. We have become used to choosing from strawberry, vanilla or even chocolate flavors. Manufacturers have decided that this range of flavors needs enhancing. They have branched out into putting desserts and snacks into yogurts, all manner of candy and even coffee and tea are now used to flavor them.

10. Banana and Pumpkin

Stonyfield began as an organic farming school and developed into a yogurt producer. They believe wholeheartedly in the organic way of food production and their products reflect that philosophy. They make a range of whole milk yogurts and ‘grassed’ yogurts, as well as Greek and dairy free varieties. They also have several ranges for children including mini yogurts and yogurt pouches. They are evidently keen on promoting the consumption of fruit and vegetables by children, as their flavors include some rather unusual mixes.

Aside from the banana and pumpkin mix, they also produce a yogurt pouch in strawberry, raspberry and beetroot flavor. Another flavor in the range is mango, pear and spinach. Their smoothies and tubes include some more traditional flavors and are enhanced with protein. They offer a variety of fruit flavors and vanilla yogurts, including one that is named ‘banilla’, a combination of banana and vanilla. The company has a very healthy outlook on food production and aims to offer products that enhance health and help the planet. In addition to their milk-based products, they also sell a range of organic snacks that include some really cute fruit flavored cow shaped chews!

9. Classic Coffee

Coffee might not seem to be a flavor that would be associated with a yogurt, but Dannon has bucked that trend. Along with their plain and fruit-based flavors, they introduced a coffee flavor as part of their product line. It sits oddly with the traditional flavors of strawberry, peach and vanilla, but the company seems to feel that there is a gap in the market for a coffee yogurt to consume with a morning coffee!

The company is passionate about bringing yogurt to as many people as possible and to use healthy, sustainable ingredients. Their inspiration may come from France, where coffee flavored yogurts are more commonly available. Dannon makes an espresso yogurt and Mamie produces a cappuccino flavor. Muller Light has launched a skinny cappuccino flavor in its fat free range. Muller says they launched the chocolate sprinkled snack because of high customer demand, although it came out as a limited edition according to their website. Within their Greek-style range, they offer a fat free skinny latte flavor that was released to supermarkets recently.

Perhaps the next idea that yogurt manufacturers will come up with is a tea flavored yogurt, after all, the milk and sugar are included already!

8. Caramel Fudge Pretzels

Dannon has some very inventive ideas when it comes to coming up with flavors for their yogurt products. For example, within their Light Greek yogurt range, there are delights such as Toasted Coconut Vanilla, Toasted Marshmallow and Pumpkin Pie. Within their Light and Fit range, they offer Peanut Delight and Key Lime Pie flavors, as well as a s’more flavored crunch yogurt and a yogurt flavored with Caramel Fudge Pretzels!

Perhaps within that mix, their caramel yogurt with chunks of pineapple doesn’t seem so odd, but the mix may be an acquired taste. Then again, if you like traditional banana split toppings, maybe it’s not so far fetched. Dannon loves to promote their yogurt products and protein smoothies as part of a healthy active lifestyle and believe yogurt consumption is a way to contribute to a fitter you! They offer plenty of nutritional advice to the consumer as to how they can achieve a healthier lifestyle and reduce calorie intake by eating their fat free, low calorie products. Perhaps they think that by dazzling us with unusual flavors, we won’t notice that we are eating healthy and will feel we are having a treat by combining unusual flavors in a simple yogurt!

7. Pineapple with Caramel Chunks

Chobani is America’s number one Greek-yogurt producer and has some imaginative ideas when it comes to conjuring up flavors for their products. In their ‘flip’ range they aim to combine a cereal or candy bar with a yogurt and have come up with ideas such as Almond Coco Loco, Buttercrunch Blast and Peanut Butter Dream, as well as a s’more flavored snack.

Their blended range features a fall inspired pumpkin spice yogurt, enhanced with cinnamon and nutmeg. It seems that during the falls season, America goes crazy with pumpkin-flavored everything. They evidently think that if we enjoy our favourite sweet treats, such as pineapple with caramel chunks within the healthy packaging of a yogurt, perhaps hoping we won’t feel so guilty about consuming if we know it’s doing us some good. It may also the idea that having a little bit of of a sweet treat such as caramel, chocolate, and other yummy stuff with our yogurt, may keeping us from pigging out on an entire candy bar or piece of pie. Their products are jam packed with protein and calcium, so there are definite health benefits. Chobani certainly believe in doing good. They avoid artificial flavorings, colorings and GM ingredients. Plus they believe in giving back to the communities they work in.

6. Avocado and Lemon Frozen Yogurt

There are some weird and wonderful examples of flavor combinations in the frozen yogurt aisle, including the healthy sounding avocado and lemon. There is even a company that makes frozen yogurt for dogs! Yoghund produces an apple and cheddar flavor that is full of probiotics to keep your four-legged buddy healthy and happy. Apart from the revolting sounding beer-flavor frozen yogurt, companies have come up with some more appetizing suggestions. You can enjoy your favorite cocktail in frozen yogurt form, such as mojito flavor. More bizarre is the olive oil-flavor frozen yogurt that is flavored with sea salt!

Delving further into the realms of savory frozen yogurt, Yeti Yogurt offers a sweet corn flavor yogurt! Yo Man even offers a taro root flavor froyo, taro root is a potato substitute. If that isn’t odd enough for you, try Zoyo Neighbourhood Yogurt that is flavored with strawberries and jalapeno. What will they think of next? Well, Sweet Frog decided that a maple bacon donut wasn’t enough of a taste explosion. They combined the flavors of the sweet and savory treat and produced it in a frozen yogurt version.

5. Froyoworld Breakfast French Toast Frozen Yogurt

What a delicious idea! The combination of yummy French toast mixed with the creaminess of frozen yogurt. That was the idea behind Froyoworld’s Breakfast French Toast flavor, so delicious and odd that it deserves a category all of its own! It might sound odd to mix bread and frozen yogurt, but something magical has happened with this creation, and it’s only 129 calories per serving! Froyoworld didn’t stop with the French Toast flavor in its fat-free frozen yogurt. They offer a cotton candy flavor, a root-beer-float flavor, and a caramel turtle option!

Their low-fat variety offers another set of taste sensations including cake batter, birthday cake, and salted caramel pretzel. While we are on the subject of delicious low-fat options, Froyoworld makes sorbets as well. Along with the traditional lemon and orange flavors, treat lovers can taste devil’s chocolate flavor sorbet or chocolate fudge sorbet with the same calorie content as the green apple variety! The pairing of French toast with yogurt is a popular one. Dannon offers a recipe suggestion for French toast stuffed with its Greek yogurt. The bread is soaked in the yogurt before being placed on the griddle, according to their website’s recipe selection.

4. Russian Fudge

The Collective launched a range of luxury flavors to enhance their mainstream flavors. They felt there was a need to bring out some new flavors to excite their customers’ taste buds and Russian Fudge joined Chocolate Orange and Coffee in the new launch. The Russian Fudge flavor includes caramel swirled into yogurt with a little salt to enhance the flavor. There are layers of the indulgent flavor mixed with its delicious rich yogurt in a treat that is gluten free and vegetarian friendly.

It is a very thick yogurt and has a honey flavor according to consumers, indeed there is honey in the ingredients. According to Trust Me Treats, although it is indulgent, it is not as sweet as the name might suggest. Russian Fudge is a caramel fudge from New Zealand, very sugary and very sweet, but this doesn’t seem to come across in the taste experience that customers report. The Collective is a New Zealand-based company that specializes in high quality products that are made from purely natural ingredients. They contain no artificial colors or preservatives and make a selection of yogurts for adults and children, and a range of kefir as well.

3. Black Forest Cake

So, we all know how difficult it is to be on a diet and to be missing our favorite treats. Yoplait has come up with a solution to this issue by incorporating Black Forest cake into a fat-free yogurt that only contains 90 calories. For dieters who are missing their fix of chocolate cake, this seems like the ideal solution; for those who can get their heads around the idea of cake in a yogurt. However, there is a high sugar content to the yogurt and it is highly processed, so perhaps not the healthiest option, according.

There are many other baked goods to choose from in Yoplait’s collection. You can enjoy the taste of chocolate cherry cupcake or red velvet cake, all in yogurt form. If cinnamon rolls or blueberry pie is your favorite, Yoplait has a yogurt in those flavors as well. Yoplait likes to experiment with flavors, especially when it comes to helping others. They produce a peanut butter chocolate flavor in support of the Girl Scouts, and a caramel latte flavor in their Greek 100 Protein range. You can even enjoy the taste of a cherry snow cone or a pina colada among Yoplait’s offerings.

2. Blue Hill Vegetable Yogurts

Blue Hill have been making vegetable flavored yogurts in their restaurants for some time, and now they have put these on the market to see how consumers react. This might sound bizarre, but they seem confident that they will go down well. Their flavor selection includes parsnip and beetroot, as well as carrot and butternut squash. The company suggests that not only can you eat these yogurts on their own, but they can be added to salads and to smoothies to make them creamier. Tomato and sweet potato versions are available and the yogurt is made from grass-fed cows that live on small farms in the USA.

Around a third of the product is made from vegetable puree, and herbs and spices enhance the flavors. All the colorings and flavorings are natural, and the labels can be peeled off and the container recycled, once you’ve read the recipes on the back of course. Because the cows are fed on grass that changes through the seasons, the taste of the yogurt is slightly different depending on the season. The sweetness of the vegetables is enhanced with natural maple syrup, according to Wallpaper.

1. Kiwi, Avocado and Matcha Tea

Supermarket chain Waitrose in Britain has introduced its own range of vegetable yogurts enhanced with a variety of other flavors. Stores have sold smoothies and juices with vegetables for some time, but yogurts are a new thing. Waitrose is launching several new flavors including kiwi, avocado and matcha tea, and apple, carrot, beetroot and ginger. There is a great demand for low sugar treats and the vegetable yogurt seems to be a perfect product to fill the gap.

A great deal of research has been done to test the new flavors and find the combinations that taste the best. Evidently carrot, mango and guarana was a hit with taste panels. Waitrose has said that despite the vegetable ingredients, the fruit balances the savory to give a sweet taste and that the vegetables used have natural sweetness in them. The yogurts are relatively low calorie as well, averaging at just over a hundred calories per serving. Apparently, Waitrose and other suppliers are jumping on the bandwagon of ‘hip’ flavors and the desire to eat a more healthy, natural diet. They are aiming to bridge the gap between home cooking and restaurant dining and the vegetable yogurts are designed to fit into that gap.

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